This was easy to spot coming the last few days with the number of medium sized quakes leading up to the 8.0 M Quake today (Feb 6) in the Santa Cruz Island area.

This map is useful for getting a perspective on the Ring of Fire quakes.

I can say that in the past few days Haarp has been ramping up big time in the Pacific… I have been feeling it.  They turn it on at night after 12 midnight… it runs until around 5am… When they shut it down again.  This seems like some kind of amping up being sent out to trigger the fault lines. 

In my view, if there is anything major in the West Coast or along South America's Western Coast or North of California it is because this is being triggered.  Why they are doing this night after night and what they hope to achieve is not clear.  What is clear it that it is triggered by man-made intervention.


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