This man is in very desperate straits… Needs help financially.  He has a website that might have been taken down called Unwanted Publicity.

He was a forensic financial investigator… he is an amazing researcher.  And has tons of information.

If you can help him financially or otherwise to get him back on his feet or donate please contact and put   HELP OFFER   in the subject line.

He was living in his car in Long Beach area and now has lost his car and is living on the street.

He has a blackberry or iphone that still works somehow and can receive emails at the address below.



Begin forwarded message:

From: Unwanted Publicity <>;

Subject: Re: As requested, here is more information about, and from, Paul

Date: October 2, 2012 1:46:34 PM PDT

To: Kerry Cassidy Project Camelot <>;


Hello Kerry,

Publicity about me can be found, here:  PROBLEM WITH LINKS please assist if you can:



Note:  some problems seem to be happening on the Wayback Machine Archive for this site… If anyone has saved the Unwanted Publicity site please contact me!!


– –




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