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U.S. Navy Research Lab Worker Reveals Comet Ison Holds U.S. Government Secrets

by, Paul Collin ( The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy )

October 20, 2013 13:00 ( PST )

LOS ANGELES – October 20, 2013 – On June 29, 2013 ( 21:58 ) Karl

Battams worked for the U.S. Navy Research Laboratory ( NRL ) when he

published a rather unusual personal statement within a website

governed under U.S. federal contract tgat he was chosen spokesperson


Specifically, and according to Karl Batttams, Comet Ison possesses far

greater ‘secrets’ being withheld from the general public.

Secrets as to what Comet Ison may likely bring albeit ‘directly’ (

e.g. atmospheric debris collisions or pollution on Earth ) and/or

‘indirectly’ ( e.g. solar-dynamic coronal mass ejection flare

radiations, telecommunication interruptions, and/or electricity grid

infrastructure interferences ) ‘striking details’  on-to, in-to and/or

amidst Earth, but ‘officially’ no one’s coughing-up ‘clear evidence’

but Karl Battams’ public tips.

NASA indicates both the ‘inbound debris’ and ‘outbound debris’ from

Comet Ison will affect Earth for approximately 6-years, however

neither NASA, NOAA, USGS or the EPA is saying anything about Comet

Ison being a “Planetary Harardous Asteroid” ( PHA ), which if Karl

Battams of the U.S. Naval Research Lab ( NRL ) is ‘correct’ we all

better get real concerned and start planning quickly.

Interestingly, in 2012 NASA, indicated “we all need to be concerned”

about Solar Cycle 24 in-keeping with our Sun’s internal “magnetic pole

reversal” NASA now predicts should occur about the time Comet Ison

reaches perihelion with our Sun; likely reacting from an incredibly

strong ‘electrostatic Charged-Particle explosive discharge’ resulting

in powerful solar flares causing extreme geomagnetic storms around


Whatever Battams knows,  while only subtly tipping-off humanity, his

place of employment of the Naval Research Lab ( NRL ) contrarily

serves government corporatcy protectionism operations more-so than the

grand ( total ) survival of humanity on Earth.

Reading between the lines, people, what is Battams doing by revealing

what he said?

“I am also involved in a couple of ISON-related Projects I’m not

allowed to talk about right now but I promise ‘will be totally

awesome’ if they go ahead! ( I’m sure ‘that will be the subject of

more than a few future blog posts from me if it all comes to pass’!


Is Karl Battams a closeted ‘in the public best interest’

WhistleBlower, or might he be a unique astrophysicist working

psychological operations ( Psy-Ops ) on the public for the U.S.

Intelligence Community ( IC ) military machine, or is he just ‘waiting

to be discovered’ Edward Snowden “U.S. National Intelligence

Defect-In-Malignment” gurgling from within another federal

contractor’s systemic belly layers of secrects waiting to be expelled?

You be the judge, not to wait though, until Battams’ secrets may no

longer be, or Comet Ison does its dirty work ( November 2013 through

December 2013 ) on us all “above-grounders” trying to decide whether

to ‘go to ground’ or ‘how far beneath it’.

Submitted for review and commentary for Project Camelot by,

Paul Collin ( The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy )

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