Disclosure Of Secret North Korea Alien Material Dynamics – Segment 1
by, Paul Collin ( The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy / The UPI Guy )



LOS ANGELES – June 11, 2018 – Secret dynamics of archeo archaic alien
raw material knowledgeability referred to today as ‘Rare Earth
Elements’ ( REE ), ‘High Field Strength Element’ ( HFSE ), plus other
things, have been quietly traded between the Democratic People’s
Republic of Korea ( DPRK / North Korea ) government and United States
of America ( USA ) government through an equally quiet complex
manufacturing and global distribution brokerage of the People’s
Republic of China ( PRC ) to foreign affiliate partnerships with U.S.
federal contractors supplying the secret alien super material
component parts to the U.S. Department of Defense ( DoD ) for Top
Secret satellites, aircraft, ships and more, but all that is about to
radically change, and ‘that’ is the only true reason U.S. President
Donald J. Trump and DPRK Supreme Leader Kim J. Un are meeting in
Singapore on June 12, 2018.

Secret Emergency In North Korea And China Prompted Drastic Change –

Planet Earth has been quietly undergoing ‘geoastrophysical changes’ (
see further below ) affecting its molten extra-superconductive
magnetic core to force an unusual amount of magma up through a global
network of lava tubes causing far more volcanic eruptions than usual.

Multinational Secret Perspectives –

Nowhere more threatened, especially from a U.S. National Security
defense perspective, the primary secret perspective for North Korea (
DPRK ) is ‘economics’ but secretly ‘defense’ too, while for China (
PRC ) it is definitely both ‘economic’ and ‘defense’ because China
uses the alien raw materials, mined out of North Korea, for its own
stealth aircraft, spacecraft, plus far more than the U.S. intelligence
community realizes what other foreign countries ( e.g. Iran, et. al. )
as well as certain selected businesses in the private-sector being
supplied with these alien superpower raw material component parts.

China is the only country that can quietly export alien raw material
goods out of North Korea ( DPRK ) mines having both best quality
“ultrapures” and certain other ‘ exclusives’ unobtainable elsewhere.

Furthermore, both China and North Korea share a ‘volcano border’ where
surrounding its base the vast majority of alien raw material mines are
located and in jeopardy along with 1,600,000 people situated at the
base of Mt. Paektu from the North Korea perspective.

Hawaii Volcano Disaster Uncovered REE Connections –

Research proved a private-sector business, ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES INC.,
involved in geothermal energy production facilities, turbines and
systems were found heavily reliant on obtaining the same Rare Earth
Element alien super materials mined out of North Korea by China
manufacturing and distribution of component parts for ‘turbines’
raising the question of ORMAT indirectly obtaining export materials
out of the DPRK government of North Korea secretly and indirectly
violative of U.S. and United Nations ( UN ) Security Council
prohibitions governing such, making it a ‘legal question’.

Before considering ‘civil litigation’ proceedings, a closer look at
ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES INC., its subsidiaries albeit wholly-owned or not,
affiliates, partners, government institutional individual investors or
other organizations, careful review of a U.S. federally-filed document
on December 31, 2017.

Excerpts ( further below ) of such record, provides a fairly good
concept study surrounding toying with any such notion of a legal
battle hill climb where instantly one may see the track record of
ORMAT, which everyone will begin to understand as more than just a
little defensively and officially protected.

Moreover, than by what just meets the eye, whatever else is occurring
in the background of permissive allowances appears to run about as
deep as the deep blue sea surrounding the perilously inescapable wrath
of the Marianna Trench where hell hath no fury whenever scorn might be
attempted in unknown hidden and well-entrenched dangers, which less
knowledgeable people may not fully comprehend at first glance.

The Scope Of The Secret Space Program May Be Multinational –

After reviewing the depths of what this first report segment has to
publicly offer more information about, it is hoped to enlighten more
people about what is really going on within alien element influences
behind the secret space program likely involving a global
private-sector multinational consortium working with Superpower

Initially Piercing Corporate Veils –

Knowing how to pierce what is termed “the corporate veil” can be
challenging especially where one encounters a wide variety of business
silverfish sparkling yet slithering in and out of various places while
infecting natural cleanliness of nature’s pristine beauty like
insects and other pests do just to remain alive or stay afloat where
such efforts depend largely on whatever can be devoured or infested;
in, over, around and under hidden paths circumnavigated in the world
we live today where ‘transparency’ is not as clear as the general
public is led to believe by corporate government led mainstream media
news through its government embedded broadcast journalists today.

In business, some say success depends on whom or what one swaps spit
with, the dirty little secrets that almost never see the light of day,
which for the most part involves government politicians and officials;
the highest paid and best benefited ‘security guards’ of big corporate
industrialists and tycoons whose domain encompasses the globe; around,
above, and below as shall eventually be revealed soon enough.

To what depths business financial investment and trading enterprises
and their associates will stoop too is often times found limitless and
much to the chagrin of those really in the know.

Because international business occupies a secret set of global
apportionments where financial slices of these pies have already been
allocated and underpinned, by hook or crook, certain entities often
times reign supreme; even over matters of national security interests
– where snake oil salesman practices overpopulation information
denials and down-right subversion must be slowed to eventual
curtailment or people are not going to survive the future.

Okay, so much for my gloom and doom introduction. Now, here, is where
you can begin to take a look inside through my research findings (
further below ).

Secret Games Of ‘Rare Earths’ And ‘UltraPures’ –

A secret, but classic example of trade-offs these enterprises become
involved in, now rests hidden beneath the murky world of Rare Earth
Element ( REE ) and High Field Strength Element ( HFSE ) materials
exhibiting unspoken-of ‘superpowers’ few knew existed except in novel
science-fiction episodes.


