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From: Kerry Cassidy <>
Subject: PAUL R. PRICE : review requested of paper: GRAVITATIONAL PROPULSION IN A FLUID MEMBRANE: A New Propulsion Methodology
Date: August 5, 2018 at 1:43:01 PM PDT
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To those listed below. Email addresses hidden in case some prefer this. If you would like to be in direct contact with each other send a request to me and I will forward it along.
As some of you know I recently did an interview with Paul R Price regarding the Aviary, To the Stars and the Firmage group and others without naming names for the most part.
See the attached link to view :
I have received emails from both [REMOVED]. I have suggested to Paul Price that in light of the disagreements among various players that we get his paper and powerpoint reviewed by a number of scientists in the public domain. This will be useful in the interest of substantiating Paul’s story.
While certain parties are now attempting to discredit Paul it seems to me he has gone out of his way to tell an accurate story about his background and experiences in my interview. Paul has shared email evidence with me of the various interactions among some of the players which do back his story.
Although some of those listed have already seen his paper I am now sending it directly to this list to ask for reviews so that we can open the discussion up in a more public forum.
I am also inviting everyone listed as well as the To the Stars team and any others related to this project and others like it on my show. Since the ostensible objective of To the Stars and the ManyOne group is to bring tech into the public domain I suggest this as a way forward toward a more open/honest exchange of information. 
This is not about previous interpersonal dealings between you. This is about coming forward to honestly review the attached paper entitled: GRAVITATIONAL PROPULSION IN A FLUID MEMBRANE:A New Propulsion Methodology
1. Richard Alan Miller
2. Arthur Neumann
3. Paul La Violette
4. Hal Puthoff
5. Jack Sarfatti
6. Peter Paget
7. John Brandenburg
8. David Adair
9. Mark McCandlish
10. Captain Mark Richards – via his wife Jo Ann Richards 
11. Paul Murad
According to Paul both John Brandenburg and Paul Murad were involved with editing Paul’s paper.
It is well known that dealing with ‘free energy’ (call it what you will) often generates immediate angst and opposition as well as negativity which seems to be created in the polarity of the 3rd dimension because the energy goes beyond 3D. This is of course magnified by the efforts by various governmental agencies to discredit and even disappear many free energy activists and scientists




In case you cannot access the attached please go here to view :
Please note I will be interviewing Paul Price again on Tuesday August 7 @ 1pm PT about this paper and the science behind it. Reviews will be made public as received.
I look forward to your replies. (See the attached)
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Kerry Lynn Cassidy
Project Camelot
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