Today was the first day of the hearing on disclosure here in Washington DC just blocks away from Congress and the White House.  This is a historical occasion and it could easily go unnoticed unless you, the people, pick this up and make it go viral!

The former members of Congress are stepping up in a big way to take on the witness testimony and branch out into subjects that will have the intel and greater secret government, at the very least, shifting ‘uncomfortably in their seats’.  Contrary to the game plan these members are pushing the envelope and most of the witnesses are willingly obliging with the goods, the real evidence of visitation, interaction and more.  This has to have some people here on the hill a bit nervous.  This is a good thing.

Yes, this is a small beginning but it is something.  A crack in the wall.  What is notable is how quickly the questions moved the discussion into the areas where Bassett didn’t plan to go 🙂  This is a good thing.  These people are being galvanized by the truth of the ET presence and the implications of the culture of secrecy going back decades… and the clear fact of a secret government running things behind the scenes and well over the heads of Congress and the current administration.  

Is this disclosure being managed?  Certainly… the fact that I am not speaking (or my witnesses) should tell you something.  But that doesn’t matter because they can’t keep the cat in the bag… It’s going to get out and someone out there is listening.  For one thing the VISITORS are listening.  I got a very clear message from them… one, that they wanted me to be here and that was made possible, and two, that this is changing the landscape on planet Earth in ways that will not be realized until much later.

Will they achieve anything more than making clear that we know that they know….that we know and they are having contact and deciding our future without consulting us.. time will tell.

If you are reading this I encourage you to pay all of $3.80  (for the entire week!)

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