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LOS ANGELES – February 28, 2020 – What did the U.S. government ‘know in advance’ (2018), to conduct an official task force exercise / drill involving, the CDC, FEMA, DHS, ADHS, AZDEMA ( Emergency Military Assistance ) plus others surrounding a ‘mass exodus of State of California residents fleeing into the State of Arizona’ just before the 2019 novel CoronaVirus ( 2019-nCoV ) global outbreak, and now the 2020 ‘community spread in America today?


STARTEX was the U.S. government ‘National Mass Care Exercise’ approved by the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency ( FEMA ) National Exercise Division ( NED ) allowing the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs ( AZDEMA ) to conduct a drill / exercise based on the following case situation ( scenario ), of:

Hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of people fleeing away-from California before, during and after a public emergency outbreak ( e.g. endemic / pandemic virus / disease ), bomb ( i.e. conventional explosive, chemical, biological, nuclear, radiological / CBNR ), tsunami, flood, earthquake, fire, creating that population mass to storm into Arizona.


When the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC – Atlanta, Georgia, USA ) is notified or identifies an emerging threat, they will notify and coordinate with the Arizona Department of Health Services ( ADHS ).

The Bureau of Epidemiology and Disease Control Services collects, analyzes, and distributes infectious disease data to internal programs, public health stakeholders, and counties to monitor public health and assist in the containment and prevention of infectious disease.

When notified by the CDC or when ADHS identifies an emerging  threat, ADHS will notify and coordinate with the county health departments.

Investigations into the ‘source of an outbreak’ can depend on the etiology involved ( e.g. viral, bacterial, parasitic or chemical ), the mode of  transmission  (e.g. foodborne, waterborne, environmental, person-to-person, etc. ), or the  outbreak setting ( e.g. restaurant, hospital or assisted living facility / convalescent hospital, school or community ).

Tracked by ADHS, most infectious disease outbreaks can be classified into the following categories:

– Respiratory or Influenza Like Illness [ e.g., SARS / CoronaVirus, Anthrax, etc. ] Outbreaks;

– Vectorborne [ Mosquito, etc. ] or Zoonotic [ Rodent, Bat, etc. Tick or Flea borne ] Disease Outbreaks;

– Foodborne or Waterborne Outbreaks;

– Healthcare Associated Infection Outbreaks; and,

– Vaccine Preventable Disease Outbreaks.

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Category C –

Third ( 3rd ) highest priority agents, include:

‘Emerging pathogens’ that could be ‘engineered for mass dissemination’ ( ‘community spread’ ) in the future ( e.g. Nipha Virus, Hanta Virus, other ’emerging viruses’ and diseases ):


– Ease of production ( virulence / mutation rate of growth ) and dissemination ( ‘community spread’ ); and,

– Potential for high morbidity ( death ) rates and major health impact.

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RESEARCH REFERENCES ( .PDF Document Download ):

Arizona’s 2018 National Mass Care Exercise – National Mass Care Strategy ( 122 pages revealing EXERCISE / DRILL DETAILS ):


VIRUS DETAILS: State of Arizona Hazard Mitigation Plan – Department of Emergency and Military Affairs ( 330 pages revealing VIRUS DETAILS + MORE ):

Homeland Security Exercise And Evaluation Program –

FEMA has enhanced the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ) Evaluation and Improvement Planning section to fill gaps in guidance and 34 support continuous improvement efforts.

The 2020 revision of the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program includes:

Input from the whole community;

Revised chapter on Program Management ( replacing the Training and Exercise Planning Workshop ) with an Integrated Preparedness Planning Workshop;

More information on evaluation; plus,

Addition of several tables and figures.

The intent of the revision is to provide a more comprehensive and inclusive document for the use of the whole community to use in exercising:

Program Management;

Design & Development;


Valuation; and,

Improvement Planning. 


Homeland Security Exercise And Evaluation Program ( October 2019 ):

U.S. Subcommittee On Disaster Reduction 

If all of the aforementioned was not enough, then FEMA saw to a SubCommittee On Disaster Reduction entitled the ‘National Exercise Program’ ( NEP ) within ‘The National Preparedness System’ including ‘The National Incident Management System’ ( NIMS ), all of which information is going to become headlines in the mainstream news media to provide the American community at-large ( and, stockmarkets ) with a general feeling of comfort and complacency rather than panic and chaos while the CoronaVirus continues spreading out of control.


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