The latest White Hats Report is now posted.  #47 Announces that in all likelihood Biden is about to resign… And word is, that Hilary Clinton will step in.

For long time followers of Project Camelot… they will know what this means.

For those of you who weren’t around back in those days, when we were told by Dan Burisch that according to Looking Glass, Hilary would be in the White House for 2012, and what would ensue.  You can imagine where this is going.  

More on that later…

Suffice to say this is one White Hats Report you do not want to miss!!!

For Bush Sr. and his clan, they want to control both sides of the ledger as this is the NWO in action.  Many years to plan out and they are down to a few, very intense months.   Why?  All of this is for the control and demise of the United States, control of the Military machine and the Secret Government.



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