U.S. Spy Plane With 34 Spies Detained In Russia




U.S. Spyplane With 34 Spies Downed In Russia by, Paul Collin ( The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ) November 1, 2013 LOS ANGELES – November 1, 2013 – A U.S. government BOEING surveillance aircraft, carrying twenty-four ( 24 ) U.S. military staff, six ( 6 ) United Kingdom ( UK ) military personnel, plus a crew of four ( 4 ) others were forced on Thursday ( 30 OCT13 ) by Russia authorities to land in Siberia at Chita Kadala airport near Mongolia until further notice. Russia authorities cited ‘the international incident’ as only a simple precautionary measure for the “emergency landing” providing it as a “dense fog” diversion of the U.S. and UK military intelligence surveillance staff away-from the airport near Ulan-Ude where the spyplane should have landed instead. Grounded by Russia authorities, at Chitah airport, the BOEING spyplane thirty ( 34 ) occupants initially decided to remain in their cold plane stuck on the freezing tarmack in Siberia rather than cordially accepting the courteous hospitality of Russia airport authorities offering a warm room to rest inside plus hot food to eat, but ‘western intelligence overflight staffers’ chose to continue hiding in their cold surveillance equipment ladened plane parked on the airport tarmack instead. Meanwhile, U.S. intelligence sources throughout Eastern Europe news media outlets stretched official Russia government news storyline reports. Reports varied widely, circulating claiming the plane was over Russia airspace on a “legitimate science mission,” and if any straying may have occured elsewhere that western intelligence spies aboard the BOEING might have been “analyzing atmospheric particles” lingering “in regions above” where Russia’s “meteor had streaked across Siberia skies” months ago. U.S intelligence spread storyline news indicating “only civilians occupied the plane,” were subjected to an “unprescendented” ‘detainment’, “stuck in Siberia” over “airport fees” to be paid before the thirty ( 34 ) “innocent Western captives” could leave to return to Alaska. Stories also circulated other claims too., that the BOEING spyplane strayed from its United Nations approved course into Russia “Restricted Airspace” and more. Chita airport spokesman Alexei Turskov, according to The Siberian Times indicated, “The plane cannot leave until ‘technical service’ and ‘refuelling’ bills are paid. Further, all “computed documents” were sent to Moscow. Russia Itar-Tass News Agency indicated the BOEING aircraft needed to make an “emergency landing” at Chita airport instead of Ulan-Ude airport due to a landing restriction of thick fog. “We’ve satisfied ‘some’ [ crew member’s ] requests by providing a room and hot meals for ‘those’,” said Russia Deputy Foreign Minister Anatoly Kotelnikov, “They, spent the night on the airport compound.” Some crew members, except those believed onboard the BOEING spyplane having intelligence agency Science and Technology ( S&T ) special security clearances understandingly remained on the plane, while others left the BOEING spyplane to use airport facilities supplied on “humanitarian grounds” by Russia. RIA Novosti indicated the BOEING crew underwent Russia’s border migration control where photographs and forms of identifucation were recorded. Inernational nuclear test ban treaty weapons observation planes over Russia must land at only two ( 2) airports: #1. Moscow Region airport; and, #2. Ulan Ude airport. No immediate comments came from America or Britain authorities. U.S. Spy Mission Speculations What ‘were’ Western intelligence ‘thinking’? With ‘U.K. intelligence staff’ aboard, did the U.S. somehow think they could get-away-with another overflight over Siberia? Were western intelligence efforts actually ‘capturing lingering atmospheric particles’ from what some believed was Russia military use of its kinetic stealth weapon delivery system propellents’ used to down a meteor that exploded overhead. Hyper-Penetrating Target Saturation Explosive Blades Or, capturing particles from its hypersonic ‘warhead skin casing deposits’ of a new type of ‘nano-thermite explosive material that ‘penetrates’, ‘instantly sheds a cylindrical collet sheathed nano-explosive adherent’, that cylindrically explodes in a rotary motion from within its target objective outward, which in ‘this case’ was the recent meteor in Siberia that it also overtook? Or, capturing particles of the ‘kinetic energy initial stage booster exhaust waveguide remnants’? Or, capturing particles from its secondary hypersonic booster warhead with an ‘impact resistant nano-destructive explosive coating’? Either mothod, of which the Russia military secretly used recently to capture, explode, and overtake the meteor over Siberia. Simply watch the video clips on YouTube and you’ll basically see what the CIA did. Virginia farm roadrunners back to drawing-board at CIA again. Submitted for review and commentary by, Paul Collin The Unwanted Publicity Guy E-MAIL:  UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com WWW: http://KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com / /

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