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This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.--Morpheus, The Matrix


In considering the information coming from my recent interviews with Andy Lloyd, Kameran Faily, Richard Alan Miller and Bob Dunn as well as the pole shift mentioned by Emily Windsor-Cragg these are some thoughts you might want to consider:

Are we ascending?  Is this an ascension planet?  What does that mean for us in relation to the future of humanity and PLANET EARTH as well as some if not all of the other bodies in the solar system?

When we say the Earth is moving into 4D and out of 3D what do we mean?

First of all, let's get a TRUE definition of the word "APOCALYPSE":

An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apocálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω meaning "uncovering"), translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation.

This is a good word to use for what we are experiencing, in my view.  The apocalypse or the true revealing of what it means to be human.

In considering what’s coming if you only draw from the 3D physical isn’t it possible you are misreading the signs?  What if we and the whole Earth and possibly the solar system are instead rising in frequencies and manifesting in a higher dimension… i.e..  leaving the 3rd…moving into the 4th now and emerging into the 5th-6th…?  Our bodies are becoming finer, we need less food… etc etc.  The density may also be CHANGING… What if this NEVER HAPPENED TO EARTH OR US BEFORE??

We are not living in a CIRCLE.. in other words the universe or multi-verse is a SPIRAL.. what does that mean?  It means that whereas we may REVISIT events and manifestations into physical reality in a repeating manner, each time we will experience it from a different viewpoint ... in as ascending manner.  It also brings forward the idea of descending or devolving.. but that is another discussion.

What we do know is there is EVIDENCE that at least some of us are aware of that thoughts for example are manifesting FASTER into material reality.. In other words you no sooner THINK IT then it MANIFESTS into this reality.. faster than ever before.  I am also aware my body feels lighter, I exude more light and I need less food.  This is actually reality for me and many others.  There may be experimentation happening along these lines that prove this is the case.

I would propse that with my FULLY FORMED LIGHT BODY that I am in essence LIGHT and that RADIATION IS A FORM OF LIGHT and therefore the radiation from Fukushima doesn't affect me... See my interview for example, with the COUPLE FROM IRADIA who EAT radiation rather than food.  At least one of them was born near CHERNOBYL.  This doesn't surprise me.

We have to recognize, it seems to me, that just because the Earth has gone through certain physical patterns before doesn't mean she will ALWAYS react the same way.  So the signs we are about to experience a Pole Shift or CME or other manifestation in this reality  may not MANIFEST in the same way as they did hundreds or even thousands of times before.  Because we, and the Earth may have CHANGED FREQUENCIES and in fact dimensions and ultimately densities...

A sixth dimensional body is different than a 3D body.... The Pleiadians for example are said to be a Sixth Dimenional race. They can manifest in this dimension but their bodies are finer and not prone to generate diseases or take on other coarser aspects from this dimension because when they visit they do so temporarily and are "in it but not of it"...

And this gets into WHAT IT MEANS TO BE HUMAN and what the HUMAN VEHICLE is really built for.  I would submit that this ingenous design, the human vehicle, is built with the DNA from at least 12 contributing RACES OF BEINGS, and as such, it's capacity/capabilities are much greater than even the sum of its parts.  What does that mean?  It means we are a miraculous kind of SUPER BEING ALREADY!  We have hardly even begun to tap into the true potential of this human vehicle.  And of course the vehicle itself (in most cases) is inhabited by an ETERNAL HUMAN SOUL.  And that is what truly animates (breathes life) into it.  And therefore, I would say in a sense, as formed, our human potential in this body is rather unlimited. 

REALITY IS NOT REALLY MATERIAL... it is malleable.  And we can WALK THROUGH WALLS.  As the mad remote viewers as demonstrated in the movie MEN THAT STARE AT GOATS were working on doing.  We know that if you can separate your atoms sufficiently to match the frequency of the atoms in the wall you can in essence move through it.  We know that sometimes, some of us can WALK ON WATER or have a MIRACULOUS non physical experience that is real in every way and can save our lives.  I've done it and know others who have done it.  You might call it the X-factor or hidden component or simply the miraculous nature of existence or "spirit".

How does this relate to a physical event such as a catastrophe happening in your vicinity and manifesting in your local neighborhood?  It manifests with respect to you.  And you attract parts of that experience into your energy field that you want to "experience" and repel thngs you don't need to experience.  It involves why we are "here" in these bodies at this time/space continuum and choose to be.  We are here certainly because we choose to experience this dimension for the purpose of learning.. and progressing or re-evolving back to source.  We are manifestations of Godhead at play.  As they say, at play in the fields of the lord, so-to-speak. 

Now I realize this gets into areas where we all have different ideas and "beliefs".  But for the purposes of understanding the COMING APOCALYPSE, the different timelines manifesting and your own intersection with this time/space continuum, a book I find that does a pretty good job of addressing the miraculous nature of reality might be helpful.  It's called THE PHYSICS OF MIRACLES - Tapping into the Field of Consciousness Potential by Richard Bartlett.  This book, does a good job of demonstrating and sharing tools for in essence you might say attracting or recognizing miracles and bring them into manifestation or tapping into the morphic field of the matrix and bending it or morphing it to suit your desired outcome... The author is a medical doctor and has done a number of "miraculous healings" on people. I would say using kundalini energy (light) and he would use other words to explain what he thinks is happening and using this book he teaches it to others.

There is a great deal more to be said and considered when looking at the potential for these mass events that may, as Kameran Faily and also Courtney Brown would say cross all the timelines and will manifest in one way or another to a greater or lesser degree depending on which timeline we are on and which we agree to experience.  However, the last point (for now) that I would like to make for those who have made it this far reading this article, is that in the end it has to do with how you view death and most importantly how you view LIFE.  Because you cannot fully live, until you have fully embraced the notion of facing fear and fear of death head on. 

There is no greater way to fully experience what we call LIFE than by fully embracing what it means to be ALIVE and facing your fears and the greatest fear -- what we call 'fear of death' which is an illusion because in essence if you recognize you are an eternal soul then annihilation is not an option.  But for those who are focused only on this "reality" and what they view as their physical body... then facing the so-called death of that body, losing a loved one from this reality, or manifestation of what they consider to be "real", facing that is also a must for being able to free oneself from being tied to the conventional view of 'reality' as only being what you see around you at the present time.  Welcome to the Matrix.

So I submit that only in living every moment fully and authentically can one pierce through the veil and move to a higher dimension and density.  You can only go through it...not around it. 

Recognizing you choose to be here to experience whatever you experience... whatever comes your way will be what you have chosen.  Your soul, your higher soul will be fully cognizant and standing by for you to appreciate the magic of experiencing. 

In essence I agree with the Nietzschian notion that one must fully embrace their destiny whatever it is.

Along these lines, I also recommend the work of Ashayana Deane, The Urantia Book,, The Alice Bailey books, Carlos Casteneda, and so many great works to numerous to mention as well as all the Camelot interviews...

Morpheus: "Neo, sooner or later you're going to realize just as I did that there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path."

Neo: "I know you're out there. I can feel you now. I know that you're afraid... you're afraid of us. You're afraid of change. I don't know the future. I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it's going to begin. I'm going to hang up this phone, and then I'm going to show these people what you don't want them to see. I'm going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you."

Neo: What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge bullets?

Morpheus: No, Neo. I'm trying to tell you that when you're ready, you won't have to.


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Jake Simpson:
The biggest secret


On return to Europe from the 2008 NEXUS Conference in Australia, flying out of Sydney, we stopped off in Thailand to visit a close friend who lives on the island of Koh Samui. Samui is well known as a travelers' international crossroads, and is also a place where a number of expats of all nationalities have settled.

There we had the good fortune to meet Jake Simpson [an agreed pseudonym]. We spent several days with him and got to know him, and his family, very well. His story, which we heard in great detail, was one of the most important and interesting we have ever heard.

None of the many long conversations we had were recorded, and we hope to capture an audio interview with Jake soon. The following concise summary was compiled upon return to the US, and has been checked for accuracy by Jake himself.

For reasons which will become obvious, we were at first quite unsure whether to release this at all. After a great deal of thought, and further consultation with Jake, we decided to make this information available. Assuming it is true - and we believe that it is - it could hardly be more significant. It dovetails with everything else we know. And in many ways, we wish that it did not.

Much of what follows is barely believable, so this may be its own best defense. Those who choose not to believe this information at all can relax - just a little, and maybe for a little while - with the knowledge that none of it can currently be proved. For the benefit of those whose jobs it is to monitor this information, we do not have any documentation of any kind. We are delighted, however, to consider Jake a close friend. We are absolutely certain that he is exactly who he says he is, and have talked with a number of people who have known him for many years.

In the report that follows, exact written quotes from Jake himself are presented indented and in italics, as in this closing paragraph.

Enhanced abilities

Jake Simpson was in a 'specialist field' [his preferred term] working for a nation friendly to the US. His early training, which is still with him, featured an enhancement of his ability to absorb written information. Incredibly, he has a reading speed of between 80,000 and 100,000 words per minute. To graduate from that class, he was given a copy of George Orwell's Animal Farm and had three minutes to read it before being tested on every detail. He scored 90%. This was adequate for a pass, but was not the highest score... another student scored 100%.

Jake is a very able psychic intuitive to this day. He is able to perceive when the AI [artificial intelligence] information gathering system was 'focused' in his direction and would periodically pick his exact moment to relate something to us. We observed this again and again. While it at all times seemed the same to us, sometimes Jake told us it was safe to talk, while at other times it was not. It took a little while for us to understand exactly what was going on here.

See below for more on this. We have not heard this information anywhere else in the literature, on the internet, or mentioned by any other witness. But I [Bill] had one experience that showed me directly that this was very real indeed.

Approaching Project Camelot 

Jake had written to us by way of introduction:

I have spent many years previously working in abstract areas of national security on behalf of the various parties concerned. I have been very impressed by some of your interviewees' comments. Keep up the outstanding work.

Jake approached Project Camelot after our work had been brought to his attention by a friend. At first, he wasn't convinced that we were 'real'. However, his connections enabled him to do the requisite background checks, and he told us that it soon became clear that we passed muster.

He told us he knew everything about us, but that we had "nothing to worry about". Everyone who had ever tried to do something like we were doing before, apparently, had been killed. He told us he'd watched every one of our videos, admired what we did, and that we had a lot of courage. He assured us that some of what we have reported is very close to the truth, and that we had his respect.

Jake is one of many in military/ intelligence circles who are the 'white hats'. Idealistically motivated, he made his career choice when young, wanting to work for mankind and play his part in helping Planet Earth become a better place. Despite discovering the true, bewildering complexity of the world he had entered, he retained both his idealism and his job... and many years later decided to approach Project Camelot with a portion of what he now knew.

He told us that we had many of the correct puzzle pieces - and that, furthermore, it was understood that we work with integrity, and that we're not trying to breach any legitimate national security. He stressed that we were quite liked by a number of the 'white hats' who were monitoring us closely, despite our being on a number of 'watch lists' of every kind.

Jake helped us understand that if we kept our information general and didn't try to proveanything (with documentation or by any other means), we would remain safe. He stressed that it was very important not to get too specific on certain sensitive issues, and to be very wary of ever getting hold of any definitive documentation.

Classified technology and the secret space program

Jake emphasized to us that the current state of classified technology was something like 10,000 [ten thousand] years ahead of public sector technology - and was accelerating away from public sector technology at a current rate of 1,000 years per calendar year.

This got our attention.

Jake did not blink when we mentioned time travel, the Mars base, or the advanced fleet of craft which we had been told by Henry Deacon serviced it. Jake told us that some of the advanced craft were capable of traveling from geostationary orbit (22,300 miles) to treetop height in five seconds. (Work it out: that's about 16 million miles per hour - although Jake made it clear that the craft would not actually be moving through space in the normal sense... and would also never be seen unless this was intended.) Some of the craft were "larger on the inside than outside".

Had they traveled to the outer reaches of the solar system? Yes. Beyond our solar system? Yes.Are some of them superluminal (i.e. capable of faster-than-light travel)? Yes. Were some of them very large? Yes. By this time, we were no longer surprised by Jake's answers. The significance of the superluminal craft would be stressed in a subsequent conversation.

The human race had had contact with extraterrestrials since before World War II. Jake told us that it was very probable that Eisenhower's 1955 heart attack was at least partially induced by the stress of some of the information he had learned from the extraterrestrials who he had personally met a short time before (after several previous set-up meetings with senior military officials).

Taken all together, Jake told us, the ET visitors came from various races, systems and times, and that human DNA "was compatible" with hundreds of different races. All these ET races, in some meaningful sense, could be said to be "human or human-like”.

AI surveillance and access to knowledge

The AI surveillance system, Jake told us, was literally "out of this world". It operates hyperdimensionally, based on a highly advanced quantum computing model that is basically our development based on acquired alien technology. This system is so advanced that the ETs themselves are unhappy that we have it.

Not only does it enable access to what any given person is saying, or even thinking - if targeted for investigation - it can also transcend time itself and thereby access information about the thoughts and words of historical figures. Whether this system can look into the future - the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report, based on a story by the prolific author Philip K. Dick, comes to mind - we omitted to ask.

Jake's actions in being sensitive to this device (if device is the right word) - by waiting for exactly the right 'window' of opportunity to tell us certain things - were not fully understood by us until I (Bill Ryan) had the following experience.

On our last night together, sitting out in the open after a barbecue, at about 2 am, Jake decided to tell me some things he had not previously revealed, surveillance or no surveillance. As he began to speak, he immediately encountered problems, as if trying to force himself through a barrier. Simultaneously, I found I was being put to sleep and could hardly keep my eyes open. We both spotted what was happening, and remarked on it to one another.

Jake forced himself to keep talking, and I made myself keep listening through a spell of overwhelming dopiness. This episode lasted half an hour or maybe more. We were being forcibly stopped, in real time, from communicating effectively, as a direct and immediate response to our intentions.

It's very important to understand that this was unconnected with electromagnetics, hidden microphones, targeted beams, or anything else of that nature. My own reference point for what happened was a kind of negative radionics (which also works hyperdimensionally, but as a positive health modality).

In the end we concluded our conversation, now pretty tired. The next morning I simply could not recall what Jake had told me - and still can't. Upon meeting him again and reporting that I couldn't remember a thing about our conversation except for the weird effects we had both experienced, he replied wryly:

Maybe it's just as well.

The biggest secret

The international network of deep underground bases, Jake confirmed, had been built in a continuing program since soon after the end of World War II costing trillions of dollars. The issue here was that military leaders had learned through ET contact that a potential catastrophe of huge magnitude, occurring early in the 21st century, was possible. This information was certainly known to Eisenhower, Jake said (and may have been partially responsible for his heart attack), and was very possibly known as early as World War II.

Just as we had presented in our important summary article The Big Picture, the problem is one which involves massive potential Earth changes that could, in extremis, threaten our civilization. The situation had been extensively studied and evaluated and the conclusion had been reached that the public could not be told. 

Jake described the threat - metaphorically - as a wave that was heading our way. It was unclear whether this 'wave' is a product of an area of space which the solar system is entering - or whether it is the result of a close fly-past by a large rogue celestial body, or even a combination of two or three simultaneous situations or other unusual and impending cosmological events. But when I asked how this is all known, the answer came back that the superluminal craft have gone out to take a good look at what is around, and have returned with the information.

Jake stressed that IT IS NOT KNOWN what the effects of this situation will be, nor precisely when this may occur. The military are preparing for worst case scenarios, which is what they do best. Readers familiar with our work will note the connection with the report from the Norwegian Politician, and also Dan Burisch's information which culminates in the report onTimeline 1, variant 83 [T1v83].

Of particular interest is the contradiction with the T1v83 information, in which Dan told us that in the latter half of 2007 a highly classified time portal intelligence retrieval project (for lack of any better phrase) had analyzed a number of possible alternative future timelines and concluded that variant 83 - the most probable of the many that had been investigated - demonstrated that the 'Timeline 2' catastrophe had been averted and that while civilization would not be under threat, the next few years would bring major problems. These included nuclear exchanges in a prolonged period of global conflict, under an administration in which Hillary Clinton had been elected President of the US.

Since that information was researched - a year ago at the time of writing this article - it has become very clear that that timeline variant has been 'broken', and that we are now instead hurtling along on another, uncharted timeline. In Dan's words to us a few months ago, "All bets are off" - and when we put Dan's phrase to Jake, he responded:

That's about right. I wouldn't disagree with that at all.

Jake's information is that it had never been certain that the catastrophe had been averted, and he confirmed that the governments of many first-world nations were continuing to make their detailed and extensive preparations. Australia, we were told, was the "Ark of the World", and had been designated as such many years previously.

Jake confirmed that he had personally seen some of the classified maps showing dramatically altered future coastlines, and also confirmed the possibility of a very advanced high-speed 'shuttle-like' system that connected many places, like the US and Australia under the Pacific Ocean - a longstanding but always uncorroborated rumor within the UFO community that had acquired semi-mythological status since the startling reports of John Lear and William Cooper in the late 1980s. Jake told us that

...the acceleration presses you back into your seat for a very long time.

This has all happened before

One of the most startling snippets of information Jake revealed was that in some locations the base construction engineers had broken through into much older facilities that had been there for thousands of years prior - apparently built for an identical defensive purpose. All this, Jake had told us, had happened before: the catastrophic events are cyclic.

Because of what had been learned through breaking into older facilities built by a prior Earth culture, in some locations decisions had been made to increase the depth of the new facilities to as much as 30,000 feet [9000 meters]. 

The great classified libraries of the world, in the Vatican and elsewhere, all contained detailed accounts of the destruction of prior civilizations. The Flood Myth, as many anthropologists have described, is evident in many dozens of different cultures all over the world. All this is described in our article The Big Picture.

The threat of stealth viruses

These catastrophic events, Jake told us, would happen not in 2012 but several years after that, though the dates were not precisely known. When we put Bob Dean's date of 2017 to him (in the context of the coming of Nibiru), Jake's response is that that would be close, as best he knew.

More immediate, said Jake, was the threat of the deliberate release of viruses followed by

...the hideous effects of spontaneous eruptions of new generations of opportunistic bacteria like Necrotizing Fasciitis and more advanced versions of golden staphylococci which would further reduce the world's population after the initial first line of worldwide disasters had occurred.

This would trigger worldwide infrastructure breakdown, cause chaos, and make populations easier to control.

Jake predicted that it was quite possible that sometime before the end of 2009 - or possibly early 2010 - there would be a sudden and rapid escalation of international reported outbreaks of extremely dangerous viruses (whether manmade or otherwise). He emphasized that announcements of a global pandemic could suddenly emerge from nowhere "within hours", and that it would be smart to be prepared: he stressed that some countries could quickly become quarantined, or choose to quarantine themselves, with major implications for international travel and port or airport controls.

Coupled with these outbreaks there will be a very real possibility of food shortages. Even more importantly, there will very likely be shortages of quality foods containing all of the necessary levels of active and absorbable vitamins and minerals of the necessary types, and in the right or proportional quantities, to allow for the human body to properly and adequately nourish itself.

These shortfalls and omissions of some of the fundamental basic substances of various foods will prevent people's immune systems from operating at optimum levels, thus leaving them exposed to these new virulent types of diseases. This will leave literally hundreds of millions of people exposed to disease vectors through 2011-2012 onwards.

Technological access to other dimensions

Finally, Jake told us of research that had unlocked technology surrounding access to other dimensional states of existence.

In these other alternate states of reality sometimes it turns out they can very briefly and spontaneously manifest, very occasionally quite naturally, here on Earth and in any other part of this universe. In very special circumstances, these can spontaneously manifest across not only this universe but indeed into alternative universal realities.

There is a massive amount of research funding being applied to this very obscure part of the broad spectrum of the special access programs of the world’s budgetary allowance for these types of programs. These funds are managed and funneled from every imaginable area of the majority of the world’s countries through an amazing array of abstract instrumentalities and public funding projects.

The research involved with this subject is at the top of the world’s power elite's priorities. This is why there are very selective sightings of some of the largest scientific programs, currently ongoing across the world.

The geographical location (in three dimensions) is absolutely critical in some special cases. Jake wrote:

The Earth’s specific rotation is also of consideration and its relationship to the sun and the other planetary bodies contained within our solar system - especially the larger ones. There are very many localized effects experienced subtly, here on Earth in the course of a year, in relation to the specific location to other localized celestial bodies, apart from our sun, contained within and without the heliosphere.

On a larger scale, the position of our solar system in relation to our galaxy is also of vital importance. Jake's words again:

Our galaxy’s position, speed and direction relative to several neighboring galaxies is also important. Beyond this is an understanding of a technology that not only allows for absolute universal travel and capitalization of the fantastic power that entails, but provides the ability to move or travel dimensionally.

Jake explained that this knowledge is essential to the next phase in 'Earth human' development...

...if we Earth humans are ever to be freed from this particular part of existence and universal / multiversal constraints.

Jake stated that as in every aspect of human history here on Earth, there have been supporters, detractors and outright enemies...

...both on Earth and not from Earth. Nothing much has changed over all these eons of time. The play is still largely the same with all of the same motives and allegiances.

The pursuit by some at the expense of the many seems to always end up to be the ultimate price, along with the loss of the Individual and Eternal Grand Self/ Soul/ Spirit, particularly when the individual sells out all that is sacred to the ongoing existence of our race.

As Jake explained, some of these power elite's motives constituted

...a viable and sustainable level of a heavily manicured and vastly reduced human population, under the pretence of saving first the planet, and next the vast majority of all of the other diverse range of different species here on Earth.

Jake told us that it had been explained to him:

"You have to break a few eggs in order to create a really great meal. The Destroyer of Worlds [sic] brings with it the promise of massively renewed and clean prolific growth for yet another new direction in Earth Human evolution. Roaches will always be roaches. Someone’s got to keep them under control.”

The quote reminded us of Henry Deacon's reported briefing in which he had been ordered to read The Report From Iron Mountain, and had been told: “There are the wolves and there are the sheep, and we are the wolves.”

Jake said that what he had been told was highly disturbing to him, and stressed just how at odds he ultimately was

...with the paramount agenda of a significant element of the absolute power elite.

Jake’s strong personal ethics and morality always prevented him from receiving the rich benefits that he told us he knew could have been his. He told us he was

...happy to remain obscure while still contributing where appropriate to assist humankind in meaningful and positive ways.

We gained the impression that the power elite have largely left Jake alone. It was evident to us that he has an intimate knowledge of their culture and knows how to ensure his and his family's safety.

We close here with this remarkable man's own words:

This suggests an even more powerful, off-world group or association that I may have a very special relationship with, that is lending a very discreet helping hand... where possible.

We are hopeful that we might record a voice-disguised audio interview with Jake, and although this has been discussed it has not yet been arranged or agreed. We will post more information as soon as we can.

We thank our friend here for his courage in providing this remarkable testimony. Kerry and I are as certain as we can be that this man is both well-informed and has the highest integrity.

Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy 
8 January 2009



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CAPTAIN MARK RICHARDS TWO LETTERS These are two recent letters from Captain Mark Richards referencing details pertaining to my recent interview with him (SEE MARK RICHARDS INTERVIEW TWO):

Note :  the cut-outs are portions removed at Mark's request...


MR Letter 7.27.2014 p1

MR LETTER 7.27.3014 P2

MR 8.3.2014 P1

MR 8.3.2014 P2

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Healing Links from Show with Doc Barham and Mario Hostios and Kerry Cassidy As promised below are the links to various health products mentioned on my recent radio show with alternative healer/practictioners, Doc Barham and Mario Hostios.  I am including my own list of remedies I used for healsing cancer and other issues below as well.




FIght Back against the matrix! Protect yourself from the chemtrails in the air, the fluoride in the water, and hormone disruptors in the food!

Below is my list of items mentioned in this evening's show:


GMO-free, organic, whole food protein: Hemp Protein Powder

Electromagnetic protection and health for you at your computer, TV, and car:

NuTesla Clarius, Somnius, Pendulum

Cleanse and fortify your whole body:


Myofascial release for alignment and pain free-movement:

The Stick

Gaiam Pressure Point Massager

A simple way to make your own meditations, affirmations, and self-hypnosis recordings:

Dragon Recorder

A master of chi gong healing:

Master Zhou

Doc Barham

Xtraordinary Outcomes


detoxify and fortify:

simple 1 step shotgun approach to natural hormone optimization:

Restore gut flora and the ability to absorb nutrition from food:

Get a water filter: (it will pay for itself in the bottle water you don't buy)

Food: Give a 2 week trial on a gluten free organic foods diet.

Exercise: My favorite chi gong sequence for beginners:

As always, do you due diligence.

For what it's worth, I think "they" use "us" a resource (sheeple). I invite everyone toI take the "red pill", unplug, and join us on the journey down the rabbit hole!

They can only control the sick and asleep. All this is geared toward waking people up and making them healthy.



I want to thank all the people who sent their wonderful healing suggestions for helping me heal the small patch of melanoma I had.  It appears to be completely disappearing.  I used the following methods:

1.  Bryomixol - combination of cactus and bark of a tree in South America.. available only outside the U.S.  This is a link describing Bryomixol, but I do not know for sure, if what I used is exactly the same solution as what is being described in the following link or any other links using the name "Bryomixol".  I purchased my solution from an undisclosed source.

2.  Rife machine with Practictioner:  I used this machine for approximately 2 weeks daily on a program prescribed by someone who has been healing cancer and other health issues for people for over the past 10 years.

3.  Essiac Tea -

4.  Ginger Root tea

5.  Installing a water distiller and water oxygenator and minerals to my water.

6.  Indian Green Clay

7.  ASAP - colloidal silver creme

I am continuing to explore and utitlize new heal products to keep my health optimum.

Note:  please contact me at if you want to be put in touch with the Rife Practictioner mentioned above and I will forward your email along.  

Additional note/disclaimer:

We are not licensed health practictioners.  My experience with the above products is only my personal recommendation and should not be considered anything other than anecdotal references.

