Big Brother Inconveniencing Holiday Givings?


by, Paul Collin ( The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy )

December 1, 2013 17:22:42 ( PST )

LOS ANGELES – December 1, 2013 – Tis the season for holiday giving, but not for most anymore – especially those using credit cards ‘securely online’ ( internet ) with the world’s largest money transfer stores ( e.g. Western Union and MoneyGram ).

“Cash Only,” seems to be a New World Order ( NWO ) Big Brother wave, sweeping America money transfer outlets ( e.g. Western Union and MoneyGram ), for those wishing to send cash money transfers to loved-ones and to other special people – especially those in-need having been rendered homeless now living on the streets today.

I received the following e-mail volley ( below ), from a foreign-based anonymous philanthropist ( donator ) who I became acquainted with last year ( 2012 ), sparking my reply.

Breaking news, today, in more ways than heartbreaking, is being left unreported by all mainstream news media outlets whose government-embed policies are to ‘paint a rosy picture’ for an unsuspectung public holiday.

Unraveling information and exposing secrets hidden from public viewing and understanding for enlightenment is precisely what Project Camelot Productions is all about online for a vast growing number of followers today.

Project Camelot global interviews provide filmed news coverage and in-field experienced reporting from in-house producer Kerry Cassidy and outside donating contributors sharing high-risk experiences, in-depth research and/or insider connection news coverages of otherwise untold secrets for the greater public good of human knowledgeability.

Contrary to mainstream news media ‘government embedded broadcaster laughing journalism entertainment reporting’ pointers at how many stupid people amidst their public there appears to be walking around this Earth, sees Project Camelot Productions as truly one of the world’s largest best interest awareness reporting sources today ‘for the public’.

You won’t be able to buy a copy of Project Camelot on a news-stand today, however you can obtain Project Camelot perfect sense ‘news online’ serving to awaken more people to hidden information where secrets now expose untold events plus unusual breaking news concerning everyone’s horizon.

After the public was fed so many half-truths and misleading information via clandestine government-embedded mainstream news media reports – supported by Big Corporate America advertising monies – people grew tired of being treated like idiots because they new the whole story was still untold.

Public comments, found at the botton of almost all mainstream news media ( e.g. NBC News, etc. ) reports, were growing into ‘thousands of replies voicing displeasure with ‘what facts were not being included’ as well as ‘how news reports were conveyed slanted’.

Shortly after September 2013, most America mainstream news media reports online had their “Comment” section headings ‘completely removed’ as well as their ‘corresponding public commentary website ( e.g. NewsVine, etc. ) linkages to news reports ‘no longer available’.

In short, ‘public commentaries were not growing happily’ as government embedded mainstream news reports had fancifully painted so, unbeknownst to mainstream media news general public audiences, a ‘public news insurrection’ or ‘public revolution against mainstream news’ was ‘secretly extinguished’.

Those keeping vigilant watch, on global events and news reports, ‘know why’ Project Camelot keeps growing globally even-more popular by people whom demand ‘quality knowledgeability news pertaining to life and future’ be made available.

People know there is more to news than what a sports arena of mainstream news media broadcasters cheering government embedded entertainment report highlights.

The public is ‘not’ as stupid as government news media reports like to think.

That, having now been conveyed, is some new publicly unreported information affecting public traditions during the holidays:

Recent e-mail exchanges ( below ) between one ( 1 ) business philanthropist ( donator ) and myself surrounds a subject reported about on Project Camelot blogs concerning seasonal gift giving via cash donations to those in-need who make Project Camelot helpful for so many, and how encroachments from Big Brother / New World Order influencing retail consumers ate making their ‘personal heartfelt traditional giving inconvenient’.

While you ( the public ) still make your final decisions, the government is directing the circus most are forced into the arena having to live with.

Hopefully, Corporate America Scrooge won’t be allowed to ruin these 2013 holidays as much as what secretly occurred last year ( 2012 ) so, you’re about to become more aware of more from this new report. 

– – – –

From: “S….. B……” [ edited-out for anonymity ] ( Europe )

To: “Paul Collin” <UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com>;

Date: November 30, 2013

Subject: Western Union … NWO 


That has put a warm smile on my face ( cheers for Kerry! ) 🙂 but anyway, I WAS going to tell you that – much as I would like to – I cannot teleport you any much-needed food parcel… so I had been hoping you would be able to have enough reserves of energy left in your tank to last it out ’til you are able to claim your donation courtesy of Kerry. Fingers crossed.

