I am posting some interesting findings by Dutchsinse regarding what was happening around the same time (March 23 & 24) on Earth. 


However, it is worth mentioning that according to Keshe, CERN is not the only type of Cern-like facility on the Planet.  He says in my recent interview there are several around the Earth:


With regard to the crash of Flight 9525, if the flight recording box recording as recovered was accurate and not manufactured, then the co-pilot locking the Pilot out of the cabin was in some way responsible for crashing the plane.  However, as we know, there are multiple reasons for taking down a plane and concocting a story to focus on a lone-gunman is nothing new. 

It would seem to me the pulse as demonstrated on Dutchsinse’s chart, in light of Dutch’s theory regarding the crashed plane, if the pulse affected one plane, it would affect many, and we would have had planes falling out of the sky all over the affected area…However that is not what happened.  In fact, using a CERN pulse the size of what is indicated below to take down one plane would be massive overkill.  We know they can send a particle beam that would be virtually undectable to target anything and certainly a plane.  (see the Project Camelot Pilot for TV: SHADOW OPS section related to the Particle Beam at approx 36:46).  They don’t need a microwave pulse miles wide to do the job.

The pulse wave show below indicates to me something far more intense that would seem to be affecting a very large area.  Perhaps what we really have is more than one Cern-type facility sending an energetic wave from station to station.  I do not know enough about this wave configuration to know whether this is common or not.  We need alot more data here to know what the affect and cause of this pulse is to then reflect on possible effects.  Just because they say Cern is not operational or “turned on” — there is no reason to believe this.  So we are left with numerous unanswered questions.


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