“Secret HFSE Properties – Part 2” by, Paul Collin, December 22, 2010:


Picture scientists with madmen glare staring at bubbling beakers
frothing over in secret laboratories trying to contain what appear to
be Tesla electrode arc light ricocheting here and there. Now, you’ve
got the picture of what even fewer know anything about going on behind
closed doors about to be flung open for your review.

“Combinatorics,” is a subject I began researching back in 1998, where
through a methodic fashion of combining certain chemical or other
combined technology matrixes hidden within ’emerging technologies’
and/ or ’emerging chemical formulas’ exist breakthrough advancements
that do indeed boggle the mind.


DARPA Intelligence, Biofutures & Robots BY Paul Collin, January 29, 2002:


It’s no longer science fiction, but scientific facts teetering on
interdimensional understandings thought only an exclusive amongst a
cadre of shamans, fortune tellers, and dark art tradecraft secrets.

Where this report is concerned, certain formulated ‘oxides’ added to
Rare Earth Elements and/or HFSE materials have been ‘cooked up’ ( for
lack of a better phrase ) that will then ( and only then ) exhibit
‘elemental properties’ most people would consider as bearing qualities
that must be ‘out of this world’.

These combinatoric formulated Rare Earth Element materials while
initially being indeed ‘extraterrestrial’ ( in-nature ) having come
from outside planet Earth to land here, appear to have had
archeo-archaic ( very-Very-VERY ‘ancient’ ! ) civilizations whom
annealed these same Rare Earth Element materials ‘long before they
became’ “rare” because 500,000 years ago ( or much longer ) appears to
have likely had such as ‘alluvial’ materials that could simply be
picked up off the surface of the Earth when it was much younger.

Ancient Alien Technologies Passed Down Through The Orient?

Where and how do scientists of ‘today’ develop emerging technology
matrices in chemical composite materials and more-importantly the
‘know-how’ to put super matters and super antimatter items to work for
us today?

Some folks speculate that extraterrestrial alien like E.T.s are
guiding government controlled the operational development of super
materials allowing us to send a space probe into penetrating our solar
system Sun.

Well, America was working on such a solar probe many decades ago, and
somewhere in my research files, I have a dossier with details on that

Is it possible for one or more hidden ‘terrestrial race of beings’, we
would call “alien” not really be ‘aliens’ but archeo-archaic future
ancestors that evolved domestically on Earth? Could ‘they’ be who are
secretly guiding various Superpower governments today?

Sound far-fetched?

You might just want to reserve your final decision until after
reviewing all of my segmented reports on this subject.


Secret Archaic Human Encodes by, Paul Collin, January 16, 2014:


CIA Global Economic Collapse Secrets Of Assets – Part 1 by, Paul
Collin, May 21, 2014:


First things first.

We need to consume information gradually put to us so we can
comprehend it, not gobble it up as fast as possible so were left
regurgitating it in our brains so much so that we can experience
walking around in a daze for extended periods of time, and I am not in
the business of scary science fiction novels so, I’m going to take
these segmented reports slow and easy so audiences will be able to
grasp what at-first I could not do very easily.

Keep in mind that even after my secret U.S. government training,
education, and international fieldwork and consulting on classified
and extremely bizarre private client case situations, I ‘thought I
could handle the truth’.

Well, there are matters that can totally shake a person’s  rock solid
understanding of previous fictional accounts that turn into erroneous
knowledge that is extremely difficult to reformulate proper
understandings about.

I had a few personal conversations, as-to the state of readiness
people may now be in with regards to a wide variety of
‘extraterrestrial biological entities’ ( EBEs or E.T.s, for lack of a
better description ) in-addition to them being amongst us ( past,
present and future ) in addition to interstellar spacecraft travel and
interdimensionalizations with the now-late William Mills Tompkins.

We spoke from the standpoint involving three ( 3 ) of our mutual
previous careers with the military, government, and aerospace.

And, as selfish as this may sound, we agreed that subsequent to how
our civilizations have been molded one way, that as for the majority (
‘not all’ ) of adult human beings today, they would be better left not
knowing what some of us have experienced and know today.

It was our consensus that neither of us would wish upon any other
human being the nightmares and nightmarish knowledgeability of our

We both felt compassion for our fellow humankind, and that was why we
felt inside and believed outside what might take the rest of humanity
another “50-years” to be able to come to manage understands of.

We both may have been wrong in our belief, however both of us had
tried our best to Whistleblow in certain non-frightening terms all we
could introduce the general public to know about.

Don’t think walking around in a daze, after being too quickly injected
with certain types of information, can happen to you?

I believe audiences, including myself, would rather enjoy being
gradually indoctrinated to extremely revolutionary information, rather
than being waterboarded by it.

I could be wrong but that’s just my opinion.

Things That Go Awry After Daylight Ends –

A good cross-sectional analysis of what ‘has’ happened to me on
several occasions while simultaneously doing deep ( rabbithole )
researching on certain matters were, as factual examples, the subjects

– Inner Earth;

– Private-Sector Secret Vaults Blurring U.S. Government Relationships
With L. Ron Hubbard and Howard Hughes ( ‘2’ separate research reports
of mine for private clients ( circa 2008 and 2014 ) never openly
published; and later,

– Flat Earth.

