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Hi Kerry,

I only eye suspiciously what I know to be otherwise.

I was never “employed” by the ‘U.S.’ C.I.A. or ‘Korea’ C.I.A., both of

which are U.S. secret organizations funded by U.S. taxpayer dollars.

I was a “C.I.A. attache” ’employed’ ( full-time ) by the U.S.

Department of Defense ( DoD ) in 1971 and 1972 assigned to Lowry AFB,

Colorado; George AFB, California; and, Edwards AFB, California where I

was ‘secretly imprisoned’ before my “General Discharge” later ( U.S. )

Congressionally upgraded to a fully “Honorable Discharge” with ‘all


In 1976, I began civilian freelance international work for one of many

C.I.A. offices; specifically, located in El Segundo, California using

a Hawthorne, California private telephone exchange number to evade

U.S. Congressional Oversight.

In November 2002, I began civilian freelance work for the C.I.A. led

DOJ Squad Six foreign extraction unit ( it actually captured Manuel

Noriega in Panama ) based out-of a ‘basement’ inside the Federal

Building of downtown Portland, Oregon where I had met one (1)

federal agent who gave me instructions as an international information

“asset” prior to my leaving on one ( 1 ) specific foreign assignment

in Eastern Europe lasting 4-years in Serbia on a Uganda, Africa


While in Serbia, I met with the C.I.A. case officer at the American

Embassy and the U.S. Legal Attache ( DOJ ) whom wanted me to work in

Bosnia while spying on Albania muslims. When the U.S. Department of

State Regional Security Officer ( RSO ) in Belgrade discovered the

depth of my background with CIA-DOJ Squad Six, I was informed the

C.I.A. did not want me in Bosnia. Instead, the government paid me to

continue living in Serbia for 1 more week and paid my airfare back to

Los Angeles, California on August 15, 2006.

From November 2002 until October 2007, I worked continually as a

CIA-DOJ Squad Six “asset,” who was ‘always paid in cash’ and only

through a “cut-out” who signed for the envelope of money directed to

me by the cut-out ( in Portland, Oregon ).

In December 2010, I began working as an international information

‘asset’ for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ),

Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( ICE ) Office of Special

Investigations ( OSI ) whose “client” was the U.S. Federal Reserve

Board” until I finally left in February 2011.

By 2012, I was providing voluntary research and reporting services

exclusively for Project Camelot.

I was ‘never’ employed as an ’employee of the C.I.A.’ and although I

was about to sign a “business agreement” with Squad Six, which was

‘stricttly directed by one ( 1 ) C.I.A. Deputy Chief’, I was ‘never a

federal contractor of the C.I.A.

While my 1972 government discharge paper states clearly my government

occupation as an Intelligence Operations Specialist with a “civilian

related occupation” as an “investigator,” I am ‘not’ an

“investigator;” although, my tradecraft capabilities do go well beyond

that title.

I am only a “researcher” and “analyst” with a civilian employee

occupational title of “expeditor.” While self-employed I was known

only as a “consultant.”

I am, by trade, a ‘freelance research consultant’ who by both chance

and circumstance, since 1986, was rendered by the U.S. government as a

“Non U.S. Person;” even though I was born and raised through my

collegate years in America.

In 2006, I snuck back into America where I have lived for the past

12-years as a ‘vehicular homeless person’ on the streets of Los

Angeles, California.

I seek no fame or fortune. I’m only trying to survive, whereupon and

only according to the cards life has dealt me to-date.

I do not legally qualify for any public assistace in America.

I utilize my mind to research, analyze and write reports, and do so

voluntarily because I have a heart for people who need to know. And

‘this’, you see, is why I’m left begging for donations, a shadow of my

former self who was left crippled and aged.


I’ve been around, seen a lot, was trained by the best intelligence

community, and gave my heart and soul while working for people around

the world because I care enough to enlighten others.





Kerry Cassidy is the CEO/ Founder of Project Camelot. Kerry is a documentary filmmaker/investigative journalist and well known host of Project Camelot TV broadcasting weekly live shows on Youtube.  PROJECT CAMELOT  http://projectcamelot.tv aka projectcamelotportal.com  –  is a leader in the alternative media sector, with a Youtube channel that has over 62 million unique viewers worldwide and over 230,000 subscribers. Kerry travels the world conducting interviews and documenting the testimony of whistleblowers with above top secret clearances as well as authors, researchers and experiencers covering conspiracies, the secret space program, black projects, ETs, kundalini and ascension and free energy. She speaks at conferences around the world and is considered one of the leaders of the disclosure movement.