I will be talking with three young men about their new group RISING CONSCIOUSNESS COLLECTIVE

Rising Consciousness Collective (RCC)
Is a newly formed coalition of artistic youngsters committed to the ascension of our collective consciousness.
Through asking accessible questions to assist in individual empowerment, we are dedicated to unearthing hidden esoteric truths, spreading suppressed knowledge, and elevating awareness through the rising of the light.
Ben Horwitz

Ben Horwitz is a Philadelphia native, who is an actor involved in theater and film. He has a burning passion for politics and is an advocate for an overhaul of the corrupt election system that allows for rampant electronic voting machine fraud and voter suppression. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

Wisam Mubasher

Wisam Mubasher is spirited about human consciousness, infinitely committed to truth. He lives to create and spread love, he dabbles in art, acting, writing, and filmmaking and anything esoteric. He currently resides in NYC.

Trevor Barnes
Trevor Barnes is a maverick. Never one to play by the rules. He seeks out the truth, loves to play poker, carry a gun and enjoys the company of a woman



Kerry Cassidy is the CEO/ Founder of Project Camelot. Kerry is a documentary filmmaker/investigative journalist and well known host of Project Camelot TV broadcasting weekly live shows on Youtube.  PROJECT CAMELOT  http://projectcamelot.tv aka projectcamelotportal.com  –  is a leader in the alternative media sector, with a Youtube channel that has over 62 million unique viewers worldwide and over 230,000 subscribers. Kerry travels the world conducting interviews and documenting the testimony of whistleblowers with above top secret clearances as well as authors, researchers and experiencers covering conspiracies, the secret space program, black projects, ETs, kundalini and ascension and free energy. She speaks at conferences around the world and is considered one of the leaders of the disclosure movement.