I guess this JPL scientist didn’t get the memo… We have it on good authority from several sources including Arthur Neumann that indeed Arthur C. Clarke wasn’t kidding when he said that. From what I have heard, this still holds.  There is a race of beings there or it is a command center for a certain race who will not allow interference from humans…


Under the current plans of robotic exploration, after the arrival of the probe Juno to Jupiter’s orbit in 2016 and its planned crash a year later, the United States will no longer have probes in the distant reaches of the solar system.

NASA could, however, participate in a mission to Jupiter by the European Space Agency (ESA) called “Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer,” during which a spacecraft is expected to arrive to its destination around 2030.”

I guess they aren’t aware of ‘jumprooms’…  Always striking the distinction between the Secret Space Program and NASA and other space agencies lack of awareness.  

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