SPACE COMMAND - 2nd Interview w/Capt. Mark Richards

This is my 2nd interview with CAPTAIN MARK RICHARDS. This contains my recall backed by handwritten notes from on site in Vacaville Prison with the help of his wife, Jo Ann Richards. I spent nearly 4 hours this time talking with him and have...

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I will be doing two possibly three FREE LIVE BROADCASTS THIS WEEK on the PROJECT...



Vatican Archbishop Known Pedophile Roams… Archbishop ..."Wesolowski previously served in South Africa, Costa Rica, Japan, Switzerland, India and Denmark." ...

Whistleblower Jim Traficant Dies

This article does not do Jim Traficant justice while describing his death they completely ignore...

No Freedom of Speech in Australia - Head…

Australia, I am told is always the 'proving ground' for the Nazis and Satanists who wish...


These are two recent letters from Captain Mark Richards referencing details pertaining to my recent...

Earth Quakes: Mammoth and Alaska

This coincides with my dreams of the future...  I pay close attention to the Mammoth...

John Draper (Capt Crunch) Needs Your Hel…

I just heard that John Draper, also known as Captain Crunch from the early days...

Artificial Intelligence Taking Over the …

This is fun and interesting.  Haven't seen it yet but I am told the first...

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LIVE BROADCAST: Wednesday 7pm PT/ 10pm PT Interview re CIA funding ISIS

Live event this Wednesday night:  CLICK ON THE POSTER TO VIEW LIVE a Discussion of the book SHELL GAME:  A Military Whistleblowing Report to the...

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Kerry LIVE at the BASES CONF UK August 2…

Kerry LIVE at the BASES CONF UK August 2014 - Lecture

 View my lecture from The 1st International Bases Conference in the UK here:

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Kerry''s Update Sept 7, 2014

Kerry''s Update Sept 7, 2014

On my way back to the U.S... what have I been doing lately and what's happening?  SEE BELOW...

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Interview with JULIAN SALT : FREE MARK R…


  This is an interview with Julian Salt, a PhD Chemist, author and investigator who has been corresponding with Captain Mark Richards for the past 7 years. He...

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Kerry does Live Interviews at Bases Conf…

Kerry does Live Interviews at Bases Conference

  Kerry was LIVE on Sarah Goodley's radio show (SEE BELOW) with BEN EMLYN-JONES who is co-hosting for the first hour and then Kerry is LIVE ON REVOLUTION...

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Lord Ivars - Bodyguard re possible EMP -…

Lord Ivars - Bodyguard re possible EMP - Interview

  This is a short interview that was recorded behind the scenes at the 1st International Bases Conference. Lord Ivars, the Bodyguard talks about his background protecting people...

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Kerry Interviewed by Sean Stone on LipTV

Kerry Interviewed by Sean Stone on LipTV

This is a fun and cutting edge interview with Kerry by Sean Stone who is branching into revealing conspiracies to a more mainstream audience. RECOMMENDED.

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Kerry interviewed by Jimmy Church

Kerry interviewed by Jimmy Church

  THURSDAY:  I was the guest on the Jimmy Church radio show. If you didn't listen live this is an explosive show... not to be missed! Jimmy Church is standing in for Art Bell on the DARK MATTER RADIO NETWORK while Art...

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Timothy Good Earth - An Alien Enterprise

Timothy Good Earth - An Alien Enterprise

Update:  This video has now been CAPTIONED for those who were having trouble understanding what Timothy is saying.  It is worth noting that nothing I am saying is hard to hear.  To listen with captions you must go to Youtube...

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Anthony Sanchez : Dulce & Project Le…

Anthony Sanchez : Dulce & Project Leonid

Anthony Sanchez : Dulce & Project Leonid - Audio interview This groundbreaking interview covers Anthony's investigation on the Archuleta Mesa where he contacted a nerve agent that has caused facial paralysis and then links to Project Leonid a top secret SKYNET...

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A'shayana Deane - Ascension Mechanics

A'shayana Deane - Ascension Mechanics

I went to Florida to interview A'shayana Deane, author of the Voyager books. Her previous work details the history behind the genetic engineering of the human race and the numerous ET races that have been interacting with and shaping our...

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Special Reports



Kerry was Live in the Studio with Jimmy Church on his FADE TO BLACK radio show, Thursday night, June 26, 2014 at 7pm PT... Jimmy Church has recently become known as one of the people who discovered proof of a...