The latter, riveting aspects of “Flat Earth” were being simultaneously
tasked, during the first 30-days of my report during March 2018 when I
became fraught with exasperation over a close friend of mine
introducing the subject matter to me, who quickly dismissed the
subject as absolute lunacy, only to later be contacted by another
friend overseas in excellent standing with having been a Falkland
Islands Wartime era military pilot and close military school chums of
one of the commanders of the International Space Station. My friend
told me straight out of the blue that he ‘never experienced seeing any
actual curvature to the Earth whatsoever. And, ‘that’ ( alone ) almost
drove me crazy going down the “Flat Earth” rabbitthole, which I had to
finally break myself away-from researching because I did not want to
stop and the more I researched that subject and interviewed people the
more deeply I began being sucked into something that went totally
contrary to what I was taught to believe from childhood up to my
senior years. In short, that information experience was an absolute

Spacecraft Close Encounters And Abduction –

It occurred to me that earlier, during two close encounters, one in
1972 and the other in 2011, there was an additional 2011 most curious
episodic event many might identify as an “E.T. type alien abduction”
where I only consciously recall the scary abduction part of the
‘frozen light shower experience’ where you cannot consciously move so
much as a finger or scream anything past your vocal chords, but I do
not consciously recall where I might have been taken or by whom I was
likely abducted by because I blacked-out after being awoken from a
sound sleep and paralyzed by a light beam showering in through all the
windows from above; and, ‘no’, it wasn’t a helicopter because
‘initially, I looked up and out all the windows in a 360-degree
circular pattern. I had quickly reached in my trouser pocket and
grabbed by key alarm and just as soon as my thumb was positioned on
top of the alarm trigger button, I tried with all my might to push it
but I couldn’t because I was frozen with some sort of light paralysis
beam, which caused me to fight to scream but only basic breathes left
my voice like whispers. Was I scared? You betcha!

However, because of ‘who’ mysteriously appeared and identified himself
on November 12, 2011 subsequent to the ‘2011 close encounter’, I
realized both 2011 incidents were likely related.

As far as I was concerned they had everything to do with the America
government operation known as the U.S. Office of National
Reconnaissance ( NRO ) because I am aware their craft fleet are
federally contracted crafts from various U.S. government programs and

Some, nickname planet-sized spacecraft as those affiliated with “The
Secret Space Program” and I can assure everyone, to the best of my
consciousness, I have not encountered and such sized crafts here on

For those whom want to know a little more, the 1972 and 2011 close
encounter spacecraft were somewhat identical; both were extremely
enormous ( 8 city blocks long or more ) black triangle crafts but that
was all that was similar about them.

1972: One craft, was practically an equal-sized edge black triangle
craft with no lights, a deep throbbing hum, and hovering absolutely
still. It was so huge it blocked out a clear night sky of stars in the
middle of the desert about 45-minutes east of Barstow, California
parallel to Interstate 15 near Interstate 40.

2011: The other craft was an elongated black triangle craft with an
odd number of several convex canopy shaped lights it, several round
lights built into several rotundas of lights with central round
lights, one extremely tiny red round light near on its underbelly
nearer to its nose, no sounds, gliding flat and turning flat ( no
banking efforts made ) with a steady approximate speed of 35 miles per
hour flying inland off the Pacific Ocean past San Pedro, Lomita, and
Harbor City, California.

Both encounters will never be forgotten, nor wil the abduction.

Another brain scrambler is this report followed by the other segment
reports as I can compile all my research notes and complete writing

Alien Technology Or ‘Shape Alloys’ ?

A very simple basic material some of us are familiar with first-hand
is known as technology nicknamed “shape alloys” that are manufactured
into one formed position but when contorted ( accidentally or by
purposeful force ) can be easily reshaped exactly back to its
originally manufactured form by a simple application of something; as
simple as ‘water’.

That classic example is and has been for decades now applied to
special types of ‘eyewear ( eyeglasses / spectacles ) frames’, which
can be twisted but will reshape itself by simply being placed under
a running tap water faucet.

The mineral ‘Niobium’ ( Ne ) possesses High Field Strength Element properties.

It is understood by a few that when certain HFSE materials are
extracted from the base of ultra-deep oceanic volcanoes where that
fast flowing magma is ‘never exposed to air or seawater’, that
harvesting such HFSE exhibits extra-superconductive elemental
properties useful for emerging propulsion system energetics bordering
on what a few consider ’emerging super material energetics’.


Secret HFSE Properties – Part 1 by, Paul Collin, December 16, 2010:


Emerging Energy Exotic Materials –

My research into CERN ( in Switzerland ), was originally formed to
secretly develop “antimatter hydrogen” as an energy source placed
within a ‘multi-chambered conduit and energy tank’ patented, by
representatives of RAYTHEON, just after the turn of the 21st century.

It was only after the RAYTHEON ‘energy tank’ inner chamber was applied
with an ‘electronically sprayed-on magnetic adhesive’ it would retain
the previously unstable lighter-than-air propulsion fuel, which was
‘antimatter hydrogen’ as light as handkerchief tissue paper.

This was what went into development for the BOEING super secret
propulsion system interstellar spacecraft I thoroughly researched
while obtaining copies of the original patent drawings and description
proving its existence along with a separate document verifying what
the primary mission of CERN originally was; to ‘develop antimatter
hydrogen as a spacecraft propulsion system’.


CIA StarShip Speed 1 Light Year In 1 Earth Year by, Paul Collin, June 6, 2012:


Stepping back to the matter of Rare Earth Element ( REE ) materials,
about 90-days ago I began a research project after learning the U.S.
Department of Defense ( DoD ) though certain federal contractors
secretly obtain Rare Earth Element ( REE ) materials mined in North
Korea by China also exclusively manufacturing it according to special
secret formulas and secret designs formed into ‘component parts’ used
as key-critical America strategic defense storerooms supplying top
secret military stealth aircraft, satellites plus more with these REE


Unwanted Publicity Guy Needs Your Help to Fund Research by, Paul
Collin, May 18, 2018:



My Secret On Defense Rare Earth Elements ( REE ) by, Paul Collin, March 17, 2018


Those ‘O-M-G Moments’ Might Become Ballistic –

Where secret Treaty agreements begrudgingly include turning over all
rights to the formula and design patents to China.

