Comet ISON: Slowing-Down? ISD Blue Cloud Human Hazards? Space Cannon Ready?

by, Paul Collin ( The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy )

October 30, 2013 ( PST )


LOS ANGELES – October 30, 2013 – Most will initially swear this report is science fiction until they review it all they’ll know it’s secret science factual intelligence that by July 2013, government officials secretly learned Comet ISON “tail dynamic” lightwaves slowed-down and a ‘color shade of red’ were only a few of the many more scientific indicators kept secret from billions of people on Earth.

Today some of us ‘know’ that Comet ISON will likely ‘not reach perihelion ( as NASA earlier predicted ) with our Sun’ nor a ‘gravitational sling-shot ride around it’ shooting it ‘northward away-from the center of our solar system’.


Comet Exhaust Dynamic InterStellar Dust ( ISD ) Debris And Tail Reddening:

First-Hand Secret Knowledgeability Of Comet ISON ISD Infrastructure And Human Health Hazards

By July 2013, the U.S. Navy Research Laboratory saw Karl Battams analyzing datasets of Comet ISON “tail dynamics” ( i.e. patterned curvatures, out-gas flow rates of speed, colorings, and other behavior detections from lightwave measurement instrument analysis, solar heliospheric system radiation particle dispersion density fluctuations, etc. ), but there were ‘far more secret hazards’ surrounding Comet ISON impacts on Earth.

NASA Predicted Comet ISON ISD Providing Only Global Blue Noctulucent Clouds For 6-Years But Nothing About A Human Extinction Level Event ( ELE ) –

Human physiology sees blood important for breathing a proper atmospheric ( air ) oxygen mix, as well as for digesting food ( e.g. agricultural produces, fruits, fish, fowl and animal meats, cheeses, plus milk. ); basic elements for Earth planet life sustainability.

To ensure less contamination risks, but not eliminate all, official government inspectors mitigate but only an extremely small fraction of what humans actually consume.

While most particles in air we ‘breathe’ do not kill there ‘are particles that can’, and by ‘absorption through skin and hair’.

While our eyes and nose have human hair folicles trying to act as a barrier to some foreign objects they can ‘not filter every external threat’ ( e.g. anthrax, ricin, gamma-rays, x-rays, etc. ).

Asteroid and meteor “dust” is ‘nothing like household dust’ ( e.g. fine bits of fabric, dirt, or dead skin cells ).

Asteroid, Comet and Meteor “dust” are comprised of granule microfine “InterStellar Dust” ( ISD ) entering our solar system while simultaneously collecting our Sun’s ‘superconductive electrostatic charged-particles’ that are ‘much finer’; on the order of a ‘fraction of a micron’ – ‘irregularly shaped’ ( clump designed crystalline microfine structures ) and composed of ‘carbon’ and / or ‘silicates’.

Humans cannot expell ‘carbon’ or ‘silica’ microfine dust once it is breathed inside their lungs.

Volcanic ‘ash’, can easily be breathed-in by both animals and humans, turning their lungs into a mushy grey-colored cement eventually building-up ( it ‘cannot be expelled’ ) to the point they can no longer breathe, and that is ‘why’ it is so ‘incredibly important’ to protect our lungs to keep us alive as well as our ‘food supply chain alive’ as well.

InterStellar Dust ( ISD ) is most evident by its ‘incredibly fast absorption rate’.

Unfortunately, the exact nature and origin of interstellar dust grains is unknown.

While we are all familiar with ‘household and commercial dust and paint masks’, Earth has never been subjected to “InterStellar Dust” ( ISD ) carbon silicates for any extended period of time.

NASA has already announced ‘months ago’ that “Comet ISON” debris dust ( actually, “ISD” ) will filter right through our Earth atmosphere and it is so microfine we cannot even see it, nor will we see it for what NASA announced could be for as long as 6-years.

Shouldn’t we have been officially been alerted by our national authorities about this coming deadly Comet ISON threat to all our lives?

