Please find below another report and image attachment ( i.e. of Yeon

Ko Him, the lawyer in Korea representing Chinese interests to see an

archaic alien technology printing-run of about 220 United States Bank

legacy gold high-value financial instrument certificates brought  by

eight agents in-to Nevada depodited within a now-legacy Howard Hughes

property building vault, I have copies of earmarked for public release

to Project Camelot that will be introduced in my upcoming Part II

report ) attachment for the UPI guest blog at Project Camelot.



IMAGE – Gold high-value financial instrument certificate

CIA Global Economic Collapse Secrets Of Assets – Part 1

by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – April 30, 2014 – Did the world receive an ‘Early

Warning’ in a 2005 report covering global financial chaos?

While international financial revolutions haven’t reached epic

proportions on a global scale between banks and people since 1929 –

when the U.S. stock market collapsed and the Great Depression set in –

another horizon now approaches from the Middle East, Africa and

Pacific Rim using advantages of ‘now strong’ gold-based financial

systems over U.S. dollar currency that was secretly refused during a

petroleum trade in September 2005.

The following report is comprised of three (3) major intelligence

information studies:

1. International historical information most of the public was unaware

of from 1928 – 1947;

2. International current information most of the public was unaware of

from 1971 – 2005; and,

3. International historical and current information comparatively

analyzed from 1918 – 2005.

All three ( 3 ) major information studies ( above ) were privately

researched from 2002 through 2005 but never intended for full public


The condensed version of smaller reports in an obscure 2005 report

serves as a general overview of information the general public might

wish to review about ‘from where’ and ‘to where’ international affairs

may be seen headed in the ‘not too distant future’.

This is ‘not’ a comprehensive report of all data retrieved, collected

and analyzed.


“If that favoritism spreads, causing an even sharper spike in the

price of oil on world markets, the fiat currency system of today could

crumble into another stock market crash where the bottom falls out and

before anyone knows it we’re all back in the middle of yet another

Great Depression.

If perceived as an ‘economic threat’, where the U.S. detects signs of

world assets shifting toward gold-based oil trades, a ‘new type of

war’ will surely break out; as they say – ‘In the interest of U.S.

National Security’.

And, less we forget, ‘where a war requires no huge amounts of oil

consumption it can only spell two ( 2 ) types of war.

Besides the strain U.S. intelligence agencies envision on its own fiat

exchange foreign oil trading, it also sees a domestic economic threat

growing too by those using a 2-sided sword effort to not only

dismantle the U.S. currency system but at the same time derail the

U.S. Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ) as it currently operates today.

With both ‘foreign and domestic economic threat level perceptions’

increasing, what will a Superpower country like the United States do

with those types of ‘collective challenges’?

Albeit ‘human loss of life’ and/or ‘economic property loss’, at ‘what

price must we pay for truth’?

This report is to convey a larger picture painted to spur public

controversy allowing reasonably intelligent review leading to smart

choices by humanity for furthering humanity rather than erupting into

chaos and collapsing the world we know all around us.

Bits and pieces of history ‘now meeting-up in curious fashioned

relationships with current affairs’.

This heads-up report allows us to discern where new governmemt

announcements on our horizons lead to cliffhanging realities never

imagined until now.

It is understood and documented in history that the years 1928 and

1929 saw the now-late United States Army colonel Edward C. Harwood (

b. 1900 – d. 1980 ) in professional journals publishing articles

admonishing others on ‘speculative boom’ at the ‘stock and commodity

exchanges’ where problems were attributed only by ‘excessive money

supply expansion’.

Colonel Harwood claimed, ‘failure to stop such inflationary processes

would entail an all-out bankruptcy’. Sure enough, in 1929 the U.S.

witnessed its stock exchange crash followed by The Great Depression

lasting until just before the dawn of the “Soaring ’60s” ( 1960s ).

Col. Harwood fought against printing ‘paper money’ he saw as an

‘excessive money supply expansion technique’ that steadily increased

financing ‘U.S. Public Debt’, which Harwood pointed at as the U.S.

policy ‘fraud committed to the detriment of the citizen’ whose savings

were ‘annihilated by inflation’.

