As figures the recent Sikh shooting is most likely another manchurian candidate scenario… and sure enough here is the background:

Article link to Jon Rappoport’s info on Sikh Shooter

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Lilah Lighto
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~Eyewitness report:4 Caucasian men in black, wearing all black, committed the murders.Murders committed at a Sikh Temple (not Muslim, not Jewish), the temple at which Kaleka senior,the father of Amardeep Kaleka, Director and Producer of the disclosure film Sirius Documentary, was murdered. Kaleka senior, the director’s father, is President of the Congregation at the Temple, and his family meditates there.This is an attack on Disclosure, and attack on Sirius Documentary.Why would the permanent central covert government make such an attack?I saw the report on CNN before the commercial break. After the advertisements, the story turned into a lone gunman “domestic terrorist” and that has been the official story since.Official disinfo story now is, one lone gunman, domestic terrorist, the only suspect, which is now dead.Murder Inc. Never an aspect of a crises goes wasted by them. Trying to sequester the ET truth by the making of Sirius Documentary and disarm the public with confiscation laws.They’re trying to stop the truth Sirius Documentary from bringing light on the subjects of the UFO secrecy, the negative fear spin, Free Energy suppression and how these things connect.We won’t let them succeed in their malicious plan of maintaining status quo control! They can’t stop the change!

Link to Police Dispatch radio Courtesy of Nitehawkk from Revolution Radio

Link to original Washington Post Article

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