To top all those matters off, such secret-sensitive arrangements are
performed exclusive of any U.S. Trade Policy boundaries the general
public has been misled by corporate government led mainstream news
media outlet broadcasts to believe is somehow in-place when in reality
nothing could be further from the truth.

What my research really needed was to find a business connection,
utilizing Rare Earth Element parts, connected to China mining REE out
of North Korea.

My research located the international business ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES
INC., an Israeli owned business hidden behind a slew of corporate
veils disguised by ‘Limited Liability Companies’ registered in the
State of Nevada Secretary of State Corporation Commission files.

During the course and scope of my research studies and observation
activities surrounding Rare Earth Element ( REE ) secret applications
manufacturing component parts, I learned that ‘key critical use of
such Rare Earth Element parts was where a ‘system’ demanding continual
load capacity reliability’ were ‘must have’ demands from military
industrial private sector contractors of America involved with China
manufacturing Commercial Off The Shelf ( COTS ) REE product component
part manufacturing and limited secret distribution agreements between
not only other governments but private- sector businesses too, and
this is where ORMAT TURBINES LTD. popped up additionally involved in a
China geothermal project, plus ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES INC. was also
interested in REE ‘ultrapure lithium’ for ’emerging technology
batteries’ as was China.

A ‘coincidence’ saw curious odds against ORMAT having three ( 3 )
distinct interests in China was suspicious unless China planned to
entrap ORMAT into an embarrassing situation for purposes of extortion
in order for China to obtain whatever it wanted out of ORMAT.

Additionally, I found ORMAT secretly shifted its global business focus
away-from geothermal energy because it finally realized ‘increased
Earth anomalies’ meant ‘too high risk liabilities that business
enterprise became ensnared by dependencies on a geographically
unstable Earth given all fracking ORMAT had done creating ‘earthquake
swarms’ while increasing geographical hazards that insurance carriers
eventually refused to insure any further.

In short, ORMAT secretly began focusing on its relatively new emerging
INC. in Rare Earth Element ( REE ) sub-category referred to as
“UltraPures;” specifically, ‘ultrapure lithium’ especially designed
for ’emerging technology batteries’ the world saw China overtake
recent global control over for its booming market expansions in
electric vehicles, cellular node smartphones ( ZTE ), plus more. In
short, an emerging technology applying Rare Earth Element ( REE )
“ultrapure lithium” for batteries outlasting any others, and ORMAT
pops up on the cutting edge of a Rare Earth Element ( REE ) material
product involving what China mines directly out-of North Korea, is
it any wonder why America is interested in peace talks and
denuclearization of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea ( DPRK )

China DPRK Rare Earth Element Disaster Zone –

What the U.S. government secretly understands is that a volcano  ( Mt.
Paektu ) is about to erupt in North Korea on the China border, and
when that disaster occurs the DPRK government may very likely end up
losing much if not all of its current ability to allow China to mine
anything further out-of North Korea.

International Chess Match: Playing With Nuclear Missiles Vs. Rare
Earth Element Emerging Technologies –

My second ( 2nd ) Segment report is set to cover more details as-to
why the high stakes international settlement game is even being
entertained between the United States of America ( USA ) government
and North Korea DPRK government as though it were an international
political game of footsie using a nuclear arsenal stockpile on the
Korea Peninsula versus Rare Earth Element raw material natural
strategic reserve mining; both, key critical to the future of our
world. And, indeed a master’s game set to begin being played in less
than 1-week ( June 12, 2018 ) in Singapore between U.S. President
Donald Trump and DPRK Supreme Leader Kim Jung Un.

Intelligence Sneak Peek –

What the U.S. has is long-range satellite technology launched and
orbiting with deep penetrating ground radar imaging sensors that can
easily map geologic disturbances such as excited electrons causing
molten Earth magma to percolate up through lava tube networks before
an explosive eruption takes place.


Global Environmental Intelligence ( GEI ) by, Paul Collin, March 7, 2012:


The real information is that North Korea can obtain the core
information as-to ‘when’ within a 48-hour period of time, from the
Pierre Auger Observatory Sud facility ( in Argentina ) is the largest
most sophisticated monitoring array station of Cherenkov muon light
“multimessenger” radiation that ( on occasion ) invisibly bombards
and penetrates Earth down to its core and in so-doing excites the
orderly flow of electrons hidden within the extrasuperconductive
molten magnetic magmatic core causing it to send a violently explosive
geological and volcanic chain reactions to the surface.


Vatican Observatory Intelligence by, Paul Collin, June 8, 2011:


CIA StarShip Speed 1 Light Year In 1 Earth Year by, Paul Collin, July 14, 2012


Unfortunately, if this information were to be secretly turned over to
North Korea or China they still would only know a very roughly
calculated ‘time window’ that they could not precisely predict
geologic events, while U.S. access to advanced knowledgeable
information systems could provide both ‘where’ and ‘when’; facts,
which can make the difference between the sizeable loss of North Korea
human life. Plus, the ability to predict national economic strategic
resource reserve mining the North Korea side of Mt. Paektu volcano
surrounding area prior to when is likely to erupt with life
threatening consequences spreading devastation to approximately
1,600,000 million people scattered all around the base of Mt. Paektu
volcano plus the possible annihilation of North Korea’s greatest,
steady and continual industrial mining resource holding the very last
vestige of the DPRK economy together with China, which incredibly and
interesting enough, America’s satellite and aerospace defense
industrial complex demands having these Rare Earth Element ( REE )
material products be ‘produced outside of America’ although ‘delivered
to America’ so, in-essence what is really going on in the background
is an ‘international game of American highway chicken’ where one pulls
off the road by either conceding the race or ramming each other
head-on resulting in the death of ‘all interested Superpower parties’,
i.e. China, Russia and America.

