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15 July 2013


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For those who aren't aware, Project Camelot has an additional website called BLUE SCIENCE headed by Matt Pulver (who works with Paul La Violette and is well versed in physics).  This site was established to create a meeting place for people with interest and inventions in the area of Free Energy and Alternative Science.

Please do visit that site and view the new article written by John Maguire:

Anyone who would like to contribute articles to that site please contact Matt Pulver at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Submissions are welcome!

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15 July 2013


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From: Unwanted Publicity <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >'; document.write(''); document.write(addy_text20612); document.write('<\/a>'); //-->\n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ;

Subject: Kerry: Snowden NSA & DARPA HAARP Leak

Date: July 14, 2013 9:57:56 PM PDT

To: Cassidy Kerry Project Camelot <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >'; document.write(''); document.write(addy_text18951); document.write('<\/a>'); //-->\n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ;

Hi Kerry,

Don't know if anyone might be interested in this, but thought ai'd

better run ot past you for review. See Below.

I decided to write a brief report for you that I 'know' the folks at

Project Camelot will have fun with from that I pulled off the 2006

DARPA 'emerging programs' website. If you scroll-down that list you'll

find the word "MORPH" in a link there taking you to a special DARPA

Program, and in yet another link ( found within that long list )

you'll find the word "Atmospheric" that will take you to yet another

inside DARPA Program webpage where you can click on one ( 1 ) of two (

2 ) thumbnail images where one ( 1 ) contains a 'diagramatic color

image' clearly showing "HAARP" being used as a 'frequency weapon'

being 'bounced from a ground position upward and off the lower Earth's

atmosphere for the weapon-effects being sent to a long-range target'.

A lot of 'goodies' in the links contained within the following report

of mine ( below ):

- - - -

NSA Needing Upgrades?

Was Snowden Pitched As Big Brother's Budgetary Snake Oil Justification?

by, KIRV [ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]

July 15, 2013

These "leak" tactics have been deployed by the NSA before, and I wrote

about NSA leaks ( New Zealand NSA staff ) in one of the most

comprehensive reports ever published online in 2001 in "ECHELON."

Within 1-year ( 2002 ) thereof, I wrote several extensive ( hundreds

of pages ) 'global financial intelligence fraud reports surrounding

the NSA's former fifty-two ( 52 ) satellite constellation system

upgrade, and even though the NSA operator of the private-sector firm

TELEDESIC HOLDINGS LTD. ( UK ) bungled billions inti a fraudulent

blackhole chain of straw companies - even saw Bill Gates ( Microsoft

fame ) jump in with both feet and an 'infamous to New York Arab

Royalty plus other investors all decided to buy the fifty-two ( 52 )

NSA satellites for Bill Gates 'infamous' "Internet In The Sky" that

did nothing more than secretly funnel investor's mobies back into U.S.

intelligence secret treasure chests offshore. How do I know?

I was tracking an intetnational nefarious promoter of this NSA

satellite constellation game ( in 'real life' ) and I have a copy of a

federal U.S. District Court case transcript where the federal

prosecutor ( U.S. Attorney ) introduces the fact this global crook (

Gabriel Francis MacEnroe ) was "licensed by the NSA" to conduct

'global trading' and was pitching a 'satellite investment fraud';

there were others involving the Santo Trafficante Crime Family members

in Florida as well - all a part of several federal cases that never

saw the mainstream media mention anything about the NSA being


The Snowden snow-job pitch appears manufactured wholly out-of NSA

'cheese-cloth' because there was 'nothing revealed to the public that

it should have already known' - at-least as far back as 12-years ago (

October 2001 ) when I wrote and published online 'far more' than what

Snowden revealed to the general public to-date.

Did the NSA or CIA make Snowden read my 2001 October surprise report?

You read it ( below ) and then tell me:

Snowden was - and both China and Russia already knew this - was

nothing more than a 'sales tool' for NSA justification to obtain a

U.S. Congress 'secret budget approval' for a 'NSA system-wide global

ground platform and space-based platform upgrade' as a result of what

will be claimed Snowden was sent by the CIA to eventually effectuate -

where the 'bigger the U.S. national embarrassment, the bigger the NSA

budget to emply emerging technologies involving "cognitives"

incorporated into systems. You can read-up on such, within the

following long list of brief overviews:

As the policeman instructs crowds that stop to gawk: "Nothing ti see

here. Move right along. Go about your business."

This Snowden event is nothing more than a domestic American taxpayer

sales pitch conducted overseas.




- - - -




11 July 2013

Kerry is being interviewed on Sacred Matrix on Revolution

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Hi everyone,

I am being interviewed by Janet Lessin and Dr. Sasha Lessin tonight at 7pm PT.. join us on Revolution Radio Studio A:

10 July 2013


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This is both Part One and Part Two of my interview from Livestream with Jim Humble regarding MMS and curing malaria.

Now on Youtube:


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08 July 2013


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This article from Jon Rappoport, is well worth reading... And he raises some important questions and makes some good points.  Take this however alongside the recent article from Veterans Today calling both Assange & Snoden "Fakes" (by a CIA run publication) and we have a ... conundrum. 

"...And that night, in your hotel room, you get down on your knees and pray that Ed Snowden is still working for the CIA.

