Acoording to Dr. Waterman from Waterman Files:  

Several months ago Argusoog was fined. is a radio, and news outlet in the Netherlands/Holland, The Waterman Files is in its fourth year there. We have an international audience, and much of the news and radio broadcasts are in English for international listeners.  was fined for publishing and broadcasting  investigative findings on international pedophile rings headquartered in the Netherlands. Not only was the internet news site and radio station fined, and threatened to be taken off the internet by the Dutch authorities but the journalists involved were fined. Last month a US Congressional public hearing was held about the activity, and there were in attendance attorneys, investigators, and victims from the Netherlands there to testify about Dutch Justice Ministry Secretary-General Joris Demmink. This would be the same as the United States Attorney General, being involved in the pedophile ring.

Yesterday Joris Demmink retired and today Argusoog Radio is doing a six hour broadcast titled, “Satanic Ritualistic Child Abuse.” The first two hours of the broadcast are in Dutch but the last four hours are in English and I’m inviting you to join us live. I will be hosting the last 2 hours and will have 2 guests you will want to hear. November 2, 2pm eastern Argusoog Radio

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