My research includes that extraterrestrial factor emanating from an
extragalactic point of origin known to be increasingly predictive from
a gamma-ray burst ( GRB ) from near Centaurus A within the Virgo A
constellation, and although it may not be the size and strength yet of
a planetary atmosphere killer, this one may next time be as bad as the
December 26, 2004 Andaman-Sumatra earthquake that killed nearly
350,000 people in over eleven ( 11 ) nations in just 1-day.

Research Reference

Earth Event Alerts by, Paul Collin, March 23, 2011:


Interestingly, ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES INC. has the wholly-owned subsidiary
ORMAT TURBINES LIMITED, which it failed to list within its December
2017 U.S. SEC filing ( see research reference further below ).

ORMAT provides ‘turbines’ wherein REE parts are a “must have” so ORMAT
can ‘secretly monopolize supplying ‘long duration turbines’ to ‘all
geothermal energy power plants worldwide’ albeit by direct
distribution or a chain of ‘licensed distributors’.

In essence, ORMAT appears to be playing both sides of international
political government fences, as well as perhaps religious ones (
Catholic and Muslim ) too, which might explain all the secret talks
going on between Israel and America, and Israel and Russia nowadays.

But what about Israel and China? Has ORMAT cut a private-sector deal
with China? Well, it may appear so, as my previous research reported.

Research Reference –

Exposing Hawaii Volcano Powerhouse Secrets From DPRK To China by, Paul
Collin, May 31, 2018:


Besides all my research reports on Hawaii’s Mt. Kilauea and its
caldera magma chamber having drained down thousands of feet beneath
the water-table, close by is Hawaii’s Puna District where ORMAT
located along the geographically unstable Lower East Rift Zone
predicted to crack apart whereupon what is known as the ‘Hilina Slump’
is calving ( falling ) into the Pacific Ocean while emptying the
molten contents of what was once beneath the Kilauea volcano draining
through cracks and fissures filled with fast-moving lava flowing east
while building heavy deltas of land mass on top of the Hilina Slump
expected to slip off creating a tidal wave tsunami locally and as far
away as foreign coastal areas so, I decided to take a deeper look into
all things being considered a ‘threat’ to ‘innocent people’ around the

Afterall, if unknowledgeable people cannot stick up for their own
lives against information repressive regimes, who else will be the
people’s messengers?

Who has the courage and stamina to carry on researching, writing,
interviewing and publishing such alerts?

Government bureaucrats have continually failed citizens of the world
by raising people like mushrooms; kept in the dark, when it comes to
information, and having fertilizer piled on top of them all where
avoidance denials and partial truths reign populations until a global
catastrophe occurs where it will then be too late to save lives.

Reports through the leading and one of the most trusted alternative
media privately owned and operated internet based web platforms known
as Project Camelot Productions and Project Camelot TV is hosted by
Kerry Cassidy who also provides contributing correspondent ‘guest’
reports in column blogs at the Project Camelot main webpage.

Were it not for the unswerving dedication, tenacity, and endurance of
Project Camelot producer, Kerry Cassidy, over 23,000,000 people would
not have been able to review reports, interviews, and videos
‘documenting discernment of certain facts away-from traditional
fictions’ reviewed elsewhere.

A great deal of gratitude and appreciation is rightfully due Project
Camelot, its producer and all guest contributors valuing general
public awareness by enlightenment moreover anything else.

Donating to support Project Camelot productions and causes is worthy
of far more people’s attention.

Do you see how this focuses on your benefit through good will?

Research References –

Unwanted Publicity Guy Needs Your Help to Fund Research by, Paul
Collin, May 7, 2018:


Warning Not Sent: Coast Guard Hawaii Tsunamis As ‘Hilina Slump’
Prepares To Break-Off — Update by, Paul Collin, May 21, 2018:


New Caldera Forming In Hawaii – Update by, Paul Collin, May 23, 2018:


Hawaii Volcano New Fracking Emergencies – Update by, Paul Collin, May 28, 2018:


Exposing Hawaii Volcano Powerhouse Secrets From DPRK To China by, Paul
Collin, May 31, 2018:


Hawaii Kilauea Secret Magma Drilling Accident Plus Fracking by, Paul
Collin, June 3, 2018:


The following information ( below ) surrounds ORMAT and / or its
subsidized enterprising affiliates I found interesting after even
further research.

Let’s Stop Here So People Can Catch Their Breath –

There is a lot of material collected during the course and scope of my
research, and it is so voluminous I cannot expect such to all be
publicly reviewed in one ( single ) report setting.

I will try my best to begin by releasing the report ( herein )
according to ‘numbered segments’ surrounding what the general public
knows absolutely nothing about, plus a whole lot more. <wink>

– –


SEC File Number: 001-32347

SEC Form 10-K For The Year Ended:

DECEMBER 31, 2017


ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. ( a State of Delaware corporation )
6225 Neil Road
Reno, Nevada 89511-1136
TEL: +1 (775) 356-9029

U.S. IRS EIN: 88-0326081

[ NOTE: As of June 30, 2017, the last business day of the registrant’s
most recently completed 2nd fiscal quarter, the aggregate market value
of the registrant’s ‘Common Stock’ held by non-affiliates of the
registrant was:

$2,315,466,032.00 [ billion USD ]

Based on the closing price as reported on the New York Stock Exchange
( NYSE ). ]


SUBSIDIARIES ( list of few amongst many ):


– WESTRUST BANK ( International ) LIMITED;


– ORPD LLC, a holding company subsidiary of ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES INC. in
which NORTHLEAF GEOTHERMAL HOLDINGS LLC holds a 36.75% equity
interest. ORPD Transaction Financing transaction involving PUNA
family trust involving Mr. Campbell owner of real estate property in
Hawaii for decades and his now-heir apparent (s) ], OREG 1, OREG 2 and
purchased an equity interest in our Special Purpose Subsidiary ( SPS )
that owns such plants;

[ NOTE: In April 2015, ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES INC. closed an equity
transaction with NORTHLEAF GEOTHERMAL HOLDINGS LLC in which it
acquired a 36.75% equity interest in ORPD. ORPD owns the PUNA
plant, and the OREG 1, OREG 2, and OREG 3 power plants.