Who else, besides the CIA and numerous politicians inside the Beltway, would be aching to take the NSA down a notch? Who else would be rooting hard for this former (?) CIA employee, Snowden, to succeed?" --J. Rappoport

So why is the CIA so ready to call both Snowden and Assange "Fakes".  I have been told repeatedly by a back channel source that Assange is working for Israeli intelligence...  But why is he sitting in house arrest day in and day out?  Is it really worth it to him, if that were the case?

Somehow, I think that the idea of whistleblowers like Assange and Snowden are simply the biggest threat because they represent men with conscience going up against the system.  What if this is really the case?  There is such a thing as being too well versed and jaded by being in this game that you no longer believe anyone can be just that, a real human being faced with insurmountable greed and violations to everything that you believe in such that you are willing to take it all on, like david vs. Goliath.

Somehow, Snowden doesn't strike me as a CIA operative.  Now maybe he is.  But I think we need to take a look at this from the standpoint of the idea that there are still among us, valiant men (and women) who are willing to brave the odds.. and take on Goliath.  Flawed, perhaps.  But courageous nonetheless.

Now did Snowden have help.  Absolutely.  I think we need to allow for the idealism that may fuel someone like Snowden.  And that idealism could be used by someone with an agenda.  Such as a CIA connection behind the scenes.  Making it possible for him to escape with documentation... 

I think when one views the ins and outs of this game, what often gets lost in the process, is insight into the character of the protangonists such as Assange or Snowden.  What does a principled man or woman do when faced with insurmountable odds... and surveillance and yet when given a choice.. to do the right thing.  Is it so very imposible to think that they might just choose that option.  To be a man of valor, of honor in spite of their surroundings?

Because even an asset embedded in Boaz Allen, knowing the milieu in which he finds himself... could also see the opportunity.. to do the right thing... To think, to plan to weigh options to look for opportunities.  To make contacts that would one day be useful... In order to do the heroic thing.  Because they have that as a choice.  And for some, it looks like a real choice.  Like it could make a difference.  In spite of the jaded landscape in which they are cast.

This is my point.  Even when a person starts out on the dark side... Working for the NSA, CIA or Boaz-Allen or some other dark cabal.  The opportunity always exists.  To turn it all around, by some sudden well thought out act of valor... To change it all, ones destiny in one brief instant.  And choose the hero's journey.

I vote for this.  Maybe in these two cases I am wrong.  Maybe they are just as jaded and bought out as the next guy.

But what if?  What if they are really truly whistleblowers... and there's not one but two?  And then three... and then four... What if?

Because in my view, this is the most frightening scenario of all to countries and those in charge of these organizations that believe themselves to be omniponent.  The idea that one man or woman could bring down the whole house of cards, in one brief instant, by an act of valor... and capture the imagination of the world... This must be the one thing they can't bear to think about and yet must think about all the time.  And then the idea that becoming a WHISTLEBLOWER might catch on, like some new disease in the zeitgist of the public... That being a WHISTLEBLOWER might become "cool"... a fad worth following... Well by God, they could take down a system, perhaps even an entire new world order... that is, should such a 'great notion' catch on.

07 July 2013


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This is a very good article about how the mainstream co-opts movements using the bought-off press and creates a distorted image of what is really going on.  The objective from the PTB side is to make alternative and rebellion look like just another commercial option when in reality there is something happening that is much more significant globally.


This gets into the latest offer of asylum from Venezuela and Bolivia to Snowden... Countries basically going in the face of the NWO and saying no... it stops here at our border. 


You can bet that what is going on is not only in music, black projects secret space rebels and white hats, but also in the political sector and health and more... In other words, as the NWO consolidates and MARDUK steps up to take control the people are rising around the globe.


The BIGGEST SECRET is your rebellion!  JUST SAY NO to the NWO and see through the facade of fake media "coverage" of events and false flags etc.


There should NEVER be a news article from a mainstream press that you don't ask yourself WHAT IS THE ANGLE?  QUI BONO?  Who benefits from this article and perspective being pushed?  Because THEY NEVER DO ANYTHING that is not in their own BEST INTEREST.  Service-to-self... get it?  So question every news story and every piece of mainstream (and alternative by the way) mass media effort and double check who's in charge of that perspective and what are they really saying.


Links to articles mentioned above:




This article is picking up on my public statements relating to the Super Soldier statement by Michael Prince regarding the return of the heads of the Anunnaki and Tanzania... Then the synchronicity of having 3 Presidents visiting Africa in the past week.  


Added note on this... One of my sources tells me last night 4 Trillion dollars was transfered by the top 4 Banks to Iraq... in theory to fund the reval of the dinar.  Whether that piece of intel is accurate is unclear at this time.  That source is well versed in the banking sector and is watching the "screens" and should know whereof they speak.  However, I am checking with other sources to get some verification of what is really going down.  Suffice to say that you cannot have US presidents visiting Africa and then an huge transfer of money without linking the two and seeing that there is some connection.


For more info surrounding the return of Marduk and the Bohemian Grove ritual worship ceremony of same, and other background info see early writings by the alter to Michael Prince (James Casbolt) and research Marduk, Enki, Enlil and Anu.... Also see latest SUPERMAN movie for undeniable depiction of this scenario played out on screen... 



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