**Thanks to several Camelot listeners we have been given a few recordings of the show and are in the process of figuring out which is the best quality.  Once we do so it will be made available in our Radio show archives and I will post the link here as well!  Special thanks to our Admin Alex for making this possible.


Original message:


I just learned that my radio show with my guest Bernie Mendez on March 8th on Revolution Radio Network was lost due to a total system failure.  

If anyone listening made a copy of that show we would sincerely appreciate it if you could send us an mp3 asap!!!

This was an important discussion about time travel and Bernie’s recollection of his time working for the government as a young man.

Please email me right away if you made a copy!!! Thanks so much.

Please send it to:

or upload it to my drop box account here:

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