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This is an interview with Emily Windsor-Cragg who claims to be in telepathic contact with the Anunnaki. We cover a lot of ground concerning the big picture here on Planet Earth. Her take on the relationship between the Anunnaki and humans, the coming pole shift (gradual) and much much more…

COMMENT:  It is worth noting that it is entirely possible that Emily’s contact with the one she calls Yahweh is actually Metatron (she says he’s a coder) the machine/AI that would like to takeover this multi-verse… Her characterization of Jesus and “the Krist” or the “Christ” is a confusion over the Nazi-Marduk faction and what they are really all about.  Regardless she has a good grasp of some key concepts of what’s going on.  –Kerry


I was sired out of wedlock and adopted out of the Royal Windsor bloodline into the Garment Industry, so I view survival skills as more important to hoard than popularity, in our down-turning economy.

Personal values:
Genus: Human being; Race: mixed; Sex: Yes; Culture: Consenting or Withholding Consent. Age: 71 but Hoping for Eternity. History: Checkered. Experience: Suffering and Joy. Attainments: Healing and Progress. Acquisitions: Few. Memory: Dim and Dimmer. Goal: to know and understand what’s really going on in our Galaxy. With Faith, Hope, an attachment to Truth itself, We’ll get there.

www.LinkedIN.com has my detailed work profile under
“Emily Elizabeth Windsor Cragg,”.

The personal story is told in my father’s biography, “Saints or Sons of Perdidion,” published at Amazon.com, and that probably has more detail than you want.

In practice, I’m a retired instructor who learned book publishing early in life and now I’m publishing all the journals I’ve kept down through the years on topics like astro-cosmology, exopolitics, digital image interpretation and remote-viewing.

I have memories of several lifetimes beginning in the Lyran system; so when you ask me what my name is, I stumble. Which one?

SaraTaupeJar, Ereshkigal, Mary (several times), Catherine or Elizabeth (several times)?

If you still have a sense of humor after all this, you’re doing better’n’me. When I tell a joke, I sound as if I’m giving the Gettysburg Address all over again.

With kindest regards,
Emily Windsor-Cragg

Originally broadcast live.

Kerry Cassidy