Following my intuition has always served me well, and the investigation I have been doing into the death of Michael Hastings, Rollingstone Reporter, is no exception.  


Whereas, this latest article on his death mentions the FBI investigation with regard to Michael’s article in the Rolling Stone “Americas Last Prisoner of War”:

“..The documents reveal that, a year before Hasting’s death, the FBI wanted to “memorialize the controversial reporting” in Hasting’s June story about Private First Class Bowe Bergdahl, “America’s Last Prisoner of War.”” — SCOTT KAUFMAN  www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/09/10/fbi-document-show-it-decided-to-memorialize-the-late-michael-hastings-articles/

Why is Michael Hasting’s article mentioned above not available for viewing?

See pic:  just how “temporary” is this?


…”A redacted passage says Hastings’ report reveals private email excerpts. According to Hastings’ story, Bergdahl wrote the emails. The excerpts include comments about being “ashamed to even be an American,” and the threat that “if this deployment is lame, I’m just going to walk off into the mountains of Pakistan.”–Jason Leopold, Al Jazeera article:  america.aljazeera.com/articles/2013/9/9/fbi-releases-redacteddocumentonmichaelhastings.html

I am currently reading Michael Hastings’ book “The Operators”.. highly recommended for an inside look at Afghanistan on the ground and inner workings of being embedded with a top general in a controversial war/country “rebuild” effort.  The hypocrisy is rampant.  He really gets into the madness of a war effort that extends from Afghanistan, to Iraq and now on the road to Damascus… next stop Iran… the debacle that is the American/UK/Israeli effort to rebuild the world in their image.


Whereas, there is no doubt that the Hastings article on the capture/prisoner of war, [June 7, 2012 — “America’s Last Prisoner of War” — about 27-year-old U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl’s deployment to the war in Afghanistan and his capture by the Taliban in June 2009. Bergdahl is believed to still be in the custody of the Taliban.] — coming hard on the heels of the Bradley Manning trial and recent flood of soldiers rebelling against further deployment to the Middle East: 


…as well as the statements via email from soldier, Bergdahl, will have added more fuel to the fires of revolution.  

However, after some research I believe the real reason Hastings was killed was because he may have found out information either from McChrystal or someone close to him regarding the Black Projects that McChrystal was involved in prior to his assignment to Afghanistan.

I am looking for anyone who knew Hastings and can tell me what he might have found out.  There is a reason why someone like me (as a “fringe” journalist) gets away with posting the truth about the Above Black World, whereas someone like Hastings is much more threatening to the cabal.

I encourage everyone not to stop investigating the real truth behind the whistleblowers (both above top secret and below) who are being coerced (like Greenwald and his partner) and/or dying untimely deaths.  An investigative journalist who tells the truth about what is really going on in the Matrix is by definition a whistleblower.  

As the truth behind the facade becomes revealed the mainstream press is going to have to sit up and take notice.  As another one of their own (Rolling Stone Magazine journalist, Michael Hastings) falls on the sword of truth it behooves the people to take notice and not let Hastings die in vain.

contact me:  kerry@projectcamelot.tv 

With any information.