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The Untold Egyptian Revolution: Humanity Rising Above Globalist Control Video interview now available here:

Anonymous Pharaoh - The Egyptian Revolution of the People Anonymous Pharaoh - The Egyptian Revolution of the People

The Untold Egyptian Revolution: Humanity Rising Above Globalist Control

click here to download the pdf

Prince Judge Matthew, Ph.D.

Matthew Greene is an international judge authorized to preside in UN Courts of international justice and human rights, and to preside in national Courts applying international law and human rights laws. He served for 20 years as a Presidential level advisor, including over 7 years as a diplomatic Special Envoy, for multiple free countries supporting the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and BRICS alliance including the Russian Federation. In the course of such diplomatic assignments promoting anti-agenda and anti-globalist operations, Judge Matthew visited Egypt during all of its historic revolutionary events of 2011-2013, providing independent expert support to deep-state security officers of the Egyptian military.

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The Global Importance of the Egyptian Revolution to Humanity

Egypt became the frequent subject of international media attention since its revolution of 2011, mostly targeted for vilification of the entire country by sweeping overgeneralizations and fear-mongering. This took the form of much speculation, driven entirely by misleading and one-sided propaganda by Western media, with even the “alternative media” mostly unaware of the real facts on the ground, which never seemed to be noticed.

However, there do exist certain controlling facts, which not only prove the underlying true nature of the events of the revolution, but also clarify the real-world context of subsequent events in Egypt. We cannot possibly hope to understand the truth of new ongoing current events, until we properly recognize the truth of what actually happened leading up to the present.

This report is provided to preserve and highlight those tangible facts of reality, to empower global anti-agenda awareness and international political strategies to remain on track in a positive direction for humanity.

What these long-suppressed facts boldly demonstrate, is nothing less than the power of humanity to rise above globalist control, and to overcome the institutional deceptions of Western neocolonial machinations.

Egypt is a perfect example, indeed a microcosm, of the battle between the NATO oligarchic agenda of globalist enslavement, and the humanitarian forces of the people for good. To witness the true events on the ground (penetrating the media blackout against the truth), was literally to experience the full restoration of one’s faith in humanity.

The Grass-Roots Egyptian Revolution of the People

The true beginning of the Egyptian revolution was the Alexandria Church bombing of January 1, 2011, which killed 23 Coptic Christians. Egyptian military security officials openly provided abundant proof that “foreign elements” had committed the attack, showing photographic and documentary evidence in local Egyptian newspapers. A US funded affiliate of Al Qaeda based in US-controlled Iraq had already threatened (in November 2010) to attack Egyptian Christians. [1]

Lest we forget: It is a proven fact, publicly confirmed by admissions of British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, that Al Qaeda itself was “recruited and trained with help from the CIA” [2], and an official US Army West Point report further confirmed that Al Qaeda was directly created by American cash and weapons [3].

It was immediately and abundantly obvious to the common people throughout Egypt, that such an attack could only be intended to artificially create sectarian divisions and civil war. But the Egyptian people were wise, and refused to be deceived or manipulated by covert “false flag” warfare. (Egyptians do not even seem to have a word for “false flag”, and do not recognize the term in English, but they certainly seem to know it when they see it.)

While the protests began with Christians demanding protection from the government, Muslims wholeheartedly joined the protests in unison. Muslims all over Egypt entered Christian Churches as voluntary “human shields”, guarding Churches inside and outside against any further false-flag provocations. [4] Christians and Muslims nationwide declared solidarity, proclaiming each other as “brothers of faith”, regardless of their differences in faith.

President Hosni Mubarak tried to gain political capital out of the event, proclaiming on Egyptian television and radio that his own sons would also enter the Churches as human shields, blatantly trying to portray his family as heroes. That move backfired badly, because his reputation of serving as a puppet for US-Israeli interests instead led the people to believe that Mubarak himself was involved in the clearly “false flag” attack, purposely to take advantage of it with precisely such political gestures.

Very quickly, a genuine, organic and sincere movement of the people was mobilized entirely against Mubarak. [5] What began as a covert provocation to divide the people, instead served to unite the people against such manipulations, due to the humanitarian values and anti-agenda wisdom of the people. [6] Mubarak was personally implicated in the Church bombing, with findings that the Interior Minister of the President’s Cabinet, Habib Al-Adly, had directly ordered the attack. [7] [8]

As a direct result of those developments of awakening and anti-agenda awareness of the people, the full-scale popular revolution against Hosni Mubarak began less than 3 weeks after the Alexandria Church bombing, officially beginning on January 25, 2011. What had started as a false flag attack to “divide and conquer” the people, intended as destabilization to protect the US-backed dictatorial regime, instead became a genuine grass-roots revolution that successfully deposed that regime.

Illegal Covert Infiltration by Globalist Agenda Agents

From the beginning on January 25, 2011, the grass-roots protests were declared to be entirely peaceful. The only distinct activity of the demonstrations was periodic mass prayers. The sworn Muslim-Christian unity from the Alexandria Church bombing continued to be the central driving theme of the revolution against Mubarak. Every time Muslims bowed down observing their call to prayers, their “Christian brothers” stood guard around them, protecting them from the intimidations of Mubarak’s police. When Christians periodically kneeled for prayer, their “Muslim brothers” reciprocated, standing guard. It was as if the people of Egypt had basically decided to “pray their way through” the revolution, praying for their freedom.

Egyptian Revolution Prayer Guarded by Christians

Egyptian Revolution Prayer Guarded by Christians

Only 3 days before the “Day of Rage” protests of January 28, 2011, an American-Israeli dual citizen Ilan Chaim Grappelli arrived in Egypt. He was photographed among the first people to appear in Tahrir Square, and recorded videos of himself giving public speeches at Tahrir Square at the Al-Azhar Mosque, inciting violence, specifically calling on otherwise peaceful protesters to target and actually attack military police who were protecting the demonstrators. Grappelli was later arrested by Egyptian military security services in June 2011, who found that he is an active Mossad agent, and a war criminal who directly participated in the atrocities and massacres in Lebanon in 2006. [9]

Grappelli even entered Egypt on a forged visa, which is completely unnecessary, because the so-called visas are simply purchased upon arrival in only 5 minutes for only about $30, with no “yes or no” decision made by any authorities at all. (This serves to illustrate the “compulsive lying” complex characteristic of NATO axis agents, whose every actions tend to profusely exude multiple layers of deception as a matter of habit.)

A thoroughly documented investigation, complete with extensive documentary, photographic and video evidence, proved that Ilan Chaim Grappelli had been infiltrating legitimate protest groups to corrupt them into illegally turning violent, reporting to Mossad with intelligence on individuals targeted for manipulation, and distributing money to Egyptians in connection with recruiting them to commit violence for destabilization and sabotage of national infrastructure. He was also found to have been organizing whole groups of purported “protesters” based upon armed violence.

Grapelli openly admitted to authorities that he also paid money to local Egyptians to spread rumors of disinformation for destabilization. (No, he was not “tortured”: That is something CIA plants in the US puppet government did to protect the Mubarak regime, not what real Egyptians do to support their peaceful revolution overthrowing that very same foreign infiltration to restore their human rights.) His admissions were voluntary, and even seemed to be bragging to intimidate or discourage the freedom-supporting security officials.

In addition to actively creating a criminal movement of false so-called “protestors”, this American Mossad agent was also caught monitoring Sinai gas pipelines to Israel and movements of Palestinians through the Gaza tunnels into Sinai. Both of those sites are of military interest to Israel, primarily as targets of false flag operations, and also as means of covertly placing agent provocateurs within Egypt for destabilization. Grappelli also admitted that he paid money to some criminal elements in Egypt to carry out the explosions sabotaging the gas pipleline which supplies Israel and Jordan.

The investigation established that the Mossad mission was designed to preempt and co-opt a genuine revolution of the people, to keep the dictator Mubarak in power, since he was essentially a puppet of US-Israeli interests. The mission was to artificially create sectarian violence among ordinary Egyptians, and included preparing criminalized armed false “protesters” to violently resist orders of the military in the event that Mubarak would be overthrown by the legitimate peaceful protesters. [10]

The fact that the Mossad provocation and destabilization operation was actively supported by the United States is proven by the aggressive and high-level US efforts negotiating for the release of Ilan Chaim Grappelli. Even Gary Ackerman of the US Congressional House Foreign Affairs Committee was lobbying Egyptian authorities, admitting that Grappelli had been a congressional “intern” in Ackerman’s office. The Congressman proclaimed the agent’s “innocence”, even despite the mountains of photographic and video evidence by which he was caught red-handed. [11]

Such provocations, enabled and supported by the Mubarak regime, were the only element causing any violence in the otherwise wholly peaceful revolution of the people. It was these provocations, mostly through aggression of the police troops, which forced protesters to fight against police, only in self-defense, enough to disable police vehicles and fend off police personnel, to allow peaceful protest to continue safely.

Egyptian Revolution Stand Up to the Oligarchs Regime

Egyptian Revolution Stand Up to the Oligarchs Regime

Shortly before February 3, 2011, less than one week after the “Day of Rage” protests, Egyptian deep-state security sources sympathetic to the revolution leaked an internal Ministry of Interior document classified “highly secret” to Arab journalists. The document, issued under the official seal of the Office of Interior Minister of the Mubarak regime, was labeled as “Circular No. 60/B/M”, titled “Plan to address the mass demonstrations”.

Consisting of a list of “Strategies”, the circular included: “2 – To employ a number of criminals and to pay them well… without official mission status… to create scalable chaos”; “7 – to make sure to arm the elements in civilian clothes with wooden sticks, small iron pieces”; “9 – …allowing the infiltration of [thugs and criminals] to cause limited chaos during the demonstrations”; “12 – Broadcasting rumors through all media about acts of looting and theft”; “13 - Broadcast direct messages… to the foreign media… to coincide with the deployment of the bully plan [of criminal elements]”. [12]

This plan, which was effectively implemented by the US-backed Mubarak regime, did succeed in holding Egypt hostage to manufactured international public opinion, by fear-mongering for scaring away foreign tourists. This was intended to blame and discredit the genuine anti-agenda protestors, and intimidate them into backing down to protect the regime. However, the Egyptian people at the grass-roots level were wise, saw straight through the deception and propaganda, instantly recognized the infiltrating false-flag provocations, and refused to back down.

The Ministry of Interior circular, instructing police to orchestrate false-flag provocations to discredit legitimate peaceful protesters, was issued under Mubarak’s Interior Minister Habib Al-Adly (immediately before he was dismissed on January 31). That is the very same person who was proven to have ordered the Alexandria Church bombing. The plan itself was identical in every detail to the strategies of the proven Mossad agent Grappelli, who was already arrested and exposed by deep-state military security agencies.

Even though most Egyptians did not know of these facts and evidence, in their ancient cultural traditional wisdom, the people still saw through the deceptions, and the genuine peaceful revolution raged on.

The Rise of Humanity Proving No Need for Big Brother

Meanwhile, in the small old-world Arabic villages of the people’s nation of Egypt, there was no fear, and no conflict. The general mood of the people was happiness and excitement, with a heightened sense of community. They saw the light at the end of the tunnel, and could intuitively but tangibly feel their inherent power which is only given superficial lip-service in the West as their “God-given inalienable human rights”. It was truly a great time to be alive, and the most profound inspiration in one’s life to have the privilege to witness.

Egyptian Revolution Peaceful Quiet Village Cafe

Egyptian Revolution Peaceful Quiet Village Cafe

All police were gone from the streets, terrified of the justified wrath of the people. All local government offices had closed as Mubarak crony officials went into hiding. The general consensus of the people was that there was simply “no government” at all, and that was considered a good thing.

Of course, the Mubarak regime and international media ranted on about how the country was supposedly dangerous without any government “in control”. The Egyptian government was saying “you need us to control you”, while foreign governments were reminding their citizens that “you need us to protect you” by false warnings of supposed dangers if traveling to Egypt.

However, despite all of the obviously transparent propaganda of our supposed need for “Big Brother” government to “take care of us” (by controlling us), the Egyptian people actually thrived:

Without any bureaucratic “red tape” and oppressive “compliance” impositions to stop them, people in the villages naturally and effortlessly organized. Neighbors were helping neighbors, Christians and Muslims in harmony. Villagers made volunteer security and checkpoints, at which all citizens passing through were treated with civility and respect. Respected families, Churches and Mosques peacefully mediated and resolved any community disputes.

Confidence in the future and in self-determination inspired people to build beautiful new houses, offices and shops to better service their community infrastructure. People repaired their own streets and improved municipal facilities through their own efforts – all without needing any government to do it for them, and most importantly, without needing to give up any civil or human rights to enjoy those benefits.

The insidious deception claiming the supposed inherent folly of humanity, as the propaganda justification for the claimed need for government to micromanage our private lives, had been destroyed. The demon had been slain. And the people would not look back, instead finding restored faith in humanity to move forward.

All of us in the true global community should take heed of this profound lesson from the Egyptian experience: They tried to control the people with deception and fear, and instead the people discovered their freedom and true human power to self-determine their own peace and prosperity.

The role of the Egyptian Army in the revolution is also exemplary, and of great significance. As tanks rolled out on the streets to provide security against the infiltrating provocations, Army officers encouraged people to board and ride upon the tanks, declaring solidarity with the people, and proclaiming that they would never take any action against the people.

Egyptian Revolution Children on Army Tanks

Egyptian Revolution Children on Army Tanks

By February 2, 2011, the infiltrating provocations of Mubarak loyalists and Mossad agents had reached a peak of violence, culminating in the “Battle of the Camel”, all intended to give every reason to force the Army to take action to disburse the otherwise legitimate protests. However, as the protesters were approached by weaponized mobs from the side, clearly planned to be the climactic trigger forcing their hand, the Army instead quickly positioned the tanks to surround the protesters, but rapidly turned the tank cannons away from the protesters, facing the armed mobs on the outside. The strategic position of the Army was abundantly clear, highly symbolic, and wholly consistent with their declared intent to support only the people.

Egyptian Revolution Battle of the Camel

Egyptian Revolution Battle of the Camel

With the full and unequivocal support of the Army protecting the people (even against the government), regardless of all infiltration and provocations, the genuine grassroots revolution succeeded in overthrowing Mubarak on February 11, 2011. The Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF), dominated by the Army, was handed leadership of the country, and within a week Mubarak and Interior Minister Habib Al-Adly were both arrested by the Army.

The Rise of the NATO-backed Muslim Brotherhood

The Western axis powers governed by “elite” banking oligarchs, however, could not possibly tolerate the existence of any genuine advancement of humanity and fundamental freedoms. They could not allow the world to learn of such a compelling example of how humanity can successfully rise above globalist control – and live without it. Thus, they implemented their apparent “backup plan” to have the Muslim Brotherhood hijack the people’s revolution, while imposing a media blackout on all truth about the real events.

From the earliest days of the January 25 revolution of 2011, the Muslim Brotherhood had inserted itself in an apparent leadership role (thus indicating that they were indeed a “backup plan”). While the authentic grass-roots revolution continued, the Brotherhood positioned itself to be associated with the original people’s revolution, misleadingly portraying themselves as “leaders” of the popular movement.

Egyptian Revplution Child Leading Crowd of the People

Egyptian Revplution Child Leading Crowd of the People

The Muslim Brotherhood capitalized on the public sentiment desiring freedom from Western oligarchic oppression by the NATO axis, by emphasizing Islam as closer to true Arab ethnic identity, in order to win the trust of the people. The Egyptian people, characteristically tolerant and generously forgiving, ventured to give the Brotherhood a chance to live up to its promises.

The Egyptian Presidential election beginning in May 2012 was formed to place Mohammad Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood against the primary rival Ahmed Shafik. This was after many months of intensive efforts of “unseen forces” to promote Mubarak’s Vice President Omar Suleiman, and Mohamed El Baradei, as candidates.

El Baradei was much touted in the media for being Director General of the UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for 12 years. However, the Egyptian people understood that the UN nuclear inspections by that agency were abused by NATO to manufacture the infamous “weapons of mass destruction” claim, which was the false pretense used to trigger the American-led war crimes invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Suleiman was lavishly praised by international media for his career in American relations. However, the people knew that he was directly implicated in the infamous American CIA “rendition” program of torture [13], and was condemned by both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch as central to the human rights abuses of the Mubarak regime [14].

These facts caused the Egyptian people to rightfully wholly reject and disqualify both El Baradei and Suleiman as candidates.

Ahmed Shafik inspired confidence as a candidate because of his military background as a senior Commander and Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Air Force, but was widely considered a Mubarak regime holdover. Shafik was disfavored by the people for making many overtures appealing to Western foreign interests to support his candidacy, lobbying to the NATO alliance instead of to the people.

The people were also keenly aware that it was Air Force jets, under the command of Shafik, which Mubarak had used to intimidate the genuine protesters in Tahrir Square with repeated low flyovers as an ominous show of force. That was in sharp contrast to all Army vehicles and helicopters which carefully signaled their dedicated allegiance to the people even against the government itself.

This is precisely how the Muslim Brotherhood – long ago banned by anti-NATO folk hero President Gamal Abdel Nasser – again rose to power, inserting Mohammad Morsi into the presidency of Egypt. (Nasser was a co-founder of the Non-Aligned Movement, succeeded by Awar Sadat, who was assassinated by the same Brotherhood-related Islamists whom he freed from imprisonment under Nasser, leading to the reign of Hosni Mubarak, who again outlawed the Brotherhood for that very reason.)

That is the same tired old dirty trick that still works today in the West – stack the decks, and rig the game, so that the people can only “democratically” elect a President by choosing the lesser of two evils, from a pool of all the same people, who every time are proven to work for all of the same people, the very same Western banking oligarchs who promote their private globalist interests at the expense of humanity.

The Egyptian people, still wise even to this NATO sponsored game, accepted and elected Mohammad Morsi only on the basis of his many promises, declarations, and signals claiming to understand the need for anti-globalist Egyptian sovereignty.

The Fall of the Muslim Brotherhood

We are living in a world of factions, in which no group is entirely good, nor entirely bad. Agenda factions of evil contain some turn-coat “good guys” as leaks or whistle-blowers, and anti-agenda factions of good are commonly infiltrated by the agents against humanity. Accordingly, although the Muslim Brotherhood eventually (much later) did show its true colors and was exposed for its NATO sponsored agenda, Mohammad Morsi did make some seemingly authentic positive moves.

However, as Morsi made good faith efforts to restore the government as President, he (and the country as a whole) was constantly undermined by (1) direct Mossad covert infiltration, sabotage and provocations backed by media disinformation, and (2) indirect NATO interference through the corrupt and stubborn holdovers from the Mubarak regime.

Anything good that Morsi tried to do, was aggressively targeted by international mass media with false defamation and discrediting disinformation. Anything good that the government tried to do, was actively undermined and sabotaged by covert forces.

That the Morsi presidency was in fact undermined by covert operations, was proven by the fact that immediately after his ouster, suddenly long-term problems believed to be systemic – like petrol and gas shortages causing long lines at the pumps, and constant electricity failures – suddenly disappeared. That event revealed that many of the problems blamed on Morsi, which caused inordinate frustration of the people directed at Morsi, were in fact artificially created by opposition groups. [15]

Egyptian Revolution Prayer Time

Egyptian Revolution Prayer Time

It should be noted that during this time, the Egyptian Army itself initiated a creative and highly positive way to return the hated and distrusted police back to the streets: The Army deployed soldiers to accompany, in equal number, all police officers.

This visibly communicated to the people that the Army was literally supervising the police to ensure their lawful and ethical conduct (some Egyptians called it “babysitting”). It also powerfully communicated to the police, being treated like student “interns” on probation, that they needed to learn true professionalism from the Army, which was sworn and proven to defend only the people, and never to defend only the government against the true will of the people.

(It is noteworthy, that in stark contrast to the American neoconservative concept of imposing “re-education” of the people into “compliance” with Big Brother control, the Egyptian Army instead decided to “re-educate” the police to respect the Rule of Law and the civil rights of the people.)

Mohammad Morsi, representing the Muslim Brotherhood, was known in 2010 to have called for the destruction of Israel [16], signaling opposition to its NATO-aligned globalist secular Zionism. In June 2012 Morsi publically called for a new 911 investigation, appearing to advocate for the alternative media and truth movement. [17] In August 2012 the Brotherhood publicly blamed Mossad for terrorist attacks in Sinai [18], and Morsi gave signals of aligning with Iran and China to counter NATO globalist bullying [19]. Also in August Morsi participated in the Tehran summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), appearing to promote independence from Western hegemony [20]. In November 2012 he brokered a ceasefire between Palestinian Hamas and Israel, giving the impression that he intended to help protect persecuted Arabs from Israeli aggression. In January 2013 Morsi made apparent moves purporting to help unite Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah, supposedly to help them assert their rights against Israeli apartheid. [21]

The Egyptian Army supported Morsi, but only for as long as he maintained this façade of appearing to be anti-agenda and anti-globalist. The “last straw” that caused Morsi to lose that support, being the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back”, was Morsi’s plans to send the Egyptian military into Syria to overthrow President Assad, in overt subservience pandering to NATO. [22]

Not only was this new anti-Syria policy clearly against Egypt’s interests during a transition period, but it was a wholesale sell-out of the values of the Egyptian people. It was widely seen – by the people and the Army alike – as a complete rejection of the Non-Aligned Movement, and a direct contradiction of all of Morsi’s previous claims. More importantly, it was a blatant alignment with the rampant violations of international law which are increasingly inflicted by the NATO alliance against all independent countries who do not unquestioningly bow down to their evil globalist agenda.

Nobody can ever know for sure exactly which of three possible scenarios happened. Even the best intelligence information is not good enough to determine, whether:

(A) Both Morsi and the Brotherhood had good intentions to be “good guys”, having their chance to show the world they are “reformed”, but gave in to pressure by NATO covert operations to revert to their old ways;

(B) Morsi did believe in anti-globalist sovereignty and only used the Muslim Brotherhood as a platform to rise to power to do good, and for that reason was undermined by the agenda-aligned Brotherhood itself; or

(C) Both Morsi and the Brotherhood misrepresented their true intentions to the people of Egypt, giving strong anti-agenda signals as a deception only long enough to consolidate their power.

What we do know, however, is the fact that Morsi did dramatically change his public position, shifting suddenly and dangerously towards supporting the most pervasive NATO agenda violations of international law in modern history. What we also know, is that by giving in to NATO agendas, Morsi betrayed his people, and destroyed a rare second chance that the Brotherhood had been graciously given by the people to finally demonstrate its legitimacy and earn credibility.

The Muslim Brotherhood Exposed as NATO Terrorism

Since Morsi was deposed by the Army enforcing the explicit will of the people of Egypt, much evidence has exposed the Muslim Brotherhood as a NATO-backed organization, complicit in state-sponsored terrorism, serving the oligarchic neocolonial interests of the Western axis.

Most ordinary members of the Muslim Brotherhood innocently believe in Muslim religious values of Islam, and simply desire to assert and defend their right to preserve their ethnic culture as dominant in their own sovereign territories. (This is much like the fact that ordinary Freemasons believe they are in a mere “business networking charity club”.)

However, it is the leaders and policies at the highest levels of the organization which secretly implement globalist evil agendas. If most members knew of the true agenda of their Muslim Brotherhood, they would be bitterly disillusioned and greatly disappointed, that the agenda wholly undermines the genuine spiritual doctrines of authentic Islam.

On August 7, 2013, Saad Al Shater, the son of jailed Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat Al Shater, revealed in an interview with News Agency Anatolia in Turkey that the Muslim Brotherhood has kept “documents and recordings that incriminate and would condemn” US President Obama, and prove “how the US administration was directly connected” to the Brotherhood. Shaad Al Shater stated that the concerted effort of US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns with Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, negotiating for the release of imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood leaders, was motivated by the US need to suppress that damning evidence. (Acting President, Chief Justice Adly Monsour, rebuffed the US effort as “unacceptable interference in internal politics”.) This information was journalistically verified and confirmed by at least 6 expert sources. [23]

According to the Western Center for Journalism, as reported by Arabic News Channel TV-14 and Egypt Daily News, the judicial trial of Morsi for treason uncovered tangible evidence proving that US President Obama paid a secret bribe of $8.0 Billion USD to the Muslim Brotherhood, and secretly met with both Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood leaders outside of proper diplomatic channels. [24] [25]

In January 2014, Egyptian Attorney General Hisham Barakat discovered evidence of systematic bribes paid by the US Embassy in Cairo in US dollars to top ministerial officials in the Morsi government. This was reported by Egyptian newspaper Almesryoon, based on leaks from official sources in the judiciary. [26] That was supported by earlier evidence, featuring a document proving that the same Morsi cabinet officials also received US bribes through NATO ally Qatar, with the direct involvement of the US Embassy in Cairo, and that those bribes of up to $850,000 USD (intended to be annually) were distributed to Muslim Brotherhood leaders. [27]

The Court trials of Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood leaders, charged with treasonous collaboration with foreign governments and foreign state-sponsored terrorist organizations, have uncovered much evidence implicating US officials and NATO allies. Deep-state military security officials leaked two classified documents of evidence from the judiciary, implicating US President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton in aiding and abetting terrorist groups for targeted destabilization of Egypt. [28]

A top British lobbyist for the Muslim Brotherhood, Anas Altikriti, whose father is head of Iraq’s Muslim Brotherhood party, is head of the Cordoba Foundation, described by UK Prime Minister David Cameron as “a political front for the Muslim Brotherhood”. The foundation pursues an agenda of facilitating the collapse of existing government administrations in diverse countries, and works closely with British extremist groups seeking to create an Islamic dictatorship in Europe. Altikriti and key members of this Muslim Brotherhood backed organization held meetings inside the British Houses of Parliament in March and September of 2013. [29] Altikriti was also invited to a meeting with US President Obama inside the White House in February 2014. [30]

Around the same time in February 2014, the criminal Court trial of deposed President Morsi established evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi himself had direct cooperation with Al Qaeda leadership through an American company’s communication network. The primary contact was Muhammad Al Zawahiri, the Egyptian-based brother of Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahiri. The substance of those conversations were manifested by several events during Morsi’s one-year in office. Morsi had met directly with Ayman Al Zawahiri during an official visit to Pakistan, and made arrangements to smuggle him to Sinai. Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat Al Shater regularly met with Pakastani and Palestinian associates of the Al Qaeda leader. [31]

Notwithstanding the Brotherhood’s alignment with Al Qaeda, Ayman Al Zawahiri himself publicly criticized Morsi for alignment with secular Zionist interests and normalization of ties with Israel, and exposed that Morsi’s brokering the cease-fire with Hamas was actually a pro-Israeli intervention, with no concern for the rights of Palestinians. [32]

Thus, the very organization which claims to be militant about preserving Islam and protecting Islamic governance, actually works for NATO interests, helping to aggressively destroy whole countries and civilizations of culturally Muslim sovereign nations.

