Healing Links from Show with Doc Barham and Mario Hostios

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As promised below are the links to various health products mentioned on my recent radio show with alternative healer/practictioners, Doc Barham and Mario Hostios.  I am including my own list of remedies I used for healsing cancer and other issues below as well.




FIght Back against the matrix! Protect yourself from the chemtrails in the air, the fluoride in the water, and hormone disruptors in the food!

Below is my list of items mentioned in this evening's show:


GMO-free, organic, whole food protein: Hemp Protein Powder

Electromagnetic protection and health for you at your computer, TV, and car:

NuTesla Clarius, Somnius, Pendulum

Cleanse and fortify your whole body:


Myofascial release for alignment and pain free-movement:

The Stick

Gaiam Pressure Point Massager

A simple way to make your own meditations, affirmations, and self-hypnosis recordings:

Dragon Recorder

A master of chi gong healing:

Master Zhou

Doc Barham

Xtraordinary Outcomes


detoxify and fortify:

simple 1 step shotgun approach to natural hormone optimization:

Restore gut flora and the ability to absorb nutrition from food:

Get a water filter: (it will pay for itself in the bottle water you don't buy)

Food: Give a 2 week trial on a gluten free organic foods diet.

Exercise: My favorite chi gong sequence for beginners:

As always, do you due diligence.

For what it's worth, I think "they" use "us" a resource (sheeple). I invite everyone toI take the "red pill", unplug, and join us on the journey down the rabbit hole!

They can only control the sick and asleep. All this is geared toward waking people up and making them healthy.



I want to thank all the people who sent their wonderful healing suggestions for helping me heal the small patch of melanoma I had.  It appears to be completely disappearing.  I used the following methods:

1.  Bryomixol - combination of cactus and bark of a tree in South America.. available only outside the U.S.  This is a link describing Bryomixol, but I do not know for sure, if what I used is exactly the same solution as what is being described in the following link or any other links using the name "Bryomixol".  I purchased my solution from an undisclosed source.

2.  Rife machine with Practictioner:  I used this machine for approximately 2 weeks daily on a program prescribed by someone who has been healing cancer and other health issues for people for over the past 10 years.

3.  Essiac Tea -

4.  Ginger Root tea

5.  Installing a water distiller and water oxygenator and minerals to my water.

6.  Indian Green Clay

7.  ASAP - colloidal silver creme

I am continuing to explore and utitlize new heal products to keep my health optimum.

Note:  please contact me at if you want to be put in touch with the Rife Practictioner mentioned above and I will forward your email along.  

Additional note/disclaimer:

We are not licensed health practictioners.  My experience with the above products is only my personal recommendation and should not be considered anything other than anecdotal references.

Expert with Experience Building Sites Needed

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MW-Banner.jpgWe are building a new website that will incorporate music into the Camelot set of sites and need someone with specific skills in the following areas to give advise or hands on assistance.  

- Javascript

- CSS3 and/or webkit

- General PHP and HTML knowledge

- Generally: Cross component integration



Our new website is called MUSIC WARRIOR and is built on a similar platform to Bandcamp.

Discuss this article in the forums (2 replies).


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Hi all,

Providing I can raise the funds I would like to attend and conduct interviews at the upcoming Secret Space Conference happening in San Mateo California on June 28-29th.  Go here for more info:


I will also be going up to do a SECOND INTERVIEW with CAPTAIN MARK RICHARDS  the 2nd week of July and will need funding in order to pay hotel and gas/food costs for me and my cameraman.

Feel free also to send any lists of questions you would like answered.  Go here to see my 1st interview with Mark Richards who was deeply involved in the Secret Space Progam and led the raid on the Dulce Base.  Please note:  I will be visiting him in Vacaville, Prison and they do not allow journalists to bring in recording devices or cameras....

They Don't Claim this Water Heals but...

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Recently I interviewed Jef Harvey and a former black project scientist about his work on water that is called at least on the Jef tech website:  H302 or EZ water...

As I have been told, and it is important for people to realize, that science at the present time cannot prove (or disprove) that the water they are selling is in fact what is called H302... because the science (at least in the public domain) can not prove it.  However, it has been designated with that name because it most closely seems to behave like what is "known as" EZ water or Water H302.  

Many of the investigations on water have been done by a number of scientists and perhaps the most well known is Jerry Pollack:  

A 20 minute Ted talk by Dr. Gerald Pollack, where he explains his findings step by step and in an easy to understand way. The Fourth Phase of Water: Dr. Gerald Pollack at TED

Dr. Gerald Pollack books:

And his books on Amazon:

It is important to be aware that they are not claiming the water sold on will cure anything. However, there is anecdotal information from users that it cures cancer, liver and kidney disease and  more.  The reason among other things that you can't claim it cures anything is that we (that is, mainstream science) cannot explain where "cures" come from and they cannot prove how a person heals.  Evidence is that a person ultimately CHOOSES to heal themselves.  The method they choose is up to them.  

What is evident is that MANY THINGS cure cancer or act as CATALYSTS for cure but ultimately it is the individual that ACTIVATES OR AUTHORIZES any given substance to heal them.  

This relates to WATER, EZ WATER also known as Water H302.  Because WATER is so complex that scientists are not able to fully explain or even photograph a single water molecule (from what I understand).  And humans are approximately 98% water.... Therefore if you extend that you quickly realize that humans are not fully understood or measureable or quantifiable in their affect on water or anything else.  

If you listen to this video on Water:  you learn that water records or gets imprinted with information and restructures itself based on the humans in proximity with it... This has to be key in understanding healing properties of water and how they could change.

The information we have is that Water H302 or EZ water, gets structured (for instance in Yosemite or rivers from ice flows etc.)  and then retains it's form regardless of whether you boil it or expose it to other influences.  What we don't know is how much that type of water changes in being exposed to human beings who we are told contain Water H302 -- that is said to be the type of water of which we are made...

  (see below for links with further investigation).




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