Here is an excerpt from the Lawsuit made against David John Oates and Robert A. M. Stephens by radio show host Art Bell filed in 1999.  I am posting this excerpt because I second the content therein with regard to the many people who have also over the past years attacked me and Project Camelot with baseless lies and falsehoods.

Excerpt from this site:

Art Bell’s site:

Lawsuit mentioned on Art’s Facebook page here:

Short excerpt:


"INTRODUCTION This lawsuit seeks redress for a course of conduct being carried out over the Internet by two individuals seeking to malign, harass, cyberstalk, defame, injure and annoy Plaintiff, Art Bell. Although the Internet was designed to provide our society with quick access to information and to each other, the Defendants in this action are using this Information Highway to attempt to destroy another person's good name, reputation and peace of mind. The conduct described herein is symptomatic of the need for increased regulation of the Internet so as to assure some form of accountability.  .....Plaintiff has filed this suit not only to clear his good name, but to take a public stance against the irresponsible and unlawful use of the Internet for illegal or improper purposes. The Defendants' acts are childlike and suggestive of irrational thought. The Plaintiff looks to this Court to assist Plaintiff in protecting himself and defending his good name."