Addendum to my previous article… These recent moves regarding Greenwald and his partner are also aimed at making journalists who dare to report the truth about the State, into “terrorists” in the minds of the public. How far this tactic will go remains to be seen. 

It is obviously the objective of the NWO to corral journalists (as they did at the Bilderberg event recently in the UK by putting a literal fence around us as we endeavor to report the news). Eliminating the Free Press is a crucial step in mind controlling the masses.  

Journalists around the world need to unite against this sort of tyranny.  If we can wake up the mainstream co-opted scribes to this overt threat perhaps they will turn on their mainstream corporate masters and take back the right to print the truth.

It goes without saying that the real terrorist out there is the State.  People who continue to do the bidding of the State need to be put on notice. Working for a paycheck is not going to suffice as reason to oppress your fellow human.  In the end, those that elect to guard the prisons are no better than those to whom they report.