Welcome to the real world. my last post and Florence, I said it is going to be a bad deal. I pray for everyone to listen to this, we will not have the luxury of our next post. I shall show you everything that is about to happen and those who do not read the bible, well you might now need to start. this is Biblical in nature and real time. you have less than 72 hours before the coming..

Last year we had three superstorms come about the same time these three we see now…Katia, Irma, Jose, September 8th and 9th, and then Harvey appeared. we all know what happened there? Now we have Florence, Issacs, and Helens. The names are significant. take Florence, mean to blossom, flower, Isaiah 27:6…Jacob is another name for Israel, the people, the storm that comes to fruition…Then Issacs as it means to laugh…What did Abraham’s wife Serie do when Father said she would have a child this time next year, she laughed…Genesis 18:12 and then finally Helens, means to strengthen, be battle worthy, make the people/Israel strong, maybe that in symbolic meanings, but that is much of the warning I am saying here.

Then starting today, the Russians and China start their three-day war games, over 300K soldiers are preparing for the final battle as we have said. Today, September 11th, is the last day of Atonement for the Jewish Sabbath. No coincidence, a fact and pre-planned event. Then we must throw the fact of the Revelations 12:15, the Dragon swallows, the seas and the land will be destroyed.

Then we might as well say this as this info came to me one hour ago and I was asked…We have 2 comets coming close to Earth this month…21P/Giacobini-Zinner, Wirtanes. Not mention that Comet 2017P has just passed this world. You shall see wonders in the sky…2nd Corinthians 13:2-10. So I say this to those who question what I have said…John 7: 16-18, my teachings are not mine alone, it is there.

Here is what I shall say to everyone of you who are on the east coast. it shall come ashore as a fury beast, Cat 5 and make destruction unlike anything you have ever seen, and it shall rest for a period over Raleigh-Charlotte area, the winds will be worse than what you could ever imagine, then it shall turn and move toward Virginia. You shall flood and waters shall rise and systems will fail. People prepare please because this is the first of many judgments to come as I have said. The WOES of mankind, move as far inland as you can, your time is running out, I will not be responsible for those who do not heed this warning. It is no time to play church here and point fingers…The time is now. You have less than 72 hours to get to safety, many will drown and perish because they didn’t listen.

This is the first of several that are to slam and they will only get worse as the times progress to the final judgment of the dragon of Yellowstone. The people in Maryland, you will be next if you take heed, but if you don’t, what else can I say…??? My dearest friends in North Carolina, if you have anyone close to the coast, urge them to get inland as far as they can, the roads are starting to pack, FEMA in South Carolina, and parts of Georgia are being closed as we speak. FEMA will not be able to come for you, they are unprepared no matter what the media is saying. This is real time, and is to happen in 72 hours. Me and my brothers have given you the facts and the warnings, live to see another day and not be stubborn, and think, I will ride this out, …Much love to all of you and I shall be watching with a heavy heart for many… we will not have the time to send messages or text, everything is going down, and down hard…Blessings fall upon you, Eddie








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