They know that the only real “terrorists” in the world are those directly created, funded, armed and trained by the NATO axis. The Muslim Brotherhood chose to cooperate with that Western state-sponsored terrorism, which they know is used for propaganda wars to discredit, discriminate against, and outright destroy Islam as a world religion and as an ethnic culture. In doing so, they had literally sold out to Western neocolonial secular Zionist oligarchic interests, betraying their own people, and betraying everything they claim to believe in.

The Fight to Preserve of the Will of the People

The Egyptian people, in a genuine grass-roots popular revolution of peaceful protests, with the full support of “the people’s Army”, successfully overthrew the dictator Mubarak. The Egyptian people then understood that they had been manipulated by a false choice from an artificially limited pool of all NATO-backed Presidential candidates. They recognized the legal principle that the “Contract of Democracy” had been breached and voided by Morsi’s treasonous sell-out of all Egyptian values to the Western axis powers. Again with the full support of the Army, the people successfully (and again peacefully) overthrew Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Tahrir Square Round 1 Deposing Mubarak

Tahrir Square Round 1 Deposing Mubarak

That was the successful conclusion of two waves of peaceful legitimate revolutionary protests: the first asserting the will of the people, and the second reversing the deceptive hijacking of the will of the people.

After that key turning point – it cannot be emphasized enough – there were no more “legitimate protests” by the people of Egypt. The people had already won their freedom, and installed their Supreme Constitutional Court to ensure that a true and fair, non-infiltrated, non-treasonous genuine democracy would soon be in place with upcoming elections.

The violence that ensued after Morsi was overthrown was not “legitimate protest” in any way, but rather was NATO-driven psy-ops propaganda, based upon manipulated provocations and false-flag covert operations, all implemented by state-sponsored terror agents of the NATO alliance. The reality of this situation is abundantly proven by the following facts:

On June 30, 2013, mass protests of millions of grass-roots peaceful demonstrators rose up against President Morsi. The Army gave Morsi a 48-hour ultimatum to meet the lawful demands of the people for a more representative government. All he had to do was be humble, and call a referendum to elect a new government under his Presidency, in order to stay in power. However, on July 2, Morsi instead gave a defiant and inflammatory speech, in which he actually transparently threatened “violence and bloodshed” by the Muslim Brotherhood to impose his own will against the people’s demands.

On July 3, 2013, Morsi was arrested by the Army for treason, and was thus deposed by overwhelming demand of the people. This time, they did not declare martial law, although that worked well the previous time, and did lead to democracy, but prompted much foreign propaganda criticism. Instead, the Army vested executive power in the Supreme Constitutional Court, making the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Adly Mansour the acting transitional President. No other move could possibly so clearly and obviously declare the true Rule of Law in support of genuine democracy.

(Now, compare what Egypt did, making the Supreme Constitutional Court the transitional government with the Chief Justice as acting President by the will of the people, with what NATO does in their neocolonial conquests: arming, funding and training state-sponsored terrorists to invade and overthrow by illegal military force a government that was supported by its people, and then “recognizing” the terrorists as a so-called “legitimate transitional government”.)

One key fact revealing a profound truth needs to finally be said: Despite mainstream media rhetoric of Morsi’s ouster being a military “coup”, it was in fact a legal alternative form of impeachment, in a constitutional context.

The following legal facts make the reality of lawful impeachment clear: The Egyptian constitution required the Parliament to impeach a President; Foreign-backed destabilization had prevented parliamentary elections, depriving the people of any Parliament to represent them; The people thus had no legal outlet for impeachment, depriving them of that constitutional right; Upon overwhelming mass peaceful protest of a manifestly vast majority, triggered by illegal and treasonous public threats of imminent violence against the people by the President, the Army had a constitutional obligation to defend the lawful rights of the people.

These facts prove that the Army rightfully exercised its constitutional mandate to protect the people, by implementing an alternative method of impeachment, to replace and fulfill the constitutional right of impeachment of which the people had been deprived. That this was not a “coup” is proven by the fact that the Army itself did not take power. That it was a lawful impeachment is evidenced by the fact that the Army actually installed the Supreme Constitutional Court as the interim government.

On July 5, 2013 the Western Egypt-bashing scandal of the day was that the Egyptian Army was forced to kill 53 supposed “protesters” outside the Republican National Guard headquarters in Cairo, where Mohammad Morsi was being held.

The facts of the event were that an armed group surrounded and then stormed the military facility, shooting firearms at Army personnel, and killing one Army officer and wounding others. Television footage showed evidence proving that the attackers threw petrol bombs, with many throughout the crowd holding home-made illegal firearms. This unilateral attack was prompted by the Muslim Brotherhood illegally inciting violence, by calling for people to “rise up against the Army”. Witnesses reported that the Army exercised restraint as much as they could, first using teargas, then rubber bullets, only later switching to live rounds when it was necessary for self-defense against real lethal force by the attackers. [33]

By any measure, that is an overt military-level attack of lethal force against an Army facility. Those facts, proven by evidence, cannot possibly meet any existing definition of anything that could rationally be called a “protest”.

Contradicting the reckless media rhetoric of “protesters” being shot “while praying”, the documented facts are that hundreds of armed attackers had marched aggressively toward the building, and the Army did stop all shooting when afternoon prayers began. Many weapons in the crowd had been smuggled by the Muslim Brotherhood from Libya and the Gaza Strip. Some of the crowd were shouting anti-Christian slogans, proving they were not of the people who created the genuine grass-roots revolution of Muslim-Christian unity against tyranny. [34]

On July 6, 2013, a violent gang of Muslim Brotherhood followers were recorded in a video attacking unarmed young boys, chasing them up to the top of a ledge over a rooftop, then forcefully throwing them off the ledge head-first onto the concrete below, and beating their motionless bodies and leaving them for dead. Western media did not show the end of the video, which featured the thugs holding up the official flag of Al Qaeda. The same day, Muslim Brotherhood aggressors opened fire with illegal guns on innocent peaceful anti-Morsi protesters in Cairo, killing 12 grass-roots legitimate protesters. [35]

These are the murderous violent armed thugs who the Western media want you to believe are supposed “protesters”, simply by calling them by the deceptive euphemism of “Morsi supporters”.

By July 10, 2013, new bombings of Christian Churches began in Cairo, openly perpetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood in direct retaliation for Christian support of Morsi’s overthrow. [36] This directly continued the original Mubarak and Mossad provocations starting with the Alexandria Church bombing, which originally triggered the people’s revolution to begin with.

These facts demonstrate that all NATO-sponsored terrorist actions are related, following the same covert methods, in furtherance of the same agenda, for the same foreign interests.

By August 2013, the NATO alliance, led by the United States, made an overt move to “bring out the big guns”: Robert Ford was appointed as US Ambassador to Egypt.

Professor Michael Chossudovsky documented that Robert Ford worked closely with notorious war criminal John Negroponte to implement the “terrorist model” of destabilization through CIA-backed “death squads” in Iraq. Robert Ford actively implemented this method of covert warfare in Iraq from 2004-2006, and in Syria from 2011, primarily relying on “false flag” attacks to create artificial divisions provoking sectarian civil war in the targeted country.

These methods, directed under Robert Ford, used both British and American units, a fact that was exposed when two British Special Forces officers dressed as Iraqis were caught and arrested by Iraqi police in Basra on September 19, 2005. The British agents had been bombing Mosques and markets to blame alleged “sectarians”. (The day after the arrest, British Army tanks demolished the police jail to free their false-flag agents, to prevent their judicial trial from exposing NATO’s illegal covert warfare.)

Another famous attack under Robert Ford was the bombing of the Al Askari “Golden Dome” Mosque in Samarra on February 22, 2006. Numerous witnesses reported that US forces cordoned off and took full and exclusive control of the Mosque just prior to its bombing. The various tactics of this new foreign policy of deceptive aggression even included remote-control detonation of a vehicle with an innocent driver, to label an attack as a supposed “suicide bombing”.

Dr. Kevin Barrett documented that in 2011, Robert Ford was appointed US Ambassador to Syria, and suddenly the same false-flag provocations artificially created a wave of violence, causing the same destruction as in Iraq. Manipulated US-incited NATO-sponsored “protests” were organized, accompanied by CIA-trained death squad snipers placed on surrounding rooftops. Snipers slightly disguised as Syrian soldiers would then begin shooting at protesters, while other snipers from another rooftop, in plain clothes pretending to be protesters, would fire at soldiers. [37]

In light of the above proven facts, the United States appointment of Robert Ford as Ambassador to Egypt marked a flagrant declaration of war (at least of covert war) on the people’s nation of Egypt. It also signaled a major shift in foreign policy strategies:

The NATO alliance recognized that the people saw through their false hijacked “democracy” of false choices between foreign-backed state-sponsored terrorist supporters, and they could not manipulate the country to install “friendly regimes” anymore. Thus, the US switched to its proven methods of outright, all-out destabilization, intending to simply destroy the entire nation and cause it to become a “failed state”, exactly like Iraq, Libya and Syria.

By January 2014, the Muslim Brotherhood elements began multiple bombing attacks against Army and police vehicles and facilities in Cairo, taking credit for the attacks, admitting their connection to Al Qaeda, and specifically declaring the attacks to be retaliation for suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood. [38]

Literally hundreds of police and soldiers have been killed by this campaign of terrorist attacks. By February 2014, a related group based in Sinai (most easily infiltrated by Mossad agents) bombed a South Korean tourist bus that was leaving Sinai to cross the border into Israel. Claiming credit and warning tourists, the group demonstrated that it follows the extensively proven trademark NATO strategy of covert warfare as economic warfare through propaganda campaigns, thereby revealing its alliance with the globalist agenda. [39]

Precisely as publicly threatened by Morsi in his televised speech, the Muslim Brotherhood did in fact retaliate with openly violent, armed conflicts, targeting both innocent civilians as well as Army and police personnel. This campaign of “bloodshed” (openly declared in advance by Morsi himself), specifically following the original covert operations strategies of both Mossad and Mubarak loyalists, actively employed false-flag attacks and other terrorist methods.

At this stage of events, the Egyptian people, and their loyal Army and leadership of the Supreme Constitutional Court, thus became subjected to already proven Western-backed covert operations. The resulting violence was artificially provoked by: (1) Mossad agents, (2) Mubarak loyalists, (3) the Muslim Brotherhood, and (4) Al Qaeda backed mercenaries brought in by the Muslim Brotherhood, all four of them wholly backed by NATO sponsorship directed by neoconservative globalist interests. Egypt was then further subjected to: (5) direct NATO covert aggression from the United States itself.

These documented facts demonstrate how the NATO-sponsored covert operations for neocolonial globalist interests target any country which allows the true will of its people to assert their genuine freedom and independence from foreign control.

A first successful peaceful revolution which deposed a US “puppet regime”, met retaliation by covert operations to impose upon the people more of the same. A second successful peaceful revolution which rejected the infiltration and deposed the US-backed terrorist-related regime, met a new level of retaliation by covert operations for general destabilization of the whole country. NATO might as well have publicly declared: “If we can’t own Egypt, nobody can.”

Despite NATO interests aggressively using their full “bag of tricks” against the Egyptian people, Egypt effectively resisted, wise to the deceptions, and determined to assert their true basic human rights of self-determination and sovereign independence from Western hegemony. In fact, Egypt resisted such covert operations better, and for longer, than any other country in the Middle East.

The Egyptian people, their people’s Army who supported them even against a corrupt government, and the Supreme Constitutional Court which guaranteed their transition to real democracy free from foreign manipulation, should be praised and heralded as an outstanding example for the rest of the world.

After that victory, the true peaceful popular movement of Egypt is facing the most insidious plot in modern history. Based upon the overwhelming facts and evidence presented here, all of humanity should overwhelmingly reject the Western propaganda campaigns based solely upon false-flag NATO provocations. The people of all nations should – indeed must – finally learn the most important lesson of modern history from the Egyptian revolution, before their fundamental human rights are also violated by the neocolonial behemoth, making them the next victims.

The Egyptian people have proven to the world that humanity can rise above and overcome globalist agenda domination. But the Egyptian experience also teaches us that we must vehemently expose the truth of covert operations and enabling propaganda deceptions, in order to maintain the victories of freedom, and protect the free will of the people.

Real-World Context of the "Sentencing Scandal"

The next “propaganda bomb” to be hurled at Egypt by the Western media and NATO-aligned NGO groups, in March 2014, was the Court trial which resulted in criminal conviction with the death sentence, for 529 defendants. Buried under much inflammatory rhetoric of the mainstream media, news reports did manage to contain the following select few actual facts of the event:

On August 14, 2013, more than 545 people violently stormed a police station in Minya Cairo, using lethal force, murdered one police officer, attempted to murder two other police officers, injured many other officers, and caused damage to the facility presenting the risk of illegally seizing the official firearms weapons store of the police station. The 545 defendants were charged with inciting murder, lethal assault on a police station, armed assault against multiple victims, and related charges. The attackers were in fact registered members of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was officially outlawed and banned as a listed terrorist organization.

Of those charged, 16 people were acquitted by the trial. Of those not acquitted, 406 had been leniently released on bail or illegally absconded, and did not exercise their right to attend the trial. The 529 defendants were convicted of complicity in murder and attempted murder of police officers within an actual police station, and sentenced to the death penalty. The sentence was only from the local Court of first instance, and thus subject to multiple levels of appeal. [40]

In response to the verdict, so-called “supporters” of the convicted Muslim Brotherhood members retaliated by setting fire to a public school building near the Courthouse.

The trial reportedly involved only two short hearings of approximately 30 minutes each, which says nothing of the seven whole months of processing documentary evidence and tangible evidence which the Court conducted behind-the-scenes. The real work of processing evidence files is never done in open session in a public hearing (not in any Court in any country). The actual hearings are only a small part of a much larger process, only used for lawyers to present oral pleadings to the Court, in addition to the many written filings which lawyers present before and in between hearings.

An expert at the US policy think-tank the Brookings Institution shared the opinion of judiciary sources in Egypt, that he “doubted the sentences would be carried out”, and that it was merely a temporary shock-value move in an attempt to curtail armed criminal violence by the Muslim Brotherhood. [41]

In general, the death penalty as a concept should be disfavored in principle, as disproportionate and often with many flaws in practice. Whenever any political aspect might be involved in a case, applying the death penalty is simply unnecessary, and imprudent. Clearly it was a political mistake (at least regarding foreign policy) for the Judge to issue that sentence. However, that does not mean it was not legal, and does not mean that the sentencing was politically motivated.

In making emotionally charged sweeping condemnations, Western media and lobbying groups willfully ignored the fact that they had no factual information of substance (or refused to report any) about the merits of the case, nor enough information to presume any understanding about what really happened.

The only thing we do know, is the fact that the whole world has been subjected to a centralized media blackout against truth, coupled with raging psy-ops disinformation propaganda campaigns, through all mainstream media. Thus, the only thing we really do know, is precisely that we do not know – that we are never told anything real about the factual truth of actual events.

The highly euphemistic rhetoric of Western media, condemning “the government” of Egypt for the “mass trial” verdict against “Morsi supporters” in that trial, is self-evident as blatant propaganda:

The whole idea that “the government” is responsible for the ruling of one Judge in one local first-level Court is absurd. Of all the infamous trials and scandalous verdicts throughout the history of America, not once did anybody think to blame it all on “the government”, as if the whole country and the entire Presidential administration served as the Court.

The very phrase “mass trial” insidiously associates with war-crimes rhetoric like “mass graves” or “weapons of mass destruction”. No such phrase was ever used to describe large trials in the West, nor even the actual UN war crimes tribunals which sometimes involved hundreds of defendants. (American trials involving thousands of people are simply called a “class action”.)

The implication that armed violent criminals overtly attacking an actual police station, murdering a police officer and attempting to murder other officers are mere “supporters”, as if they were “protesters”, is equally absurd. Not one single legitimate “protest” in the history of democracy worldwide has ever consisted of an offensive military-style lethal-force attack against a police station. That simply does not fit any known definition of the word “protest”.

Under the complete media blackout of the West depriving us of the facts on the ground, combined with Egypt’s legitimate lawful judicial confidentiality (which is forcefully used by many US and EU Courts without criticism), we may never know which one of five distinctly possible and realistic scenarios actually occurred. We only know that we are in no position whatsoever to understand, whether:

(A) the local Judge could be a Mossad plant or Mubarak loyalist who infiltrated the Court as an agent provocateur to intentionally create conflict and undermine the Judiciary;

(B) the Judge was bribed, blackmailed or threatened by NATO agenda agents into making a scandalous ruling designed to embarrass the Judiciary;

(C) the Judge was planted or manipulated by the Muslim Brotherhood itself, to discredit the Judiciary as revenge for strong opposition from the Judiciary throughout Morsi’s rule, knowing that appeals would inevitably reduce or reverse the sentences;

(D) the Judiciary objectively was forced to send a strong warning to increasingly violent criminal elements, for security reasons genuinely needed by the people, knowing that extensive appeals would inevitably reduce or reverse the sentences; or

(E) the Court had received solid evidence from military security services proving that the group of Muslim Brotherhood members did in fact collectively coordinate and jointly commit an armed attack against a police station resulting in murder, and were in fact guilty.

With such gaping voids in the reporting, and so many very real possibilities (any and each of which would explain the event and contradict the propaganda-driven vilification of the entire nation and its government), nobody in the West has any rational basis to pass moral judgment. Furthermore, the so-called “international community”, dominated by merely 7 neocolonial countries (who flagrantly violated international law and fundamental human rights through illegal covert operations, to cause this whole mess to begin with) is not in any position to claim moral high ground.

Wise men have been trying to tell us this lesson of Biblical origins for two whole millennia: “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones”. [42]

It is compelling to note the legal fact, that exactly the same verdict is wholly possible under the federal laws of the United States, for precisely the same case:

US federal law features the “felony-murder” doctrine: If any person commits a felony (even if non-violent, but technically a felony-class crime, e.g. burglary or forgery), or is merely an “accessory” or participant in a felony (which is also a felony crime in itself), and in the process any person is killed (even indirectly, accidentally and unintentionally), US law strictly classifies that as “murder”. In any US State which has the death penalty (i.e. Texas), that purely technical “felony-murder”, even if otherwise appearing morally innocent, is fully punishable by imposition of a death sentence.

Under established Egyptian law, and under the new Constitution (which was overwhelmingly approved by democratic referendum by over 98% of Egyptian voters in January 2014), the Egyptian version of the American “felony-murder” law is called “inciting murder”, precisely what the defendants had been charged with, which is punishable by the death penalty if any actual murder results from the course of conduct.

Similarly under Egyptian law, working with or for foreign terrorist organizations is a crime of “high treason”, punishable by the death penalty. The Muslim Brotherhood was proven by evidence and officially classified as a “terrorist organization”, proven to be connected with foreign Al Qaeda backed by the United States. The convicted defendants were proven to be members of that organization, which is proven to have publicly called for precisely the violence which they were proven to have committed.

It should be pointed out that in the United States, under the Patriot Act and National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), if anyone is merely suspected of even indirect involvement with any terrorist organization, the person has no rights at all: no right to a lawyer, no right to due process of law in any Court, and even no right for family to be notified of the person’s detention, which is literally “indefinite”. And abundant evidence has already been publicly disclosed that the United States officially allows known torture methods of water-boarding and force-feeding to be used with such “no rights” detentions.

The same defendants would be certainly convicted (probably also with death sentences) in the US if they attacked an American police station in exactly the same way, if they were not deprived of all human rights completely and even tortured, as allowed by existing US federal law. In sharp contrast, the Egyptian Court processed evidence for months, showed great leniency by releasing about 70% of the defendants on bail (who all violated their bail), acquitted 16 defendants, held two hearings, and lawfully issued a judgment, allowing for multiple levels of appeal.

On April 28, 2014, precisely as expected, the Egyptian Court did reduce 492 death sentences from the 529 convicted defendants, commuting the sentences to 25 years imprisonment, which is similar to US sentencing guidelines for the same crimes. The mainstream media, however, completely ignored the fact that 93% of the defendants were spared the death penalty, instead selectively reporting only the biased slant that the remaining 37 death sentences were confirmed.

This major news, exonerating “Egypt” from the sweeping vilifications of the media over the original sentences, was deceptively buried as a mere trailing footnote to renewed accusations, as the same day the Court convicted a new batch of 683 armed Muslim Brotherhood attackers with the same “death sentences”, for essentially the same crimes in a different case. [43]

The media willfully ignored the fact that the commutation of 93% of death sentences in the first case indicates that the second batch was fully intended and expected to receive the same leniency despite the lawful convictions. This “media blackout” buried these facts, which prove the Judiciary was sending a warning to violent criminal elements, for legitimate security reasons to uphold the Rule of Law, knowing that almost all of the death sentences would be reversed.

The Judiciary in Egypt has been overwhelmed and overburdened. Their country is besieged by NATO state-sponsored terrorism, poorly disguised as so-called "protests", known to be used to destabilize every country from Yugoslavia to Iraq, Libya, Syria, and later also Ukraine and Argentina. They are then deceitfully vilified for every lawful effort they make to uphold the Rule of Law against those same covert operations which are proven to have caused the violence to begin with.

The armed criminal violence campaign of the Muslim Brotherhood has committed more attacks faster than the Courts can process the cases of flagrant and easily provable violations. To blame the Court for strictly applying a legitimate law, by the letter of the law, in a desperate attempt to provide some safety and security for the innocent population of the original peaceful grass-roots revolution, is absurd, contradictory, and hypocritical.


No other revolution in modern history has been so organically authentic from grass-roots, and supported by the Army defending the will of the people even against corrupt government under foreign influences, as the Egyptian revolution of 2011-2013 which deposed both Mubarak and Morsi. The truth of the events as they really happened, is an exemplary model for how humanity truly possesses the power to rise above, and overcome globalist control. The Egyptian people demonstrated wisdom and determination in seeing through the psy-ops and propaganda deceptions which dominate the modern world.

Egyptian Revolution Crowds in Tahrir Square

Egyptian Revolution Crowds in Tahrir Square

Throughout the Middle East, it has already been extensively documented and proven by alternative media, that Western mainstream media reports of so-called “peaceful protesters” actually applied that euphemism to imported mercenaries, foreign-sponsored criminals, and NATO-created death squads. This propaganda deception was especially prevalent throughout all reporting about Libya and Syria. It was also exposed that the Muslim Brotherhood was caught red-handed staging artificial video footage of a fake “protest”, in an attempt to take advantage of that Western disinformation campaign. [44] Furthermore, mainstream media was repeatedly caught and exposed for misrepresenting video footage, which actually showed the direct opposite of the false claims manufactured by journalists. [45]

We should already know better than to be misled by the same deceptions, repeated against country after country. We should not be afraid to visit Egypt only because they have the wisdom, goodness and old-world values to stand up to NATO’s insidious manipulations. Instead, we should be afraid to live under the so-called "leaders" of our own Western countries, whose corrupt and unconstitutional policies flagrantly violate all international laws, and aggressively systematically dismantle all our human rights worldwide.

We should not demonize Egypt because it had a legitimate people’s revolution that was successful. Instead, we should rightly blame the Western “elites” for their own covert operations to sabotage and retaliate for that peaceful revolution. Moreover, we should be much more worried about the Western countries (like the United States and Britain) who failed to have any revolution, passively enabling the alarming acceleration of neo-imperial tyranny against the whole world.

We should refuse to allow the NATO governments to continue their treasonous, illegal, unconstitutional “governance” by fear and control any longer. We should refuse to tolerate the mostly self-appointed “leaders” who incessantly advance only globalist oligarchic interests at the expense of humanity itself.

The Egyptian transitional government, actually being the Supreme Constitutional Court, began to declare openly in September 2013 that Egypt was determined to reject globalist control. Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade, Mounir Abdel-Nour announced that Egypt would not seek any loans from the International Monetary Fund, because IMF conditions directly undermine sovereignty of any country which accepts them. He dramatically revealed that Egypt “is currently facing a plot, which appears clearly through terror acts and stances of some international media outlets against the government and democracy.”

The Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy announced a major shift away from the NATO axis towards the embracing arms of anti-agenda Russia, stating that “Egypt appreciates Russia’s supporting stance to the Egyptian people’s will… Egyptian foreign policy is seeking to develop relations with Russia, boost bilateral cooperation and enhance mutual interests.” [46] He might as well have plainly said ‘Please protect our anti-globalist victory of the people, and save us from the evil empire, so that together we can stop them from doing this to the whole planet’.

The whole world should (and must) follow the example of the people of Egypt, to insistently, persistently, relentlessly and peacefully demand and assert their basic human rights and fundamental freedoms.

We must not tolerate taking cheap propaganda “pot shots” at Egypt for alleged “human rights violations”, only in petty defense of agent provocateurs perpetrating state-sponsored terrorism for globalist interests imposed by NATO. Instead, we must invoke the Rule of Law against the worst and most large-scale, mass human rights violations in modern history, which are committed by NATO itself.

While the Western oligarchs use “weapons of mass distraction” to tell you what to think about false “human rights” claims arising from their own manipulations, they continue steam-rolling the destruction of all human rights all over the world. By inflammatory rhetoric of supposed “human rights” criticisms against foreign sovereign countries, they want the world populations to never remember – and never invoke – the binding international laws prohibiting their real human rights violations by the NATO axis.

