According to the following article, there is a possible link from the Colorado shooting (Manchurian Candidate not working alone) and the LIBOR Scandal (shooter’s father working on software that could out and trace those involved) and using the London Olympics for a distraction or even a direct hit on the banking records…

Is this a strange revelation of the method where the scene in the movie is supposed to be some pretext for what may happen at the London Olympics? According to a blurb posted on Media Monarchy a scenario has already been put forward demonstrating that the motive of any attack on the 2012 Olympics would be to cover up the LIBOR scandal and destroy all the bank records. An attack on the Olympics would be a quick fix to exit the elite’s present dilemma.” –

And while I have been sent several London Olympics possible bombing / false flag scenarios none has the impact of this fascinating piece of intel recently sent to me by a “source”. 

It turns out that the  israeli partner to Silverstien in the Twin Towers is the owner of the  largest mega mall in EU. It is right next door to the Olympixxx stadium and it is being used to house the mils, and  the subway connections to the Olympixxx.  

 Plus, now it turns out that the owner, who benefited from the twin towers insurance money has the  same deal with the insurvance  company on this mega  mall..

And the mall was officially opened on sept 11, 2011….hmmmmm….And the  owner of the mega mall is also a financial backer for the G4S security firm that was [purposely] so inept that they had to bring in nearly all of England’s military and all the OLD guard police….hmm….and they have been trying to get these old time police to retire so that they can be replaced by the queens thugs (QT) that they have been hiring these last 5 years (talk to david icke about the ‘new recruits’)….

 So, it may be that they will use Aug 12 for more than the  release of the next pandemic and may be thinking of blowing the fuck out of the stadium for a huge number of reasons including launching israel versus iran….” -an undisclosed source with slight changes and additions for clarity by me

And lastly, a person on a blog in the comments section of dinar recap has released the following information that could signal something…

Among other things, I am told, 300 seats purchased for a very high cost at the Olympics by people from the financial sector… 100 didn’t show.  Further they write…

A chief financial OFFICER…. For an international finance and money related company has bragged up “opening night box seats for the olympics” in the “upper crust section” and droned on and on about it for MONTHS…. Then, at the literally “last MOMENT”…. Failed to appear, jettin to ‘new york’ INSTEAD….

I know some, following the happenings with regard to what appears to be the impending reval of the dinar will wonder if there’s a connection to the guys sudden change of plans to go to NYC….

This person aka Healthscans also mentioned the news remarking on the number of no shows at the Olympics…


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