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BIO from her site:
Ann Eller, author of Dragon in the Sky: Prophecy From The Stars
Ann Eller has had a diverse and expansive history as an elementary school teacher, ob-gyn nurse practitioner, gyn surgical nurse, medevac nurse for the Peace Corps, White House volunteer, world traveler, and secretary to the renowned astrophysicist, Dr. J. Allen Hynek.

Ann has had her own extraordinary experiences with alien visitors. In her book, Dragon in the Sky: Prophecy From the Stars, she tells of her astonishing experiences, her message from the stars, and her appeal to all for higher consciousness and UFO disclosure.

Her personal philosophy is that we are here to realize our passions and dreams and in so doing we are naturally following the Path back to the Source of all creation.

She is the Mother of two and Grandmother of three and currently resides in Sedona, Arizona.

Read more about Ann Eller in this Gateway to Sedona article entitled Anne Eller, Phenomenal Lady.

In 1985-86, the last year of his life, Ann Eller was the personal assistant to the very well known ufologist J. Allen Hynek. Hynek, an astronomer and a physicist, acted as scientific adviser to three consecutive UFO studies undertaken by the US Air Force:Project Sign(1947-49),Project Grudge(1949-52), and the infamousProject Blue Book(1952-69). Starting out as a skeptic, Hynek came to understand that the UFOs and their occupants were very real indeed.

As an experiencer, Ann reveals a fresh approach to what it was like working for Hynek - as well as what Hynek really thought and may have known about UFOs. She relates several anecdotes including a slightly different twist on Hynek's involvement as technical advisor to Steven Spielberg onClose Encounters of the Third Kind. This 28 minute interview, which we've only just released in September 2008 (having extracted some of the audio from a corrupted video) is an interesting and important new resource to all serious researchers and historians of the subject.



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We discuss the various speakers bios, the January Cruise and various topics being covered by the speakers on board the 7 day Cruise.  (see below for further details on the Cruise)






Click this link to see all the speakers joining the Cruise:

Join Us on the "Conspira-Sea Cruise"!

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Our "Conspira-Sea Cruise and Seminar-at-Sea" takes place right on our luxury cruise ship during our seven-day cruise, in conference rooms on the ship, and during our port calls in Mexico.

During this incredible, mind-blowing, truth-telling, spiritually enriching event, we will do our best to uncover the truth about things conspiratorial, including:

GMOs, Monsanto, bee colony collapse, ecology, global warming, climate change, fracking, HIV, autism, big pharma, medical suppression, vaccinations, flouridation, political corruption, government corruption, forbidden archeology, Federal Reserve, truth about money, World Bank, strawman, property title, admiralty law, martial law, Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, JFK, cover-ups, September 11, Star Wars agenda, nuclear plants, chemtrails, HAARP, crop circles, IRS, MK-Ultra, Fukashima, NASA, NSA, Bilderbergs, sustainability, military industrial complex, pentagon, Waco, Malaysia 370, Pan Am 103, TWA 800, Gulf Oil Spill, Halliburton, Obama, Ruby Ridge, OK City, Vatican, New World Order, false flags, Montauk, privacy, surveillance, Area 51, Dulce, Project Rainbow, Nazi Bell, Vrill, U.S.S. Eldridge, Iron Mountain, psyops, population mangement, subliminal ads, Nibiru / Planet X, Cointel Pro, entity possession, technology suppression, electoral fraud, identity chips, 2nd amendment, and so much more.

Plus we will explore how to heal ourselves and others, and to attain self-mastery and greater integrity through:

Spiritual practices, alternative lifestyles, holistic health, yoga, manifestation, self-development, organic foods, healthy living, wellness, self-sufficiency, prosperity, sustainability, freedom, human rights, discernment, wisdom, awakening, longevity, inner guidance, and inner peace.

The purpose of this cruise is NOT about being a victim of conspiracies. It is about taking back our power from corrupt and greedy institutions, attaining true self-authority, and realizing our genuine Self behind the masks. It is about discovering the truth, taking command of our lives, and attaining genuine inner realization.

This cruise will not only uncover the lies. It will show us the truth. As we dispell the darkness, and shine the light of wisdom, we enter the true light of consciousness.

And we are set free.