The only subject being talked about is that we will begin seeing ‘blue clouds’ ( if there are any clouds where yiu happen to live at the time this begins ) in the skies above us all, and those ‘pretty blue clouds’ are named “Noctolucent Clouds,” which are normally seen above Earth ‘polar’ regions.

So, while the vast majority of our global population will be absolutely fascinated with the pretty blue clouds predicted for the next 6-years, they will ‘not understand why we all will be dying from ISD saturated blood and ljng poisoning – and starving because the aninals will be dying too.

While Comet ISON debris dust comes to the kitchen table for human consumation in the form of  agricultural produce soaking it up through the ground, animals will be grazing ( consuming ) it right down into their stomachs and into their blood too so that humans drinking milk, eating meat, poultry and fish will be consuming tainted food while they’re simultaneously breathing-in crystals and carbon.

Slow death, for those not equipped with an “alternative breathing device” – perhaps much like the one designed for the U.S. Department of Defense ( DOD ) years ago.

In 2011, while studying InterStellar Medium ( ISM ) clouds in our extragalactic universe as well as some new geoastrophysics involving Cherenkov-muon Gamma-Ray Burst ( GRB ) “Tau AirShower” particles raining-down on Earth according to Pierre Auger Observatory del Sud ( Argentina ).

In July 2012, I discovered two ( 2 ) relatively recent geoastrophysic study white-papers that had ‘finally gotten published’ ( the ‘scientific community’s peer blessing’ ) in one ( 1 ) of the many ‘astrophysics databases’ I’ve been performing global research on for nearly 15-years.

My research ( in ‘this particular arena’ ) focused on an area nearest “Centaurus A” ( NGC5128 ) emitting the longest Cherenkov-muon Gamma-Ray Burst ( GRB ) that ‘destroys atmosphere oxygen molecules by burning them out-of existence.; something I thought worth researching since a large example occurred on Earth in December 2004 over the Coral Sea where the ‘largest hole was burnt right through the Ozone layer of our atmosphere’.

The white-paper pointed to electrostatic early-scout particles penetrating Earth to upset its core causing an incredibly huge magnitude earthquake in December 2004, the “Andaman-Sumatra earthquake in Indonesia.

The white-papers claimed the December 2004 GRB incident also burned the largest hole through our Earth’s atmosphere oxygen zone ( “Ozone” ) over the Coral Sea, all linked to the Andaman-Sumatra earthquake; the tsunami of which eventually killed 350,000 people in 15 countries.

In 2012, I discovered another hypothesis on the same incident by Dr. Paul A. LaViolette who interestingly enough also designed an “alternative breathing apparatus.”

Now, for a little closer look at InterStellar Dust ( ISD ), which is ‘nothing like household dust on Earth’, according to Karl Battams at the U.S. Navy Research Laboratory ( NRL ) Space Physics Simulation Chamber Laboratory ( SPSC Lab ), below:

– –

Office Of Naval Research

U.S. Navy Research Laboratory ( NRL )

Space Physics Simulation Chamber Laboratory ( SPSC Lab )

CONTACT: Karl Battams

DUsty PLasma EXperiment ( DUPLEX )

A device was developed to investigate fundamental issues in the physics of large-scale dusty plasma.

Dusty plasmas have become a topic of great interest because they provide an excellent tool for exploring many of the fundamental assumptions used in plasma physics. A dusty plasma consists of electrons, ions, neutral gas, and charged microparticles (“dust”) with diameters ranging from a few nanometers to a few micrometers.

They exist naturally in space, being found in ‘Comet Tails’, planetary rings, planetary nebulae, and in Low Earth Orbit ( LEO ).

From its early beginnings with observations of astrophysical phenomena, this area of plasma physics research has grown to encompass space plasma, industrial plasma, and basic plasma issues ranging from strongly coupled systems, to waves, transports and instabilities.

In the laboratory, experiments evolved from observations on microparticle behavior in plasma to direct manipulation of microparticles and use of microparticles for plasma diagnosis.

Dusty ( charged-particles ) plasma experiments were mostly performed in relatively small experimental ‘charged-particle dust clouds’ scaled sizes of between 2-centimeters and 3-cm.

