TOTAL RECALL - My interview with Captain Mark Richards

New Video Release!   CLICK HERE TO VIEW... This is an interview with Captain Mark Richards conducted at Vacaville Prison on November 2, 2013. This is the first time in the over 30 years of his incarceration, that any journalist has...

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Kerry Speaking in Malta April 27th

MALTA - APRIL 26 - May 3rd   I am speaking in MALTA on April 27th at...

A Lead Worth Researching: 5 Passengers Who Checked in

Regarding the continuing saga of Flight 370, an astute Camelot supporter sent along the following...

Bundy Ranch Showdown Over States Rights and Chinese Encroachment

American Spring? This reminds me of a book I read recenlty about the hidden resistance in...

Complete Transcript of the Keshe March 16th interview now available!

 Note:  see below for complete written transcript of this interview! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD...

Excellent Journalist Michael Ruppert Commits Suicide

According to this article the highly respected journalist and investigator, Michael Ruppert commited suicide.  His...

20 Freescale Semiconductor Employees - What were they doing? Who benefits? Updated

Note:  Scroll down for the Addendum section FOR THE UPDATE. I was sitting around chatting with...

Jordan Maxwell - Kickstarter

Please support Jordan Maxwell and his new radio show and the funding needed to cover...

Top Political Malaysian Advisor Weighs in on Flight 370

More good info: Also see my recent livestream interviews with Field McConnell and David Hawkins...

Update from Kerry - on the road

Hi all, I am back from the speaking cruise (New Life Cruise) where I did...

Featured Articles

Bundy Ranch Showdown Over States Rights …

Bundy Ranch Showdown Over States Rights and Chinese Encroachment

American Spring? This reminds me of a book I read recenlty about the hidden resistance in the south of France during WWII.. when Hitler invaded France but many...

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20 Freescale Semiconductor Employees - W…

20 Freescale Semiconductor Employees - What were they doing? Who benefits?  Updated

Note:  Scroll down for the Addendum section FOR THE UPDATE. I was sitting around chatting with a friend and discussing the unlikely event that is the disappearance of...

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ABEL DANGER : Broadcast with Field McCo…

ABEL DANGER :  Broadcast with Field McConnell re Flight 370

UPDATED:  THIS BROACAST IS NOW COMPLETE AND AVAILABLE TO VIEW ON YOUTUBE:   This was originally broadcast live on Camelot Livestream Channel.  An interview with Abel Danger:  Field McConnell...

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Featured Interviews

Anthony Sanchez : Dulce & Project Le…

Anthony Sanchez : Dulce & Project Leonid

Anthony Sanchez : Dulce & Project Leonid - Audio interview This groundbreaking interview covers Anthony's investigation on the Archuleta Mesa where he contacted a nerve agent that has caused facial paralysis and then links to Project Leonid a top secret SKYNET...

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A'shayana Deane - Ascension Mechanics

A'shayana Deane - Ascension Mechanics

I went to Florida to interview A'shayana Deane, author of the Voyager books. Her previous work details the history behind the genetic engineering of the human race and the numerous ET races that have been interacting with and shaping our...

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Anglo-Saxon Mission Letter: Timeline

Anglo-Saxon Mission Letter: Timeline

The Anglo Saxon Mission - The Timeline - Letter from a Whistleblower... Los Angeles, March 2010 | .pdf | Reprinted below is a copy of a letter sent to Kerry Cassidy for publication in order to provide a more comprehensive view of...

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Adam's Calendar Documentary

Adam's Calendar Documentary

Adam's Calendar & The Stone Circles of South Africa takes the viewer on a journey of discovery into our ancient past. Join Michael Tellinger and I, as we journey to one of the most important ancient sites on the planet...

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Aaron McCollum : Gulf of Aden Project Se…

Aaron McCollum : Gulf of Aden Project Seagate

Los Angeles, January 2010 Aaron McCollum is a very bright straight-shooter  who is coming forward at this time to raise  awareness regarding what he believes is going on in the Gulf of Aden. He considers himself to be a "third generation member of...

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Special Reports

Little Alien Book - Updated

Little Alien Book - Updated

For what its worth...  Disclosure by any other name. This Alien Races Book was published on Veterans Today by Gordon Duff.  It has also been published on YouTube by Dante Santori.  He is a former special forces man who found...