ALL are welcome to discover the real truth, together.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Seminar-at-Sea does not promote any particular religious beliefs or creeds and will not tolerate any prejuudice or discrimination against any ethnic, religious, or racial group. it is about developing our own inner knowing of truth.

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  • View the starlit Mexican sky with a nightly UFO Starwatch.

  • Make new friends, gain greater knowledge and wisdom, and create memories that last a lifetime.


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Paris Attacks - Pope says inhuman and piecemeal WWIII? Literal truth?- UPDATED


 The Pope speaks the literal truth about the attacks saying attacks part of "piece 'meal' WWIII" and "inhuman".  Just how "inhuman"?  Orchestrated by nonhumans for example? Pieces of a 'meal" in other words is the Pope speaking the literal truth?  More satanic blood sacrifice.  A meal of blood.  Friday the 13th concert hall where a lead singer known as "the Devil" is playing. (Band name is Eagles of Death).  While headline states "World Leaders condemn "the work of the devil".

  • Pope Francis added his condemnation, telling the Catholic television channel TV2000 the attacks were “not human” and “there is no religious or human justification for it”.

Let us not forget that ISIS are trained and supplied by CIA, funded by Swiss Banks... trained in Saudi Arabia etc etc.  See my interview with SCOTT BENNETT and my interview with Kameran Faily.

While world leaders meet in Turkey... Do not forget the timeline is short.  All of this is a build up no doubt to further restrictions on travel.  Greater searches at airports and more.


There is a little more than 1 year left before 2017 and the completion of the Stellar Activation Cycle... The stargates are open.  The Luciferian Annunaki, Zeta and other dark agendas are playing out here. 

Interesting piece of info :  Brit reports, Wembley Lights were showing Red White and Blue by 7pm Friday night UK time (1 hour diference to Paris time).  At least 1 hour prior to first attack.  Yes, there is a Tuesday game at the stadium scheduled with France.  But the question is -- was this pre-knowledge of the attacks camoflaged and displayed ahead of time?  Note:  Wembley Stadium's official position is that the lights are in solidarity with the French people.  Starting when?




Here is the link to the video of my conversation with French Intelligence and Embassy staff.  I have the email trail leading up to it also if needed.

The conversation occurred March 27, 2015.  Below is the summary.

Scott Bennett discussion with French Intelligence about Terrorist Financing from Saudi Arabia and Gulf States through Swiss Banks (Union Bank of Switzerland and HSBC) and information disclosed by UBS Whistleblower Brad Birkenfeld about U.S. Government Cover-up and illegal imprisonment of whistleblowers to hide the information.  Video is 17 minutes long.  At 15:00, Bennett discusses the connection between Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Brad Birkenfeld, and Scott Bennett in exposing the Terrorist Financing to Saudi Royal Family Swiss Banks, U.S. State Department, and CIA.
French Intelligence were given information about ISIS Terrorist Financing and refused to do anything.
In March 2015, Scott Bennett, a former U.S. Army Special Operations Officer and Counterterrorism analyst shared unclassified intelligence about Swiss Banks being used by Saudi and Gulf Nations to finance ISIS and Al Qaeda networks, but the French refused to use the information.  8 months later, the ISIS attacks on France, financed by these players, occurred.  The rest is history.
Over several weeks Bennett talked with French officials, yet despite his having a top secret/sensitive compartmentalized information (TS/SCI) clearance, and his being a former global psychological operations analyst at Booz Allen Hamilton, as well as an Army Special Operations Officer who had worked at U.S. Special Operations Command, U.S. State Department Coordinator for Counterterrorism, and U.S. Central Command, Bennett’s information was ignored.
Bennett had contacted the French Intelligence Services and invited them to debrief him and Brad Birkenfeld about the Saudi Arabian and Gulf States financing terrorists through Swiss Banks Union Bank of Switzerland and HSBC.   Although the French officials were obsessed with trying to “pump” Bennett for information that might implicate French intelligence and U.S. Intelligence agencies, the French refused to submit the necessary written documentation and request for the intelligence which would have allowed Bennett and Birkenfeld to be debriefed.
Had the French debriefed Bennett and Birkenfeld, they would have known 19,000 names and locations and Swiss bank accounts used to fund Wahhabi extremists, purchase weapons, and facilitate their terrorist recruitment and attacks—including those operations in France and Syria.
Instead, the networks and operations would allowed to continue their mission of killing, conquest, sexual enslavement, and historical site destruction.
The blood of French citizens now cries out from the ground to avenge this despicable act of negligence, incompetence or treason by French officials for their refusing to cut off the funds that financed these attacks. Time will tell if it was their intention all along.