DUPLEX observes individual ‘charged-particle’ ( Argon DC ) dust cloud heights of 50-cm with diameters of 70-centimeters.

A 75-cm diameter cathode ( grounded ) sees vertically suspended above it a 10-centimeter diameter anode disk biased from 300-Volts to 1,000-Volts.

These charged-particle clouds often experience complex spatial structures, regionally apparent voids, plus continual internal transport frequently.

DUPLEX experiments support direct-current ( DC ) electrical powered Argon gas laser glow discharge plasmas.

The separation distance ( between the anode and cathode ) can be adjusted to a maximum of 75-centimeters; typically separation is maintained between 15-centimeters and 20-cm.

Experiments performed are at pressures ranging from 50-millitorr. to 300 milliTorr.

One of the primary diagnostic techniques to observe charged-particle cloud dust is via a Particle Image Velocimetry ( PIV ) – pioneered for dusty plasmas by Dr. Edward Thomas, Jr. and the Dusty Plasma Group at Auburn University.

The PIV observation technique involves illuminating suspended microparticles with two ( 2 ) laser pulses ( at 30-nano seconds ) expanding ‘cylindrical lenses’ into vertical or horizontal light sheets separated in time.

The laser pulses are synchronized, to the ‘frame-grabbing rate’ of a CCD ( Charged-Couple Device ) camera, ensuring each pulse appears on a single video frame.

The displacement of the particles can then be calculated by viewing their relative positions in subsequent video frames.

From ‘displacement’ plus ‘known time interval’, two-dimensional ( 2-D ) velocity vectors can be computed amidst the plane of illumination.


– –

The following additional reference on Comet Exhaust Dynamic InterStellar Dust ( ISD ) Debris And Molecular Clouds In InterStellar Medium ( ISM ) studies using datasets from the James Carr Maxwell Telescope Observatory ( Hawaii ) color video clip is worthy of review:

NASA claim of the Comet ISON debris carbon-crystal microfine dust shower covering the entire planet Earth, and for up-to 6-years as reported elsewhere, is also worthy of review as is the NASA video clips provided on their official U.S. government wesite, below:

Comet ISON InterStellar Secret Projectiles –

Comet ISON ‘tail debris’, rocks of a “tarry” ‘carbon silicate crystal composite hardened material’ acting as a ‘natural atmospheric heat-shield against Earth atmospheric friction of much weaker man-made material ignition burn-up because of less dense compound ‘ceramic material’ and/or even-earlier man-formed ‘rose quartz crystal glass’ – technology material used for and incorporated into the leading edges of spaceplane nose-cones, wings, and rudders ‘built by’ Lockheed-Martin and other U.S. government private-sector contractors ‘earlier’ – by Corning Glass Works’.

Comet ISON already separated ‘super rocks’ have ‘additionally amazing natural properties’ too, which include ‘heliospheric solar system saturated high-energy charged-particle electrostatic elements’ within them, and this is what is ‘still headed our way’.

There is the question of multiple charged-particle electrostatic debris dust particles creating interferences with all Earth space-based and ground-based electricity grid infrastructures as a result of NASA predicting Earth saturation of Comet ISON debris dust for uo-to 6-years.

Comet ISON ‘Additional Bad News’ For Earth – Comet ISON Debris Field May Likely ‘Last Longer’ From ‘Widening’ –

In short, these ‘combinatoric’ issues ‘explode exponentially’ with Comet ISON early fragments slowing automatically allows space-drift widening the debris field is akin to a ‘subtly electrified cosmic shotgun blast’ of ‘High-Energy’ ( HE ) electrostatic discharge capable characteristic rocks ‘extremely well-protected against burning-up’ in Earth’s atmosphere.

Not in modern man’s day recording the potential threat to ‘global national infrastructures’ and/or ‘human life’ is being kept secret.

People should be concerned enough about theit lobed ones and self-survival contingency planning and preparation now ( e.g. alternate food, water, medicine, other supply and equipment storage, go-to locations and coordinated if-able meet-ups ).

Smarter protection may be driving a motorhome into a cavern for a 2-month vacation.

