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Dane Wigington – Geoengineering Activist


Bio – Dane Wigington

Dane has a background in solar energy. He is a former employee of Bechtel Power Corp. and was a licensed contractor in California and Arizona. He has been engaged in constant climate/geoengineering research for over a decade. His personal residence was feature in a cover article on the world’s largest renewable energy magazine, Home Power. He owns a 1,600-acre “wildlife preserve” next to Lake Shasta in northern California. He began to focus all his efforts and energy on the geoengineering issue when he began to lose very significant amounts of solar uptake due to what ever-increasing “solar obscuration” caused from the aircraft spraying.  Dane also noted significant decline in forest health. Extensive testing and research into the geoengineering issue was commenced and has continued since 2002. He is the lead researcher for   and has investigated all levels of geo engineering from stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG) to HAARP.  He has appeared numerous film and radio interviews to explain the environmental and health dangers we face on a global level from geoengineering. Dane lives in Shasta County, California.


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The plants have to be able to respond with oxygen emissions. The question is can they when the oxygen they sent upwards in the past that is now the ozone layer is being forced to oxidize methane and disappear. Without that layer, the DNA of the plants is compromised so how are they going to replicate leaves and grow seasonally to give off the needed oxygen. We should look at using capped combustion that mines the CO2 for its oxygen most cost effectively found way. With the solar dimming the plants cannot respond and they are the actors in the… Read more »