Deep Sea Ensonification Weapon Treachery

Reposting article from August 24, 2013 by Paul Collin, Unwanted Publicity Guy

Deep Sea Ensonification Weapon Treachery

Related to one ( 1 ) of the activities, I was monitoring since May

2013, when the Mid-Atlantic Ridge first became ‘abnormally active’, I

draw your initial attention to even more current affairs I believe may

be related thereto ‘certain Presidential directives’ applicable to the

Mid-Atlantic Ridge that somehow went unmentioned in the main stream

news ( MSN ) media.

Next relative would be the “Unusual Mortality Event ( UME )” issued by

NOAA surrounding the recent “Mid-Atlantic bottlenose dolphin deaths” –

the ‘same dolphins’ that ‘fled’ the Mid-Atlantic Ridge when it ‘went

abnormally active’ by ‘increasing its subduction’ as the entire

Southern Hemisphere of the Earth began being stretched outward like a

lopsided ballloon.

Could ‘that’ be of “Major” importance to the U.S. requiring the

President’s attention?

The Earth is looking more ‘pear-shaped’ than ever before, and the

National Science Foundation ( NSF ) has been increasing ‘certain

Project fundings’ through CIA-led global financial money-laundering;

money that supposedly “disappeared” amidst the so-called ‘global

economic collapse’, which is partially where all the money is really

being shovelled as I detected while on yet another research project

for Disclosure during late 2011 when I ‘followed the money’. Not a

pretty picture because it is so complex making it difficult to

‘unpiece so most can begin to understand it all’.

For the purposes of my research, however, that became unimportant

since I found what I what I was looking for, which caused me to

totally shift my attention away-from global financial intelligence to

other now more important events on the horizon.

It might, however be more newsworthy to note that the U.S. government

is actually ‘fracking the Mid-Atlantic Ridge’ using ‘secret

technology’ underwater because they ‘cannot test above-ground’ their

super secret Directed Energy Weapon ( DEW ), which I wrote about

almost 12-years ago, known as their “High-Energy SubSonic

Flocculator,” which from an airborne platform ( aircraft ) gimble

mount destroys buildings and mountains, but ‘now’ its ‘underwater’ and

being aimed at Earth tectonic fracture zones the U.S. government

‘claims’ are just ‘seismic sound  research experiments’ that “take

marine mammals” ( ‘kill and/or adversely affect dolphins and whales’ )

when I recently discovered ‘how the U.S. government is hiding these

secret seismic subsonic bursts aimed to ‘penetrate beneath the

ultra-deep sea’, and ‘they’ are trying to cover this all up by saying

‘sea mammals will be taken by ensonification research techniques’;

marine mammals being “ensonified” means sea mammals are being

unnaturally put upon by man-made adverse affects to their ‘internal

navigation senses relied upon for feeding and childbirth’ by U.S.

government military weapons employong ‘High-Energy subsonic bursts’

the U.S. government is calling ‘seismic research’ – used for

‘undescribed purposes’ for a special U.S. Observatory and ‘Other

Agencies’ ( Read Brief Below ):

– – – –


April 8, 2013


“The proposed action ( i.e., issuing an ‘Authorization For The Take Of

Marine Mammals’ incidental to the conduct of a seismic survey ) would

not result in any ‘significant cumulative adverse effects on target or

non-target species’ incidentally ‘taken by harassment due to seismic

survey activities’.

We have determined that ‘marine mammals may exhibit behavioral

changes’ such as ‘avoidance-of or changes in movement within the

action area’, however we ‘do not expect’ the ‘authorized harassment’

to result in ‘significant cumulative adverse effects on the affected

species or stocks’.

We ‘do not expect’ that our issuance of an Authorization to result in

any significant cumulative adverse effects on target or non-target

species ‘incidentally taken [ killed or otherwise adversely affected ]

by harassment’ due to ‘elevated sound levels’.

We have issued ‘incidental take authorizations’ for ‘other seismic

research surveys’ ( for the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, National

Science Foundation, and ‘Other Agencies’ ) that ‘may have resulted in

the harassment of marine mammals’, but they are dispersed both

geographically ( throughout the world ) and temporally, are short-term

in nature, and all use mitigation and ‘monitoring measures to minimize

impacts to marine mammals’.

Because of the relatively short time that the Project area will be

‘ensonified’ ( not more than 20-days ), the action will not result in

synergistic or cumulative adverse effects that could have a

substantial effect on any species.”



– – – –

The real nuts and bolts ( below ) is discovered in the U.S.

Congressional Record Federal Register, surrounding this “Mid-Atlantic

Ridge ‘sonic seismic research’, is performed via a U.S. Presidential

Executive Order citing:

“Environmental Effects Abroad of Major Federal Actions.”

What is the “Federal Action Abroad”? More importantly what exactly is

‘it’ ( the “U.S. Federal Action” ‘beneath’ “International Waters” )

that makes it so “Major”?

What are taxpaying U.S  citizens ‘not being told’?

– – – –

SOURCE: United States Federal Register

Febryary 13, 2013



analysis on behalf of the Foundation [  National Science Foundation –

NSF ) pursuant to [ U.S. Presidential ] ‘Executive Order 12114’

“Environmental Effects Abroad of Major Federal Actions.”


– – – –

Based on the response ( 1 ) from numerous pleas for donations on my

behalf as a former government spy who’s now an old homeless cripple, I

figured few ( if any ) were interested in my spectrum intelligence


Having been labelled by the C.I.A., et. al., as a ‘non-team player’,

my former website accused of being a 21st Century Pandora’s Box (

causing the death of a man and his 8-yr. old son ), and just recently

being called the “Anti-Assange” – uphill battles have been numerous

where additional personal tragedies took more than the lives of my

family, without enough basic survival support to continue pumping out

hundreds of reports a year, what chance have I after 40-years climbing

that now very old hill?

I haven’t given up, but cannot continue for much longer without any

means of support.

I once thought letting a brain go to waste was a terrible thing.


Paul Collin

The Unwanted Publicity Websites Guy

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