Harwood viewed ‘gold’ – and a ‘currency linked to gold standards’ – as

a ‘guarantee’ whereby a ‘stability oriented monetary policy’ could act

as a ‘safeguard against U.S. government excessive financing demands’.

World developments, between the 1920s and 1930s, convinced Colonel

Harwood that U.S. ‘existing knowledge’ of ‘economic interrelations’

was ‘insufficient’ – with respect to ‘methods used by applied

research’ – so, he increased focus on improving that ‘scientific

methodology of research’.

Unfirtunately, ‘government designed technology incorporating therein,

along with another man’s vision’ allowed the 21st century global

economic collapse to occur; an ‘economic meltdown’ that will – even

now – take decades to restore.

As history watched post World War I Germany’s Adolf Hitler rise to

power during 1933, secretly at the same time –  within an ‘office’ at

the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT – in Cambridge,

Massachusetts ) – a ‘unique’ organization was conceived to ‘enhance’

by ‘scientific technical means’, the ‘data flow’ of U.S. ‘economic

information’; led by the ‘vision’ of Dr. Vannevar Bush ( MIT

vice-president ).

Vannevar Bush encouraged Colonel Harwood to establish a ‘scientific

technical economic prediction organization’; later known as the


Massachusetts  ) that secretly became the U.S. Central Intelligence

Agency ( CIA ) ‘economic war room’ known as the ‘CIA Annex’.”

Secret reports surrounding huge quantities of World War II Germany

assets – especially ‘gold’ – having passed through banks of

Switzerland where suspiciously only $409,000,000 million in gold

appears purchased during the Third Reich, however other countries

received Germany war assets, according to the U.S. Office Of Strategic

Services OSS ), Special Branch ( SB ) bureaus Secret Intelligence ( SI

) and Counter-Intelligence ( CI ) ECONIC Unit X-2 Teams:

ECONIC X-2 Units:

– Art Looting Investigation Unit ( in Paris, France ); and,

– Precious Metals Recovery Unit ( in London, UK ).

Both OSS ECONIC X-2 Unit Teams were supervised from Bonn, Germany by a

U.S. military Lieutenant named William J. Casey who later became

Director Of Central Intelligence ( DCI ) for the U.S. Central

Intelligence Agency ( CIA ).

During World War II, Lt. Bill Casey was, for a period of time,

operating out-of Basel, Switzerland while working for the U.S. OSS SB

SI ECONIC Division handling matters surrounding U.S. government

military war asset seizures with the BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL

SETTLEMENTS ( BIS ) [ Basel, Switzerland ] where he used ‘asset

documents’ his ECONIC X-2 Units obtained from one of its many “team

members” ( e.g. PRICE WATERHOUSE COMPANY INC. ) that found such hidden

in WEHRLIBANK in-addition-to ELECTRO-BANK ( in Zurich, Switzerland ).

ECONIC X-2 team members found even more World War II assets of Germany

hidden, in:

– Andorra;

– France [ within the Pyrénées-Orientales, Aude, Ariège, Haute –

Garonne, Hautes – Pyrénées, and, Pyrénées – Atlantiques. ];

– Gibraltar;

– Portugal;

– Spain [ within Barcelona, Girona, Guipúzcoa, Huesca, Lleida and

Navarra. ]; and,

– Sweden.

It was not until 2006, when a class-action type law suit filed against

the Vatican in 2000 was dismissed on Vatican legal grounds of

‘non-disclosure’ based on ‘Sovereign Immunity’.

The Vatican maintained its public refusal to open any of its own such accounts.

A few months later, in 2007, the global economy began collapsing.

The media blammed ‘mortgage derivatives’ and ‘hedge funds’.

Hundreds of U.S. colleges lost trillions of investor monies in ‘hedge

funds’, but weren’t ‘Union retirement funds lost’ too?

More …

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