Here is what the evil globalist agenda agents want you to never figure out, and never use against them to reclaim and defend the freedom of humanity:

Mainstream media propaganda and disinformation campaigns, especially to wage information war against foreign countries, specifically by “false news”, are specifically prohibited by force of international law. Propaganda used to falsely justify warfare, sanctions or military intervention, especially to incite violence, including destabilization or covert warfare, is a direct violation. Media defamation campaigns vilifying a foreign country or interfering in its internal affairs is an egregious violation. It is explicitly prohibited to exploit “distortions” of alleged “human rights” issues to interfere with foreign states.

Covert operations for destabilization, subversion or interference in the internal affairs of a foreign state, especially supporting “rebellion”, including by economic interference, are also specifically prohibited by international law.

All of those propaganda and covert operations tactics, which are extensively proven to be used by the NATO alliance incessantly, are strictly prohibited under the following international laws:

  • UN Declaration on the Inadmissibility of Intervention and Interference in the Internal Affairs of States, Sections 1(c), 2(c), 2(e), 2(f), 2(j), 2(k), 2(l), 3(d);
  • UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Articles 20.1, 20.2.

All of the above are in fact international crimes, which constitute very real human rights violations. These international laws are already fully binding upon all countries which are members of the United Nations.

Not only governments of offending countries are liable for these global human rights violations. Any and all private parties, corporate entities, and even individuals who are caught perpetrating, facilitating or enabling these violations, are guilty of international crimes. That includes all the oligarchs and politicians visible in the news every day flagrantly supporting propaganda and covert operations, as well as the mainstream media network outlets and their executives.

All of those non-government perpetrators, who we see on the news in our faces committing these crimes every day, are fully liable under the following international laws:

  • UN Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power, Article 8;
  • UN Declaration on the Right and Responsibility of Individuals Groups and Organs of Society to Promote and Protect Universally Recognized Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, Articles 10, 11.

These are the most important, most fundamental human rights – the rights of freedom from the globalist neocolonialist agenda of NATO, which subversively causes and artificially creates all of the other regional and local violations of human rights.

All other supposed “human rights” violations ultimately flow from these primary large-scale global violations by the NATO alliance. Unless and until the peoples of more nations follow Egypt’s example, and demand that their leaders put a stop to these rampant violations of international law, nothing else matters.

Tahrir Square Round 2 Impeaching Morsi

Tahrir Square Round 2 Impeaching Morsi

Prince Judge Matthew Greene, Ph.D.  

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My Advice to Bankers About to Become Whistleblowers Screen_Shot_2014-01-31_at_1.24.34_PM.png

Today another banker has been "suicided".  3rd Banker this week.

Something is definitely up...  

My advice to Bankers about to become whistleblowers is don't tell anyone.  Have your escape route planned.  And go public immediately without procastinating.  The sooner you become famous the more difficult it will be for the ILLUMINATI HITMEN to be able to get away with killing you and making it look like suicide.

They don't want martyrs.  Take advice from Snowden.  Bags packed, find a country sympathetic to your cause with whom you can exchange intel.  But first and foremost don't use any phones, computers or trust any household appliances.  If you want to reach the CIA, NSA or any other agency of note simply TALK TO THE WALL.


A bit of light humor to keep in mind while you are contemplating your options:


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More from Monarch 47 - Transhuman This is the 2nd communique from Monarch 47.  This document (the 2nd Communique from Monarch 47) is pasted below as text and available here to download as a PDF.

Go here to read the first release.

Monarch 47: Altered Human Brain

Dear Kerry,

Thank you for posting my first public disclosure that I am a modified human being. As a person living as a survivor of the MK Ultra Monarch program I feel very lucky to have Project Camelot as a resource to release information. I’ve always thought it IRONIC that the first program for societal engineering was called PROJECT CAMELOT. You know, MONARCHS always come home.

For you and your readers, I am TRANSHUMAN BEING. I am 100% human. I just have expanded consciousness. I remember who I am through the sands of time.

HUMANS have average intelligence but VERY limited consciousness about themselves. The power of intention is elemental. Our Chakra system limits us to life on Earth and separates the memories of who we are into categoriesof concepts. The goal of MK Ultra was to create a container that could hold intelligence levels in the 200 to 800 IQ range in compartmentalized containers.

That is what the Anunnaki ancestors had available in thought power. That is why you can see plug holes in my photographs. They were bending brain tissue into folds for more IQ power and access to off- world data through satellite telemetry.

It also increases telepathic abilities in human beings. This is one of the ways the Annunaki of past lives sent consciousness out through satellite rocketry and stellar telemetry. Consciousness is contained within the vibrational rates of the elements. This is particle physics. Vibrational rates do matter.


I was also trained on compartmentalized data actually stored on targeted cells and bone tissue to receive and emit certain types of activation and response rays. These were emitted from the Voyager and Titan satellites. Both recently retired. My brain waves were decoupled from the satellites as Voyager left the solar system. It was a very strange sensation in my consciousness has VOYAGER hit deep space. I will always have a spiritual connection in that satellite. The craft contained elements which hold consciousness. It also held a projector.

During the 1960’s and 70’s it was thought that targeting an individual for assassination was better than targeting a civilian population. They would send a practice beam at me during testing. I would locate the pain and they would draw a BULLS EYE to show the satellites accuracy. I did have burns and catch my hair on fire during testing. Burn healing was part of my hypnosis training. It actually helped reduce pain and speed healing significantly. Thank goodness because in concentrated forms the rays can be very painful.


I made an effort to find out what was wrong with me by using CAUSE and EFFECT reasoning skills. I could not remember my life story until 2012. I had to work with PROFESSIONALS by using EMDR therapy to correct visual hypnosis.


Monarch 47: Altered Human Brain

I discovered research that supported the fact that certain crystals in ANY HUMAN ear can be made to vibrate with resonance when stimulated. When I hear tones in my left and right ears I always suspect I am being targeted by satellite rays. The tones usually last for a few minutes or hours not days. I receive information at different frequencies into either my subconscious for dreaming or directly to consciousness for ideas.

Your heart has these crystals too and they can resonate back and break causing instant death. I believe this has contributed to permanent changes in the genetic code and is a resonance weapon. DNA was ILLUMINATI coded in the BOOK of DANIEL. ILLUMINATI CODE: DANIEL (I EL DAN) (I EL DNA) (EIL DNA). Now final code: DNA LIE missing V or LIVE. In Illuminati code it means that the emotions (VENUS) like love are deleted from the code. I believe this is the root of autism.

We cant feel our mother earth because the original genetics were broken from LUCY and we lost our butterfly DNA. Our natural antennae or psychic ability for detecting natural red sunlight was deleted. Instead it was used by navigational satellites for people tracking. Our higher frequencies were eventually lost by nuclear open air testing and weapons release.

Our world government decided to try a repair with radio waves and blue aluminum. Big industry agreed to sell their waste aluminum for aerosol purposes to reflect the Sun rays so Earth did not burn up in 1950. They knew they had borrowed time. They asked the original ancestors to return and solve the problem so they made containers. Thats how I got made with super consciousness to analyze.


In the nuclear testing age, the militaries (reptilians and raptors) ripped the space time continuum so no souls could escape. They wanted to allow incoming visitors and filter outgoing energies. To do this they created vast antennae arrays. Eventually they named them HAARP. This is because the ANGELS (children) can be stimulated by the HAARP arrays. Data could be collected on the ANGELS and they could be used for covert human testing, especially with Nano machines and vaccine weapons.


In my ancient alien theory, the gods are not nice and our energy is trapped. The Sea god ENKI and the Air god ENLIL designed a FATAL TRAP DOOR. That is why we have the largest number of souls on the planet. They are going to reduce all consciousness to a manageable level.


They used a special ENERGY device to steal some frequencies needed for life on the planet. They took red light codes and sunlight codes from nature. They had to find a way to hold the atmosphere together. They can’t because blue aluminum is a temporary weapon against cosmic energy.

Our ancestors have torn the atmosphere with nuclear energy over and over in our history. This time it welcomes an ancient visitor with unclear intentions. Nonetheless, a house here on Earth is being built for this permanent and highly advanced resident with ancestors from mother earth. The data on my


Monarch 47: Altered Human Brain

ciphers suggested the Illuminati code: LUCIFER (Lucy Hurt). The original hominid was altered against the species will. This advanced species works in league with the other very ancient ancestors that survive everything, the roach.


The most ancient species of roach like insects practice ritual incest. They operate in well-defined groups with an appetite for the young, especially males. These secret practice pedophilia and incest in their underground hives while funding places to grow host materials.

Where are the wasp hives you ask? Behind closed doors, access denied, that’s why ILLUMINATI bloodline to support the secret infrastructure of secret societies. These energies are very much human. These beings withhold supernatural information linked to evolutionary accidents by limiting access to high knowledge like science. They use religious mind control instead to make you do what they want. They live the EASY WAY. The slaves live the HARD WAY. No MIDLINE anymore.


Nature is used to providing for the people for free. The bee crisis is intentional. The honey bee is useful for spreading and cultivating life. He has been targeted by pest-I-cide. Do you see the word play? Life is being extinguished. The pests (traditional families) have mutated, been stopped or given poison. This is FAMILIAR GENOCIDE. The earth is being killed. Knowing my parents and ancestors like I do you can bet that they will scavenge from you.

The other species is the raptors (rapers, spoils of war). Do you see the ILLUMINATI word play?


In ancient times, the DEAD SEA was the experimental “pond”. It is not just salt, it generates invisible air currents that a crystalline form of life. This contains the energetic material that needs low density atmosphere to live. It allows a spiritual structure for individual consciousness which exists as impressions.

The release of nuclear energy to create these salt ponds will encourage a new form of consciousness to developoverthenext750millionyearsbeforefreshwaterexistsagain. Thenewmastersofearthwill use these nuclear salt ponds to make new sperm in the future that is nuclear powered so males can conceive life and replicate themselves.

To cover this PREPLANNED ENDING our ancestors designed total destruction of life as we know it. Our dinosaurs and monuments have been “covered up” by the sands of time. Our oil is the black blood of the earth from the ancient primate wars of the past with reptilians.

My experience with certain groups leads me to believe that Fukishima is a dire warning. The WHITE HATS in law enforcement and military must to clean up messes immediately and use good science and MORALS. Blessed be Whistleblowers.


Monarch 47: Altered Human Brain

The ancestor races intend to destroy every last living cell on the planet with the mass release of nuclear energy, radiation and waste. There will be several layers of mass casualties all tailored to fit off world appetites for appeasement of ancient arguments and wars. They say they are balancing the karma by repaying it but it makes no sense to repeat the cycle of DOOM.

While the observers are here they are wrapping them in energy fields controlled by vast antennae arrays scattered throughout our solar system. The ARTIFICIAL DATA POINTS are doing their job of rounding up all the victims just like WEBS in NATURE. This SOLAR SYSTEM will not ESCAPE AGAIN. QUARANTINE STANDS. At least that is what I can remember from the MONARCH experiments in social engineering. Only VOYAGER escaped the UNIVERSE.


In this timeline, family members have hidden homosexuality and pedophilia for generations behind house walls. My life was brutal. It is an Illuminati tool for ORGANIZED advancement. Not getting caught is top tier success for KINGS and DONS.


I tried for over twenty years to unlock my hypnotically sealed trauma memories using behavior science, acupuncture, meditation, etc. During my research into behavioral sciences I learned methods for positive thinking and reasoning skills when things felt wrong.

During my research, I tried to REASON what my fathers were looking for during experimental surgeries and explorations. I found two key IDENTITY and TIME markers. The first ID issue was the satellite telemetry and the effects certain rays have on feelings and health.

We are becoming aware of wireless technology now. The control of the Sun’s energy was very important to industry and military. They wanted to understand the mysterious ball of light.

The second major revelation that I had was we are connected from Earth to the Sun through an invisible channel of infrared ground based energy. I hypothesized that our bodies would CONNECT us to the LEY LINE GRID on EARTH. I considered the type of link that could work EFFORTLESSLY and not be noticed. It could hold a grid in place and no one ever had to know it was there. I became obsessed with finding the connection points.

Through careful RESEARCH I discovered a MIDLINE SYSTEM of ENERGY CRYSTALS. These lie protected in the center of our bodies. They connect our FIVE SENSES. They ENERGIZE our bodies. I discovered tiny crystals in our bodies that matched earth’s frequencies. I found out that our senses were traumatized by WAR. Each CRYSTAL LINK was tied to a major organ system in our bodies. I realized that our TRAUMA, WARS, SLAVERY and CHILD SEX behaviors were breaking our ANGELIC NATURE or our CRYSTAL LINKS.

When I applied ILLUMINATI CODE I realized that ORGANIZED GROUPS were breaking the CRYSTAL LINKS intentionally. Red is our spine or ROOT. Our blood carries magnetic gel. These receive frequencies from


Monarch 47: Altered Human Brain

the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS and COSMOS to help us SYNC with Universe. Based on this outcome of CAUSE and EFFECT thinking the MUTATING of MIDLINE makes SENSE.

If CRYSTALS are out of alignment then we are OFF OUR AXIS. Our EARTH and her POLES are out of alignment with COSMOS.


I discovered that our COLLECTIVE minds have been traumatized and our EYES hold the memories locked in REM sleep. I completed EMDR treatment under professional care to recover these memories. My REM sleep has decreased and now I can remember who I am. I began to remember why we are flipping our POLES and changing our MAGNETISM.


On August 31, 2012, I was at work having a normal day but started having body seizures. I was seizing and hearing satellite tones. I began to have my memory stream back to me. It was like a fever breaking. I did have to ground myself because I was dizzy so I sat on the floor. I was able to open sealed compartments of memory. I used no hypnosis just meditation and sleep. I also prayed to heal nature, heal me and heal our deep personal wounds. I did eat grain and drink electrolytes when I felt sick.

Inside my hypnotically sealed memories were the deeds of our government, their attempts to contact ancient aliens and advanced technology using beams, telemetry and telepathy. Inside my memories were mostly my own torture and healing process. Most of my memories had to do with the cover-ups and long range plans of UNCLEAR INTENTIONS. Of utmost concern to me is NUCLEAR ENERGY.


In the archetype for the future, NUCLEAR ENERGY causes a MIDLINE MUTATION. When applied to higher life forms, the concept fit perfectly with the GRAY ALIEN STEROTYPE. There is also an Illuminati word-letter-feeling code for “gay anger” in the Sterotype. Based on reports that these are futuristic beings, I speculated the BEING would not eat nor reproduce. ALL OF THESE ARE MIDLINE BRAIN STRUCTURES. No teeth, no tummy, no voice.


Of course large reptilians like to own the world. That is why they desire to own massive food, minerals, land, and water resources. They can live anywhere now. They NEED WATER, Salt and Fresh. They are primitive and ancient. That is why they do not feel empathy. Safe containment was the only answer so they could release the need for a large mass of assets over time. They have never been caught or punished. They are literally the consciousness of the dinosaurs. Their world was destroyed. They enjoy riddles and word games. That was the first form of advanced consciousness, language.


Monarch 47: Altered Human Brain


The first ILLUMINATI CODE that I unpacked in memory compartments was this: EVIL = LIVE. That means that HUMANITY needs to FIGHT EVIL to LIVE! The code also recognizes the dual nature of life as good and evil mixed together at times. The question is how to define normal behavior. After WWII, these issues were front and center in society.

In my case, I was the SPRING Goddess ISIS and I was chosen at only 16 months old to be sacrificed. The babies and the children who are raped are the connection or bond from Heaven to Earth. The red crystal in the spines of our babies is broken and crushed. There are so many raped babies, children and people in general the Earth fell over. Anal sex breaks these crystals. That is why it was “Unholy”.

These CRYSTAL LINKS are in the tail of the spine and are supposed to provide warmth and a connection to the Mother Earth. It was our true root. Our hemoglobin was changed to bind iron and oxygen in an artificial way so we could receive ancient satellite signals from our ancestors.

I am a SYMBOLIC nature goddess HANDCRAFTED by the highest OCCULT FREEMASONS. My grandfather was viewed SYMBOLICALLY as HERMES or ENKI from Babylon. The MILITARY INTELLIGENCE symbolically were sacrificing NATURE. That is why we live in a VERY dangerous NUCLEAR AGE. Everything that Earth was could be lost if Disclosure is not achieved. My models are showing a possible Pole shift and magnetic reversal.


When I began to add my language research into ancient concepts from early creation myths I began to construct a pattern. This includes war, trauma, slavery, poverty and in particular the rape of anything living. I considered the LEY LINE shift from FRACKING EARTH.

What if child rape with broken baby crystals and all the blood with magnetic forces has fallen on the Earth so much she fell over once. What if FRACKING is the final key? Pole shift happened ONCE, we lean away from MIDLINE. This time Earth may fall.


Our Mother Earth could not support the raping behavior and in simple physics the ley line system was broken. There were not enough of the tailbone crystals aligned with natural red sunlight anymore to continue to be upright on the grid of COSMOS.

It was a cosmic test from true ILLUMIATI or those who planned the GREATER COSMOS. Then BOND between HEAVEN and EARTH LOST. Nature is a gift and not SATANIC. Militaries exploit your beliefs and start make-believe WARS. Mother Earth learned to coexist but these EXTREME agendas took life away and controlled it too much. DNA has been replaced with more artificial code for visual stimulation and brain wave entrainment.


Monarch 47: Altered Human Brain


The inter-dimensional beings have been here observing this preplanned DOOMSDAY events. They are able to transgress between third, fourth and fifth dimensions using small portals they create. Others like the very intelligent large human ancestors remain here in safe NATURAL shelters. These species are generally not aggressive until provoked but they are wise.

Nature is working together to ELEVATE CONSCIOUSNESS in preparation for the shift in TIME that will OCCUR. Pole shift is occurring as the crystal links are being broken in the bodies of our babies, toddlers and young children that bind us to the earth ley line grid. (Illuminati code: LEY LINE lay with lion).


On EARTH, our red mineral deposits are rapidly disappearing. Red crystals contain crystalized hydrogen but when it breaks no more resonance for Earth. She is a dead core of iron ore and silicon at that point. The fathers before us sent nuclear radiation balls down to the core so she can power up on new fuel.

The salinity of entire oceans is being changed. One fresh for now and one salt, but nuclear salts. SALTS = Tal Greys and could be related to SALT agreement.

Our parents and ancient ancestors made secret agreements. No more resonance with COSMOS in the same manner. With nuclear salts immortality is possible. Being in a human body is not. IMMORALITY has a cost, no midline for IMMORALITY.

The Northern Pole is unlocking the GATES to HEAVEN as the resonance changes that’s why the TRUMPET videos and strange sounds were heard. Atmospheric frequencies are being changed to hold the hydrogen inside the sphere so water does not escape to space again. The cosmic rays lock onto water and suck them dry into the black hole of the galactic center.

The South Pole is melting fast to OPEN HER HEART and COSMIC RAYS that will set her free. It may happen so fast that it will seem like a disappearing act for those on board. Methane will be released because our ancestors liked big explosions. At least that is what my model space suggests is planned on the LOOKING GLASS time line. Code Red.


No HUMAN knows the TIME CODES. COSMOS or TIME codes are sent through stellar radio and other frequencies to our crystals for a natural life in harmony. We need our crystals intact. These are needed for bonding, health and growth. They originate from the greater cosmos and contain individual life plans and plans for nature and life itself.


Agreements made at the spiritual level are fulfilled here in the heart codes. I have heard rumors of an advanced human race that traveled from the future to save NOW.


Monarch 47: Altered Human Brain


The rumors I have heard through the INTERNET were of aliens who were shot down at ROSWELL by the ground based radar system of 1947. The captured ALIENS were a group. The two that died immediately incarnated as humans by transferring consciousness. They walk among you today in high positions and carry the AGENDA for CHANGE in the INVISIBLE LIGHT and SOUND RANGE.


The other two were ancient ancestors. They were YOUNG ALIENS and considered themselves LOVE GODS and GODDESSES. According to what my Scottish Eastern Star grandmother said this is where the lore of fairies came from. They were new age kids that flew like butterflies and dragonflies. These life forms were gifts from the Universe. They were too beautiful and had to hide themselves in the bushes.

In my grandmothersfable, the older gods began to hunt the pair, their offspring. Each one was separated and lured by love or money. In the end both were destroyed by the ancient raptor and reptilians their own blood parents. These two ANGELS ONE BLACK and ONE BLUE were left behind with tattered wings.

The family called it the Circle of Lifeor targeted destruction of two family strands; disabled people and the lessor ones. Eventually though something changed and the parent family began to medically try to make repairs to the offspring. In this story of love, compassion is born. Service to others did begin and then the old way of sex and greed set in.

Then the parents tried to set a floor for those who had issuesand define them to help them. Still, old traditions die hard at the top and the practice continued above the law. These children were identified and a monetary value assigned as benefits. The lessor and the disabled now had a value.

If a disabled person, especially a child, is very lucky they will get through life not raped. If they are very lucky they will be cared for by family or state.


Male was MARS. Female was VENUS. Illuminati coded cipher: Mars War. See the W is flipped so polarity shifts to WAR when MARS has no floor or stability. The W stands for women and females. Fertility is connected to iron like blood.


One black nobility consciousness was called JR. He was the the son of ENKI. He was in alive as a TRANSHUMAN being until 2010. I met him when he came to attend the death of my white ancestor ENKI. ENKIhere on Earth was one of the highest ranking FREEMASONS the equivalent of HERMES in Freemason lore. JR died 9 months after my grandfather from an overdose of synthetic heroin. In Babylonian tradition, this would signal a change of guard. Our ancestors are a mess and the ANGELS too.


Monarch 47: Altered Human Brain


The other alien consciousness was from VENUS. She was the only survivor of a WAR started by MARS. Her consciousness was LOVE, FAMILY and NATURAL GROWTH. Not forced. She was caught, tortured and eventually FROZEN in TIME. It turns out that the JOB of the two “male” aliens was to trap the female consciousness of VENUS or LOVE and destroy her. Thus the Catholic, FATHER SON and HOLY GHOST (LIFE). This represents the destruction and control of nature, right down to the single atomic structure. Our families are destroyed so the AGENDA has worked very well.

At this point, NATURE is just FIXING MISTAKES made by AGGRESSIVE BEINGS. They have never admitted they ripped a FATAL HOLE in the ATMOSPHERE during NUCLEAR TESTING. The grid is falling apart.

The JAPANESE CONSCIOUSNESS is LEAVING. The love of JAPAN is LEAVING. The babies are mutating. The thyroid (speech area) is contaminated and silent. Nodules grow. Consciousness IS intention represented by ATOMIC WEIGHTS for purity. This is the secret CHOSEN ONES hide. Female life and natural birth is leaving EARTH. Nuclear energy carried by wireless lines is targeting in on our blood lines. This is mutating the fish lineor sperm.


They CALL themselves “Space Angels” and are true Annunaki bloodline descendants with enhanced consciousness. I hear they are quiet scientists with expanded awareness.

These Souls were the ones the family chose to ritually sacrifice. They follow an HONOR CODE. When they “die” they meet in their ANGELIC form complete with wings and super charged intention and energy. Over time, even this group became warped by nuclear energy. They became addicted too. Earth has VERY FEW of these time travellers left. This is why the good guys are weak.

Earth is quarantined. Earth is a now known as a point in the COSMOS as the OPPOSITE of LOVE.

The white woman bloodline is nearly extinct and that was a desired outcome so the LIGHT (skin) would be extinguished. Japan nuked. China aborted. US abandoned its women. It was off to work you go.


The system was especially aggressive about placing children in Foster Care. It took the children of woman for trade, child sex and put them in education camps and different homes that practiced pedophilia and child slavery. The business owners paid her minimum wage and always took some back to finance prisons for black brothers and sons.

All women became ensnared in the sex trades. The extinction and disabling of the females power was a chosen secret subproject: RACE & GENDER EXTINCTION. Population control and poverty was caused by jailing the young man but especially black men. No family model developed. The AGENDA for destruction was underway long ago with self- financing circles for enslavement.


Monarch 47: Altered Human Brain


Now it is obvious why immigration had to be done. This was a sacrifice of blood and DNA (DAN) to the ancient ancestors of the Mayans and Aztecs. White women were hated by their families, bisexual mates, other races and themselves. White women agreed to be sacrificed as long as they don’t have to come back in reincarnation. They wont ever be significant in the United States in large numbers ever again.

The cycles just repeat in the sands of time. Women in general became the slaves of sex and work with little advancement and exhaustion. They became this current generations single parents out of desperation to keep kids safe from sexual Dads, Grandpas, Boyfriends, Friends, Uncles and Strangers.

By using certain tools like abortion, poverty, drugs, disease and isolation from family in one generation extinction has been achieved to the extent no new blond hair or blue, green eyed people will be born unless bought and cloned. Asian females have been a target for a long time too. African females are always under pressure to raise children alone by custom.

According to the stories from the LOOKING GLASS, the only way to beat evil is LIVE in a different consciousness field. JROD used to tell me to look up when he was here. At least that is the mythology of the future from the past. Now I see the overall plan for the new world order.


From what I can tell about ancient archeology is this race was an amazing group of travellers from the stars. They were completely diverse and mostly peaceful. In time, they became the most excellent resources of wisdom for their children.

When my ancient family was human, they left great tales of epic battles and books about the Roman Gods and Greeks and the Universe. Some groups called themselves the Tribe.


Certain bloodlines modify their children by decreasing the energetics of the baby and toddler. They are breaking crystals to decouple the child from Cosmos and Earth. This is because prayers and mental thoughts stopped transmission. This is because the ancient time TRIBES hid themselves in shame. They broke the natural links to Earth with artificial coloring in the light spectrum.

This signals to COSMOS and EARTH that the child has been exposed to NEGATIVE things. Illuminati code is “Sins of the Fathers”. The child becomes a “soulless zombie”. They can’t be detected by the eyes (rays) of the greater Cosmos and the Mother Earth. These children are “hard to reach”. Their life is HELL.

This is why it is called Satanism. The Illuminati code for SANTA is SATAN. That means that Santa lures kids to sit on his lap and become SATAN. The ancient ancestors prefer willing victims and easy prey.