Remaining ‘naysayer skeptics’ may be looking up and then try out-runing ‘burning meteorites travelling 30,000 Miles Per Hour ( MPH )’ when ‘they could-have moved out-of the way sooner.

Survival is a ‘personal choice’. Be safe, rather than sorry.Remember, ‘casino gaming gambles odds for ‘money not lives’!

Lawful Crosswalking Pedestrian “Right?” Well, ‘Yes And No’ -‘Being Dead, While In Your Right-Of-Way, Can Kill Others!

Despite the fact millions drive home very fast ‘after work’, many often times struggle seeing road objects even while wearing the best sunglasses when the Sun and glares obscure their vision.

Unfortunately, ‘less  cerebral pedestrians’ walk in-front-of that vehicular street traffic’, without a care in the world; believing every driver sees perfectly and respects traffic safety crosswalk laws for pedestrian traffic.

Oblivious human oversight results in accidental fatalities, when otherwise ‘exercising prudent good common sense’ would save at-least one ( 1 ) human life ( their own! ) plus problems for others should the vehicle suddenly swerve to avoid that pedestrian and kill others instead.

I keep trying to believe that my fellow man ‘wants to live as long as possible’ but pn occassion observe ‘some folks mysteriously still living albeit by selfishness, stupidity, or bt following some misguided belief system that nothing can harm them if they do everything “right.”

Unfortunately, Comet ISON debris is ‘extremely hardened’ with “tarry” ‘carbon-silicate crystal charged-particles densely packed with solar system-collected heliospheric energy’, and as Comet ISON sheds mass quantities of its ‘special heat-shielded tail debris’ known as InterStellar Dust ( ISD ) ‘highly capable of penetrating Earth’s atmosphere’ because of its ‘natural atmospheric entry heat-shield’ making possible ‘multiple glowing white hot and hardened rocks’ that become known as “Meteors” and/or “Meteorites” so, Earth may be in-store for ‘more than’ just a “light-show” as ‘government officials say’ so-as not to alarm populations.

One ( 1 ) Meteor, recently viewed worldwide, impacted Earth already in Chelyabinsk, Russia over Siberia, as was well documented over news broadcasts.


Interestingly enough, about 3-days ‘earlier’ over Japan, another meteor was overtaken by an unidentified flyin object or a U.S. government secret projectile weapon that not only overtook the speed of the incoming meteor over Japan but also went through the center of it ‘from behind and sped out the front of the meteor’ after ‘blowing it up too’ ( video clip reference below ):

There has been controversy that a UFO or a government secret weapon warhead system may have been responsible for shooting-down meteors.

Were these, and/or other meteors hit by a RAYTHEON kinetic weapon warhead system projectile, or a spaceborne hypersonic velocity weapon warhead projectile system that is so fast it can outpace even a meteor? If so, what technology could possibly do-so by exceeding the shockwave sound barrier in a ‘sound stealth mode, not making any sound’? Could such a weapon warhead technology exceeding 30,000 miles per hour ( if a meteor was travelling that fast after entering Earth atmosphere ) have been created by an ‘off-World entity’? If so, how might an on-World ( Earth ) government have obtained the use of such?


Secret questions circulating, amongst high-level government officials, are whether the Comet ISON fragmented pieces or conglomerate pieces of hardened rock meteors will rain down on Earth as either the size of baseballs, footballs, or combine in-to something bigger.

In February 2011, a senior White House counsel for five ( 5 ) U.S. Presidential Administrations, who ‘my Washington, D.C. contact’ has known ( on a ‘personal basis’ ) for thirty ( 30-years ) indicated only a handful of people in the U.S.  government knew but have been expecting a ‘minimum’ of two ( 2 ) touchdowns exhibiting “hadronic” scathings on Earth. His friend was restricted from knowing the “when date” and/or from ‘precisely what source’ these touchdowns would occur, but given only one ( 1 ) of the locations to occur as somewhere between North Africa and Siberia in Russia.

