New Core Global Government
pc biosynimaging

New Core Global Government pc biosynimaging

by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

January 3, 2014

LOS ANGELES – January 3, 2014 – There are global petitions circulating 
for people demanding “truth” from government leaders, which at-first
‘sounds good’ until reality makes better clarity.

National “leaders” knowing the ‘truth’? Funny, but even ‘they’ don’t
know the “truth,” and if they ever ‘did’ they wouldn’t last long in
public service because constituents can easily breathe down
impeachment proceedings. Hence, ‘true knowledgeability’ originates
elsewhere, and that is why this briefing is for ‘public awakenment’.

Now, putting one’s ‘name’ on ‘any petition’ appears ‘innocent’, much
like it did when children wemt to school, but for adults today is
‘unwise’ as ‘names on petitions’ typically end-up on ‘other types of
government ‘potential insurrectionist’ lists most would rather ‘not’
be found listed within.

Getting your ‘good name’ mistakenly transferred onto the ‘wrong list’
and you could see things begin to negatively affect your life as you
once knew it. Problems can easily arise, with:

– Suspicious Activity Reports ( SAR and KYC Bank & Finance Notable
Comparison Referrals );
– Money Wire Transfers;
– Credit Scores;
– Escrow Clearances;
– Travel Permissions; plus,
– More.

Organizations proliferating counterproductive notions like ‘global
petitions’ only offer the ruthless rubbish government more ammunition
against people when what’s needed most for more people is privacy
away-from the surreptitious spying eyes of government through its
myriad of private-sector contracted asset information collectors on
citizens around the world.

The government machine, we’ve all been chewed-up by and spit-out onto
the street by is unembraceable at any cost today so, do not be fooled
by what appears to be such a good idea to ‘speak-up’ when ‘you could
end-up losing even more’ and ‘never know why’.

Signing petitions ‘risk personal privacy infringements’ by exposing
more and more people to harm they cannot fathom because they do not
have the research skills nor time or money apprised of certain
hidden pitfalls. Better ‘safe’ than ‘sorry’ is a good rule to apply
for everyone’s best family interest today under current climates of
over-reaching government global policies.

Petition Names Are Submitted To Government

Important to dismiss fanciful petition  projects, designed to cause
more harm than public good, where ‘privacy concerns can never be
guaranteed’ as not seen where Big Brother citizen identity and
categorization machines exist.

“War Is Peace” so, “Unquestioning Ignorance Is Faith”?

What will the “New Spirituality” be through government implimentation
for all our futures by the out-of-body “New Spirtuality” in the global
“2045 Plan”?

Sheer blind ignorance and fear of the unknown is the deadliest poison
distributed throughout the world as it has been for centuries
‘breaking down human intelligence’ by cleverly ‘turning individuality
into mush-meal enzyme concentrates’ easily reconstituted for ‘latter
day psycho-cybernetics’ where global sustainability of the 2045 Plan
from Agenda 21 wrought by “The Club Of Rome” organization “Committee
Of 300,” the founding fathers of “U.S. Foreign Policy” for the past
several decades.

This relentless pursuit of  degrading the human brain evolutionary
process is through “Dumbing-Down People” from all walks of life on our

2045 “Common Core Initiative” School Programming

Hard To Swallow Pill: “Truth”

I become alarmed when I hear or see the word “truth” being used, and
my perceptive antennae immediately sprout doubt upon further review
so, have I always been a cautionary skeptic – even as a child – and
labelled a “non team player” by all intelligence organizations.

Many, spent a lot of taxpayer dollars to train me very well, insert me
into fields of foreign operations, only to highly value my assessments
for government plans carried-out by those from a wide variety of
departments, branches, bureaus and offices over a 40-year period.

Today, I am their black sheep of consequence feared most, only when active.

At an early age I was led into a Roman Catholic religious ceremony
known as my  “Confirmation” where one studies the lives of cannonized
saints and then chooses the name of the saint they admire most of all.
And so, as it came to pass, at just past the “Age Of Reason” ( 7-years
old ) I chose my own additional name “Thomas” based on what I read
about “St. Thomas;” labelled throughout our time as, “Doubting Thomas”
– needing to place his hands into the wounds of his collective’s
apparition ‘before’ he ( Thomas ) could believe that their
then-recently executed Jesus of Nazereth was amidst them again.

Interestingly, apparently the king’s version, utilizing many scribes,
edited-out details of what St. Thomas discovered when proding
apparition wounds of his collective’s.

To-date, so few people produce ‘proof’ for public disclosure while
such confused lambs are led to slaughter by scoundrels having misled
them into believe everything
‘but’ prophetic “truth.”

On the floor of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA )
headquarter ‘buildings’  is the seal of the CIA with the enscription:

“Ye Shall Know The Truth And It Shall  Set Ye Free”

Most remain enslaved unto this very day because so few were ever told
the truth by governments worldwide, and this is ‘why’ we live amidst a
‘secret society’ based on professing ‘lies for all the masses of
little people walking in our midst’.

Now You See!

Taking reigns of government begins by voting ‘in’ who ‘you need’ and
voting ‘out’ who snuck into public office when you weren’t looking.

Respectfully submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )
E-MAIL: UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com


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