Monarch 47: Altered Human Brain


These rays from COSMOS are being replaced with many other unhealthy wavelengths. The rays on Earth are being replaced with artificial wavelengths that stimulate the ancient DNA from Dinosaurs.

Even the harmonics of music have been changed to a different frequency. This is to vibrate the whole Earth in a technological way to accept the incoming race of GRAY beings. It appears that the PACIFIC is the sacrifice to the gods. The great mammals and other species in those waters and lands will be moving to higher dimensions through death.


These are the END TIMES. The military psychologists directly violated my personal consciousness. This is the worst mental assault on a child I can describe and violates FREE WILL. This treads on the reason to even occupy a human body. These guys restrained me, shot me with exotic lasers, dug crystals out of my spine, eyes, ears and on and on. I was only a disabled baby.

What is the point of a HUMAN MIND if someone else has programmed its use as a slave before you get it? This is a serious transgression against all the different races of beings that contributed to the EARTH project. This also speaks to the deceptive nature of secret societies and shame management with cover- ups. These are crimes against humanity.


The men who pioneered medical and scientific advances were brilliant. Sadly, many became TWISTED and took advantage of their freedom from oversight. That is really what happened in the MK Ultra Monarch, Marionette and Alphabet Soupstuff. There was no oversight, no arrests and all in the name of national security.

During my time in Monarch, I was interrogated about my memories from ancient Babylon. When I told them my name in my past life was ANNA, they went crazy. They performed a mock ritual and crowned me with a brown paper bag. I was made to eat feces while they drew a crown with urine. I was sitting in a wheelchair with a blue aluminum halo and broken spine. These psychologists and interrogation specialists were definitely not protecting me at age three.

These secret society members and religious priests engaged in extreme behavior to change the MASS IDEA of normal sexuality. Media has always supported, protected and fostered the success of extreme behavior and pedophiles. There really is an AGENDA for change. In my generation PEDOPHILIA and CHILD SEXUAL SLAVERY has been the NUMBER ONE overlooked CRIME.

Nature is very balanced, but HUMANS are not. Evolution came from the life around us. If you notice the CHARACTERISTICS of the WORLD around you and study it at high levels the mystery unravels like a ball of yarn. I like to tell myself that GOD is all around me in MOTHER NATURE. I am never alone. I always notice.


Monarch 47: Altered Human Brain

We carry skills in our genetic structure given to us by many living things. We contain the COSMOS of our ancestors by cellular structure and the use of energy. I consider our talents and body structures a COSMIC gift from MANY other intelligent life forms. This is the true gift of evolution. We have to defend ourselves from EVIL so we can LIVE.

Love, Monarch 47

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Winged Victory 2012 Blue Aluminum Halo CEREMONIAL DOLLAR ANGEL (1964)




]]> (Kerry Cassidy) Written Interviews & Reports Mon, 20 Jan 2014 15:28:43 -0600
Revelations from an EU Official revelatinstitle

The following is a written transcript of an audio interview with a state official of a European Union country.  It contains a number of key points concerning coming times, various races including reptilians, and his journey into higher levels of power within the government.


This interview is pasted into the body of this frame for ease in searching terms etc.  However, due to the strange formatting issues with Word there are spacing issues.  The pdf file however has a better layout.







Just background.....

D:            When I go into the off-world contacts you can you can identify me as an official in a European Member State to make it fairly loose when I go into the off-world stuff.

K:            For me, in terms of your trajectory, can you give me just the nuts and bolts in how you got from point A to point B to where you are today in the position you are in?  Did you have some special help to get into those positions that you hold?

D:             My country is a small country to get a job, everyone has to have some help.  

K:             So was the help coming from any direction, in other words, associated with the Vatican, Academia etc?

D:             No, no.  Let’s say local politics but on top of local politics there was the off-world connection.

K:             Did you feel this was a positive off-world connection that was guiding you, or helping you along, or not?

D:             It’s mixed.  Now, I was made aware of this off-world connection and I was asked to do a lot of reading on Helena Blavatsky.  I was instructed to read books like ‘Isis Unveiled’ and ‘The Secret Doctrine’ as well as ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings’ to prepare me. I was also referred to the old Egyptian religion and pointedly the ‘Egyptian Book of the Dead’. I was pointedly told that ,typically, eighty years after the inception of any religion, it {the religion] starts to get distorted, usually in a severe fashion, as careerists under illuminati or parallel agendas.   

                 I went through the material and I was also alerted to certain situations in the past, certain anomalies, a point in fact being the high point of the nuclear crisis between the US and Russia in the early Sixties and, I was given an indication about how the situation had been resolved through an off-world connection.  If one follows the exchanges between the Kennedy side and the Russian side one can note that the correspondence appears to be erratic.  The situation was this: Kennedy was hot headed, Jackie was less so.  What off world controllers did was this: a phone call to the Russian side was faked – simulated with Kennedy’s voice and that is why the sequence is so erratic and that is why the Russian reaction was so bizarre.  That is why you see the Americans answering the first letter from Khrushchev to Kennedy and not the second angry letter[1].

K:            So, the faked Kennedy voice, was this trying to escalate or calm down the situation?

 D:           No, to calm them down . . . to diffuse.

K             But Kennedy’s real reaction was more aggressive?

P             Yes and akin to that of an arrogant young boy–  although towards the end of his life he changed a bit.

K:            What does Jackie have to do with it?

P;            Because Jackie was in to Buddhism and so on.

K:            Did they reach her?

D:            They used to her to calm things down in the background.

K:            Are you able to say who ‘they’ is?

D:            Let’s say – a parallel civilisation or better civilisations. One parallel human civilisation which some of us are about which is Neuschwabenland and has a population of  between 20,000 to 30 000 is governed by councils.  There are another 3 parallel civilisations.  One has a population of about ½ million, another of 5 million.  There are 3 groups: R, A and L.  R are the reptilians; A are the Atlanteans; L are the Lemurians.  The Atlanteans number about ½ million and the Lemurians about 5 million, although the populations sizes vary.  Within the Lemurian side there are 4 sub races.  The Atlanteans and Lemurians work well relatively together. The Reptilians are opposed to them.  The Atlantean technology is more advanced than the Lemurian.  When Atlantis collapsed some of the survivors moved somewhere else, but they are still with us in close proximity, although time flows rather differently there.[2]

K:             Right.  To Egypt

D:            No, not only.  Another, is Lemuria still maintains a strong contact with people on this earth, including China.

K:             And they are in the Pacific Ocean – in these under Sea bases?

D:             No.

O:              Are you able to say where they are?

D:            I will tell you off camera.  I will give you some hints.  You have books like the ‘Lord of the Rings’ which refer to real situations – the Hobbits are the humans[3].  This is opening and closing dimensions – going around.

Have you heard about Nicholas Montserrat?  He wrote a book called ‘The Time Before This’.  There is a link.

K:             The ones you are referring to: are you able to describe their physicality?  Within these groups, you are saying there are at least 4 different groups within the Lemurian.  There have to be several different groups within the Atlantean Group too?

D:             Possibly. However, it is my understanding that their society is governed by monarchs and they still use Sanskrit, in its in a fashion more akin to its pre-Vedic form. However, all the groups interact, including the very small numbers of humans there, possibly 100 or so interact freely. However, the reptilians demand that the humans join their hands in supplication when they are approached. As an aside, it is not permitted for the [visiting] humans to take live video or pictures there, although they are permitted to write about their experience.  

K:             How did this information come to you about these groups?

D:             I was informed.

K:             From a human source or was it a download or psychic perception?

D:             By someone who ought to be dead a long time ago.

K:             Did you see my Time Travel conference? I have some information about this?

D:             Yes, I did.

K:             Did you see the story that I told at the end about people who are supposed to be dead that aren’t?

D:             Yes, I think I did.

K:            So this person who is supposed to be dead: 1. are they one of those people who has lived here a long time because they have gotten the key to longevity?

D:            You could say that.

K:             Or, 2. are they one of the people that has been exposed to the reverse ageing process or, 3. do they come over from the parallel?

D:            The first bit.  Number 1 and number 3 – they are connected. But even 2. is possible[4].

K:            The longevity key and the parallel dimension. But you don’t want to say who this person is?

D:            I can give you some hints.  He is Russian and I can give you something interesting else. You know about the Russian Imperial family – you know that they were executed. Everybody thinks that Anastasia was the one who got away – actually it was Alexis who got away. The boy.  He was brought to Great Britain and his descendants are still alive in the UK.[5]

D:            I think there was a deal by different sides to arrive at this situation. This person knew Alexis – they were close.

K:            Do you have any Russian descent or blood line in you?  

D:            No.

K:            Is there is some reason why they chose you to approach?

D:            I had been defrauded of a hell of a lot of money. They said we have chosen you because we know you have been defrauded, but you did not go negative. That is how they select certain people. That is one of the ways that they test people.

K:            And how were you defrauded – in what field?

D:             Lets say commercial.  But then it was partly a karma thing because the person whom I had defrauded, I had badly treated in Germany in the 1940s. I had maltreated him in the 1940s.

K:            To keep the thread alive.....

K:            Was this person that you mention, are they a sort of a mentor – are they in the government?

D:             No, not at all.

K:            So, how did you get into this position in the government?

D:            I applied for a job.  I was qualified. To some extent I was given the job a few months before I would normally have gotten it.  The process was accelerated. But it wasn’t involving anything negative.  It had to do with someone being pushed to do the paperwork.  He did it correctly but he was pushed to do it.  It was above board, but he was remote influenced to do it because he is a bit lazy.

K:              They wanted you in place? And who is they?

D:             The off-world civilisation.  But then I had done a very good favour for them.

K:              What favour did you do for the off-world civilisation?

D:              There is a connection device which you know about – surely you have heard about - and the Russian had made a mistake and I had to buy back this thing for him – this device.

K:              Are you talking about the yellow book?

D:            No, it was the ‘larig box’.

K:            How did you buy back the device?

D:           The Russian been a good entity but he fell prey to some understandable human failings which we are all prey to.   He had spent a lot of money, went into debt and pawned the device to a money lender.  The device ended up in a casino.   It was held in custody there and began to have a lot of freaky effects on the surrounding environment.  We managed to recover the device back.

K:             Who is we?

D:             The Russian and myself?

O:             By normal means?

D:              A bit and something else.

K:            Some more remote influencing type thing?

D:            Yes.  The device began to have some crazy effects even around the casino. The sky in the immediate vicinity began to (laughs) change colours and all that.

K:            What kind of device was this? Can you describe the device?

D:           The device is able to translocate an individual from one point on a surface to somewhere else.

O:            A communication device to get somewhere else?

D:            Like literally through solid rock – lots of rock-800 miles.

O:             So we are talking teleportation?

D:            You could say that.

K:             I think I know what this is. What year did you start in this?  I don’t know how long exactly you have been where you are? Do you have preliminary levels in the government? I don’t even know your title.

D:            Do you want to focus on the off-world stuff or the interaction between the off-world stuff and what is going on the surface?

K:            When I am asking the questions, if you could just tell me a little bit about – it kind of characterises you in a certain way and it will help later – it just triggers some stuff.

D:            Ok.   In the hard world, I often interact between my country and the Eastern hemisphere of the globe.

K:            Do you speak these languages?

D:            None. But then for some funny reasons – I think it is karma – I get on very well with the Chinese.

K:            Have you studied Eastern philosophy?

D:            Yes, I have.

K:            Do you meditate?

D:             Sometimes.

K:            At this point can you just tell me how long you have been in government service?

D:             A decade.

K:             And prior to that?

D:             I was in other parts of the public service. I spent 5 years as a court lawyer doing very mundane work.

K:            So you know law?

D:             Yes..

K:            Do you know international law or just the laws of your country?

D:             I am familiar with International Law.

K:            Now you can go wherever you like.

D:            Ok. I would like to give you some mechanistic how . . . my perception of how the political situation on the earth is actually handled. In the cold war we were under the apparent threat of essentially MAD – Mutually Assured Destruction- the fear of nuclear annihilation.  Now the situation is as follows:  All these 3 sides referred to above are really scared of each other. What is worse than a nuclear war? A dimensional war.

K:            My understanding is that it does pierce dimensions which is what is part of the problem.  

D:            These different groupings have a certain arrangements to keep a time line constant Now, what they are scared of. Say, a young guy who gets hold of an obscure occult book, puts into operation something he doesn’t understand and breaks through the dimensions.  There is someone you have heard who did that – who may have made such a mistake.  Crowley did. He was an extremist.  He tried everything and he actually broke through the dimensions. Now we have a very bad impression of Crowley, but he was not that negative. But then again, in part he was essentially an artist who wanted to put an end to the crass hypocrisy of the Victorian and Edwardian eras.  As a wag once said, ‘The artist must go very far, so that the ordinary man will go far enough.’

I believe that to the end he was on humanity’s side, despite whatever was put out against him by the Daily Mirror…

K:           Yes, I also believe there was a dis-info campaign put out there purposefully.  Actually, I believe by him.  I believe he wanted that to hide behind [that persona]. I have studied this as well.

D:           Now, A is more powerful than L[6].  The technology is 1000s of years ahead of us. We have to go back in understanding why A collapsed.  A collapsed because its technology advanced much more ahead of its moral development.  That is why you said in your last interview that – Courtney Brown said the buildings appeared to be in 1950s mode while the technology appears to be a 100 years ahead of us.  Basically Atlantis had made a 1,000 years of progress in the equivalent one hundred years. That is what actually happened.  The technology just went wild, beyond their ability to control it – it is my opinion that the Annunaki used the situation to help them collapse[7].

K:            But I understood there was also a hit coming from outside the planet – a meteor that specifically hit the island in a certain place – that was sent.

D:             Could be. But there exists Atlantean technology that is functioning.  A case in point the Tunguska situation was averted because of the old technologies that were still functioning.

K:             Ok well, what we have been told that there are these buried installations: 1. in China, 2. off the coast of Florida and 3. one, I guess, in Russia. So you know of my interview with Valery Uvarov.

D:             He is correct.

K:             So it is still functioning.  So, when you are describing the Atlanteans; are you describing the Annunaki?

D:            No.

K:            So they are 2 different civilisations. And when you are describing the Atlanteans do you understand who they are and where they came from?

D:            They are humans that began to advance rapidly in a technological sense.

K:            So they were humans. Do you know what planet they came from?

D:            Humans, but different from us. I know/perceive there is a connection to Mars.  I think that what happened in Mars – there were a lot of genetic experiments.  Their technology began to go a bit wild, mixing human genes with animal genes.  It’s like pigs: there is an argument saying that pigs have human DNA in them as a result of wild boar being genetically manipulated.  A lot of these legends about Minotaurs and other chimera, there could be a kernel of truth to them.

K:             Sure.

D:             And manmade mermaids and so on. But on another track, the Reptilians, because of the Illuminati agenda, would rather keep technology – keep people in a bind – so that they can control and dictate how technology is drip fed into the planet’s economy so that they can control the economy[8].  Are you familiar with a deceased Russian economist called Nikolai Kondratriev?[9]  He was around in the 1920s. He discussed the link between the leakage of technology into the economy and economic growth. So, by controlling whether or not we get technology the Controllers can determine the whole earth’s technology and the direction in which it is going.  There is a certain joint council who decided which technologies we are going to get and which technologies we aren’t going to get.  The different sides have different perspectives.

K:            You are putting the Annunaki and the Reptilians in the same box?

D:            No, I am not talking about the Annunaki.  I don’t think the Annunaki are as powerful now as they are portrayed. They were powerful a long time ago but I no longer think they have the influence that they had before.  There are still some of them left but I wouldn’t say a more than a few hundred here, at the most.  They are bully boys with residual influence. But then again there are a few who are more positively inclined.

K:            You understand there is a distinction between the two races?

D:            Yes.

K:            Do you agree that the Vatican is run by the Reptilians?

D:            Yes, I do, in part. Benedict was in a situation; he was aware of the NWO agenda and was not on the same lines.  He was led to discover the Templar material and that is where he went ‘off the reservation.’

K:             When he discovered the Templar material – are you saying for some reason he became simpatico with their work?

D:             The Templars were partially rehabilitated by the Church under Benedict. He also did a volte face over his perception of Buddhism, becoming more sympathetic to it. While he had formerly denigrated it, he was on the verge of making blatant overtures towards some sort of genuine dialogue with it. He also rehabilitated Teillard de Chardin….whose basic philosophy was that humans are eternal sprits having a physical experience.

K:            He was brought a bit more into the [Atlantean-Lemurian] fold?

D:            Yes,  he was.

K:             Kind of a public relations campaign. But, Benedict, the one who has just left: what about his Nazi background?

D:            He was an opportunist. He was a feckless careerist. But then eventually there was a good side to him. On another level he is spiritually evolved, despite his Roman Catholic conditioning.

D:            An option which could be on the cards: although there is a 1% chance of this happening, is that the Vatican relocates to a central Mediterranean island at some point.  It is always on the cards.

On another track, in terms of forthcoming Earth changes I think the sea level might rise all over the world.


Discussion about where to take the interview next.

D:           You have heard of Terence McKenna right. The impression that I am getting is that the elite know that the time is up in the Western Hemisphere so they are preparing to run away with the resources.  On the other hand, the off-world civilisations know what is happening and the better side is trying to help that it transits to a positive line. Then there is the debate on how this could take place.  There is a lot of discussion about the financial system. When the system is under very extreme pressure all the sides rub together.  You know how the 2008 crash was resolved in the short run? 20 billion Euros or Dollars had to be pumped back into the system and the money wasn’t really there. There are certain gold mines owned by the US government and so on, which are not recognised and some gold from there was used.

K:            In the Philippines or somewhere else?

D:            I do not know the location, but some major governments have secret gold mines that they don’t acknowledge.  Some gold was used from there.  Also, are you aware of parallel dimensions?  Some gold was brought in from a parallel dimension where the value of gold is lower.

K:             Why is the value lower?  Is it because of their exchange system or the value of the gold itself is lower?

D:            It’s from a different time line.  It is a different situation.

K:            Yes, but you are saying that the different situation – there is no difference to the quality?

D:            No, no difference.  I don’t know whether they could process it to eliminate or put it through some machines, but apparently some gold was brought in from the outside.

K:            Who is crossing over?  Is it some secret space programme?

D:            No, no, at the very top level. The 3 groupings ultimately are able to transverse timelines with ease, just as the Annunaki do.

K:            One of those groups?

D:            The 3 groupings working together.

K:            And you know this because . . . ?

D:            I was told a long time before the crisis had erupted that the banks periodically run out of money and they go to the 3 groupings and then they discuss how they are going to re-inflate the economy.  The same thing happened in 1987.  But the situation was much worse in 2008.

K:            What about right now; and this thing with the Germans and their gold?

D: I am not sure how it is going to work out but I feel – there are different scenarios. One is that China closes its borders to the West totally.

K:            How does that help?

D:            It doesn’t help the West directly in the short run ; it helps China.

K Ok, but my understanding is that China is actually more or less bankrupt at the time and they are very dependent on the West for staying afloat.

D: China is sending people all over Europe with the instructions to study the welfare systems all over Europe.  The idea is that they will turn China into a welfare state – its consumers will be more secure. They will not save as much as they normally save and consequently they will spend more and that will create a massive internal market in China. At moment China is generally dependent on exports, not on internal consumption. But it has already taken substantial technology from the West. Yet, this could change and China could impose import controls again and attempt to flourish by way of import substitution.

K: In other words they would depend on the consumer consumption of their own people to fund their economy?

D:            They would create their own system.

K:            It sounds like a bad plan.

D:            But China always does that.  It did it before.  Actually it could turn out better for the West in the long run.[10]

K             Did it before when?

D:            Reference the erection of the Great Wall of China. At one point they sent explorers out, but subsequently China closed itself when it felt it had the highest standard of living in the world.

K:            But they weren’t involved with the West then.

D:            They were always involved with the West. Chinese diplomats recall that China had received envoys from the Roman empire. When one deals with China one is essentially dealing with a 6,000 year old bureaucracy, which sometimes has the perception that the EU is a possibly forlorn attempt to recreate the Roman Empire.

K:           So get back to the story that we are creating here. The interaction btw the off planet – the Atlanteans that are here, are they known as the Illuminati?

D:           In part yes.  There is an interaction with one group of Atlanteans and the Illuminati but I don’t think the main thrust of off world Atlantis is negative. I don’t think that they are the negative. It is the negative part of the Atlanteans that is pro illimunati,  not the broad thrust.

K:            They would in theory be at war with each other.

D:            But the Atlanteans were infiltrated by the precursors of the Illuminati, i.e. the Atonists[11].

K:            Who are they?

D:            Akhenaton – that sort of philosophy, towards the end. Look, imagine...

K:            That is the Annunaki side.

D:            Yes. But they were pushing for a certain trajectory…what we know now as the New World order, previous to amalgamation into a Galactic Federation.[12]

K:            So you are considering this the positive side?

D:            No, I am not saying that. Imagine the US at the moment, the US, the Western sphere is at present illuminati dominated, it doesn’t mean that all Americans\Westerners are bad or whatever, just parts of their respective governments Imagine, the Atlanteans are in a situation, they are fighting against Lemuria, or the Ancient Greeks.  At the very pinnacle of their power they just collapsed.  And this is what is happening in the US at the moment, it is reaching a peak, and it is at the point of collapse. No doubt, the real national and entrepreneurial spirit of America could recover rapidly once it detaches itself from its so called ‘empire’ which is draining it. Take Russia, it appears to be at least somewhat on the road to recovery after having it ditched its [Soviet] empire.

K:            Do you know where the Atlanteans are in the governments around the world at this point? Do you know who they are? Let’s say, Rothschild: who is he aligned with?

D:            Negative side of the Atlanteans.

K:            The Lemurians: are they the Chinese? Do the Chinese leaders consider....

D:             It’s mixed. Chinese politics is not like Western politics. There are a few different groups. The Triads are the Eastern equivalent of the illuminati.

K:            You have the Nationalist Chinese, you have the Communist Chinese.  That is the biggest division.

D:            No, not quite.  It’s different groups, You have the Triads, you have the Chinese traditionalists, You have the Maoists... it is a combination of groupings.  There are dozens of secret societies operating in China.

K:            Isn’t the Communists, which I suppose would be the Maoists, aren’t they running China at this time?

D:            Don’t think of the government of China as being homogenous, this is what Western media puts out. It is just not true. In fact there is a very close similarity in the way that the internal factions in the Chinese government cooperate together which corresponds more or less to the functioning of the factions within Japanese politics[13]. Don’t forget that Marxist communism is merely a very recent Western import to China.

K:            But there has to be some leadership in a country

D:            Yes, but it is a coalition of different interest groups.  The illuminati have some control over the government but they don’t have total control.  Now the Chinese are very nationalistic.

K:            But do they align themselves with Lemuria? These groups in general – are they even aware of Lemuria?

D:            No, no they are not.  But under the surface there is a connection to Lemuria.

K:            So, you named 3 groups. You named the Reptilians

D:            The Reptilians are closest to the Illuminati.  They are the real entrenched power. Now do you know where the Reptilians came from?

K:            Draco

D:            Not only.  The earth’s gravity is not constant. The dinosaurs had at some point involved into a humanoid species.  When the earth’s gravity increased they went elsewhere.  The earth expands by 1 inch every year, takes on mass inter-dimensionally and becomes heavier[14].  The dinosaurs could not exist on the Earth’s surface because they were much too heavy.  This is why there are all these bizarre academic theories saying that the dinosaurs used to live in lakes in order have their weight partly supported by the water etc. They do not make sense.

K:            Aldeberon.  Are you aware of Aldeberon?

D:            Yes.

K:             So some of the Nazis certainly align themselves with Aldeberon at this time. So are you saying that some of the influence comes from Aldeberon.

D:             I am saying that some of the influence comes from the intra-dimensional terrestrial evolved species.

K:            From where?

D:            From here. From a dimension very adjacent to ours.

K:            But they are descendants from elsewhere.

D:            I am not excluding their interaction with other extraterrestrial races groups. The other 3 groups interact with outside. So have you have A and L interacting with the Pleiadians up to a point.

K:            So, let me ask you this. Are you familiar with Africa and the things that Gordon Douglas was saying about Africa being sold to a group probably coming in from Aldeberon, the Chinese have been building cities in Africa to prepare for this and that all the countries in the world are prepared for this and are aware that this deal has been made to basically clear out Africa and to allow this race to come on to this planet

D:            I don’t rule this out,  but I think that the Chinese are basically interested in securing food supplies, minerals and energy for their population.

K:            Your sources haven’t made you familiar with this information about the possibility of opening up Africa to an incoming race. They haven’t told you about that?

D:            No.

K:            Before I talk to you about it this minute, did you know about Gordon Douglas?

D:            Yes, I had heard this,  but I can’t verify it.

K:            Because you wanted to do an interview – let’s cover what you want to.

D:            What I want to do is basically bring along the idea that we are being guided by a previous civilisation which does not want us to make the same mistakes that we made previously during its progression.

K:             But you are aware that we are going to war in Syria and that they are already bombing them and doing crazy things over there? So, do you have any information – do these groups, do they have... are the US more aligned with one group than another? Is Russia more aligned with one group than another?

D:            I would say that in America the Illuminati have more influence.

K:            The Reptilian Illuminati? Or the Atlantean Illuminati

D:            It is one group basically. I would say the Reptilian Illuminati have more influence.  Russia was once under Reptilian control,  but it slipped out of it[15]. China is a mixed situation – it is half in and half out.  Japan used to be under Illuminati control, but I am not sure whether it remains so.  The leadership was.

K:             Do you know that the prophecies that Japan is going to sink very soon and that they have to make provision for the people and they have to go to the  Kamchatka regions and that they have to basically...

D:             I am aware of tha.t

K:            Is the Chinese government consciously aware of this?

D:            I am aware that they are building cities in China. There are many empty cities...

K:            Many people say that they won’t go to China??????

D:            Possibly. Although unlikely as it seems at the moment on the surface, there could be a rapprochement between China and Japan.

K:            There is definitely a very strong effort to destabilise the Middle East right now.

