The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

For more than 40-years Paul Collin was active in global intelligence matters.

In 1968, he began performing independent research leading to communicating with a secret Jesuit research facility in the San Francisco Bay area surrounding an offshore energy platform program involving strategic copper mines being bought up by oil companies to corner global markets on free solar energy generating stations.

In 1971, as a Viet Nam war-time era full-time employee of the U.S. Department of Defense he became a CIA attache Intelligence Operations Specialist.

For the last 15-years, he created and maintained a global mini-intelligence network, including websites publishing special reports, displaying supportive image documents and photos pteviously unavailable to the general public and in some cases not governments either.

Clients and credits came from a major U.S. cable ( CNBC ) television show ( American Greed ) production company owned by Bill Moyers (former CBS Morning News anchor man, a few governments, and a few private internationals.

Others, found utilizing my work products, included a foreign ( Canada) high-ranking military commander, a former foreign nation ( Jordan ) prime minister ( former chief of intelligence and global bank magnate), and according to WikiLeaks recently ( 2012 ) the U.S. federal government contractor STRATFOR.

A few investigative journalists, foreign news reporters and authors (e.g. Peter Dale Scott, David Wilcock, et al. ) commented about my work products or made footnote mentions of my reports.

Perspectives on global  intelligence matters shifted for many so, today Mr. Collin’s website “Kentron Intellect Research Vault” [kentronintellectresearchvault.wordpress.com/ ] reflects ‘public interest intelligence’ on more pressing matters – many coming frombeneath the ground to the sky and beyond the stars.

A list of ‘some’ ( ‘not all’ ) legacy reports and references are provided ( below ):

– –

– WikiLeaks ( Footnotes )

On Monday February 27th, 2012 WikiLeaks began publishing “The Global
Intelligence Files”, over 5,000,000 e-mails from the Texas
headquartered “global intelligence” company StratFor.

The e-mails date between July 2004 and late December 2011.

They reveal the inner workings of a company that fronts as an
intelligence publisher, but provides confidential intelligence
services to large corporations … and government agencies, including
U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Marines and U.S. Defense
Intelligence Agency.

The emails show Stratfor’s web of informers, pay-off structure,
payment laundering techniques and psychological methods.

RE: Uganda: Reasons for the U.S. Deployment in Central Africa

Released on 2012-10-12 10:00 GMT


“[xii] Uganda General Money-Laundering 2000-2006, The Offshore Informant 06
Aug 2006 22:39 GMT

[ NOTE: “Uganda General Money-Laundering 2000-2006” by, Paul Collin (
for The Offshore Informant ), Full Report at:
www.indymedia.org/en/2006/08/844205.shtml ]



– –

Intelligence Memo 05MAY04
by, Paul Collin ( for AnExCIA )


– –

– Bill Moyers ( former CBS Morning News anchor man ) private news
production company for CNBC / Cable NBC television series American
Greed edition segment:

“Conned In The Carribbean”

Credit –

“( Source: Paul Collin Unwanted Publicity / Offshore Informant )”


– –

Golden Triangle Caught In FBI Bank Fraud Evidence
by, Paul Collin ( for Offshore Informant )


– –

– Peter Dale Scott ( author of, “The Road to Afghanistan: The War
Machine, the CIA, and the Global Drug Connection,” plus other books ).

“104 … ‘U.S. Central Intelligence Agency … may actually support
CIC INTERNATIONAL LTD. so it remains in business as one of its many
brokers for arms, technology components, logistics on transactions
significant to intelligence operations’ ( Paul Collin, ‘Global
Economic Brinkmanship’ ).”




– –

Abel Danger ( website )

“Contracting for 9/11 – PMCs – Mercenaries In Brooks Brothers Suits –
‘Risk Consultants'”

Global Economic Brinkmanship
by, Paul Collin ( for Offshore Informant )




– –

“$230-Billion Offshore Bank Hughes Vault?”
by, Paul Collin ( for ShoreLines )


– –

“Expatriate Dreamlands Curtailed By Intelligence Agencies”
by, Paul Collin ( for Offshore Informant )


– –

– Inversionista ( reporter, Javier – Costa Rica )

“Bank Crozier News Racketeering”
by, Paul Collin ( for Offshore Informant )


– –

– Eric Jackson ( publisher, The Panama News – Panama ), “Marc Harris
Case Grows In Several Directions”




– –

– Victoria S. Gates ( independent global news reporter ), “Con-Man Or
Struggling Angel? Uganda’s Infamous Ex-Pat, Van Brink.”



– –

“Pirates Of Caribbean Bank See Dentist Drilled”
by, Paul Collin ( for Unwanted Publicity )


– –

“CounterIntelligence Operations Group: UK To Counter America
Insurrection And Sedition”
by, Paul Collin


– –

Israel Anthrax Fueled Iraq War CIA UK Intelligence
by, Paul Collin


– –

“ECHELON” ( NSA Monitoring )
by, Paul Collin ( for X-CIA Files )


– –

“Kings Of The Nuclear Jungle”
by, Paul Collin ( for Unwanted Publcity )


– –

“For Want Of A Nuclear Nail”
by, Paul Collin ( for Offshore Informant )


– –

“Knights Of Malta Secret Frauds”
by, Paul Collin ( for Unwanted Publicity )


– –

“Microsoft Money Central Intelligence Website Censored”
by, Paul Collin ( for Unwanted Publicity )


– –

“Rule One”
by, Paul Collin


– –

“Economic War Lifes WW-II to WW-III”
by, Paul Collin ( for ShoreLines )


– –

– Billy Mochella Jr. ( author ), “High Financial Affairs: The Battle
for Control of the Global Financial System.”


– –

“Phantom Bank Paper Fraudster, Terrorist Or Spy”
by Paul Collin ( for Unwanted Publicity )



– –



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