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Description of Event:

Alec Newald is the author of “Coevolution” 

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“Almost 22 years had past now the dreams have come back and there are lights in the sky. You might say I have been activated. What now?

My name is Alec Newald I have never published or operated a web site containing information about my experiences back in 1989, my long published book Coevolution has really been the only public discloser of those experiences save for one or two radio interviews and the odd article published in Nexus Magazine by the publisher of Coevolution Duncan Roads. I had never intended to run a web site either but something is happening on planet earth at this moment that appears to want to include me. So here we are the both of us the one who thought this was all over and the one that knew it never was.” — Alec Newald

 Please watch the following in preparation for this event:

From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life. The Dark Agenda of Synthetic


Sofia Smallstorm




Also, view this pic and the commentary from Alec Newald here:


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The following notes are supplied by David Griffin:

Points to Consider

Notes for ET Intervention – Ancient Bio-Weapons and the Blue Diamond Affair



– Alec was taken for 10 days by a highly advanced ET group who amongst other things, informed him that they had had an underground base on Thule Island since WW1…  and were attempting to “de-engineer” and sentient, nano substance which has been resident on the planet for milennia. This material was removed by British Special Forces and taken to Marconi in the UK resulting in the burst of bizarre deaths between 1982-1988.

– Intro into Alec’s background and contact. Useful point here is that he had no prior exposure to contact or UFO literature and had existed up to that point with several ‘alien’ themes throughout his life –  but these only became clearer in the years following him being dropped back off by the Blue ET group from Haven.


Communication – Alec’s account has several components to it :

– information received/download on trip by ETs telepathically 

– Info from an artifact given to him when in jail

– Confirmation material from Mr X – the South African agent

– His own abd subsequent thought and views on the area.

..what could be useful is to describe the telepathic process from A’s point of view  and then cover the lower points as and when they crop up?

The ‘Last Craft out from Thule’ and the Blue Diamond Affair

– Leading on from Falklands in 1982 –  base left in rush – craft loaded up with ET booty.

– Tesla weapon

– Date switch – -> Kalahari dessert crash or some other?  [I have loads of material on a guy going round Europe with fake documents on this case, paid for at one point by the very capable, early Billy Meier researcher Michael Hesseman].

– Energy device onto world covert market and subsequent geopolitical shenanigens 

– Alec’s visits in NZ also related to this item.

– Wikileaks cable and Eric G john –> www.af.mil/information/bios/bio.asp?bioID=14362


Ancient Bio Weaponry

– Background on why focus is on South Atlandtic and Antarctic –  Marconi UK open plant for advanced hydraulics in 1983.

– Intro issues of “bio-nano-terraforming”

– Alec’s  “tests” on Haven after his agreement

– What does this say is about to take place on Earth?


– Did Blue ETs have previous agreement in 20th century with some earth goverments??

– Did this relationship end in post-WW2 era – replaced by a more nefarious “grey” type relationship? SEE Anthony Sanchez, UFO Highway  ufohighway.com

– Role of bodies like RIIA and the CFR.


– Switched on ET antennas embedded in earth [Marconi link]

– Claims the bio-teraforming technology is mostly controlled by Europe?

– New findings on morgellons.  

– Why the “virus” mentioned on Haven is not same as the black nano substance.

– What does the above mean for us now as a species facing maybe:

1. ET groups with differeing agendas?

2. Dick Cheney’s M.I.C. posse lot aligning themselves with the above

“Linked to this change in agenda is some tie-in with factions of our Earth’s military-industrial cartel (if that is the right term for it). This agenda, according to my alien hosts, is “to let loose or introduce a new breed of so-called humans onto this planet we call our own”.

What’s the role of contactees, ETs and disclosure in all this?