– ORPD LLC, a holding company subsidiary of ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES INC. in
which NORTHLEAF GEOTHERMAL HOLDINGS LLC holds a 36.75% equity

– The ORPD Transaction, a financing transaction involving the PUNA
power plant, OREG 1 plant, OREG 2 plant and OREG 3 power plant in
which NORTHLEAF GEOTHERMAL HOLDINGS LLC purchased an equity interest
in ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES INC. Special Purpose Subsidiary ( SPS ) that
owns such plants.

– ORTP LLC, a consolidated subsidiary of ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES INC., a
financing transaction involving power plants in Nevada and California
in which an ‘institutional equity investor purchased an interest in
our special purpose subsidiary ( SPS ) that owns such plants’.;




– VIRIDITY ENERGY SOLUTIONS INC., a wholly owned subsidiary of ORMAT

– Other entities.


How We Finance Our Power Plants


“… We have used financing structures to monetize PTCs and
depreciation, such as our recent tax equity partnership transaction
involving OPAL GEO LLC, and an operating lease arrangement for our
PUNA GEOTHERMAL VENTURE [ PGV ] complex power plants.”


“… In April 2015, ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES INC. closed an equity
transaction with NORTHLEAF GEOTHERMAL HOLDINGS LLC that acquired a
36.75% equity interest in ORPD LLC ( see above ) [ UPI NOTE: ORPD LLC
is a holding company subsidiary of ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES INC. in which
NORTHLEAF GEOTHERMAL HOLDINGS LLC holds a 36.75% equity interest. ]

ORPD LLC, a holding company subsidiary of ORMAT and NORTHLEAF holding
a 36.75% interest, owns:

– PUNA GEOTHERMAL VENTURE [ PGV ] complex [ power plant ];

– DON A. CAMPBELL PHASE 1 power plant;

– OREG 1 power plant;

– OREG 2 power plant; and,

– OREG 3 power plant.”


“The Puna plants utilize our geothermal combined ‘cycle systems’ and
‘binary systems’.”

[ NOTE: See, ‘UPI Research Reference’ ( immediately below ). With
“binary cycle geothermal power plants,” pumps are used to pump hot
water from a geothermal [ bore hole drilled ] well, through a heat
exchanger, and the cooled water is returned to the underground
reservoir. A second “working” or “binary” ‘fluid ( ‘liquid
hydrocarbon’ “Pentane” ) with a low boiling point’, typically a butane
or ‘Pentane’ hydrocarbon, is pumped – at fairly high pressure [ 500
pounds per square inch (3.4 MPa) ] – through the heat exchanger where
it is ‘vaporized’ ( exhausted ) exiting the turbine, and is then
‘condensed’ by cold air radiators or cold water and cycled back
through the heat exchanger. More …




en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentane ]

“… The plants use an air cooled system.

Subsurface Improvements:

Six ( 6 ) production wells; plus,

Five ( 5 ) injection wells connected through a gathering system to the plants.

Major Equipment:

The first [ 1st ] plant consists, of:

Ten [ 10 ] ORMAT ENERGY CONVERTERS ( OEC ) made up of ten [ 10 ]
binary turbines, ten [ 10 ] steam turbines and two [ 2 ] bottoming
units; along with, the Balance of Plant equipment [ UPI NOTE: i.e.,
Power plant equipment other than the generating units including items
such as transformers, valves, interconnection equipment, cooling
towers for water cooled power plants, etc. ].

The second [ 2nd ] plant consists, of:

Two ( 2 ) ORMAT ENERGY CONVERTERS ( OEC ); along with, ‘Balance of
Plant equipment’ [ i.e., Power plant equipment other than the
generating units including items such as transformers, valves,
interconnection equipment, cooling towers for water cooled power
plants, etc. ].


The first [ 1st ] plant ‘commercial operation’ commenced in 1993.

The second [ 2nd ] plant was placed ‘in service’ in 2011, but its
‘commercial operation’ later commenced in 2012.

Land and Mineral Rights:

The PUNA GEOTHERMAL VENTURE [ PGV ] complex is comprised of a ‘private lease’.

That ‘private lease’ [ expires in 2046 ] is, between:

– KAPOHO LAND PARTNERSHIP ( KLP ) [ believed to have been accrued from
the original landholder, i.e. ‘DON A. CAMPBELL’ Family real estate
holdings enterprise. ]; and


‘yearly rental payment’ to  which is ‘adjusted every 5-years’ based on
the CPI.

The State of Hawaii owns all mineral rights, including geothermal
resources [ volcano, magma chambers, and lava tunnel network ] in the
state [ territorial islands and Pacific Ocean areas belonging to the
State of Hawaii ].

The state [ Hawaii ] has issued a Geothermal Resources Mining Lease to

KAPOHO LAND PARTNERSHIP ( KLP ) in-turn has entered into a sub-lease
agreement with PUNA GEOTHERMA VENTURE ( PGV, ) with State of Hawaii

Under that [ consent ] arrangement, the State of Hawaii receives
royalties of approximately 3% of the gross revenues.

Access to Property:

Direct access to the leased property is readily available via county
public roads located adjacent to the leased property. The public roads
are at the north and south boundaries of the leased property.

Resource Information:

The geothermal reservoir at PUNA GEOTHERAL VENTURE [ PGV ] is located
‘in volcanic rock’ along the axis of the Kilauea [ volcano ] Lower
East Rift Zone [ LERZ ].