And the other thing is this, I would ask you to tell Kerry to remove that comment on her site, where prospective MoneyGram donators to you can be “photographed,” because I can see this putting off quite a number of potential supporters – who cannot really be blamed for fearing that they could be laying themselves liable to be ‘tagged’… or even worse, ‘silenced’ by the NWO.

So I would strongly suggest that you tell Kerry to publish more or less what you had told me in your previous email – just to reassure those who would be kind enough to want to help you that there is nothing really to be fearful of.



– – – –

From: “S….. B……” [ edited-out for anonymity ] ( Europe )

To: “Paul Collin” <UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com>;

Date: November 29, 2013

Subject: Western Union … NWO

Hi Paul,

Well, I have to say to you, I’m just pleased that despite things ‘bumping along the bottom’ for you – as far as your life and immediate personal circumstances go – the ‘ole ticker’ ( heart ) is still going and you are managing to keep your head above water as regards your personal health, and ability to send out the precious ‘flying pigeons with their message bands’ – for the sake of common humankind. So far so good.

Now, although you may not have received any donations for a long time now, rest assured many have ‘not’ forgotten you.

And, they certainly never dismissed your 15-years of tireless and continuing work.

Hang-in there, Paul, someone will eventually recognize your special circumstances having left you without any resources available that ‘others may share’ – if only they would!

Now, having read Project Camelot with the latest Kerry Cassidy blog indicating New World Order ( NWO ) seeming manipulation of the two ( 2 ) retail money transfer store giant ‘puppets’ ( i.e. Western Union / WU and MoneyGram / MG ) occasionally restricting some ( not all ) donators from using their own credit cards to process online money transfer transactions through Western Union to you ( Paul C. ), which then forces donators to travel to a retail supermarket or Walmart store where they can place cash as the only way to send money to you.

Making donations more difficult, often dampens the spirit of free heartfelt giving, especially when such spiritful giving traditionally created the season of such holidays.

Is Big Brother / NWO so insidious as to rip the very heart and soul fabric of society traditional holiday giving by making it ‘more inconvenient to give’ because Corporate policies are rewritten by Ebenezer Scrooge whi wins ‘again’ against the little people by taking-away more spirit from the poor homeless now?!

Now, although personally going to a WU / MG ‘store counter’ to ‘send a cash donation in-person’ continues to work, could I be “photographed” with that transaction?

What are personal exposure dangers for me? Should I go to a Western Union or MoneyGram counter retail store wearing a disguise ( e.g. sunglasses or baseball cap )?

What about money transfer transactions to others ( e.g. Jordan Maxwell, etc., etc., etc. ) were I not photographed, would there have been a counter camera document-matching me to donation transactions in retail offices visited? If so, what likelihood may ‘they’ ( the NWO ) have requested copies or relays of photo footage trying to identify me?

Please give me your truthful opinion on all this, if you would please, even though nothing unfavorable has occurred with me, so far, over the years of donating,  I am concerned with what the future may likely bring; what-with Big Brother / NWO surveillance mechanism tentacles gradually becoming more pervasive and insidious over time.

What will their ( NWO ) capabilities be in say, 3-years, 5, or 10-years from now?!

All the best,


– – – –

From: “Paul Collin” <UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com>;

In-Reply To: “S…. B……” [ edited-out for anonymity ] ( Europe )

Subject: Re: Western Union … NWO

Date: November 28, 2013

Good hearing from you, S ( Smile ),

To bury all fears or suspicions, it is ‘not me’ and ‘not you’ or ‘anyone else’ sending dobations via Western Union or MoneyGram to ‘me’.

The ‘problematic issue’, however is more complex and multi-faceted. Hence, after having studied it for 2-years, now; my lengthy dissertation ( below ):


Having lost-out, during 2012, on a grand total of nearly $6,000 (USD) from both foreign and domestic ( USA ) money transfer facilitators ( e.g. WU and MG ) plus, this year’s ( 2013 ) losses of nearly $4,000, I’ve been able to ‘finally’ deduce the problem of ‘my never having been’ the “security issue” as Western Union has so many times laid such claims to.

