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Hi Kerry,

My earlier quick text replies surrounding my looking into America’s

‘multi-state volcano territories’ of “Yellowstone National Park,”

including its neighboring area “Grand Teton National Park,” brought to

mind my former research on this.

My much earlier Project Camelot 2014 research report mentioned not

only the highly controversial “Yellowstone volcano,” but also highly

specific territorial areas thereof, U.S. satellite sensing

capabilities ( tracking underground magmatic flows and chambers ), 

plus Russia’s previously issued “Red Alert” ( no pun intended ) system

pointing directly to Yellowstone activity underneath its ‘linked and

only ‘somewhat distant relative volcano’ simply known as Mount Borah (Mt. Borah) within the State of Idaho where even Russia was able to

link this Yellowstone caldera step-child volcano to ‘earthquake

activity in Southern California’.

Upon further cursory review, as-to relative volcano matters, I

additionally rediscovered one of my 2016 Project Camelot research

reports connected the dots between World War II Germany’s Third Reich

defense technological experiments employing “Super Alloys” whereby

certain “Rare Earth Element” ( REE ) materials possess “High Field

Strength Element” ( HFSE ) special energetic ‘properties’ possessing

‘extra-superconducting magnetic’ behaviors; of which, I went on to

link to a ‘specially designed ‘magnetic containment tank’ and by-far

more ‘complex extraction process’ of certain ‘sea based volcanoes’

possessing an extremely ‘high-purity ( “ultra-pure” ) ‘magnetic

property magma’; definitively, not ‘surface volcano magma’ – details

of which I linked to ‘spacecraft emerging propulsion’. Fortunately,

the “spacecraft” ‘magnetic coating inner portion of the “containment

tank” was patented for RAYTHEON CORP. within the Large Hadron Collider

( LHC ) of CERN in Switzerland; secretly for the BOEING CORP. around


Unfortunately, since ‘that’ particular “antimatter hydrogen”

‘propulsion fuel system’ was all locked-up and tied with the bow of

“Sensitive-Secret” to “Cosmic” since well before CERN or even its

resident frankenstein machine ( LHC ) was ever designed’ – decades


The only other “spacecraft” was what the U.S. government rarely

spoke-of, which those in that ‘specialty’ called, “Non-Referenceables”

or “Un-Referenceables” interalia ‘what many people reference’ as

“Unidentified Flying Objects” ( UFO ), now ‘that’ I had obtained an

‘official video’ of in-addition-to a private amateur color video of;

clearly showing the spacecraft jettisoning the very hot magma back

into the sea.

Hopefully, the aforementioned awakened a few people reviewing this ‘Update’.

I rediscovered, not only my earlier research publications, which I

properly provided research links to my 2016 Project Camelot report,

but I also rediscovered my official and private video link showing

UFOs jettisoning hot magma into the sea.

Based on my extensive research, I postulated harvesting magma from

where I learned it must ‘specifically originate-from within ‘lava

tubes’ and ‘volcanoes’.

I additionally found my old research links within my 2016 report still

pointing to ( 4 out-of 5 videos ) showing UFO aerial activity directly

offshore Southern California Pacific Ocean beach areas where proof

rests within a Long Beach Police Department helicopter FLIR (infra-red, black and white) camera film video at night, plus a

‘corresponding activity color video’ privately shot by amateur cameras

off Venice Beach and Santa Monica beach. Quite riveting, upon careful


I believe rediscovering my 2 reports ( 2014 & 2016 ) will actually

serve to provide people with even-more details as-to what to watch-for

in-lieu of current news affairs so, audiences may now gain an

even-better heads-up, which for ‘even me’ is very important to

re-analyze and re-assess.

Be sure to review my Reference links ( below ), plus those links

provided therein each report:

– 2014 SOURCE: Project Camelot, “America Supervolcano Imminent

Eruptions” by, Paul Collin ( UPI Guy )



– 2016 SOURCE: Project Camelot, “Curiously Hot Projects” by, Paul

Collin ( The UPI Guy ):


Hope people enjoy this ‘Update’.

(1/4) One new point of interest for your audience is not just ‘how’ the ‘Yellowstone volcano vents’ has ‘demonstrably increased recent activity’ whereby officially-proving ‘vent eruptions’ now notably ‘more frequent’ plus ‘more violent’, all the public sees ( if anything ) are ‘all officials softening word definitions away-from “Volcano Vents” down to ‘only playfully spraying steam’ “Gysers” used quite effectively to ‘down-play’ and ‘dismiss-away’ the ‘serious gravity’ of factually proven ‘increased volcano vent activity’. I have a second point …

(1/3) Second point of interest, officials speak only that ‘worst case scenario’ that can happen is only “ash fallout,” which people think-of as no big deal simply combatted with cheap ‘paint-spray masks’ or ‘medical masks’, which is ‘not the case at all’. Facts prove that Yellowstone volcano ash fallout ( alone )

‘turns all breathing lungs into sacks of cement mix’, and ‘that’ ( alone ) is “not the extent of a Supervolcano eruption’ such as Yellowstone’s.

 I would highly encourage your audience to watch this film so-as to comprehend not just the ‘ash fallout’ of the ‘Yellowstone volcano’ but also fully comprehend just ‘how Yellowstone is linked westward to other volcanoes in America. This film is factually based upon what official data has collected. Hence, I recommend ‘everyone watch this movie’.

Supervolcano, the correct full film. See the intro!

Read the intro text, just before the full movie.

It provides excellent official data, factual studies, and medically proven outcomes all rolled into it. Educational.—Paul Collin 


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Aiding me for only my very basic living, as a ‘vehicular homeless

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Thanks for your continued reading and observations at Project Camelot !

Sincerely your’s,

Paul Collin

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