This is a LIVE interview with John Kettler. See his blog at

John Kettler is in a unique position with his background in the defense industry involving relatively high levels of clearance and the current intel he is receiving from both ON and OFF-WORLD. He started a blog back in Nov 2011 and by January was contacted by several highly placed sources communicating with him about current events and what is really going on. On top of that, he began having contact with what he believes are off-world humanoid ETs…

In this discussion we talk about his intel from both sides, comparing and contrasting that info with the intel I have, as well as how things are playing out on the world stage. The result is a fascinating dialog concerning a potential false flag involving a nuclear sub and the San Onofre Power Plant, the death of Osama bin Laden, Seal Team 6, Israel and Iran and a potentially volatile situation involving the delivery by Iran of ballistic missiles to Venezuela, 40 of them, which could reach U.S. cities in minutes.

This Bay of Pigs type of stand-off with Iran and Venuzuela has the potential to be the start of WWIII assuming that John’s intel from both on and off world is correct. So far this information has not made it into the news. We have invited him to return next week to give us an update. Perhaps by then we will have some confirmation of whether this highly volatile situation is real and evidence, at least, of it having made it into mainstream news.

Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot