Many people are sending around the information published by Kevin Annett regarding the convening of the tribunal that attempts to charge the Vatican with, in essence crimes against humanity… of which they are surely guilty.  However, to conclude that such a body (the ITCCS) has any real power to cause, for example, the Pope to resign is unlikely.  Why?  Because regardless of the overall truth to the charges, child molestation, pedophelia etc and much much more… plundering of the libraries of Alexandria among them, ritual abuse and satanism and or as they call it “Luciferians” and so on.. there is no evidence that such an organization has any real power behind them necessary to depose a Pope.  

The Church is run behind the scenes not by the ‘white’ Pope who is the figure head, but by the ‘black’ Pope: 

Count Hans Kolvenbach died…/ correction:

—The Jesuit’s General is Adolfo Nicolás Pachón

The above is REQUIRED READING for understanding what is going on… An interview with Eric Phelps (author of The Vatican Assassins) by Rick Martin from The Spectrum newspaper.

It is also important to note that contrary to many posts, the so-called charges against the Vatican made by the ITCCS were made back in September 2012 and also in January of 2011, if one takes the time to research this.  So this is not ‘new news’ but was out there now for over a year.

Based on my intuitive information, I would say the resignation has much more to do with the Third Secret of Fatima, and the movement to put in place the NWO, one world religion.  What you need to ask is whether resgination is simply Ratzinger following orders from the ‘Black’ Pope.  Meanwhile this organization (the ITCCS) is being used (as a smoke screen) by the Black Pope and his minions to put in place another pope (the last Pope?) as part of an overall plan which is being orchestrated to bring about chaos and usher in the anti-christ agenda.

See our interview with Leo Zagami for more background on this….



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