Asteroid Comet Meteor ‘Space Canon’ Being Deployed In Space –

Secret reports indicate a joint multinational effort created technologies the U.S. provided for the recent deployment of an already functioning “Comet Canon” ‘recently installed within and now aboard’ a Japan spacecraft known as “Hayabusa 2” that ‘already claims to launch a speeding explosive warhead projectile’ capable-of ‘blowing-up hardened tarry carbon silicon crystal composite heat-shield material within comets’ left with ‘man-made craters’ claiming later extraction of “rare elements” ( ‘exotic pure form’ “Niobium,” etc. ) from mining rare extragalactic materials underneath the surface of a speeding ( 60,000 Miles Per Hour ) comet in outer space’.

Since Japan claims what is aboard its Hayabusa 2 spacecraft can already do, I wonder ‘who actually did the testing’ ( the United States? ), ‘on what it has been tested plenty of times on’, and ‘who paid for those secret tests the public was never informed about’?


Secret HFSE Properties – Part 2 RE: Niobium ( Nb ):


Japan Meteor Shot-Down ( 3-Days Before Russia Siberia Meteor Over The Ural Mountains ):

Understood significant of this ‘technology used to overtake and blow-up asteroids and comets would perhaps, answer another government secret alluding to the analysis that surfaced claiming the recent inbound Earth “Asteroid,” which ‘after entering Earth’s atmosphere’ then slowed down to ‘less than 50% of its ‘inbound space speed’, and became known as a ‘hadronic’ or ‘horizontally grazing’ “Meteor” over the Russia region of Siberia just a few months ago.

Was the recent past meteor ( over Siberia ), in one ( 1 ) particular video film footage, with an ‘unreferenceable object’ or NRO ( non-referenceable object ) ‘speeding-up behind it’ that ‘successfully overtook it and then ‘blew-up that meteor’, which government officials later claimed “exploded before impact” over Russia’s Siberia region, one ( 1 ) of the ‘expected touchdowns’ for Earth? I do ‘not know’.

What I ‘do know’, from an observationational standpoint, for a ‘fact according to NASA months beforehand’, a ‘much larger celestial body did enter our solar system’ however ‘no further official information’ was ever revealed publicly.

So ( like on a billiard table ), did that much larger object having entered our solar system, act as a ‘cosmic cue-ball’ when it hit our solar system’s “Asteroid Belt” of asteroids propelled out-of their “Kuiper Belt” orbit, as ‘why’ Earth is now being plagued with more-and-more “Planetary Hazardous Asteroids” ( PHA ) and their offspring becoming Comets ( as Comet ISON ‘is’ ) then ‘its’ consequential atmospheric capturing offspring known as Meteors and then its following debris of Meteorites?

NASA researchers think they’ve found about 30% of the estimated 15,000 “Near Earth Object” ( NEO ) ‘asteroids’ 460-feet ( 140-metres ) ‘wide’.

Interestingly to note, however, is NASA does ‘not publicly say anything additional’ as-to ‘how tall’ or ‘how deep’ those ‘460-feet wide’ asteroids really are. Why?

While more than 1,000,000 million Near Earth Objects ( NEIO) are 100-feet ( 30 metres ) in ‘diameter’ are ‘believed by ofgicials to be lurking in space’, NASA estimates ‘less than 1% have been detected’.

Can we expect more objects, from these now proven facts, hitting Earth?

The answer, is: “Yes”! ( See Most Recent References Below )


These are specifically the kinds of questions purposely left ‘officially unanswered’ as government national security ensures big business global economic stablity for as long as possible, and the way this is carried-out is by ‘secretly classifying outside threats to the welfare of humankind’; keeping our citizen-slave populations in the ‘dark’ plus ‘very busy with plenty of destractions’ by government claims there not being enough resources for the future of human being “Sustainability” – the doctrine of three-hundred ( 300 ) consultants from “The Club Of Rome” globally renowned organization whose 1968 forefathers brought-about the U.S. government Quadrennial Department Review Reportings ( QDR ), Agenda 21, Russia 2045 Planning and more ‘future world programs – for some but ‘not all’ whom see what is coming.

Submitted for review and commentary by,

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