See my interview with Sean David Morton, just before he disappeared.


More about Sean David Morton’s book SANDS OF TIME and why he has been attacked by the state!

And watch this video below for more about why disappearing is the best option….  Sean’s whistleblower ‘Ted Humphries” in Sean’s latest trilogy, SANDS OF TIME is revealing technology along with TIME TRAVEL…. this is likely why Sean became a target.  The financial attacks are just a distraction.  Listen to his interview to hear his take on that….WATCH TO THE END… the filmmaker was killed…

Camelot whistleblowers who have died, disappeared or gone to ground (in hiding)or went back to work for the Secret Space Program;  (partial list only):

Sean David Morton

Brian O’Leary

Henry Deacon aka Arthur Neumann

Gordon Novel

Mr. X

Norm Bergrun

Ed Laughrin

Kameran Faily

Bill Holden

Aaron McCullom

Pete Peterson

Others have simply stopped talking publicly.   Please watch the following video to the very end to see why…


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