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Added note from Paul:

At the present time I’m livong on the streets while enduring some incredibly stressful times. Hopefully, they dissapate soon. My fingers, on both hands, and inner portions of my palms are numb as a result of malnutrition with extremely poor circulation and I’m fighting cardio pulmonary disease and trochanteric bursitis in both myhips making it difficult for me to walk without collapsing as I try rummaging the streets of Los Angeles for food while simultaneously trying to avoid gang member encounters. Not easy to produuce my reports to say the least but I still have all my electronic files with me.

Just wish I had a safe place to work out-of and a bed to rest in instead.of moving blankets in my old minivan.

I’ll try to put something worthwhile together for the blog column. Ihave several reports I recently began but need to finish. They are not terribly long reports but briefs.

Thank you very much for your e-mail, Kerry.




Hi Kerry,


My legacy website intelligence network history may be of interest. You


be the judge:


– – – –


The “Unwanted Publicity Information Group – Media Division” section


“Gallery” on March 20, 2008 provided a selection of nearly 100 certain


information images never broadcasted by the mainstream news media to


general public audiences, however after ‘the entire network of


websites’ ( covering a myriad of interesting global topics ) were


finally all taken down ( late 2012 ), many of its images from ‘all its


websites’ began appearing ( ‘with’ and ‘without’ proper creditings )


across a whole host of other individual’s websites.


In 2008, here ( below ) is how its Media Division Gallery appeared:


The now-legacy network of websites of the Unwanted Publicity


Information Group, known today by its creator ( The Unwanted Publicity


Intelligence Guy – Paul Collin ) was also the director of Kentron


Intellect Research, a former Non-Official Cover ( NOC ) government


foreign intelligence asset and former U.S. Central Intelligence Agency


( CIA ) attache who was a full-time Intelligence Operations employee


during the Viet Nam War for the U.S. Department of Defense ( DOD ),


and later ( December 1998 ) created an earlier ( post 1998 – 2007 )


series of websites that first sprang from his “X-CIA Files” website.


Viewable examples, of the websites, information and images for more


than one decade were produced for general public audiences, some of


which are provided only through these links ( below ).


This may at-least be globally noteworthy today in-that what detailed


information went un-noticed, until recently ( 2013 ) over a decade


later, much there still remains unknown today by many people.


– –


Source: X-CIA Files


Section: “X-Files”




– Albert Einstein Time Warps In U.S. & Einstein Files Seized By Federal Agents;


– Millions Of U.S. Military Records Missing But Only Half Mysteriously




– Area 51 Territory Expanded & EPA “Not Applicable” At Area 51; and,


– U.S. Extra Solar Planets Encyclopedia Star Chart “Zeta 2 Reticuli”


Data Disappears.





Source: X-CIA Files


Section: “Cosmic Intelligence”




Near Earth Objects ( NEO );


Planetary Encounter Circumstances ( PEC );


Planetary Hazardous Asteroids ( PHA );


Electrostatic Discharge Events ( EDE );


Deep Space Surveillance Missions; and,


Airline In-Flight Passenger Accumulation Of X-Rays On Certain Air


Routes ( Equator & Poles ).



Source: X-CIA Files


Section: “Business Intelligence”




NSA Business Relationships ( Estee Lauder Cosmetics, et al. ).



Source: X-CIA Files


Section: “Intelligence Systems”


Data Collection Systems.



Source: X-CIA Files


Section: “Intelligence News”


Emerging Security Alerts & Answers;


Cellphone Guns; and,


Nuclear Terrorists ( No Experience Necessary ) & Assessments.



Source: X-CIA Files


Section: “Archives”


Directed Energy Weapons;


Extra-Terrestrial Technology Combinatorics;


NSA SDAI Express Language Surveillance;


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles;


Combat Platoon Deplorer Robots; and,


Global Terrorist Groups Identified & Assessments.


– –


A few more of its once expanding but now legacy network websites ( below ):


– – – –


More recent ( 2007 – 2012 ) websites, and one ( 1 ) of considerable


global controversy, included:


Unwanted Publicity Intelligence ( written about in the book “Financial


Tyranny” by, David Wilcock in 2012 ):


Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Annex ( UPIA ):




Concept Activity Research Vault ( CARV ):


I have tried for many years to inform the public about some of what


goes on behind closed doors, and I never quit – not in the face of


adversities ( more-so than just economic ), physical assaults, loss of


citizenship benefits, freedom, liberties plus a myriad of various and


sundry other reputational embarrassments there is always the matter


continuing to expend one’s personal energies to reveal ‘facts’ – no


matter from whom they come – will always be eyed with suspicion for


everyone’s discernment.


Primarily utilizing both ‘high-risk private information documents and


images’ in-addition to ‘official government information documents and


images’, the ‘core of information facts’ in all my reports have


remained quite honorably undisputed, which is ‘not to say I’m always


correct on everything – just a little more than most’.


It is important we do our best for humankind in lieu of seemingly


insurmountable challenges faced while never losing our human-will to


defend our most precious struggles – maintaining decency amidst our


race of beings on Earth and in the heaven above.


Cordially submitted by,


Paul Collin


The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy


WWW: Kentron IntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com/