ILIA RASHAD MUHAMMAD was my guest on Thursday Nov 29th. We discussed the role of UFO’s (and ETs) within the teachings of Elijah Muhammad as popularized by Minister Louis Farrakhan.  Rashad Muhammad has written a book, “UFOs and the Nation of Islam:  The Source, Proof and Reality of the Wheels”, about the foundation of the Nation Of Islam being in UFOs and related concepts.  See below for more links and info.





…”We in the Nation Of Islam do not promote nor subscribe to any racial or religious hatred. Many times these other outlets/sources misquote the Minister, take the Ministers words out of context, or create a narrative that does not reflect Minister Farrakhan’s sentiments or heart. Attatched will be a link to The NOI (Nation Of Islam) group Page that dispel those easily refuted lies that different groups or persons charge us with. We welcome all questions and looking forward to materializing the requested interview.
Thank you again 
Louis Muhammad 



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