‘Permeability and productivity are controlled’,  by:

– Rift [ LERZ ] ‘parallel subsurface fissures’, created by volcanic activity.

They may also be influenced, by:

– Lens-shaped bodies of pillow basalt, which has been postulated to
‘exist along the axis of the rift [ LERZ ]’ at ‘depths below 7,000

The distribution of reservoir temperatures is strongly influenced, by:

– ‘Configuration of Subsurface Fissures’; and,

– Temperatures – among the ‘hottest of any geothermal field in the world’.

Consistent maximum ‘measured temperatures’ are above 650 degrees Fahrenheit…”



The PUNA GEOTHERMAL VENTURE [ PGV ] complex was financed, through:

– Operating Lease

[ UPI NOTE: between ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES INC. and the ‘Hawaii
landholder’, believed to have originally been DON A. CAMPBELL Family
real estate holdings enterprise, Trust, or Foundation in cooperation
as the “PUNA GEOTHERMAL VENTURE” ( PGV );” actually, a ‘business
financial investment transaction operational lease’ );

Revenue Service, Investment Tax Credit [ ITC ] ‘cash grant’ [ ‘In Lieu
Of Tax Credits, a Payment Is Offered instead, for Specified Renewable
Energy Property’; under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of
2009 ( ARRA ) Section 1603.

[ UPI NOTE: Under such auspices, this U.S. federal “cash grant” could
only have been obtained directly by the ‘landholder’, which originally
was ‘DON A. CAMPBELL’ his Family or heir apparent real estate holdings
enterprise, Trust or Foundation’ that ‘federally cash funded’ ORMAT
TECHNOLOGIES INC. interalia later ( April 2015 ) ORPD LLC, a holding
company subsidiary of ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES INC.. and NORTHLEAF
GEOTHERMAL HOLDINGS LLC holding a 36.75% equity interest in “PUNA
GEOTHERMAL VENTURE ( PGV ); Special Purpose Subsidiary ( SPS )” ];

– NORTHLEAF GEOTHERMAL HOLDINGS LLC financial transaction proceeds
described above.”


“… Our exploration, development, and operation of geothermal energy
resources are subject to geological risks and uncertainties, which may
result in decreased performance or increased costs for our power


“… Another aspect of geothermal operations is the management and
stabilization of subsurface impacts caused by fluid injection [ ( also
known as ) ‘fracking’ ] pressures of production and injection fluids
to mitigate subsidence.

In the case of the geothermal resource, supplying the Heber complex,
pressure drawdown in the center of the well field has caused some
localized ground subsidence, while pressure in the peripheral areas
has caused localized ground inflation.

Inflation and subsidence, if not controlled, ‘can adversely affect
farming operations’ and ‘other infrastructure’; at, or near, the land

Potential costs, which cannot be estimated and may be significant, of
‘failing to stabilize [ bore hole drill well ] site pressures’ in the
Heber complex area, include:

Repair and modification of gravity-based farm irrigation systems,
municipal sewer pipes, and possible repair or replacement of a local
road bridge spanning an irrigation canal.”

“… Additionally, ‘active geothermal areas’, such as ‘the areas in
which ORMAT power plants are located’, are ‘subject to frequent
low-level seismic disturbances, volcanic eruptions and lava flows’.

Serious ‘seismic disturbances, volcanic eruptions and lava flows are
possible’ and could result in damage to our power plants ( or
transmission lines used by customers who buy electricity from us ) or
equipment or degrade the quality of our geothermal resources to such
an extent that we could not perform under the PPA for the affected
power plant, which in-turn, could:

– Reduce ORMAT net income’;

– Materially and ‘adversely affect ORMAT business’, ‘financial
condition’, ‘future results’, and ‘cash flow’.

‘If ORMAT suffers a serious seismic disturbance, volcanic eruptions
and lava flows’:

ORMAT ‘business interruption insurance’ and ‘property damage
insurance’ may ‘not be adequate to cover all losses sustained as a
result thereof’ plus, ‘insurance coverage may not continue to be
available in the future in amounts adequate to insure against such
seismic disturbances, volcanic eruptions and lava flows’.”

“… Furthermore, ‘absent additional geologic / hydrologic studies’,
‘any increase in power generation from our geothermal power plants’,
“failure to reinject [ ‘fracking’ ] the geothermal fluid’ or ‘improper
maintenance of the hydrological balance’ may ‘affect the operational
duration of the geothermal resource’ [ i.e. volcano lava tunnel
network ] and cause it [ geothermal energy production ] to ‘decline in
value over time’, and may ‘adversely affect our ability to generate
power from the relevant geothermal power plant(s)’.”



There were ‘no material developments in any legal proceedings’, which
ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES INC. was a party, during fiscal year 2017; other
than those described ( below ):

– On February 18, 2018, Western Watersheds Project ( WWP ) filed a
notice of appeal and petition for standing with respect to the January
16, 2018 U.S. BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT ( BLM ) decision approving
Addendum 2 to Operation Plan & Utilization Plan for the McGinness
Hills Geothermal Project. The appeal alleges that the January 2018
U.S. BLM decision authorizing construction and operation of Phase 3 of
McGinness Hills causes harm to WWP and its members by ‘allowing
degradation of the wildlife habitat’ of the ‘greater sage grouse’ in
that area.  We have filed a motion to intervene as an interested party
in support of the U.S. BLM.