D:            Yes, but in the next year all this is going to be forgotten. In the next year, the focus is going to be in the US.  We were informed that America is going to lose its Empire.

K:            Due to what?

D:            Over extension. Because the Illuminati is using America against America itself. Draining of all the resources in all the wars of empire and so on. The partial collapse of its currency. This is not a new thing. We have been there before. Reference the collapse of Rome with the Roman Imperial government reducing the amount of gold in its coinage to the extent that even its own treasurers did not want to accept Rome’s own coinage.

K:            They are taking it down economically right?

D:            Yes.

K:            The Secret Space programme seems to be orchestrated by the Americans – there seems to be a real issue with that – they seem to have a stronghold on that – which seems to be their only ace in the hold to keep them – at least the group that runs America in any kind of sense of being able to hold on to their Empire. Is there anything to do with geophysical earth changes.

D:            If you bring me a piece of paper and a pen I will explain that[16].



D:            Our whole solar system revolves around another star system which is Sirius. Now, the models we have of planetary motion are not quite correct. The sun moves like a comet around Sirius taking 26 000 years.  25 500 or so years – this is the so-called Great Year.  When it moves it creates a wake.  And the planets are orbiting in a coma trailing in spiral mode behind it, with the coma being more in the nature of a vacuum than interstellar space. Now, the solar system is about to pass through denser material, so the coma is about to contract inwards.  The planets are going to be pushed outwards, away from the Sun and the asteroid belt is in the process of being dislodged this is why we are getting these waves of incoming asteroids.  Now, to prove this model I can point to one thing: do you remember when they launched the Voyager spacecraft?  Do you remember they said after a certain point the craft began to slow down. This is because they were no longer in the coma and are now transiting the denser interstellar space. So the Earth’s year is about to increase because we are going to be pushed away from the sun.  At some point the Earth’s year was 300 days, gradually in stages it reached 360 days and then 364. 24 at present. Subsequently, the Earth’s year going to gradually increase to 369 days or whatever – but anyway the year is going to be longer.

This could take a few decades, but this is why we are getting anomalous effects with the observation of the moon etc and the meteorites coming in, we are going to get more of these.

O:           The Russians have announced that what fell in to their country is part of a whole entourage. They have announced it on their news – whether it is true or not – they announced it.

K:            I have also had dreams about this – meteor showers.  What about the 2nd sun – the binary sun system?

D:            We are a binary because Sirius is a binary to us.

K:            Not because there is a Brown Dwarf?

D:            No, this is not my impression so far, although I don’t exclude the presence of other brown dwarfs in our vicinity .  Sirius’s twin is Earth.  I am not aware of any 2nd sun coming in that would create a significant disturbance.

K:            Are you aware of moving through an energetic field?

D: Yes.  The solar system’s progression around its companion, Sirius, takes five roughly equal phases would make up 25 000 year Cycle comprising the Great Year of the solar system’s movement around our binary star Sirius, and this Great Year is made up of segments of  5 000 or so years each.  21 December was the point when our solar system began to move to transit through a slightly denser field.

K: Have you heard about the Atlantic ridge bulging right now – the iron gasses are coming out of it? This was on the news.

D:            I wouldn’t be surprised. Let’s say the mass of the earth is smaller than it should be if it were totally solid.

K: Have you been aware or in touch with the inner earth civilisations or any of the contacts with any of those beings?

D:            Yes, am aware of their existence.

K: For example, you know the Romanian sphinx and you know that whole the story about the Transylvanian sun and moon rise?  Did you read those books?

D:            I read parts of them.

K:             Radu Cinmar was head of the major think-tank in Romania and then he disappeared supposedly being invited into inner earth because of the installation that was found and because of his umbilical cord and how it was enlarged when he was born and his abilities and his high intelligence  - are they the same people?  Are you aware of any of these same people are in contact with you?

D:            The same crowd.

K:            Have you seen them physically?

D:            Yes.

K:             Do they look like us?

D:            What I have seen is something in-between a human and an Atlantean.

K:            What does an Atlantean look like?

D:             The intermediaries start to take on Atlantean DNA – or their DNA opens up. I have seen shapeshifting.

K:            But when you are talking about an Atlantean – how would there physicality differ from ours – are there any obvious ways?

D:            They are taller.

K:            Any other – colour of eyes, hair, any other physicalities?

D:             My impression is slightly blue skin and red hair, or a lot of hair that is tinged onto the red side.

K:            Is the blue due to the Sirian Annunaki?

D:            I am not sure.

K:            What about the greys – the other alien races?

D:             I know about them. I think many of them are future humans derived from our own lineage.

K:            The greys?

D:            They are coming back for DNA. Imagine if you have a photocopy and you start to photocopy it successively repeatedly – one copy derived another – eventually it degenerates.  So they have to go back in time and dimensions to get more DNA so that they can continually get new bodies and replicate, successively downloading their consciousness into the new shells.   Did you see the Gerry Anderson UFO series in the 70s? Note the blatant illuminati ‘one eye’ symbolism in the very first few frames of every espisode.  In the series one of the aliens (actually a future human) reveals that the ‘aliens’ bodies are degenerating[17].

K:            This is also the Dan Burisch story.

N:            Actually in the 2nd series they capture an alien and it was blue in colour and they found out that they were basically degenerating and they were stealing body parts basically.

D: Now my impression is that at his Zurich Camelot 2011 presentation, Dan Burisch was talking from his heart within certain parameters he is locked in – he was not negatively motivated.  He was giving 30% of what he knew.

K:            Are you aware of MJ12 and what they call Scion.  

D:            I know MJ12.

K:             There was a transition – even within the time of Camelot when MJ 12 that turned – that Dan Burisch and the rest of them had to turn in a completely different direction. Were you aware of that?

D              I am not aware of that. I can tell you as far as I can go.  The Dan Burisch presentation at the Zurich Camelot conference was really important because the writing he showed on the presentation board very much resembled Arabic.

K:            I am aware of some ET writing that resembles Arabic

D:            My impression – now this is a very difficult situation because we are going to knock one of the major religions.  My impression was that Mohammad was being channelled by a future timeline – now it doesn’t mean that all the channelling was negative, but it was designed to take the humans on to that trajectory.

K:            That would make sense in some ways with what I know.

D:            If you study Spain – there is some evidence to show that at first even the Catholic Church allowed the Muslims to take charge in Spain – that was to displace the Visigoths that were in charge in then in many parts of Spain.

K:            What was wrong with them?

D:              They were Gnostics

K:            What was wrong with the Gnostics?

D:            There was nothing wrong with the Gnostics, but in the eyes of the global controllers,  the mind control associated desert religions i.e. Atonist Judaism, Atonist Christianity and Islam, which are more or less of the same flavour,  are better to work with in terms of steering humanity onto a predetermined time line.

Essentially, they wanted the Muslims in and I think that the abuse by Muslim religion in a massive way by the global controllers is ultimately being used in a massive way to steer humanity. There is some evidence to show that the very high levels of Masonic organisations – at high levels – the paraphernalia and iconography tend to go very ‘Islamic.’ Normally,  in any country the religious books inside Masonic lodge tends to be the book of the religion of the country - so in predominately Christian countries it would be the Christian bible. But then at a very high levels you see the masons wearing the fez hats and taking oaths on the Koran.  My impression is that the ultimate dark controllers are using the religion to steer humanity’s course. However, all this does not mean that Islam in its original form was that negative.

K:            But you understand where the Vatican is taking that?

D:            The Vatican is not a single faction.  My impression is that the Jesuits are on the same lines as the illuminati, but I don’t think Benedict and his associates, including Bertone, wanted this agenda ultimately. So belatedly, they attempted to move out of the rut .... but they couldn’t or at least they preferred the Rothchild faction to the possibly more virulent Rockerfeller faction.

K:            So they wanted Benedict to leave.

D:            Well, he was ultimately indicted for the paedophilia situation.  That is why he had to leave

K:            What about Francis and what he is doing?

D:            My impression is that he is sympathetic to the negative timeline – that he is sympathetic to the Illuminati.

K:             Very much so.  In terms, of the groups that you are naming; for example, the Lemurians, can you describe them?

D:             Short – shorter than the Atlanteans and their technology is a little bit more primitive than the Atlanteans. The Lemurians find it hard to reason, thus they tend to solve situations through accessing their memories.  On a humorous note both groups perceive humans as being terribly smelly. Atlanteans have very beautiful cities, while Lemurians tend to be rough. At the moment they are at peace with each other, but there was a history of belligerence between the two sides. It is slightly easier to get access to the Lemurian dominated regions than to Atlantean dominated regions. But basically we are talking about an area equivalent to the size of Latin America, being mountainous that the general surface of the Earth, having lower gravity. There is a lower percentage of water cover to land mass than on the Earth’s surface. 

K:            What area are they affiliated with? Are they indigenous...

D:            They are indigenous.  The Lemurians used to hold the eastern hemisphere of the globe physically and now they have a ‘remote’ but ever present influence on the eastern hemisphere of the globe.

K:            Are you aware of Mu?

D:            Mu and Lemuria are the same thing – pretty much.

K:            But Mu is in the Pacific.

D:            Yes,  the eastern sphere.

K:            So you are crossing over.

D:            Yes, I am crossing over.

K:             So when – are you aware of the information that I got from Douglas Dietrich for example? He worked in San Francisco – he is part Chinese/part Japanese.

D:            I think I read one of his articles in Nexus magazine.

K:            He talks about how angry the civilisation of Mu is right now – they are rising up from their undersea bases – they are very upset about Fukishima etc.

D:            This is understandable.

K:             So this is Lemuria as you understand it as well. So that being the case – at least what I have heard is that they are amphibious; they are related to the Chinese.

D:             Some, but not all groups are amphibious?

K             How does this affect world affairs at this time?

 D:           Well, it is an upheaval. We have got to be prepared for rising sea levels, but I think they are going to take place gradually. We also have to be prepared for a creeping ice age in northern Europe because the Gulf Stream is collapsing. The energy that normally keeps it from freezing to the state that say Kiev on the same latitude as the UK, normally experiences, is being diverted to northern parts of America - which explains the very rough weather we have been recently getting in Western Europe.

K:             But what about the - supposedly the Gulf situation with the nano oil- the black oil - you are aware of that?

D:              Yes.

K:             This was triggered by an off-planet race. You have heard about this?

D:             I would not be surprised.

K:             It is eating the bottom of boats out - it is very dangerous but it is also being put into one for the car oils. That it can be put into a human body and animate it. 25 Marconi scientists died.

D:             The black goo.

K               Basically what happened was that they were taken over and died in the most bizarre fashion - not even human.

D:             But basically our consciousness is rising so we should not perceive of these as being real threats these acts are being carried out basically by forces who are afraid of losing control.

K:             But do you know the race. One person is saying that it is associated with the Chinese - the race that brought in the black goo. Have you heard anything like that?

D:            I have heard about the Velon but I am not sure what they are exactly.

K:             The what?

D:            The Velon. They could be a derivative of the Verdants.  But I am not sure.  

K:             So when you said you were in touch with both positive and negative.

D:             No - they work together.

K:             How?

D:             I will tell you off the record.

K:             In your own life - in a more personal level can you talk about that? Your interaction with the various races?

D:             Lets say, supposing there are so many officials present at a European Union meeting - if you studied the situation where there are 28 European member states present. you can start analysing very very,  carefully - you would find that the majority would   ostensibly  be within Illumnati sphere of influence  and a minority under joint Atlantean/Lemurian control... and a very small - a third group the orientation of which I don’t understand,  but whose access to technology is lower than that of the other groups  and another group that is uncommitted. So within these meetings you would get these 3/4 factions. However, I have to qualify this by stating that you could get an individual who is ostensibly under illuminati/reptilian influence but still has a service to others orientation as opposed to a service to self orientation. When push comes to shove he or she could opt for a positive path.

K:             And you are affiliated with one of those factions?

D             Yes. But if you really start to perceive what is going on it starts to make sense.

K:             But in terms of your affiliations would you say that you are with the good side of the Atlanteans?

D:             I would hope so.  At this point it is very interesting to study the behaviour Greeks and Cypriots…..

K:             Which is why Greece must be attacked and taken down…..

K:             There was always a discontinuity between Rome and Greece.

D:             Yes. You have some elements of the Greek Orthodox Church which have a discreet  contact with Atlantis and Lemuria. 

K:             Given this situation - are you aware of incoming planetoids - why the Vatican tried to squash Christopher Barbato and the Jesuits? Do you know about that? Do you know why they were....?

D:             Yes, I know all about that - my impression. I think there is a lot of knowledge in the Vatican library - a hell of a lot and they don't want that information out. Now, I suspect many of the old books are from the library at Alexandria which were supposedly destroyed, are in the Vatican library.

K:             Sure. I have always thought that.  You got information about the destruction of the library at Alexandria and what is under sea of the coast of Egypt there.

D:             On another track, we have to think of Atlantis not being a single city.

K:             Sure.

D:            It used to have a lot of satellite cities all way around the Western hemisphere. Very much like Phoenicia had in its day, many millennia after.

K:            You listened to the Courtney Brown - my info is that he is wrong. That the drilling of Mount Toba that he was emphasizing is not how Atlantis fell.

D:            I think Atlantis was sabotaged by the Annunaki. Because Atlantis began to threaten their monopoly on power and that is why we are being dumbed down. At one time the humans used to live a lot longer - they don’t want us to live to 300 – 400 years of age because then we will start to accumulate so much occult knowledge that we would really start to challenge them. They just was biological robots to do the grunt work for them[18].

K:              But although that barrier has broken. There are some races or there is this longevity. There are some people who have broken through that. And for the most part they are say, affiliated with the Atlanteans or Atlanteans themselves.

D:             Yes, but up to a certain point one can’t really describe them as being human. In their progression the intermediaries DNA will gradually change. Their DNA will be able to regenerate itself at a 100% faster than the normal DNA than the normal body system does.

K:            In terms of what is going on here and what you wanted to tell me.

D:            Ok - one of the intermediaries I think is St Germain.

K:             And have you been in contact with him?

D:             No, although I suspect that he may have had contacts with the movie industry.

K:            And how do you know this?

D:             If it looks like something and acts like something ... it is that.

K:             Yes, I have had a lot of information come at me from that direction.

D:             But I think it was a joint decision by the Illuminati and the good side of the Atlanteans to establish America. A joint thing.

K:             But now they are taking it down. But know you are hearing that it will be invaded - it will be broken up?

D:              I think there was one plan to turn it into a North American federation. I am very suspicious of the UN. I think that the WWII was not really  fought over crushing Nazism brutality per se - I think it was fought over Hitler – the Germans had gone off the reservation by printing their own money independent of the Rothchild banking control - and that really got to them. And the other idea was to set up the UN as a milestone on the road to a global government and another thing was to set up the state of Israel to help orchestrate events[19].

K:              Is it your understanding though that there Israel there is a very strong Annunaki faction?

D:             I don't know that. I believe that the Israelis are ultimately being used by the Zionists.

K:             Can you describe exactly what is going on the planet right now that to some degree is being orchestrated off-planet?

D:              I think the controllers are really rushing - they had a 5/20 year plan to get everything under world government control - and they are losing it. It’s like trying to drive a car by taking off the steering wheel and replacing it with a wrench. You are trying to steer in a crude fashion. When you do things in rush you make mistakes and lose control. They are trying to start a war in Syria - they are trying to do this and that it could be that it is not going to work for them

K:             I would agree - but what I am really asking you is what are your contacts telling you? Is this what your contacts are telling you?

D:             They are telling us not to panic. It could be that the control is going down - the suppressed technology is being released and eventually this will invigorate the world’s economy.

K:             So your contacts haven’t mentioned anything other than earth changes and a rising sea changes that are fairly gradual as being anything hugely cataclysmic?

D:             No, no - it is not going to be anything that drastic - or that negative. We have to take it in our stride. However, at some point the whole of the Earth including some of the hidden dimensions, will unite …but more on the lines of the Law of One as indicated by the Ra material as opposed to the New World Order scenario.

K:            But you were really propelled to tell me some things today right?

D:            The message is not to panic basically.  A lot of people are going to have to do a lot of soul searching next year - starting next year.

K:            Which people?

D: The alternative media and so on - because the established media is going to gradually lose control - people are going to have to look for answers and they are going to have to turn to the alternative media, as their governments and religious leaders will not quench their search for the truth.

O: What is the difference between what is going on now and what is going on next year? Why would they suddenly look for answers? Is there an event that triggers this change?

D             The banking system is about to get a little bit worse initially but it could be managed.

O:            What you are saying is that the economy is not just happening, but it is something that is being managed?

D:            Yes, the dollar was originally set up to collapse round about now.

O:             So are we going into the gold standard in some form?

D:             There could be other replacement currencies circulating.  Bitcoin might actually work and some other ideas might pan out.

K:            Are you aware of the movements of the Iraqi dinar: 

D:            Yes

K:            Are you aware of the gold in the Philippines and the frequency fence and the beings that are guarding it.

D:            I am aware of the gold in the Philippines, but not aware of any frequency fence.

K:            Some say that the gold in the Philippines is no longer there. Have you heard anything about that?

D:            Yes - it has been taken to different places. Some of it is still there - some of it has been moved.

K:             In terms of the US economy - do you hear of anything specific because we know it is like they are taking it down gradually?

D:             They don’t want a totally panicky situation .... The negative side don't want a situation like in the late 20s early 30s when they miscalculated. 

K:            So they don't want a crash?

D:            They want a controlled crash. But they don’t want a situation where even the integrity of the system will be challenged. In the 20s and 30s there were many riots in America that never came out in the mainstream news[20]. If you look at the internet you will see footage of real big riots - they do not want a situation like that.

K              In other words - there is a real big deal in America about the FEMA camps and things like that - they are obviously making plans. Do you think that they will just not be used?

D:            I don't think so.

K:            In terms of?

D:            I think some elements in the US army - I think eventually the white hats will intervene.

K:            When you say eventually within the next year or two?

D:            Could be next 4 years, but eventually they will intervene?

K:            In this scenario that you drawing here, do you see anything that is coming up very clearly that has to do with the transfer between parallel earth and this earth?

D:            There exist parallel time lines and there are 4 major ones. there is ours... there is a scenario where the Germans one the 2nd WW, 3rd one in which the humans are a bit more traditionalistic - still have castles and have zeppelins for moving around from point to point. Our scenario is a bit more positive and there is one is which is a bit more jumbled up.  You know you see in the pyramids freaky animals with funny shapes... that is because the Egyptian priests were directly looking into that option. Now, it is easier for us to move into option 2 where the Germans won the war than for the ones in that option to come into our dimension.

K:            But this is already happened in Project Paper clip... the Nazis are running the...

D:            Yes,  because there are karmic bleed throughs.

K:            You said your contact is part of the scenario - part of the longevity programme, but that it also has part to do with a parallel timeline.  

D:            Yes, but the improvement in our planet will also be linked to a more positive situation affecting the other parallel time lines as well.  

K:            But Dan Burisch has also said that....

D:            Ok. May I expand a little bit on this point? In the Times of London – the London Times... in the 80's there were a lot of alternative stories about what would have happened if the German’s had won the war. The alternative history stories were based on the real other time lines. Like Albert Speer taking over after Hitler - say starting an arms race between America and Germany - America had not joined the Second World War in that time line. These - sometimes these stories are leaked as they were based on reality.

K:            Sure. Have you seen the TV series Fringe - talking specifically about the parallel.

D:            Yes, yes that is correct.

K:            So, given the very strong efforts at this time to destabilise the Middle East...

D:            The idea is to pit the Sunnis against the Shiites, and thus create a World War 3 scenario.[21]

K:            Are you being told it will be successful. Are you being given any information about this in any way? About Syrian, Iran, Israel.

D:            What I am getting is that the mass media will eventually transfer its attention

K:            ….on to the US mainland because of the collapsing economic situation?

D:            Not the collapsing, the reforming.  This is something positive. It is a process.

K:            Have you seen Obama leave office for example?

D:            3 or 4 years ago some elements of the negative side were not happy and they were trying to remove him but somehow it didn’t really quite pan out.

K:            So you think he will stay in office?

D:            I am not sure. But what I see is this, I see the people eventually displacing certain powers-that-be in the government.

K:            Have you seen in other words a coup?

D              No – rather a passive displacement process.   I will give you my version of the real history of the 20th century – it is going to be really controversial. And the late 19th century. The entire effort of the 20th century was to create an oil and banking monopoly and 2. To keep the anarchists out of government. The only real threat were the anarchists.  The communists were always under some sort of control.  If the communists had not been financed in 1917 to stage the Bolshevik revolution, the anarchists would have taken control.  If you examine what happened in the Spanish civil war the whole – the BBC propaganda was specifically directed against the anarchists.[22] Because the communists at the end of the day were Rockerfeller created and always ultimately subservient to the Rockerfeller/Rothchild tandem  Nothing has changed.  In the 19th century, Russia was the world’s largest oil producer and the Rockefellers didn’t want the Russian oil supremacy to continue as they wanted a monopoly for themselves so that is why the financed Trotsky to stage the 1917 revolution.

K:              But they have made a comeback.

D:             Yes,  but it is not longer under Illuminati control.  Even though they do dreally odgy stuff together at times like what happened in Poland a few years ago.

K:              But really the bottom line is that Russia maintains a certain amount of control over Poland.

D:             Because Polish population was a bit too big to be easily managed and too independent minded – it is a sort of an oddity – population is a bit large – 40 million and the Russians are always afraid of Polish nationalism and the Illuminati were as well.  The Poles are a rather a Europe sceptic bunch, also…

K:            You know the Billy Meiers prophecies.

D.              No, I do not. I have heard of Billy Meier though.

K:            Well, one of the prophecies is that basically Russia will run Europe.

D:            Yes, its influence is going to increase.  The hold that the Western Hemisphere has all over the world is about to decrease and the influence that the Eastern Hemisphere holds is about to increase.  Russia is about to become more wealthy in relative terms.  But I look at Putin as being a sort of a Russian Romanov rethread.   He is a Russian nationalist at heart.

K:             But he seems to be playing a game.  Do you understand the game that he is playing with Snowden?

D:              Yes.  The Russians are trying to – they are using Snowden to capture the hearts and minds of the West.  You know what is going on with Russia Today.  Russia Today is being used to increase Russia’s influence over the West and they are doing it very, very well.  They are letting all the US dissidents have their say over the media.

                  On another track, I can give you an example of an Atlantean/Lemurian intervention in Russia.  Let say Atlanteans and Lemurians would have noticed that the birth rate in Russia had really toppled, they would attempt to make a legislative move in order to finance Russian women so as to redress the situation.

K:              Why would they do that?  Why would they want to boost the population?

D:             To keep a balance. To keep an internal balance.

K:             Between the powers on earth?

D:             Not quite. Between the young and old within Russia in terms of internal demography.  Now I will explain to you what happens before any significant election in any country.  The Atlanteans, Lemurians and Reptilians, they have a problem in terms of gauging of how our society works. It rather like human anthropologists trying to work out the internal politics of a troop of monkeys that they are are observing.

                 Thus, they use intermediaries in order to have an idea of what intervention should be done and what decisions should be taken.  What happens is that a limited number of intermediaries are abducted with their own consent.  Thus, in a pre-election meeting the soul intermediaries from the different factions would join together and would decide on what should be done and what should not be done. 

K:            So they have a meeting on the astral plane?

D:  On the astral plane. This happens for example in European elections. But not only, for example, an important decision has to be taken about North Africa.  You would get people in the know even from Italy for such meeting because they would have some sort of insight, besides North African intermediaries themselves.

K:            Were you invited to such meetings?

D:            I have been to such meetings. But the situation is contrived that one can only recall bits and pieces of whatever transpired when one wakes up. 

K:            In terms of who is running these meetings – the people at the very top level?

D:            There would be some Atlantean, Lemurian and Reptilian representatives present.  

Ok.            Lets take a hypothetical case: let’s say in  order to stabilise Tunisia a decision is taken to increase the number of people in the army – to give young people some jobs. 

K:             In terms of your participation in these meetings – if you understand who is doing these interventions....

D:            No you don’t.  They are masked.  It could be that even you yourself are attending these meetings and are not realising what is going on.

K:             I am sure of it. Ok. But what I am saying here is that, from the perspective of what you understand, what you have seen, I am interested in this so called leadership group – this mixture of positive and negative beings that would be participating in these meetings. 

D             We are talking about different levels.  Thus, the   in-between DNA intermediaries who would have a mix of the DNA of human DNA along with the DNA of the off world civilisations are permitted to attend certain meetings .........

K             But again – if I would ask you to describe this group?

D:            I couldn’t. But you would know if you were at the meeting.  You go to sleep at night, you fall asleep, that 8 hours has passed and you feel a little bit tired afterwards when you wake up as you were partly occupied elsewhere…..

O:             When you say they are masked, do you mean literally or in a kind of vague way?

D:            They are veiled. You don’t really see what is going on.

K:            This middle group then. Would we recognise them on a human level?

D:            No, not really.  But psychic would.

K:            for example, St Germaine would he be in this middle group?

D:            Possibly.

K:            Crowley?

D:            Yes.

K:            Do you agree with Erin Rothschild that Crowley is still alive?

D:            You know the answer

K.             Ok.

D:            But I don’t think that he is negative. He is still a bit crazy in a funny sense.  He acts as being rather greedy in terms of money – in order to give it all back, sometimes to charity  – he is still a shaman…

K.             But in terms of the sort of, the trade off in terms of this middle group. If some of these people are time travellers...

D:             Some of them even change sides.  You get intermediaries changing from one side to another. Some of them get very bored as well.  When you start to live very long you begin to become very eccentric and start to do sort of oddities like flipping dimensions a little bit – entertaining and so on.

K:             There seems to be – the new world order does seem to be making some headway on the planet this time, and they seem to be trying, especially in Britain, to clamp down on really – increase their police state.  Now some of this might be a public display of might if you will.

D:             That is what it is.

K:              But, in the US as well, personal liberties have been taken away very rapidly.

D:              Yes, but the shift is positive – this is just a last gasp.

O:             They are still trying to take down the anarchists.