Scott Bennett, Ph.D. (ABD)

23 Railroad Ave, #23
Danville, CA 94526
SKYPE:   armypsyop

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Subject: about Paris

A few « notes »
The name of this doctor who was also at Charlie’s Hebdo attack is : Patrick Pelloux
The same Patrick Pelloux stated «  in the morning of the attacks there has been exercices on Samu multiside attacks »
(Samu means :  Medical Emergency Aid Department)
The Eagles of Death Metal, the band performing at the theater when the attacks began, played in Tel Aviv’s Barby club in July.
Stadium of France  (very strange scénario !)
It is about 9:10 p.m. when two of the three terrorists appear before one of three doors still open stage. The friendly match between France and Germany has barely begun. But without tickets, as revealed by the daily L'Equipe, (According to the WSJ, one of them had a good ticket) they are denied entry by the stewards responsible for controls. And even if they could take that first step, they would hardly have escaped palpation and discover their explosive belts.

Faced with this refusal, they revised their plan. They thus decided to « explode » themselves on the steps of the entry, where thousands of people were still present few minutes earlier, to create panic in the stands and compel the audience to leave the stage to move towards public transport and particularly the RER B, where the third suicide bomber was planning to take action at halftime.
The Jewish community of Paris warned of the attacks on the morning of November 13!
The Jewish community of Paris warned of the attacks on the morning of November 13!

Quick translation done with google translation, not perfect !
  Today, the post Pepe Escobar on his Facebook page sheds some light on the symbolism and timing of the massacre:
« Digging a ton of reports, I found a Danish citizen describing one of the attackers of a cafe in Paris; ultra-pro, dressed in black from head to toe, AK-47, very well trained. These are not your usual suicide bombers of al-Zawahiri with bombs as underwear; what are precision killers. This left the scene quietly, and contrary to what the French police, may not have been captured. He was not wearing a belt of explosives. »
French intelligence swear they monitor at least 200 nationals who have returned to "Syraq". Talk about a lousy job. Paris is hyper-civilized. The mind boggles thinking of at least 8 jihadists who walk quietly on a Friday night dressed as pro killers.
They chose an assortment of highly symbolic sites. You have a France-Germany game which assist the President in a stage where all barriers - ethnic, religious - dissolve, a true symbol of multiculturalism. You have a concert with a US group in a room full of young people. You have the place frequented by the average French, cool, coffee corner in the 10th and 11th, young places, trendy, laity, bobo, the Parisian microcosm.

This shows a calibrated conceptual spectrum - carefully defined by the French; perhaps these returnees "Syraq". This also highlights a monumental failure of French intelligence and the Interior Ministry.

Timing: crucial. Just when the Étatsuniens / British announced that they "could" have liquidated John Jihad. And just hours before the Vienna talks that are supposed to come up with an official list of Top Ten terrorists in Syria.

strange picture supposed to be taken at an emergency exit of the  Bataclan.  They look very calm, not many lights on the windows of the building ? there must have been yelling, screaming and much more ?

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Special thanks to Art Greenfield.



ATTENTION PLEASE. Use this copy of the UFO Channel Video Library. After sending out the first copy, there was an attempt by someone to systematically remove many of the videos from the Internet to prevent the information from being spread to the public. This can still happen so I STRONGLY suggest you go to and copy each of these videos into your computer before they are deleted. Sorry for the inconvenience. I do not know who is erasing the video sites but for it to happen on this scale we can only suspect that powerful parties do not want the truth to come out, namely the government or the aliens. If any sites are taken down before you can copy them do a Google or Bing search for the title and see if it is posted anywhere else.

Thank you, Art Greenfield

Here's something different, a web site that comes to you. I just finished putting together the UFO Channel Video Library and got the idea that instead of having an old fashioned web site, I'd package it up and send it to people I know who are interested in the subject, and post it in online groups I belong to and others that cover the subject. I posted it in a few places and it is already starting to go viral with people sending it to their friends and posting it around. Here's your copy. Let me know what you think.

Art Greenfield
UFO Channel founder
Together we can change things for the better.


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