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NASA Predicts Comet ISON Arrival As Sun’s Poles Flipping Too

by, Paul Collin ( The Unwanted Publicity Guy )

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October 7, 2013


LOS ANGELES – October 7, 2013 – The “Thunderbolts Project” group

hypothesis surrounds the “Electric Universe” providing our ‘solar

system connections’ to “interstellar comet capacitance,” i.e.  inbound

comets absorbing solar-dynamic charged-particles from our Sun’s

heliosphere, accumulated throughout our star system.

Accordingly, we should all be witnessing – relatively soon ( November

2013 ) – an excellent example of the Thunderbolts Project theoretical

information surrounding Comet ISON, which mote-so than any other “Sun

grazer” comet, exhibit solar display connections  – creating reactive

perturbations increasing solar flares easily threatening our national

infrastructure electricity grid; aitomated power supplying everything

from refrigeration and heating to bank Automated Teller Machines ( ATM

) and electrically-driven pumps providing water we use day and night.

In short, the Thunderbolts Project group hypothesis, of comet fly-bys

adversely affecting our Sun and consequently life on Earth, may quite

logically make perfect sense as-to ‘why’ the U.S. Air Force Weather

Agency ( AFWA ) “Global Environmental Intelligence” ( GEI ) Enterprise

system command network with the U.S. National Guard Bureau ( NGB )

CONUS ( Continental United States ) command posts poised near their

‘highest state of readiness’ as Comet ISON nears our Sun with NASA’s

warned-about now ‘dual ( 2 ) events’ now approaching November 2013.

Crisis Event Management ‘mitigation’ for ‘natural disaster’

preparations already see U.S. govenment organizations ( e.g. NASA,

USGS, NOAA, NWS, FEMA, DHS, NGB, et. al. ) aware of “Solar Cycle 24”

expectations when ( November 2013 ) ‘internal magnetic poles of our

Sun will perform its ‘traditional’ but even-more special “24-year

cyclic magnetic reversal” ( also known as ) ‘solar pole flip’ (

‘upside-down’ ), however this time it’s adding the electrically

charged-particle Comet ISON now approaching our Sun.

The ‘combination of these two ( 2 ) galactic events’ ( ‘electric comet

ISON nearing our Sun’ plus the NASA and NOAA expected Solar Cycle 24

‘magnetic pole flip of our Sun’ ) experiencing ‘both so close to

Earth’ tells us government expects ‘considerable’ but as ‘yet

uncertain’ levels of consequences that everyone in and around Earth

ground, waterways, atmosphere and outer space really need to be

prepared for concern about by planning a strategic urban / metro exit

and survival plan now.

I, for one ( 1 ), have devoted my full time and attention on matters

of such, I’ve been researching for many years and reporting about

since 2010, published ‘official facts’ through close observations

relative thereto’ – “Solar Energetic Particle Event Effects” and

USAFWA GEI ( Global Environmental Intelligence ) networking U.S.

decisionmakers and command orders for CONUS population management

should such event occur as they believe.

The significance nearing so soon can only be fathomed by ‘video

educating population centers’, but in doing so governmemts have been

advised by federally contracted social scientists / psychologists ‘not

to publicly cement detailed information’ allowing ideas to create

‘high anxiety’ leading to ‘panic’ and later ‘chaos’ disrupting

socio-economic stabiity on a globally-spread basis.

Nevertheless, U.S. government “Contingency Of Operations Plans” (

“COOP” ) details Homeland Security Intelligence ( HSI ) ‘executive

ordered contingency’ command posts ( see, e.g. National Emergency Act

2013 Executive Order new  provisos secretly approved by the U.S.

Congress ) becoming operationalized in its final report submitted (

July 2012 ) to the United States Inspector General. Reference:

But, what about the rest of us? Will we know what to expect after

lines of ‘electronic communication, transportation, and retail supply

chains become interrupted? What alternate means of transportation

operate with no electricity amidst a “Carrington Evenr” should such

occur? Is it too late to plan for ourselves and loved ones?

You be the judge of all this after reviewing the following information links:

Quick Brief Introduction ( Video Clips ) –



3. ( August 2013 );


Lengthy Background Details

Based On My Decades Of Certain Contacts, Studies, Observations,

Collections And Relative Analytic Predictives The Following Is

Presented For Your Review Regarding An Upcoming Global Event.


Vatican Warning Via Two ( 2 ) ‘Related Alternative News Mediums’?


Solar Poles Expected By NASA To Flip About Time ISON Expected In 2013:

Solar Charged-Particles Blanket Beyond Our Solar System Whereby Comet

Capacitance Storing Such Energy, Consequently Discharges Explosive

Influences Upon Nearing All Other Cosmic Objects ( Stars, Planets,

Moons, and Spacecraft ):

ISON Or Galactic Visitor(s):

Could This Have Been Another Ed Snowden Pre-Recording On Tasking

Multiple Satellites From Which Photos Of Multiple Inbound Space

Objects Were Captured?

In a recent NASA video the narrator says “following the comet ‘in-to’ the sun”

Video Clip Dated 2011 About A September 2013 Event:

Curious Perspective Pieces:

Pentagon Talk: “The Sumerian Gods ( Annunaki ) Are Returning”

The Sumerians’ Gods Come – ISON

NASA On ISON ( 25SEP13 ):

Hubble Space Telescope & ISON ( 04OCT13 ):


– –

Remember, the best way for government to ‘plausibly deny’ is to state,

“We have no evidence” or claim “We don’t know what will happen because

it’s never happened on our watch.”

The question people should be asking themself, is: “How fortunate

would we be to have at-least had ‘our own contingency emergency plan

prepared’ for a disaster?”

Interestingly, FEMA and DHS recommend everyone prepare their own

emergency plans, and they even give tips on their websites.

Does everyone have emergency drinking water and food for 1-week? How

about emergency supplies for 30-days?

Personally? I’d rather ‘look silly to others’ by ‘having a plan’ than

having ‘no plan at all’. How about ‘you’? What do your loved ones


Eyes open, people, think about your tommorrow’s.


Paul Collin ( The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy – TUPIG )