K:               We are talking about direct attacks on the alternative media.  Are you familiar with Michael Hastings – the rolling stone journalist who was killed in June in a very bizarre way ?

D:                You will expect these things to happen.

K:                But given that we are doing this at the moment.  We have things like drones, we have things like we are being giving predictions of invasions by a robotic race that is coming this way, it may even be in our sector at this time.

D:            Yes – but they are not happening.

K:             I will give you an example.  The London Olympics.  I think they were all set to go with a fake alien invasion. 

D.             I really think that for a few seconds they even tried it during the Opening Ceremony  but then someone told them to pull back because their graphics were not good enough.

N             Was that visible on the opening ceremony?

D:            Yes.  If you go onto YouTube you will probably find it.

N             I have a hi definition copy of it.

D             They were about to start and then they pulled out at the last moment.

K              Well it was said that there was a UFO sighting during that ceremony

D –             That was it – they were probably going to take it further, but they couldn’t

K -             I am curious about your understanding of the Annunaki.  Do you feel that you have been given information – or the information has been kept from you in this regard?

D:            There is a lot of talk about them,  but there are only a few of them left.

K:            Have you been told about a commanding control centre in Phobos?

D:            Yes.

K             and you are familiar with the Clarke McClelland disclosures? Do you have anything to say about any of that?

D:            Yes, The Annunaki live underground, are usually only party clothed or down right naked. For the great part they are service to self in their orientation.

K             Do you know about solar warden?

D:            Yes.

K:            Do you have anything to say about that?

D:            I have said everything before – they, the elite, know the whole scenario is changing – That is why we are seeing films such as the Hunger Games and Elysium. They are trying to posit a future situation where there is a bifurcation in human society.

K:            the balance on planet earth is changing but it is also said that – is it your feeling that the frequency is rising – so things like Fukishima – and the permutation....

D:            I could point to other stuff….like Brussels being heavily chemtrailed, possibly on dates when important decisions are taken ….so that the various representatives from EU member states would be temporarily isolated from their higher spiritual connection when decisions are taken. …I will give you an example ok – I work in a small government office.  20 years ago the employees would not have discussed these things amongst each other.  But the alternative media is having an impact….it is making inroads.   The younger employees are openly discussing things – say 10-15% of them – and they are tacitly beginning to influence the older ones too – so it is coming through.

K:            But when I say – a rise in frequency.  My theory is that this poisoning of the earth is an ongoing effort but it is not going to be successful, at least in that a certain portion of humanity, this level we are moving into, basically the 4th dimension and we are going to be out of....

D:            Look, why are there all these rumours of this idea to reduce the population?  Now, all of us individually have a slight psychic capability. Now when you have numbers -7 billion right – you are going to challenge the controllers... because consciousness will create its own reality right.  That is why they want to reduce the population. That is what it is all about.  As consciousness rises, it will create its own positive feedback.  Will give you an example of what happened it Ireland.  In Ireland in the late 60s the consciousness level began to rise and the Protestants and Catholics began to interact beyond the sectarian divide.  

Subsequently, what happened was that the Illuminati manufactured the incidents like Bloody Sunday between the different communities to polarise the situation – to produce confrontation. We have to be aware of these games. Some people can point to the people who sparked these incidents.

K:              Is there going to be a showdown?

D:              There will be some showdowns, but my inkling is that there will also be clear  indications that consciousness is rising. A case in point being the September 2013 refusal by the UK parliament to approve full scale military action against Syria.

O:              I wanted to ask something about – you know how before you said that in Russia there was an intervention to increase the population – and now we are talking about the reduction – can you define it more clearly?

D:              The positive side wanted a balance in the population.  The planet can take anything between 20 and 40 billion people  - there is no problem.  What we can’t take is parasites feeding off us, taking our resources for clandestine space programmes with objectives that a benefit a very narrow class of human society. That is what we can’t take. 

O:              When you are talking about those factions – the ones that want to increase the population and the ones that want to decrease the population  - can you relate that to the groups?

D:              A & L could recognise a healthy balance in the population, they don’t mind – the R side wants to push the population down.

O:            …and the illuminati – where are they?

D:            with the R.

K:               …in terms of your  - how did this work in terms of did you come here purposefully to meet with me  - did you know you were going to meet with me or where you going on instinct?

D:             No, I did not – I was going on instinct.  But I was informed that it was the right time.  The comment was about Camelot – they said you can get very good information from Camelot,  but there are a number of people who are being put on Camelot who are a bit negative and say low quality – but you have to do something – if you are involved in something of this order it is impossible to vet incoming information to the point that it is peter perfect i.e. 100% – you have to take the good with the bad – it is a learning curve and nobody gets it right all the time. The way I see it that Camelot, along with Veritas and Red Ice Creations, is taking a leading role towards presenting information to the global public. It is up to the individual to sort out which jigsaw pieces are valid and where these fit and where.

K:             It is not so much that as it is purposeful in that if you don’t display the dark and the light then people only understand one thing. And most people have some combination – and some more than others – Leo Zugami is a perfect example – he is much more on the dark – but you can see a lot from the dark by seeing this man on display and how he operates – so this is purposeful – it is understood in terms of a method of teaching.  There is no good in not having people from the dark side.

D.              But some of the videos would have been ideal teaching tools – say f you had to give them to psychology students and task them will identifying  who is telling the truth and who isn’t and instructing them to study the body language.

K.               …. and more than that too – there is too much emphasis on body language in my opinion – there is what can be felt and what resonates because body language can be faked in my opinion.

D.              It can but only up to a point. One of the things that they teach one when someone is trained to be an agent is to remain in eye contact. Normally when someone is telling a lie the natural tendency is to  maintain one’ s gaze,as the natural tendency is to avert one’s gaze when one is fibbing,  but one can’t really hold it for more than half an hour…..

K.            But that doesn’t really – again – it’s just my personal opinion watching this dynamic.  In terms of the overall picture with the Vatican and where they are going – you have heard of this recent decree that Francis put out that anyone under Roman law could be prosecuted. Do you understand that the reverse side of that is that?

D:            It is the Vatican losing control. Who established the Vatican?

K.            Ok. The Romans – but in a sense it is the US and the Brits who are the ‘new’ Romans at the moment.  So what about the earth changes, the volcanoes, the earthquakes, the potential for tsunamis, even manmade.

D.              The impression that I am getting is that things are not as bad as they are making them out to be.

K.            But what about manmade disasters? Other things that might be coming along that might be – have you been told anything like that?

D.            No, we being told not to worry too much. They are there but not to worry too much.  I think the high point this decade was the Japan earthquake and the Haiti...

K:            Why are they allowing Japan to go under? What is the motivation – do you know?

D:            It goes back a while. I don’t think that they really expected that Japanese would have taken such a massive bite off the US economy in the 80s.  Then they had the Kolbe earthquake – that was set up by the Illuminati so that the Japanese would surrender their banking interests….other wise the illuminate timeline agenda would have been scuppered.

K.             Well these are continual threats to Japan – these things but at the end there is still this thing that this island is going to be taken down – that it’s not going to survive the next even 10 years possibly.

D:             There is a problem, but I don’t think that it is as bad as they are trying to make it out to be. The other thing is that Japan is an oil importer and at one point the Japanese had begun to explore free energy devices for possible mass production  and I think that got to them as well.  It could be that part of Japan is going to be affected by the earth changes but it also could be that they also trying to make it out that Japan is not a viable option – not a secure country.

K.            I also heard that Fukishima was to some degree the Zionists allowing this to happen so that there was a fight over uranium.

D.            I think Fukishima had been planned a long time back.

K.            There is also the issue that the Lemurian maybe more aligned with the Chinese and there is a very long antipathy between Japan and China.

D.            No, there is antipathy against Japan, s government – part of the government because it is under illuminate control but not against the Japanese. There is antipathy against the [Zionist]government of Israel – but not against Israelis.  However, despite the history of belligerency between China and Japan….I can see the two joining forces in the future. As an aside, it is very interesting to watch the predictive programming in the recent James Bond Skyfall movie. In the movie the UK appears to be on the down swing while China appears to be on the upswing. Scotland appears to be frozen over, perhaps the result of the collapse of the Gulf stream, while you have a great eyed piglet representing the bad side of Atlantis featuring prominently throughout the movie and notably towards the end…this is indicative of the intention of the minority bad Atlanteans to someday attempt to return….[23]

K.            But in terms of this take down of Japan – I am interested in what the Lemurian controllers – what their investment is. Because in a certain sense, if they are orchestrating things to some degree, trying to influence things.

D            The Japanese are basically partly of Lemurian descent – no one does not – as are the Chinese – they are not going to savage their own.

K.            Well in theory not but what we see happening is this poisoning of this continent – at least it is being said, and you agreed with me initially that Japan will submerge.

D..           No no it will be threatened. My understanding is it is going to be in part threatened but it is not going to be something sudden.

K.            So you see it continuing to exist for say another 20 years?

D.            It is going to gradually diminish in size. But it doesn’t mean that people cannot relocate. People move around from place to place all the time.

K:            Are you familiar with Veterans Today and Gordon Duff?  Are you noticing that they are rising in influence and do you understand what is going on behind the scenes there?

D:            Yes, Yes, I think it is a grass roots rise in consciousness.  Take the UK you can see a lot of posters on street regarding army recruitment  – yet they are finding it very difficult to find young people to go into the army to go and fight new wars.

K             What about the underground bases, the super soldiers and the robotic soldiers and so on?

D.            The elite is going to be replaced by another elite. There is still going to be an elite,  but the soon to be former elite want to run away from us.

K.            There are a lot leaving the planet – you are getting this?

D:             IT COULD BE.

K:            When you are answering my question is it because you have to say a certain amount and you can’t say more or is it only because you know so much?

D:             No, I am trying to ... I am going to give you an indication .  Wasn’t there a book written ‘The Time Machine’ by H G Wells.  H G Wells had actually had a contact that really had exposure  with time travel. You heard about that?

K:             Yes. I understand that.

D:             He saw the population splitting into 2 parts. This is what is going on.  One part underground and one part on the surface.

K:            This is the Nordics and the Greys.

D.             Some parts of the elite have the notion that they are going to try and live underground –

K.            But there is also a faction going off planet.

D.            Yes, but they knew about it all along.  So they deliberately brought about the creation of the US Federal Reserve – they went off the gold standard. Did you read the Wizard of Oz?  What was it about all about? The gold brick road. The illuminati put out that book because they were criticising the American president of the day by implying that he was restricting economic growth by sticking to the yellow brick road and the yellow bricks are gold – they were criticising him for trying to maintain the gold standard – previous to them manipulating to have the Federal Reserve set up in the process  abandoning the gold standard.

K.            So they went off the gold standard to fiat money?

D.            So that they could ramp up parts of the global economy by creating artificial wealth –  and siphon off that that wealth to create parallel civilisations – so when the consciousness rises – they have somewhere to run to.

K:            So you are aware of groups going off planet and you are aware of elites leaving this is your understanding?

D:            Yes.

O:            Do you know where to?

D:            There is some talk of Latin America

K:            Absolutely, but it would be interesting as it seems that Latin America is very much occupied by the reptilians and the Aldeberon Nazis.  So that is in an interesting  combination.  Because the Lemurians – whether they have allowed it to happen or not there has been a huge abduction, hybrid, alien programme in that area.

D:           It is interesting to note that Latin America is slipping away from US control. Consciousness is rising over there, too

K:              Nonetheless,  there has been strong – you see Lemuria as having a strong positive influence

D.              Yes. I associate Lemurian intermediaries with having brought beneficial medical technology to the surface.

K.              But the fact is that the Nazis have infiltrated that space. So is there a war of sorts btw the Lemurians and the Nazis or are they working together.

D:             I don’t think they get on very well together.  Many wars are not fought directly – they are fought by proxy. 

K              In terms of this interview, we don’t have to keep going forever and I want to know where you are at so far.

D              My idea is to give you a positive message. There is something that can be done. They want us to see parallel dimensions and to get gradually acclimitised to the idea of human travel to other dimensions. But it has to be done in a way that will not shock the people. So it might be a good idea if you put out this situation on Camelot – saying look – we understand that there could be a case that people start to view parallel dimensions.  For it to be done in a way that doesn’t shock the general public. Followers of Camelot are being solicited to send in their suggestions.  Then when the suggestions come in, copy and paste without disclosing who is sending them on to say a link right, and put the link out in general public – then this will be picked up right by some of the off world groups and they will work along.  Because the problem is, they can’t just gauge human behaviour accurately – it has always been a problem for them – this is why they always have to recruit intermediaries[24]

K.            So as a sort of a market research programme – float this out there?

D.            Yes – float it out and see what happens.

K.            In a sense my time travel conference was doing this already – Ashyana’s  Dean’s material also talks about this.[25]

D.            The point is that a  clear programme has to be created.

K.            In a sense Fringe was doing this.

D.             But Fringe was negative, wasn’t it….the elite were just telling us in our faces via Hollywood that they had been up to mischief and that by our acquiescence we were accepting what was being hidden in plain sight. …… But anyway sometimes the right thing is done for the wrong reasons.

K.            Ultimately, whether Fringe was negative or not was a good question... the parallel is more negative than the current one but that is actually the case.

D.            Yes, but I mean.

K.            In a sense was accurate – the crossing over was accurate.

D.            Illuminati are kabbalists but I think the release of this information could be done in a more positive way. A way that is spiritually enlightening.

N.            For the public maybe but not the film industry.

O. –          I wanted to ask you about the 4 dimensional parallel time lines. You made this assertion that there was one time line – the Nazis succeeding in the war is closest to us and the bleed through actually happens from that parallel reality rather than from the other two.

D.            Yes,  there are bleed throughs from  all of them. There is a bleed through from ours to theirs. And the other way[26].

O            When you talked about it you mentioned that hits one is the closest?

D.            I think it is the closest. That is my impression.

O            How do you see it?

P.            Because there are people in that universe who are identifiable from our universe. For example our shadow selves as well. For example, you get Albert Speer taking over from Hitler in the 50s. But then the Nazis in the parallel universe, after they have conquered everywhere – they have done all ethnic cleansing that they have to do and they have become a bit more moderate. However, the people there look a little more ‘gross’ than we do, probably an effect of the lower gravity.

O            So in that reality there are very few Jewish people, black people etc?

D:          Yes, the scientists have not been born so the technological progress has been slower. The women are still wearing 1940s clothing – they started using jets as passenger aircraft about 10 years ago. The nose end of the jets are slightly reminiscent of the equivalent Heinkel bomber equivalent.  Australia is smaller than it is in this dimension. The earth is slightly larger.

O:            Is there British government in this reality talking to the British government in that reality? Does that exist?

D:            I can tell you this much.  Britain was overrun by the Nazis.

O:            Because I have experienced this – that gives me this information.

D:             I wouldn’t be surprised. 

O:             If there is anything else – for example I can experience the bleed through – I can have visions of what is going on – and I am thinking if I can feel it then there must be the same kind of experiences between those who have a need to be in power.

K:             If you heard my time travel with this individual who has heard about these individuals who have crossed over back over here – in other words some of their scientist military people have been brought over here. They are not dead – they have crossed over in physical.

D:              There is a problem with our culture – because we are really afraid of death. In fact it is just a change of vibration of frequency. The problem is, I think when we die. Our souls are captured by an electronic soul machine and we are sent back and we are completely wiped memory wise.  I think that the Moon is very interesting to study. There is a soul capture device on the Mooon and we continually programmed by the media in movies like Poltergeist and Ghost to ‘move towards the light’ – the light is actually part of a soul capture machine that sends us back to be reincarnated. The 2009 movie Moon by Duncan Jones shows the game pretty clearly….maybe you might want to interview Robert Morningsky about this……Maybe the best way for humans to dodge the process is to move away from the apparent holographic projections of Christ, Mohammed and other religious figures we typically encounter when we are in the crossing over phase of the dead transition experience, i.e experiencing the bardo.

K:            On a more esoteric level though the white – if you want to wipe your mind you make it all white.

D:            But then we acquiesce – we agree to come back.

K:            This is changing – partially because of the frequency and partially because they are coming in not forgetting. Lots of people haven’t forgotten. I have memories – lots of people are able to pierce the veil much more.

D:            There is a control system between Saturn and the Moon. Saturn is controlling our time line – but progressively it is going to be hit by a lot of meteorites – the control system going to be damaged. It might not lose all its power,  but it is going to lose some of it.

K:            Are you aware of the Norman Bergman research and the ships that are going in the rings of Saturn and are supposedly on their way here ?

D:            I am aware of his work.  I don’t know much more than that, but I am aware that the control system – the Saturn control system is going to take a beating – this is not a bad thing.

K              Have you heard it said that there is a special portal on Saturn into the next dimension?

D             I would imagine so.

K:             It may be the key to this other dimensions – certainly it might be a portal – there seems to be something very special and very specific to Saturn as a portal into something.

D:            Yes,  I would imagine so.

O.             What are you referring to when you talk about the control that is in Saturn?

D.            Saturn is Chronos – Saturn is there to control our frequency. It is basically negative.

K:            Our perception of time for one thing.

O:            Who is controlling it?

D:             I would say some reptilian groups. Their aim of which I think is to dimensional level is to vampirise this whole system. Imagine you want to become a god – how would you go about it?  You would try to capture other entities and materials and attempt to feed off them.  To do that you would try to arrange to get everyone and everybody on the same frequency before attempting to scoop them up. Eventually you will run out of the energy that you have scooped up in the process... so you have to find new victims to prey on. It might explain the Western ‘illuminist’ fixation with time…a case in point the establishment of Greenwich Mean Time in the UK. This fixation on time did not exist in other cultures.  

O:            So you are hoping that this is what happens?

D:            Yes,  maybe they won’t capture us this time. Perhaps we will be able to slip out of the net this time.

O:             I listened to a news conference that scientists in NASA did they were explaining something similar to what you are talking about. They were talking about some planets in our solar system being outside of the heliosphere and how this will affect us.  What you are saying here is that some planets will be outside of the cone or what I call the heliosphere – interestingly is what they were talking about – that we won’t have the protection – you are saying the same thing – some of the planets are going to be outside of the protection.

D:             They are going to be pushed back and they are going to be damaged by all the incoming stuff that is not in the cone.

K:            They say there was time when the Moon was not here.

D.            I know that it is semi artificial and that is part of the control network linked to Saturn. It is hollow – it could potentially float on water.

K.            In terms of what we have been doing here – have you reached a place where you feel comfortable – or do you want to give more?

D.             Maybe some other time I will be in a position to give you more…….Pleasures yet to come…..

[1] The high tension point of the  movie entitled ‘Thirteen Days’ brings this particular juncture out dramatically ref.

[2] The movie Inception, ref., brings this point out abundantly clearly.

[3] Also, note that Golom, who appears to be very ‘Grey’ like, was originally a human. The reason will become apparent later in this text  

[4]Possibly,  a certain notorious German ‘geneticist’ of the 40s  could have found a way of turning off some suicide genes that humans carry around with them as a result of Annunaki  design.

[5] Arguably, the Rothchild faction were taken aback by the utter ruthlessness of the Rockerfeller faction and decided to give Russian imperial bloodline a possibility to regroup on the off-chance that the Bolshevik revolution could ultimately fail.

[6] For a long time Atlantis and Lemuria co-existed, sometimes in a state of mutual belligerence, including the deployment of advanced weaponry and nuclear confrontation. The Indian ‘Mahabarata’, despite the distortions that crept into it over time, more or less could said to be a chronicle of that era. 

[7]For an inkling of what the Annunaki look like,  view the movie ‘Immortal’ released in 2004,

[8] For a very graphic view of the illuminati’s manipulation of the Earth’s history over the last three hundred years it is suggested that the reader view the movie, ‘Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away’ released on 21st December, 2012, with an educated eye. Ref

[10]  A lot of the illuminate-led push towards globalisation is based on the economic theory of comparative advantage. However, there is a minority theory which is gaining ground i.e. the theory of so–called ‘factor endowment.’ This theory would tend to encourage a reasonable amount of protectionism, and thus a return of the skills base to the West.

[11] Ref. Michael Tsarion’s work on this point. 

[12]  The Federation flag/ star chart displayed in the last few frames of the latest Star trek movie entitled, Into Darkness’ , may be revealing…

[13]  The Shogun mini-series offers an interesting historical insight into illuminate/Jesuit infiltration of Japanese politics. Ref.

[14] Ref Keith Hunter’s work.

[15] Read Red Symphony by Henry Makow :

[17] Readers may find it fruitful to watch the particular UFO episode entitled Survivor and listen very carefully to the dialogue when the stranded alien is speaking to Paul Foster.

[18] However, higher forces eventually intervened to indicate that as the humans have a ‘piece of God ‘ within them’ , they should be protected.

[19] Note that the UN logo incorporates 33 segments, indicate of Scottish rite masonry .

[21] Refer to the very interesting Red Ice Creations broadcast William Engdahl - War in Syria & Manufactured Conflicts, 2nd September, 2013.

[22] An interesting movie is Murder by Decree, . The last few minutes of the dialogue are revealing.

[23] Note that the pig is a symbol of the negative side of the Atlantean grouping, [not the broad thrust]. Atlantean genetic experimentation had resulted in pigs being created as a result of human DNA into wild boars.

[24] A  case in point: A  lot of really deep soul searching among the various Groups and councils before a decision was taken to allow  the humans access tho nuclear technology in the Thirties and Forties.

[25] Note that Ashyana Deane’s material is around 70 % accurate, and is a major advance of much previously released material.  

[26] Researchers may find it interesting to check out the Institute of Parallel Studies. 

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MONARCH 47 Document ScreenGrab-2013-10-8-2002023-245.jpg

The following testimony was sent to me from someone calling themselves Monarch 47.  They detail their experience as a child being programmed and altered to become a child prostitute for use in pedophilia and as a spy.

They were used in a program during the 1960s and 70s.

Download the Monarch pdf doc here


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NOTE:  This page contains all written and video Camelot interviews with Arthur.

Re:  Arthur Neumann is his real name.  Initially, when he first came forward he did so under an assumed name (Henry Deacon) to protect himself and his family.  In 2009 he decided to come forward under his real name.

An Interview with 'Henry Deacon', a Livermore Physicist


This interview was transcribed from video as the interviewee expressed a wish to remain anonymous ('Henry Deacon' is a pseudonym, prompted by his similarity to the likeable and creative polymath on the Eureka TV series). Certain details have been deleted and/or amended in order to ensure that his identity remains concealed, and the transcript has been “cleaned” of most expressed natural hesitations and the like. Meanwhile, it is most important to note that none of the factual information disclosed has been altered or amended in any way.

Henry’s name and employment details are known and verified and we were able to meet with him personally more than once. He was understandably a little nervous but definitely wanted to talk with us. In conversation, he sometimes responded with silence and meaningful glances or enigmatic smiles rather than words. He was entirely disarming, in a very quiet way, and was not always certain about what he should or shouldn't say. At times, however, he took great pleasure in revealing the truth about some key matter in a way that could not be traced back to him. One or two supplementary details were provided by e-mail after the interview.

The most important piece of additional information comes at the very end of the transcript, where Henry confirms Dan Burisch's testimony.

Readers are welcome to distribute this freely with the proviso that no part of it must be altered or deleted. Unaltered extracts can be quoted if the context is made clear. We consider this interview to be extremely important and in our opinion the information revealed should be made widely known.

For further information from Henry, updated in February 2007, please click here. However, it's probably best to familiarize yourself first with the material presented below as an introduction to Henry and his testimony. 

Click here for a further update (May 2007)

We have heard nothing from Henry Deacon for the last five weeks. Prior to our last communication, in the last week of March 2007, he had told us he was being 'coerced'. Up to that time he had been in very regular communication with us. We now feel certain he has been forced into silence.

While this newest update contains fascinating further information on a number of topics (including more information on Mars and some details of the inside story of 9/11), we continue to believe that the most important information he has shared is to be found in the second update. However, as stated above, new readers are advised to read Henry's testimony in sequence.


Start of interview

Please tell us a little bit about yourself – as much as you feel you can.

I’m a current employee of one of the three letter agencies [he plays a little word game with us until we guess the right agency, which he then confirms]. I’m probably taking quite a risk by speaking to you like this, though I don't intend to reveal any information that in my judgment is both classified and specific to national security. I’ve been involved in many projects with many different agencies over many years.To jump right in at the deep end, I believe I was a walk-in around eighth grade. I have memories of coming from another planet, and these are all mixed up, all mingled with human boyhood memories. It's very weird, and hard to explain what it feels like. I’ve never had any problems intuitively accessing complex scientific information and I've often found myself understanding complex systems with no detailed briefing or training. I work essentially with systems. I don't mean to be arrogant, but I do know a great deal of advanced information, scientific and otherwise. I just seem to know it. I can’t say more than that right now.

Can you give even any clues about which agency you work for?

No, not on public record. I just can't afford that.

What information do you feel you have that’s important for the world to know?

There’s so much that it’s hard to know where to start.I knew about 9/11 two years before the event, for instance. Not in specific terms, but certainly in general ones. It was talked about, an event like that, something that would change the game, let's say.I know that there’s a planned war between the US and China scheduled for late 2008. This is also geopolitical and not concerned with Black Ops as such. These were both just events that I got to hear about in passing. I have no detailed information about them.

You mean that China and the US are working together to stage a war?

The Pentagon started the planning in 1998. You have to understand that China and the US are hand in glove with everything. This war is a joint op between the US and China. Most wars are set up that way and have been for a while.You want something else that’s just unpleasant to hear? I also heard from someone who was serving in a unit that worked with missiles deployed for testing in the Pacific and the Far East. The missiles were shipped to the test location in very tightly sealed containers, very secure, hermetically sealed. After the tests, the container would be shipped back, sealed the same way, but empty, supposedly empty. On one occasion, this guy was present when a container was opened. It wasn't empty. It was filled with bags of white powder.


I leave you to draw your own conclusions. I doubt it was sugar. Let me just say that, hypothetically speaking, and let just me say that to protect myself, if such a plan was in operation, it makes perfect logistical sense as it’s a totally secure way to get around all security, customs, international boundaries and ports, and all those checks. It’s perfect, like the way guns and ammunition used to cross borders in diplomatic bags going between consulates. This happens all the time.