– On August 5, 2016 in Hawaii, George Douvris, Stephanie Douvris,
Michael Hale, Cheryl Cacocci, Hillary E. Wilt and Christina Bryan,
acting for themselves and on behalf of all other similarly situated
residents of the Lower Puna District filed a complaint in the Third
Circuit Court for the State of Hawaii seeking certification of a class
action for preliminary and permanent injunctive relief, consequential
and punitive damages, attorney’s fees and statutory interest against
PUNA GEOTHERMAL VENTURE [ PGV ] and other presently unknown
defendants. On December 12, 2016, the federal district court granted
plaintiffs ’ motion for joinder of HAWAII ELECTRIC COMPANY [ HELCO ]
as a Co-Defendant, and the case, which had previously been removed to
the U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii, was ‘remanded back
to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. The amended complaint alleged
that ‘injuries and other damages’ in an undisclosed amount were caused
to the plaintiffs as a result of an alleged ‘toxic release’ by PUNA
GEOTHERMAL VENTURE [ PGV ] in the wake of Hurricane Iselle in August
2014. On June 14, 2017, the ‘Third Circuit Court ‘Denied’ the HAWAII
ELECTRIC COMPANY [ HELCO ] ‘Motion To Dismiss’ the complaint against
HELCO. Discovery is underway. We believe that we have valid defenses
under law, and intend to defend this action vigorously.

– On June 20, 2016, Nadia Garcia, individually and as successor in
interest to Thomas Garcia Valenzuela, and as guardian ad litem to
Emerie Garcia, Khamilla Garcia and Reyene Adam, filed a complaint
Superior Court of Imperial County seeking unspecified monetary
damages. The complaint alleges that the ORMAT Defendants caused the
wrongful death, personal injury and other harm to Thomas Garcia when
he was employed by MARTIN HYDROBLASTING SERVICES INC. and suffered
injuries leading to his death while performing work at the ORMESA
power plant site on or around March 31, 2016. The plaintiffs and the
deceased’s employer’s insurer reached an ‘out of court settlement’ on
May 25, 2017 that was approved by the U.S. District Court for the
Southern District of California. The case has been dismissed, without
liability to us.

– On March 29, 2016, a former local sales representative ( in Chile )
of AQUAVANT S.A. filed a claim against ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES INC.
subsidiaries in the 27th Civil Court of Santiago, Chile on the basis
of “Unjust Enrichment.” The claim requests the court order ORMAT
TECHNOLOGOES INC., et. al. to pay AQUAVANT S.A. $4,800,000 million in
connection with activities in Chile, including the EPC contract for
the Cerro Pabellon Project and various geothermal concessions, plus
3.75% of our geothermal products sales in Chile over the next
10-years. Pursuant to various motions submitted by the defendants and
the plaintiffs to various courts, including the Court of Appeals, the
case was removed from the original court and then refiled before the
11th Civil Court of Santiago, Chile. In February 2018, ‘ORMAT
TECHNOLOGIES INC. preliminary defenses were denied’ by the lower
court, and are currently pending on appeal.  We timely filed our
answer to the claim on the merits, and the plaintiff filed its
response ( replication ). We believe that we have valid defenses under
law, and intend to defend this action vigorously.

– On February 17, 2015 Jon Olson and Hilary Wilt together with PUNA
PONO ALLIANCE filed a complaint in the Third Circuit Court for the
State of Hawaii, requesting declaratory and injunctive relief
requiring PUNA GEOTHERMAL VENTURE [ PGV ] ‘comply with an ordinance’ [
noise abatement rules: times and days for operational noises near
residential dwelling community neighborhoods ] the plaintiffs allege
should prohibit PUNA GEOTHERMAL VENTURE [ PGV ] from ‘engaging in
night drilling operations’ ( at its “KS-16” bore hole well site ). On
May 17, 2015, the original complaint was amended to add the County of
Hawaii and the State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural
Resources as defendants to the case. On October 10, 2016, the court
issued its decision in response to each of the plaintiffs’ and
defendants’ motions for summary judgment, denying plaintiffs’ motion
and granting defendant PUNA GEOTHERMAL VENTURE [ PGV ] and the County
of Hawaii cross motions for summary judgment, effectively rendering
the plaintiffs’ action moot. On January 23, 2017, the plaintiffs filed
a motion requesting that the Intermediate Court of Appeals address
appellate jurisdiction, which was denied by the court on April 20,
2017 as premature. We believe that we have valid defenses under law,
and intend to defend this action vigorously.

– On July 8, 2014, Global Community Monitor, LiUNA, and two [ 2 ]
residents ( of Bishop, California ) filed a complaint in the U.S.
District Court for the Eastern District of California, alleging that
operating in Mammoth Lakes, California three [ 3 ] geothermal
generating electricity power plants interalia MP-1, MP-II and PLES-I
in violation of the federal Clean Air Act and Great Basin Unified Air
Pollution Control District rules. On June 26, 2015, in response to a
motion by the defendants, the court dismissed all but one [ 1 ] of the
plaintiffs’ causes of action. On January 6, 2017, the court issued its
order regarding several pending motions, including plaintiffs’ motion
for partial summary judgment, defendants’ motion for summary judgment,
defendants’ motion to exclude and defendants’ motion for leave to file
a sur-reply. The impact of the court’s January 6, 2017 order is to
deny the plaintiffs’ sole remaining cause of action. No appeal by the
plaintiffs is expected and we consider this case to be effectively

In addition, from time to time, ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES INC. is named as a
party to various other lawsuits, claims and other legal and regulatory
proceedings that arise in the ordinary course of our business. These
actions typically seek, among other things, compensation for alleged
personal injury, breach of contract, property damage, punitive
damages, civil penalties or other losses, or injunctive or declaratory

With respect to such lawsuits, claims and proceedings, ORMAT
TECHNOLOGIES INC. accrues [ builds ] reserves [ financial arrangements
] when a loss is probable and the amount of such loss can be
reasonably estimated.

It is the opinion of ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES INC. management that the
outcome of these aforementioned legal proceedings, individually and
collectively, will not be material to ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES INC.
consolidated financial statements as a whole.”



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