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A Special Report by Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot BLACK PROJECTS : FOLLOW THE MONEY BLACK_PROJECTS_FOLLOW_THE_MONEY.pdf The Truth Behind the Matrix Note:  the following report was written to accompany White Hat Report #48 which has as of this date been delayed and may...

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February 28, 2012 HUMANITY GET OFF YOUR KNEES  If humanity is so quick to allow other races of beings to take over, run things and tell them what is and is not true this becomes hugely problematic.  Think of it this way...

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January 29, 2012 A CALL-OUT TO ALL NAVY SEALS AND CURRENT AND EX-MILITARY PERSONNEL If you are outraged by my interview with Bill Brockbrader and you don't believe he was a Navy SEAL, I invite you to turn your analysis in the...

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December 18, 2010 WELCOMING THE HEROES IN OUR MIDST The recent incidents surrounding Wikileaks and the emergence of its founder, Julian Assange as a media personality has caught many by surprise. And what I find so interesting is how various people, critics...

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Shift Teleconference Stream Available Soon

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July 2, 2010

Shift Teleconference Stream Available Soon...

Never a dull moment. We had an excellent roundtable discussion in the spirit of Camelot with the speakers on our second teleconference regarding The Shift and Current Events. These two teleconferences are highly unusual opportunities to hear well known researchers and experiencers compare notes and talk to eachother about what is happening and where we may be headed. The stream will be available for purchase in the next day or so...

Today's Camelot Radio Show - not to be missed

On top of that, my radio show with Rebecca Jernigan and Dr. John Waterman today was explosive stuff and not to be missed. The PTB (powers-that-be) took us off the air sometime during the broadcast but we persevered and will post it in total shortly.

Regarding Michael Tellinger and my trip to Adam's Calendar

Many thanks to Michael and his friends and contacts for making my trip a great success. I will be editing together a documentary of the sites and Michael's testimony on the history of the Annunaki in the area and the evidence available. These sites go for miles and the short story involves the construction of stones with geomagnetic properties and sound conductivity far in advance in what we know of today (in the public sector). The stone ruins demonstrate the properties of a magnetron and show how sound was used to move the stones in the pyramids at Giza as well as Stonehenge. The results of this discovery are far-reaching and Michael is tapping into a history that Zecharia Sitchin had only begun to contemplate.


Michael Tellinger's Speaking Tour of the USA

Anyone who would like Michael to speak in their city and who has access to booking venues for a low price please contact Michael soonest at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Please put the following in the subject line: Michael Tellinger USA Tour - Venues required.

Dates are: approximate...from 26 Aug - in NY - traveling to the West Coast by September 24th and then on to Kansas by October 23rd. Please contact Michael for more details. The schedule will change depending on the available dates of venues. He will give 10% of the door to any organizer who comes on board per venue.

Special note: I will join Michael speaking at the Sedona, Phoenix and Los Angeles events! More soon on this...

We will both talk for approximately 2 hours.



For those who don't understand why we are charging money (although it should be self-explanatiory) the speakers all need to be paid (they don't work for free and neither do you I assume. In addition, Project Camelot Productions, is doing our best to survive at this time on very little... And any profits are sorely needed by both myself and Rebecca Jernigan to make it possible for us to continue to bring you cutting-edge speakers and videos at this time. For those of you who think everything Camelot should always be free.... please rethink this. We are donation based and have no steady income at this time. All my web assistance is done for free.. and those people are struggling to make ends meet. They work for the love of the mission. Most of the ads you see on the site are free ads for friends done in service to them to assist them with their work. After 4 years of operation, I have no reserve and little to fall back on to pay travel or living expenses. Consider the hundreds of hours of video we provide for free... in reality... while I will continue to make new videos free of charge I reserve the right to make enough money to survive and continue to make this work possible.

'nough said.

Canada Modern Knowledge Conference




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About researchers and whistleblowers :
We, Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan, do not necessarily agree with or endorse all of the views presented here. What Camelot is about is the investigation into the mysteries that surround us. We are all, in a sense, investigators of our world. And while we, as individuals, may not agree with everything presented on our site, we fully support freedom of thought and speech as well as the Quest for truth.
- 31 December 2008

Additional Note:

As a documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist I reserve the right to package and sell my work as DVDs, or in any form of media.