Hi Kerry,

This year to-date, from outside donators, I have received $50 and here

( below ) is my ‘confirmation of receipt letter’ with gratitude and

holiday wishes:

– –

Dear [ edited-out for privacy ],

This afternoon I successfully received your donation, via MoneyGram in

the amount of $50 (USD), which was a blessing for me here on the

streets of Los Angeles where life is difficult ( at best ) for the

homeless such as myself.

My current situation forces me to work much harder and under some of

the most difficult environments of personal predators, here on the

streets, than when I went from an office to later a home-office, then

to a mobile office, and now the streets where concentration on my

research is constantly being interrupted by various potential threats,

threats, and often attacks so, trying to put-out my reports takes

longer and often-times does not read well because I’m dealing with a

broken tiny display screen smartphone that someone gave me last year

when I had my laptop and original files stolen at gun-point just prior

to Christmas 2012. Since that time, however, it took me nearly

6-months to reconstruct my original file database of technicals,

communications, documents and dossiers I spent the past 15-years on.

An uphill battle, 2013 has been for me. Nevertheless, I have not

given-up and continue marching forward to bring the best I can to

light for the greater good of enlightening humanity on a variety of

information fronts.

I am ‘not’ a quiter and tenacious when it comes to alerting people to

life threatening hazards and threats on the horizon that I can ‘prove’

with hard-copy facts that are verifiable through at-least two ( 2 )

sources involving government and private-sector institutions, neither

of which ever broadcast any of the information publicly I acquire to

offer support for my research reports and predictive analytics

incorporated therein. Published works, I’ve not been able to pump-out

like I did years ago until 2012 so, it’s personally embarrassing to be

temporarily at such a disadvantage as I appear today. The ‘mind’,

however, is not fading or falling asleep at the switch so, I hope

people may take comfort in relying on those aforementioned facts.

Currently, I’m working on a minimum six ( 6 ) Disclosure Projects

still on my backburner, which I hope to release ‘half-of in January

2014. Time and donations will tell how soon that can be accomplished

by me.

I have agreed to publish those Disclosure Project reports exclusively

through Project Camelot so that a wider audience can be enlightened

when that time comes.

I appreciate hearing from you and it warms my heart, amidst this

otherwise cold world, to see people caring enough to drop me a line

via my e-mail [ UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com ] to let me know they are

concerned and willing to help me get off the streets away-from threats

and worse so, I can complete my work for the greater good of humanity.

Blessings unto you and your’s during the holiday season, and may you

live long peacefully and with a smile on your face and a song in your

heart forevermore.

Thank you.


Paul Collin

The Unwanted Publicity Guy

E-MAIL: UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com



– –

To all at Project Camelot, its supporters, guests and avid afficianado

followers I send my heartfelt wishes for recognition of all their work

and perseverance throughout 2013, and the most joyous holiday season

ever experiened yet.