It has long been my view that ‘they’ (the ‘deep state’ or ‘surveillance state’, or call them what you like) were responsible for the death of Steve Jobs.  Philosophically he would never have gone along with joining the data collection as pervasive as PRISM as outlined by SNOWDEN.  Jobs died in October 2011 and Apple, one of the last holdouts as far as worldwide public companies in joining PRISM, did so according to the mainstream articles, in October 2012.  One year later.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.

And apparently this writer,  agrees.  She wrote her article back in 2013 for  Article linked here:

So what does this mean?  In this video discussion on Privacy which I watched yesterday, Snowden mentions the slow but steady adoption of PRISM by many of the the major tech, energy and media companies as show in this chart.

Of course it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the real surveillance orchestrated by AI and using quantum computing going hyperdimensional (see Camelot whistleblower Jake Simpson article for more on this).  Simpson’s testimony has been further substantiated by remarks by Geordi Rose with regard to his Dwave Quantum Computer as well as my several Captain Mark Richards interviews.  It should give one pause to consider that the remarks by Rose were made back in 2013.  Add those to the statements by Jake Simpson from 2007 and you have an artificial intelligence (probably more than one) that has probably progressed leaps and bounds beyond anything Snowden is currently aware of.

This is what some call the “Deep State” and its raison d’être is The Secret Space Program.

In the video mentioned above with Snowden, Noam Chomsky and Glenn Greenwald, they touch on various topics relating to the concern around surveillance and what it means in the lives of humans but they obviously miss much when it comes to the really pervasive nature of current surveillance, the advancement into our freedoms of the ‘deep state’ and the Artificial Intelligence side of that question which is linked directly to the ‘alien’ intervention on our planet.  This is of course of great concern to anyone who knows what is really going on here.

A deeper question might be how does the privacy of humans factor into the surveillance by AI with links to races who utilize AI data when dealing with the humans in power positions?  In other words if the race(s) intent on influencing humans in power utilize their own AI (in the case when they are not completely telepathic that is).

You might also ask how many “supersoldiers” in service to the Deep State are now linked through nano and possibly other means to this AI data are operating within our society at this time.  See the TV series TRAVELERS for a plausible demonstration of how agents on the ground might operate with direct connections to each other and the AI….

The question one might ask at this juncture is how the recent election of Trump factors into this equation.   Is it even realistic to hope that he will have any affect whatsoever in dialing back this monster pervading the planet and our lives and growing larger and more intrusive by the hour?

While, with due respect to the eloquent remarks made by Snowden, Greenwald and Chomsky back in March of 2016 at this event (, it is clear that they refuse to allow for the role of AI and for some unknown reason are unwilling to bring it into the conversation(!) to say nothing of their lack of awareness with regard to the battles of the AIs going on now all around us. They also refuse to acknowledge or bring into the discussion how the interference of ET (for lack of a better term) races going back centuries is operational within the surveillance paradigm behaving instead like fish swimming around in an aquarium thinking that is the world.

I wonder whether all three of these men are really so out of the loop on both AI and ET that they sleep at night in good conscience believing they really even grazed the playing field of what privacy for humans really means within what’s really going on here on Earth.  And if they know more the next question is why didn’t one of them attempt to broaden the discussion by bringing these glaringly pertinent issues forward or is it that they are all compromised?  Are they this naive or simply acting as agents of the deep dark state when they refuse to acknowledge the real truth of what’s going on?  Surely Snowden, of the three is most open minded and in a position to be aware of the truth at least to some extent.

I am proposing to go to Russia to interview Snowden directly about these matters.  I think that someone needs to widen this dialog in the mainstream and it is getting far too late in the day for us to ignore the primacy of these dilemmas.  When we talk about privacy, freedom and human rights while the mainstream blithely goes about in their secure bubble of denial where does that leave us at the end of the day.  Can Trump and the military that brought him into power (specifically a portion of the Navy) who successfully operated this quiet coup with the help of the ballot box) really turn this ship of state around?  And when I talk about Deep State this is not limited to such colloquial notions as those of the borders between countries.  We are talking about a worldwide state that has been operational for some time.

While the Trump administration puts the workers back to work in the factories like some 19th century vision of what America should be, and then builds walls not unlike the one in Berlin they tore down years ago or the present one between Palestine and Israel, is this really progress by any name?

Seriously, while I applaud the military stepping up to the plate and finally calling halt to the satanic reign of the reptilian led Bush cabal, this much is clear.  They may have won the battle but they have a war ahead of them.

Anyone who would like to see me interview Snowden in Russia please feel free to donate to make this happen.  Alternatively, I am happy to interview him live online if anyone can put me in touch with him (and Greenwald?) to make this happen.

Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot




…”What if this surveillance industrial complex was in possession of a database that was so large and so powerful that not only could it instantly process and retrieve the most minute or intimate aspects of a citizen’s lives but was also able to utilize extremely sophisticated artificial intelligence capabilities to actually predict likely patterns of future behavior.”–ED ENCHO, 2009 article: MAIN CORE, PROMIS AND THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT

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