The real issue, amongst others, being the simple fact of ‘money transfer facilitator agent history’ of Western Union money transfer issuances linked to muslim-named individuals – ‘not’ the Sender or Receiver but the Western Union ‘agent’ as being the ‘in-place security issue’ insofaras the government is concerned.

In 2012, I ran into an unusual Western Union agent who made statements about “getting around Western Union security blocking” whereby he used a ‘stand-in muslim name’ ( he jotted down and passed to me on a piece of paper ) claiming, “that will slide any money transfer transaction through the system,” however ‘I’  would never put myself in a position of jeopardy linked to suspicious activities by his awkward suggestion; even though ‘some’ transfers to me were already being rejected for security reasons no one would explain.

In 2013, I went to see him because he processed receipt of my money transfer donation transactions so quickly – ‘without my even having to produce identification’ – because he ‘said’ I was in ‘already in his system’. I took such to mean, I was in his “Western Union system” computer; inside a 76 Union fuel station offering check cashing and money transfers from American ‘management’ but with Syria nationalities.

The ‘new face’, I encountered, was asked by me what happened to Mr. Habib ( not his real name ), and I was told he was “did some things he shouldn’t have been doing” and no longer works there as their Western Union agent.

Apparently some Western Union ‘individual agents’ and ‘money transfer distribution records’ are tracked when tgey personally log-in with their ‘agent identifier code’ issued for all agents processing money transfer transactions, and ‘agent transaction tracking’ is only one ( 1 ) “security issue” for Western Union that can take place on either the Sender’s agent side or the Receiver’s agent side, but ‘Western Union never conveys ‘their internal security problem being ‘their agent’; ‘not the Sender or Receiver’.

Where this Western Union corporate practice policy becomes ‘diabolicly devious’,

is when they ‘request additional information’ from ‘both’ Sender and Receiver whom are both told there is a “security problem with their money transfer transaction” so that Sender and Receiver become filled with ‘awkward doubt about each other’.

And, while Western Union continues going forward even-further – only in such instances – is by collecting additional information from both parties that infringes on privacy.

Even more-so, in the end, Western Union ‘still rejects the money transfer anyway’, leaving both Sender and Receiver with a bad taste in their mouth about each other – not Western Union.

This phony game then became financially rewarding to Western Union; sometimes ‘parking transfers for interest’, but this is only one ( 1 ) issue, and while it does not happen all the time, it nevertheless ‘does happen’ – even to Aunt Gertrude and Neice Sally Smith, the public never hears anything about.

The ‘much larger issue’ is, Western Union experienced being taken for a ‘financial loss’ as well by ‘bank credit card rejections’ where Western Union was left holding empty reimbursement bags because of ‘online computer delays’ missing ‘overextended credit limits’ plus credit card fraud.

Retail banks still see retailers “Force-Charging” their accountholder credit and debit cards exceeding cash limits from credit extension being ‘used more-so’ than for ‘purchasing goods and services’ that ‘stimulates higher recordable economic statistics’ supporting U.S. economic justification to obtain more World Bank credit so U.S. can outlay more Treasury reserves gaining more foreign debt from other developing nations; a corporate global bank game.

Western Union also ‘sporadically rejects online credit card use’, forcing people to ‘present CASH at Western Union agent counters’ to reduce risks of ‘overmaximizing credit card defaults’ from banks, as well as mitigating risks from  ‘clever manipulation of credit cards’, plus credit card usage obtained by global networks of identity thiefs.

For the most part, banks are forcing Western Union to squeeze more ‘cash for money transfers’ than ‘credit cards for money transfers’.

One ( 1 ) sure thing is, ‘cash’ is now worth more, than too many ‘credit card chances’ ending Western Union into a bank bush any further.

An added ‘retail economic benefit’ fron such money transfer restrictions moreover forcibly drives more of the unwitting public into stores where they are likely more influenced by ‘marketing captives’ by seeing and hearing fellow shoppers around them buying “goods and services.”

In short, it drives more people to stores for ‘other purchases’ using the ‘Point Of Sale ( P.O.S. ) side of their credit cards that drives a nation’s economic statistics up.

It’s an economic ringside circus of mind-games.

Meanwhile, the homeless person waiting to receive a cash money transfer often time loses-out because their Western Union Sender feels beaten into an inconvenient position that eclipses their heartfelt spirit of giving cash to help the needy.