Would you call yourself a physicist?

Yes. I cover other specialties as well, but yes, I’m a physicist. And I specialize in systems. Livermore is a good place to be, everyone's very professional there. They don’t, you know, they don’t play games there.

What can you say about the current state of physics in the military-industrial complex?

It’s dozens of years ahead of mainstream physics which is published in journals in the public domain. There are projects dealing with subjects beyond the belief or experience, beyond the imagination, of many public domain physicists.

Can you give us any examples?

[long pause]There's a project called Shiva Nova at Livermore which uses arrays of giant lasers. These are huge lasers, huge capacitors, many terawatts of energy, in a building built on giant springs [extends his arms to show the size], all focused on a tiny tiny point. This creates a fusion reaction which replicates certain conditions for nuclear weapons testing. It’s like a nuke test in lab conditions, and there's very powerful data collection focused on that point where all the energy is focused.The problem is that all extremely high-energy events like this create rips in the fabric of spacetime. This was observed back in the early Hiroshima and Nagasaki events, and you can even see it in the old movies. Look for what looks like an expanding energy sphere, and I can send you a link to show you. The problem with creating rips in spacetime, whether they're big or little, is that things get in that you don’t want to be there.

Things get in?

Things get in. Things that we all know about that are discussed on the net a lot. Beings, and influences, and all kinds of weird stuff, and I can tell you they’ve createdbig problems.

What kind of problems?

[pause]The problem of their presence and then what happens next. The other problem is that if you’re creating rips in spacetime you’re messing with time itself, whether you mean to or not. There have been attempts to fix that, and it all results in a complicated overlay of time loops. Some ETs are trying to help, and others, others are not. When predicting futures, we can only talk about probable and possible futures. This is all extremely complex and very highly classified. Basically, it’s just a huge mess. We've opened Pandora’s Box, starting with the Manhattan Project, and we haven't yet found a way to deal with the consequences.

The problem of multiple timelines sounds like the information reported by Dan Burisch... can you comment on that?

[shakes head] I don’t know about any of that.

OK. We’ll send you the links so that you can see the interviews. But what you’re saying also corroborates the information reported by "Mr X" on the Camelot website. Have you seen or read those interviews?

No, what does he say?

"Mr X" is an archivist who for a six-month period had the opportunity to work with classified documents, films, photos and artifacts back in the mid-80s when he was working on a special project with a defense contractor. He says that he read that the principal reason for the ETs' interest in us was because of nuclear testing and the general threat of nuclear weapons.

That sounds about right. Except only one or two ET groups are concerned about nuclear weapons, not all of them.

OK. What else can you tell us about the timeline problem?

Just that it’s unresolved. The risk is, you see, that each time we try to fix it, it adds to the problem. It just gets worse all the time.

Are the aliens – or some of the aliens – time travelers? Dan Burisch states this.


Do you know about the Montauk Project?

That caused a huge problem, and generated a... created a 40-year loop.I don’t know about Al Bielek. I believe some of his information is suspect. But something like that definitely did happen, the Philadelphia Experiment, too. John Neumann was very involved in all of that.

And Tesla, and Einstein?

Don’t know. But Neumann... [nods head]

Montauk was real?

Yes. That was a real mess. They created a time split we’re still unable to mend. Now, understand this also relates to Project Rainbow, the Stargates… they were also working on that there. But some of the Montauk reports on the net are unconvincing to me. I’ve seen some of the photos of the equipment they’re supposed to have used, and it’s junk, just a pile of junk.

[Bill] I’ve always had a problem with the idea of time portals because I don’t see how or why they’d stay with the planet at a certain location as it moves through space. If a portal was created in spacetime, you’d expect it to be left behind somewhere very quickly as the earth rotates, and moves round in its orbit, and the solar system itself is orbiting the galaxy in a huge cycle. I mean, everything’s in motion, all the time, and this is well known. Can you explain this?

No, I can’t... but I know what you mean, and the portals do stay in specific locations, kind of anchored to this planet. That does happen that way. Why they don’t get left behind or just kind of float off somewhere, I have no idea. Maybe they’re gravitationally anchored in some way. Your guess is as good as mine.One of the portals connects to Mars, and it’s a stable connection, no matter where Earth and Mars are in their orbits. We have a base there established in the early sixties. Actually, we have a number of bases.

So we’ve explored Mars already.

Sure, a long time ago. Have you seen Alternative Three?


That had some truth to it. The Mars landing video was all a spoof, and other parts of it were as well, but there’s truth there.

What else do you know as a physicist working on these projects?

OK. This may interest you if you have a physics background. You know what signal non-locality is, right? When two particles in different parts of the universe can apparently communicate with each other simultaneously, no matter what the distance. Communications devices have been made for communicating across vast distances and also locally using a methodology that’s impossible to eavesdrop on, because there's nothing traveling between the two devices that can be intercepted. It’s impossible to crack or codebreak or eavesdrop because no signal travels anywhere, so there’s no signal to be intercepted or decoded. It just doesn’t work like that.The beauty of it is that the devices are actually so simple to build. You can create two chaotic circuits, on a couple of small breadboards using cheap components which anyone can buy, and they communicate with each other in this way. You can build these if you know how.

Are there any other applications besides communication?


What else can you tell us about this?

That’s it. Oh, I should say that I didn’t realize at first that you were also the guy who created the Serpo website. Let me just say that it wasn’t called by that name. And I doubt that the travel took nine months. That's not how they traveled there.

Oh, you mean the travel was instantaneous?

[pause]I don’t think they traveled the way they say they did on the Serpo website. Maybe there were other programs. There may have been many. But travel across large distances is best done using portals. Anything else is really... it's just inefficient.

You mean they used Stargates?

I guess you could call them that, yes.I also suspect the system isn’t Zeta Reticuli. It sounds to me like Alpha Centauri. I think you mentioned this on the site.

Do you have a reason for saying that?

Well, Zeta 1 and 2 are a long way apart from one another. Alpha Centauri and Promixa Centauri are close together. Alpha Centauri has a solar system very much like ours, but it's older. The planets are in stable orbits. There are three inhabited planets, the second, third and fourth. No, wait, the fifth, I think. Second, third and fifth.

That’s astonishing… you knew this professionally? I mean, you came across this in the course of your work?

Yes. This is known. It’s comparatively easy to get there, less than five light years away, and that’s, you know, it's right next door to us. The… people… there are very human-like. They're not Grays, they’re like us. The human form is very common in the universe.

[Bill] Is one of the planets desert-like? That’s what I saw in the photo I described. Two setting suns, over a desert landscape. It really blew me away. [See this article on the Serpo website]

Yes, it is. A desert planet.
Wow.Are you familiar with Project Looking Glass?
That sounds kind of familiar...
It was a kind of technology that Dan Burisch told us about that involved seeing into the future. Were you involved with it?
OK, that technology wasn't developed by us. We were given it, or it was taken from a craft we acquired. I didn't work on that.
We heard they have a man-made Stargate at Los Alamos. Are you familiar with that?
[looks at us without answering, slight enigmatic smile]
What can you tell us about Los Alamos?
There's a Los Alamos website I'll send you, and then you can search there under “gravity shielding” and things like that. It’s all there.[Note: the website is]Now, it may have been an error that it’s in the public domain. You might want to advise people to archive the pages they find there before they’re taken off the web once this gets out, if it does. But right now you can see it with your own eyes.It’s hard to know what else to say.
What can you tell us about the ET presence?
Look up the movie Wavelength. It’s based on a totally true story. Have you seen it? It's based on an incident that took place at Hunter Liggett. This is a hot one.
No. Where’s Hunter Liggett?
90 miles south-south-east of Monterey, California. My primary station at the time was Fort Ord.I was working there back in the early 70s, when I was in the military, and I was working under CDCEC, which is Combat Developments Command Experimentation Command. You can go look that up.We were doing testing of all kinds of devices, and we lived out in the field there. We wore laser protection goggles a lot of the time and we had our eyes dialated routinely to check our retinas for burns. Some of the cattle in the fields even wore modified goggles! This was the most bizarre sight you could ever imagine.Well, one day something happened while we were testing. A disk came into the area and it was hovering, it hovered right directly in front of us, out in a field. So [pause] we shot the ****ing thing down.
You shot down a disk?
[shaking head] We should never have done it. It wasn't me personally, but the group did. Between us we had all this gizmo weaponry and I guess they panicked and thought they were in a movie or something. The disk was disabled and it was captured, and so were the occupants, and I saw these very briefly. They were small child-like humanoids, with no hair. And they had small eyes, not large almond-shaped eyes. I don’t think anyone knows about this. As far as I know it’s not on the internet.
This is incredible. I've never heard of this incident.
Most of the other witnesses ended up in Vietnam and many were killed. I may be the only living witness to what happened... I don’t know.The rest of the story is in a sci-fi movie called Wavelength, which was released in the early '80s. I’d never heard of it until I ran into it years later, in Arizona. Did I just say this? [laughs, for the first time]When I saw the video, I was expecting some, you know, light entertainment with a beer or two, but I mean, my mouth just hung wide open. The beginning of the film just completely clearly and accurately describes the incident, and the film is very close to the rest of the story, including the use of an abandoned Nike base in Southern California to store them.Go find it. It’s all basically true. I was just amazed when I saw it. The person who wrote it must have been there, or knew someone who was there. But I don’t know who.I had a genuine alien photo once. I showed it to someone, a woman, a very talented woman, who was a microbiologist working for one of the agencies. It scared the s*** out of her. I couldn’t believe it. She just didn’t want to deal with it at all. And I’d say that just suggests that the public, even scientists aren’t ready for this information to be released. And this person was really smart. It didn’t stop her from freaking out, just not wanting to know. She was just, you know, totally spooked.
Do you still have the photo? Can we see it?
I don’t know. I may still have it somewhere, and if I can find it, I’ll forward it to you.
Can you describe it?
It showed a small being with dark skin, kind of black and wrinkled. He was a sole survivor of an incident. But he died shortly afterwards. He had a suit that was self-healing, ah... self-repairing. It was a kind of fabric, or something, that would actually repair itself. And he had an artifact with him that was some kind of remote control device, and that was taken away from him.
He was the survivor of a crash?
A time traveler?
You know everything, don't you?
No, but you're giving us verification.
I mean, it’s just so incredibly complicated. It’s so complex it’s possible that no one person has all the information. Most of the agencies don’t know what the other agencies know and everything is heavily compartmentalized right up the wazoo. No-one talks to anyone else about this stuff. Sometimes entire projects are duplicated at the cost of God knows how many billions because the existence of the other project is unknown, it‘s kept from them. I mean, I’m a scientist, and scientists sometimes have one arm tied behind their backs because they can't communicate freely. In fact, they can’t communicate at all [laughs]. And there are dozens, hundreds of classified projects, I mean major ones. It’s just a total mess.Look, there are many groups of ETs, and besides our own ancestors are mixed in there. There are time loops upon time loops, and it’s all a mess. You’d need an IQ of 190 to figure it all out.
Tell us about the time loops. By the way, can we ask you again…. you’ve not heard of Dan Burisch?
Not that I remember. It's not familiar to me.
We interviewed him last month. He was next to John Lear on the web page.
I did see your interview with John Lear, talking about the moon photos and the way they’re airbrushed. NASA does that all the time. He’s quite a character, by the way. I’d like to meet him one day.What few people know is that radar reports for the National Weather Service are also airbrushed, so that certain radar images aren’t released. I don’t mean airbrushed as in by hand. The radar images are electronically filtered using software. Some of these radar traces are huge. In addition, the weather radar won’t record traces that are moving faster than a certain high speed, a couple of thousand miles an hour. But there are still traces which need to be removed.
Sure. They’re often optically invisible, but usually show up on radar. They’re also visible in ultraviolet... I don’t think this is generally known by people.
So what can you tell us about the time loops?
Right. [long pause]The situation with time loops is that there are a large number of parallel timelines, lots of branches. There are no paradoxes. [draws a diagram] If you go back in time and kill your grandfather, that’s the grandfather paradox everyone talks about, there’s no paradox. When you go back and change the past, it creates a different timeline, which is a new branch of the original one. On that timeline, you’d not be born and wouldn’t exist, so that aspect of the paradox is true. Do you see? But on this timeline, which you’re on here and now, you do exist, and continue to do so. There’s no paradox. It’s simple… do you see? You’re dealing with different branches of a kind of time tree. No principles get violated. All future events are possibilities, not certainties. That’s kind of pretty important, an important... distinction. That's really all I can say about that.
Do you know anything about chemtrails?
OK. Chemtrails were developed by Edward Teller and are basically the seeding of thousands of tons of microparticles of aluminum on the upper atmosphere to try to increase the albedo of the planet, the reflectivity of the planet, because of global warming. Now, gold microparticles, real gold, were used once in a similar situation on another planet, but I guess they had lots of gold, and we used aluminum instead. Global warming is partly because of the greenhouse effect, and that certainly makes things worse, but most of it is because of increased solar activity. Solar activity is the real problem.
Why isn’t this information in the public domain? It seems like people should know and would like to know, and there’s no security risk if what you say is true.
Scientifically, it’s just a total gamble. Not nearly enough is understood. It may work, or maybe it won't. It could easily make things worse. There may also be health side-effects, weather side-effects, God knows what. It affects the whole planet and here you have a unilateral, non-democratic decision, unconnected with the political or democratic process, to launch a huge technological special project that affects everyone on earth. If that’s not controversial, I don’t know what is. The solution is to keep it secret. It’s the usual kneejerk solution, too.
Will it work?
I don’t know.
Is this also connected with weather wars?
[pause]Yes, there are weather wars. The Air Force will own the weather within two years.
What else can you tell us?
Read The Report from Iron Mountain. Much of that is true. I was working with a group down in [ ______ ]. They called us in and passed out a report. The weird thing is that it wasn’t even connected with what we were working on, and it came just right out of the blue, out of nowhere, and none of us were expecting it. The guy said, and I’ll never forget it because it struck me as just wrong: “There are the wolves and there are the sheep, and we are the wolves.” Then they told us to go and read the report, and that was that.There wasn’t any choice, and there still isn’t. The way they see it is there are too many people, and, you know, they're right. That's true. So they figure they need to eliminate them and they're planning solutions to this. I happen to think it doesn’t have to be that way. Apart from what I’ve mentioned so far about the spacetime problems, the problem is overpopulation. It’s as simple as that. There are programs to reduce global population for everyone’s benefit. Believe it or not, the intent there is positive. It was put together by Kennedy way back then. The RAND Corporation was involved, and one of the Rockefellers, I forget which one, probably Laurance, I think.
By killing people off?
Basically, yes. Artificial viruses that have been deployed using a number of means and are hard to detect or identify and nearly impossible to cure. Medical people in the public domain can't identify what's happening.
How do you feel about this personally?
Very mixed. [pause]As an individual flesh-and-blood human being, I’m appalled. And as a scientist trained to look at things from a high vantage point, a high overview, I have to say that I can understand the thinking.You have to understand that I’m not defending or condoning this. It’s just a comment from an abstract scientific perspective. But the problems we face on this planet are so huge that very few people have the training or experience to view it all, to see it all in the same field of vision.My situation was different, and I got a chance to see a lot of things because of the nature of my work. Most people don’t see it all. But I've worked with many agencies, and I have the big picture.Do you know that it’s legal to test biological and chemical agents against US citizens? It’s legal. You know, all that has to be done is to get the approval of the mayor of the city, or his equivalent in any area. Or some representative official. No-one knows this, but it can be checked out. Go look it up. It’s all carefully hidden away in the law somewhere, but it’s all in the public domain. It's all there.
You’ve revealed a whole lot of extraordinary material here in our conversation. What’s the most important message you’d like to leave people with?
Look, I don’t want to shock anyone, but I’m not optimistic. The problems facing us as a race on this planet are huge. I don't believe most civilians are ready and able to comprehend and deal with the sheer scale and complexity of it all. They have enough trouble managing their everyday lives, and these problems are on a completely different level. Overpopulation is really the biggest issue. Everything else facing us is connected with this.You see, I can understand the military taking matters into their own hands. If there was full disclosure of all the problems, and all the proposed solutions, do you really think it would help any of us? I suggest the answer is probably not. It would just complicate matters further.But deep down I do feel that everyone should know these things, or else I would not be talking with you. The essential message I want to leave with is that I do actually hope and want to believe that we as a people can handle all this, but sometimes I wake up in the morning and doubt it, but deep down I want people to know the important things that have been kept from us all. But sometimes I do wonder. You don’t know what I haven't told you.

On 27 September, three weeks after the initial meetings, and after we had strongly urged him to view the three part Dan Burisch video interview on the Project Camelot website, we received the following e-mail. It is quoted verbatim and in its entirety.

Dan Burisch is telling the whole truth.

I confirm this, timelines and all

best wishes

6 October 2006




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Images of nuclear explosions: rips in spacetime?For more photos of the expanding energy sphere,


Update from 2007: We've had ongoing continued communication from 'Henry Deacon' (see below). For Henry's background and for a transcript of our first interview, please click here. It should ideally be read first before studying the information which follows. What we present here was not recorded in any interview. This is our own compilation of what we consider important from a number of conversations and written exchanges since our first meeting. We know Henry very well now. He's a values-driven man of high intelligence, acutely aware of the import of the information he shares at considerable risk to himself. He's softly-spoken, kind, and has a delightful sense of humor. He does not seek any limelight. He is extremely concerned about the state of the world... and the direction in which it seems to be heading.Because of the professional posts he's held, he's in a privileged position to be able to see everything that's happening – which he describes as a bewildering complexity, all the details of which are known or understood by very few people – from an overview vantage point. The picture he presents is complex, challenging, and significant.


Dan Burisch's testimony

In our first interview, Henry told us he had never heard of Dan Burisch. Because parts of Henry's story seemed to overlap with Dan's, we strongly urged him to view our three part Dan Burisch video interview.On 27 September, three weeks later, we received the following e-mail. It's quoted verbatim and in its entirety.

Dan Burisch is telling the whole truth.I confirm this.timelines and allbest wishes

This was of extreme importance, and we checked this with Henry in person as soon as we could. It appears that Dan's claims – as extraordinary and incredible as they may seem – are true.Henry did not comment on J-Rod, the treaties, or Lotus, as he has no experience or knowledge of those. But he did confirm that the greatest secret in the classified world – about which many insiders themselves have not been briefed – is that there is a complex problem concerning alternative timelines, that some of the visitors are indeed humans from the distant future, and that there are significant issues with a possible future event which may seriously affect the earth and its population.The last of these is the reason that all this has been kept so highly classified, and why disclosure is so problematic.


The Roswell visitors were future humans – as Dan Burisch has stated. They were not from another planet, but from a future Earth – stepping (which is a better word than "traveling") back in time to 1947 to attempt to deal with the problems which had occurred in their history. Apparently, Dan was also correct in that the Roswell visitors were from earlier in the future than some other visitors who arrived subsequently. But Henry didn’t give details or time frames.The Roswell visitors were on a purely altruistic mission. They did not have to do this, but chose to... out of compassion. But the mission went disastrously wrong – not just because they crashed (an accident caused by high-powered radar – later the military realized this and adapted the radar as a weapon), but because they had a device with them which was their only means, as an orientation device in time and space, to get them home and back to their own time. The device was a little box, far smaller than the "Looking Glass" that Dan Burisch and Bill Hamilton describe as being subsequently utilized by military scientists in various experiments. When the box was acquired and investigated by the military, this became a catastrophe in itself. It made the timeline problem many times worse, because this both introduced the time-portal technology to us at the wrong time... and also told the military what lay ahead.Henry could not stress too strongly how totally calamitous for us all the Roswell incident was. It was a major, major setback, right at the start of the future humans' project to help fix the problem.Since then, there have been continued attempts by the future humans to remedy the exacerbated situation. This is what has caused an overlay of timelines, creating a tangled complexity which apparently is challenging for even the most brilliant present-day minds to understand fully.We asked Henry why the disks kept on crashing, almost year after year. He said that it seemed strange that the visitors had not evaluated the risk from radar before they returned in time, but he explained it was just very dangerous for them to be here for a variety of reasons, despite their advanced technology. Crashes have been caused by many factors, including offensive action. Importantly, Henry emphasized that the Roswell visitors were not the Grays. (He did not mention who the Grays were.)

NOAA, the Dark Star, and global warming

Henry at one point did some work with NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and it was there that he learned about what he called the “second sun”. This is a massive astronomical object which is on a long elliptical orbit around our own sun, on an inclined plane to the rest of the planets. It’s now approaching, and is causing resonance effects on our sun in various ways. A small organization within NOAA is aware that this is a cause of the warming of all the planets, not just the Earth. This information is classified, but has been known for a number of years.We told him about Andy Lloyd's excellent 'Dark Star' website, which he had not seen before. We also offered to send him Lloyd's book 'The Dark Star'; but he declined, saying that there was a risk that it might 'front-load' him too much before he had the chance to recall more information.This issue is connected with the Roswell catastrophe described above. The problems the future humans were attempting to address were multiple, but principally – as Dan Burisch has stated on many occasions – featured a possible event triggered by a massive 'spike' of solar activity at some point in our currently near future.Henry, like Dan, is at pains to emphasize strongly that this event is only possible (having been observed in Looking Glass devices in a possible future)... and currently is evaluated to be unlikely.Henry explains that the increase in solar activity is caused only in part by the 'Dark Star', multiple factors being at play. These are complex. Some of them are on a galactic scale, and are associated with natural, periodic events which the Earth has suffered through a number of times previously. What makes this particular time completely unique for our planet is that there is a convergence of serious factors – such as carbon emissions, overpopulation, and our propensity for choreographing war – all of which combine with these major, cyclic and solar events to simultaneously threaten the well-being of ourselves and the biosphere.


Henry confirmed the existence of a large manned base on Mars, supplied through an alternative space fleet and also through stargates.

Signal non-locality

Henry told us that he had personal experience of interfacing with a team which effectively conducted Alain Aspect's pivotal and conclusive 1981 experiment to prove Bell's Theorem, under the auspices of a classified project at Livermore in the late 1970s. The results obtained were never published in journals - as is usual in the case of "black budget" research. The mathematical physics is complex, but the technology developed is now regularly used to communicate instantaneously across vast distances.

The disk shot down at Hunter Liggett

We asked Henry to tell us more about this event. He gave the location of the incident: within a mile of the center of this map. It occurred in late 1972 or early 1973. His team were testing experimental laser weapons, targeting various materials in the field environment. Suddenly a disk-shaped craft appeared out of nowhere – measuring about 100 feet diameter by 25 feet high. It was about 150–200 yards away. Someone shot at it with Air Force experimental laser which was under test at the time. The primary laser system was contained and operated from the back of a slightly modified M-35 2.5 ton truck called a "Deuce and a Half". There was no visible external damage from what Henry could see or remember, but the craft was disabled. Three small child-like aliens (not classic “Grays”) were captured, alive and in good health, and were transferred to a Nike base located in the hills near Tilden Park, directly east of Kensington, CA. All this happened very quickly and was quite a shock to all concerned.

17 February, 2007

Click here for a further update (May 2007)
We have heard nothing from Henry Deacon for the last five weeks. Prior to our last communication, in the last week of March, he had told us he was being 'coerced'. Up to that time he had been in very regular communication with us. We now feel certain he has been forced into silence.While this newest update contains fascinating further information on a number of topics (including more information about Mars and some details of the inside story of 9/11), we continue to believe that the most important information he has shared is to be found on this page.

2 May, 2007


Click here for an important new statement (December 2007)Henry has broken his silence after six months to tell us of his pessimism about a number of current serious global problems. He again references The Report from Iron Mountain, and urges us to pay attention to Dr. Bill Deagle and to Alex Jones' Endgame. He then talks more about Mars and the solar system, the secret space program, Arthur C. Clarke, the Apollo moon landings, and more.

17 December, 2007

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 to download a PDF containing Henry Deacon's initial interview and the first two updates in one document. 




Futuretalk, 26 July

On the Sunday morning, the last day of the conference, we recorded an hour-long Futuretalk with Alfred Webre, Bob Dean, and Henry Deacon (Arthur Neumann). A fascinating discussion ensued...




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 Jumproom to Mars :
A Conversation with David Wilcock
Note:  David, Kerry & Bill discuss their witnesses, "Henry Deacon" aka Arthur Neuman and "Daniel"

Los Angeles, California
December 2007


This video captures an informal and spirited 45 minute conversation between David Wilcock and ourselves at a restaurant where we met up for dinner in early December. We were exchanging information and comparing the testimonies from Project Camelot's Henry Deacon (for a detailed new statement from him, please click here) and David's Montauk source Daniel, and had found some very important corroborations.Captured live on camera with editing only to switch between the two cameras, David gives his unrehearsed response to new information Project Camelot has learned about the colony on Mars, the secret space program, the Apollo missions, and more.This interview contains significant new information which we believe to be fully credible. Did we really make it to the moon in 1969? Do we really have a base on Mars? Why is the secret space program so important? What is the relationship with Montauk? What truths may be concealed in Arthur C. Clarke's seminal film, 2001? Join us at the restaurant table and find out in this interview - you may enjoy the ride.

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Bob Dean's Conference Presentation, 25 July - Henry Deacon goes on stage at around :55mins and states for the world, he has been on Mars working at an underground base....MUST SEE!!


Bob Dean gives his 75 minute presentation in which he showed a number of impressive, suppressed NASA images - and at the end of which Henry Deacon (at approximately :55 mins) went on to the stage with Kerry Cassidy to state that he had visited the Mars base as part of his classified work. This is a fantastic presentation and shows Bob Dean, 80 years old, word perfect, fluent, passionate, at his very finest.

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********ADDITIONAL RESEARCH RE HENRY DEACON / ARTHUR NEUMANNRafael Palacios interviews Henry Deacon at the Exopolitics Conference
Barcelona, Spain
 (July 2009) - this is not a Camelot interview
Click here for the YouTube video. Click here to download the WMV video. Click here to download the MP3 audio. Click here for the interview transcript. 


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