I am trying to get in touch with Snowden… and in the process I have been told the following from a source.  I cannot verify this info.  However, this source has background and contacts to be in a position to have been given this info.

I sincerely hope this is not the case…

…Sorry Kerry, but you are not going to get anywhere near to him – he’s already been moved three times so far!  The chosen ones have decided he must go!  They are going to make it impossible for him to move from where he now is.  Sorry but he is already on death row.  They will do character assassination before they take him down. ” (paraphrasing)

Meanwhile, Foster Gamble, producer of the movie, Thrive, has put the folloiwng on his site encouraging everyone to show support for Snowden…

I add Bradley Manning and Julian Assange to this… and all the other whistleblowers we have interviewed.

Go here for Foster Gamble’s message.