Anonymity & Countermeasures

As for ‘photo surveillance’ at such counters, ‘none’ are “Transaction Synchronized Cameras” for trackng money transfers to individuals, and alhough there may be ‘store security cameras’, those are on “24-hr. re-recordable memory devices.”

A supermarket or Walmart with store surveillance security cameras do not present a live/feed to police or NSA.

“Transaction Synchronized Cameras” Coming Soon

Transaction sync’d cameras ‘are being used’ but only so far at some “Recycling Centers” in southern California ( USA ) and some other states experiencing “copper wire thefts” in America where ‘copper wire’ is stolen when stripped from ‘vacant houses’ and even more recently ‘electricity power poles’ causing outages and even reports that copper wire thiefs being electrocuted to death by live wires they forgot to disconnect from power junction boxes.

So, while the ‘technology exists’, it has yet to be implimented at Western Union or MoneyGram counters. Besides, for those wishing to make donations ‘anonymously’, the ‘sunglass’ or ‘hat’ option exists ( Smile ).

Personal Note

For 3-days I’ve been starving and almost out of fuel, however yesterday ( Thanksgiving Day in America  ) I sent “Happy Thanksgiving Day” ‘cellphone text greetings’ via my cellphone ( about to financially expire as well ) to everyone who that celebratory day meant something to.

Kerry Cassidy, of Project Camelot, was the only one who replied with a text stating she was sending me a few dollars, however hours later she was rejected from using her credit card online at Western Union whi told her to present “CASH at any store counter” and they would gladly process her money transfer to me.

Bottomline? Today makes my 5th day, in a row, I’ve been starving as an old special circumstances handicap person on the streets of Los Angeles with no resources in America.

Because ‘many stores closed early’ on Thanksgiving Day, ‘nothing was sent to me’.

In short, I starved on a celebratory holiday when everyone had so much food mant were throwing food away, but not in a rubbish bin near me – or I would have crawled into the garbage to eat.

What would anyone else do with similar circumstances?

I understand philanthropy, but few understand how even an old homeless cripple ( such as myself ) continues helping others in even-worse shape on the street; a $1 fast-food breakfast for an unattractive human being ( who no one else will feed ) laying on sidewalks outside fast-food stores. Is that philanthropy or just grassroots caring for my fellow human beings?

The level of inhumanity toward those whom ‘The System’ discarded is a ‘horror in America and not published anywhere in the mainstream media’ that ‘only hypes popular-sounding news’ while in reality people are dying from starvation on the streets of America – ‘that’ is the ‘unpopular truth’ and my “Unwanted Publicity Intelligence” for you today.

– – – –


For those still wishing to donate money via MoneyGram ( Walmart or other supermarket ) or Western Union, you may still do so. You may ‘try online’ ( visiting the MoneyGram or Western Union website for ‘their secure transactions’.

Please know, you either ‘may’ or ‘may not’ be redirected ( by Western Union or MoneyGram ) to present ‘cash’ instead-of ‘your credit card’ at any one of hundreds of their ‘local affiliate store counters’.

Here is all the simple information and coordinates you will ever need to send your money transfer as your donation to me ( below ):

– –



LOCATION OF RECEIVER: Los Angeles, California, USA.

– –

After successfully sending your money transfer, you must send me [ UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com ] your e-mail, with the following ( completed information below ) so I can ‘then obtain the amount you sent’:

Your e-mail must provide, the following:

– –

1. In your e-mail “Subject” line, type the phrase: “HELP OFFER”

2. Name of Sender ( Your ‘First’ & ‘Last’ Name used in the money transfer ): ? ?

2. Your ‘Store Location’ Sent From ( City, State/Province, and Country ): ?, ?, ?

3. The Amount Actually Sent: $000.00 (USD)


4. The “Receiver Number” assigned for the “Recipient” ( Me ) to collect your money transfer: ?????-????? ( 10-didget number fot Western Union ) or ????-???? ( 8-digit number for MoneyGram ).

– –

Upon successful receipt of any amount you decide to send, I will ( of course ) send you a confirmation e-mail advising you that your money transfer was ‘received successfully’.

Again, thank you for being so thoughtful with your e-mails asking how you can help me during my troubled holiday season.

– – – –

Respectfully submitted for review and commentary by,

Paul Collin

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

E-MAIL: UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com

WWW: KentronIntellectResearch.WordPress.Com




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