Q: I can not find the access information for the live event, but my purchase was completed and I have checked that I was charged for the event.

A: Be sure to be LOGGED IN at projectcamelotportal.com. Then go to “MY PAGES” on the top menu. Then click “My Purchases“.
Click the most recent order and download the access information linked on the page.

Viewing information are also contained within the final order confirmation you receive in your e-mail after purchase.



Q: I have entered the password and it got accepted at the “Live Event Player” but the video did not show or buffers for very long.

A: Make sure you have Flash Player installed (to install click here). Also make sure you are using a Flash compatible internet device and that your internet connection is working correctly. Also check if you have other applications open that may consume your bandwidth.


Q: Who do I contact for additional help?

A: Contact: tommy@projectcamelotportal.com and include as much information about your problem as possible. For post purchase issues also include your PayPal payment receipt so we can assist you faster.