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Little Alien Book - Updated

Little Alien Book - Updated

For what its worth...  Disclosure by any other name. This Alien Races Book was published on Veterans Today by Gordon Duff.  It has also been published on YouTube by Dante Santori.  He is a former special forces man who found...

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Richard Alan Miller - Magus who Came in …

Richard Alan Miller - Magus who Came in from the Cold

    Richard Alan Miller has a background working in black projects above top secret. He has recently come forward in a more public way to talk about his experiences and has several new books he has recently published focusing on alchemy...

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A Special Report by Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot BLACK PROJECTS : FOLLOW THE MONEY BLACK_PROJECTS_FOLLOW_THE_MONEY.pdf The Truth Behind the Matrix Note:  the following report was written to accompany White Hat Report #48 which has as of this date been delayed and may...

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February 28, 2012 HUMANITY GET OFF YOUR KNEES  If humanity is so quick to allow other races of beings to take over, run things and tell them what is and is not true this becomes hugely problematic.  Think of it this way...

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Wikileaks: Japan was warned about Fukushima

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March 20, 2011

Wikileaks: Japan was warned about Fukushima

Note: although this is no doubt true, I'm quite sure there's not a nuclear power plant anywhere in the world that is 'safe' for coming and current earth changes.

click here for the article

On Libya, re Depleted Uranium article: Recommended

click here for article by Peter Eyre on Rense

Regarding Libya

For what it is worth, many years ago (around the early 80s) I had many dreams and visions about the future. Those images have stayed with me over the years. Just recently, some of those visions have begun to happen. Moments in time often come back to me as clear deja vu's where I see the moment as it happened exactly in real time as I had seen it many years prior. It's like seeing a running filmstrip happen in front of you except you are in it.

I do not like to give my visions out normally because I do not want to interfere with free will or influence anything to happen because of what I have 'seen'. However, at this time, considering I saw some of these things in the distant past it is now the future or to put it another way as we have often said 'the future is now'.

Back in the 80s I received a message, sort of out of nowhere that just said... "in the future look to Libya for the downturn in the economic situation and war." This is paraphrased. I have to go through many old papers to find the exact wording. Which I will do. At the moment I am still not consciously sure about what the economic angle is...What I can say is that this is just one example of the accurate info I was given way back then. I am sure this knowledge has influenced my choices up to now and continues to do so.

I believe everyone gets information about the future...but some people remember and others do not. This doesn't change that you are carrying aound information that will help you make decisions that could save your life. This is why it is so crucial to stay focused, centered and meditate when possible to allow the information to get through. And although everyone gets information, the vessel if not pure and clear will often distort the info.. and this is what makes for false prophecy and distortion. The other problem, is ego. There is a tremendous amount of distortion from ego in many sources. And this is what makes any predictions and/or prophecy like navigating treacherous waters.

For the record

I get EQ sensations prior to any large EQ. Those sensations range from strong energy in my feet to headaches, dizziness and upset stomach. It's not at all pleasant and I would really rather not experience this. Due to these sensations I have been able to predict quakes here in Southern Californa, but only just before they happen usually a matter of hours or a day or two... not publicly but among friends. At this time, I have no EQ sensations for this area at this time.

I also get premonition dreams in advance of anything major I need to be aware of... I rely more on this inner information than anything that is told to me by sources or that I read in articles. I have learned that even seemingly contradictory info if it comes to me in a dream or vision to pay close attention and plan accordingly. This is what allows me to live somewhat on the edge financially and otherwise.

For the record, this is what I am getting. Normally I don't like giving predictions but in the spirit of preparedness and the idea that being forewarned is being forarmed:

Another major quake in Japan

Another major quake in New Zealand

A large quake in the Pacific Northwest

Ultimately, due to the terrific earth changes that are in motion (that the gov's are taking advantage of and been planning for, for years)... predicting quakes will eventually become a little like predicting stormy weather. This is not to make light of the depth of devastation and heartache that is the result of these changes. However, I do believe we will reach a juncture when the Earth will again quiet down. And our consciousness has everything to do with helping make this transition a smooth one. I urge everyone to stay in a semi-meditative state during these times and prepare as you are directed to do so by your higher selves.

New Oil Slick Spotted off Louisiana Coast

click here for story

Geologist Jim Berkland and others predicting major quake from now to end of March

click here for story

click here for Jim Berkland's website -- note this site has not been updated in a year.. not sure why..


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