Awareness – The Key to Humanity’s New Golden Age


Awareness of earth’s destiny in the stars has been referred to the “most important issue in human history” by Camelot Whistleblower Bob Dean. How we view the stranger or the other, comments on how we see ourselves.  Camelot has been a central hub of information for an expanding awareness of world events beyond the everyday. Jordan Maxwell is fond of saying to those just waking up from the “Matrix” that “nothing in this world works the way you think it does.” And this is just one of many possible worlds. Camelot has brought forward stories of those who have interacted with our visitors from the stars. Norm Bergrun like many others, who cannot confirm or deny just who exactly is driving these ships and if “they” are already here… but can confirm most definitely, that something is already on its way.


Other Camelot witnesses already attest to the fact they are already here. In fact, many Camelot whistleblowers and students have discovered an awareness of not only visiting E.T cultures and advanced technology traversing our skies but also past lives, lived here on earth and elsewhere in the cosmos. Camelot has been a portal into the lives and stories of those who embody a new sense of humanities destiny. These witnesses exemplify and teach us about living life with courage, unity, enhanced openness and expanded awareness.



2012 is all about Conscious Awareness.

Living a consciously aware life can make you aware of a sensory world rich with life and wonder that exists right now, right here. This is the message of mindfulness that has been passed down to us through the practices like meditation. To be comfortable with just simply “being” is a skill that takes years to practice for most. But yet we are only aware of a tiny fraction of all that is!

To paraphrase David Icke – “We only are aware of a tiny fraction of visible light”. Generally most people are unaware of the complex forms of life that exist outside our awareness. This is reflected in the precious leaks of information from the UFO “black program world”  that Camelot has gleaned from ex aerospace contractors like Mr. X or or Space Command pilots like Mark Richards (through his intermediary Jo Ann Richards).  Richards confirms what experiencers have been saying for many lifetimes – to wit-  “the universe is teeming with life on all levels and of many wavelengths and varied forms.” Some say during 2012, to speak in general terms, we will be moving into a different vibrational frequency as a planet and as a species. If but one more level of awareness or wavelength were opened to human perception, it would represent a paradigm shift in our way of thinking.



Awake and Aware, Cosmic Awareness

As we move from 2012 to 2013 and look back with a birds eye view of the pages and pages of testimony and the miles and miles of tape -it is easy to see how Camelot interviews embody a new sense of awareness. 

Dolores Cannon has developed a talent for uncovering past lives and bringing clients a new sense of themselves by recovering memories in minute detail of different times and places. She is truly the epitome of a “light worker”, uncovering that which is hidden in the minds of her clients. She utilizes what she calls the “universal mind”, which embodies a sense of “oneness” that many Camelot witnesses speak of.  


Jim Sparks literally embodies conscious awareness. He has an acid wit, a sly smile and a huge heart. He claims he is known by the black ops personnel he interacts with on board E.T craft as “the conscious recall guy!”. He came forward to recall with Camelot in great clarity a lifetime of experiences with visiting Grey E.Ts . Like many other experiencers, is testimony struck many as unique yet familiar, challenging and different. He stands apart because of the memory blocks usually inflicted upon experiencers. Is it too much to assume that he is not the only one? Is this a trend towards a conscious awareness among experiencers?


Boriska is a 11 year old boy at the time Camelot met him who, since birth , has exhibited extremely high intelligence and has conscious recall of a life lived on Mars, to the most minute detail.  This is absolutely staggering and is in perfect alignment with the notion of a new awareness in humanity. 


Simply put – Individuals with life experiences that were unheard of 40 even 20 years ago, are coming forward to break through the matrix of lies and light the way to a new awareness. 


Young people like Jessica, self professed Crystal child, are coming forward and when the time is right, claim their birthright of a galactic heritage. It is easy to see a comfort level that exists with the younger generation with that which is unknown and unseen. Jessica impressed so many people with her understanding of the oneness of all things. The duality we lock ourselves into is destroyed and refreshed by those who understand the over riding oneness of all things – black and white, good and evil, all things – one.  



From the Law of One

“The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator.” – RA



A new Awareness for 2012

A new awareness in humanity is exemplified by these emerging trends;

a comfort with spiritual not religious matters 

a working language to express the everyday occurrences of precognition ( i.e. the 11 and 33 phenomenon) 

shared or community telepathic experiences whether imposed through technological means (Mind computer interface, microwave voice to skull hypnosis) or naturally through disciplines like remote viewing.

Open, fair community discussions about Extra dimensional/ Extra terrestrial contact at places like Project Camelot ( Many feel official Disclosure of the E.T reality would precipitate such discussions on a worldwide level)  



If the the world Doesn’t End in 2012,  and the “Rift” or “Super wave” hits

rendering all electronics fried or otherwise destroyed.


The Good News Is; 

We’ll Have lots of Time To Practice Remote Viewing and telepathy!

The notion that our young have so much to teach us should give collective humanity pause to consider that “the times are’a Changing” whether we like it or not.  But the science also reflects massive changes ahead in our galactic neighbourhood.
Incoming photonic activity and what Dr. Paul Violette calls a “super wave” and a recent NSA whistleblower are calling a “rift” could mean that all electrical devices on earth will cease to work if not shielded. Perhaps this will be all the drastic call to action or mass impetus humanity needs to explore our extra sensory abilities. This certainly would fit in well with notions of the “end of the mayan calendar” and the interpretation this means a massive shift in civilization.
The information field
 We certainly would have the time to tap into what scientists and parapsychologists are calling the “information field” without the distractions of modern life. Channelers such as Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock  and many others have spoken about the “akashic records” or a immutable, immortal recording of every event in the universe that can be tapped by gifted seers. Modern parapsychology would call this the “information field” or as Rupert Sheldrake refers to them as a “morpo genetic field” that contains information. Add to this thought the notion that the brain could serves as a quantum computer and one begins to see how it could be possible consciousness could arise outside ones head. A lifetime of experiences and mental forms could be stored in this so called “Morphic field”.  In fact, “morphic resonance” is said to arise in similar forms. But how would we access these fields? Roger Penrose and Stuart Hammerof’s postulation that Microtubules in the brain give rise to consciousness, has been universally controversial. Those who believe, are steadfast in their conviction this is the missing piece of the puzzle of how consciousness begins in the brain. 
From Wikipedia
In their controversial Orch-OR theory of consciousnessRoger Penrose and Stuart Hameroffpostulate that microtubules in neurons conduct quantum-level manipulations of matter, which produces consciousness, based partially on some observations of Gamma Synchrony that indicate that information may propagate through the brain much faster than a chemically mediated neural network would physically permit. Max Tegmark disputes the relevance of these observations, and the matter remains open to debate. David Chalmers[6] argues that quantum theories of consciousness suffer from the same weakness as more conventional theories. Just as he argues that there is no particular reason why particular macroscopic physical features in the brain should give rise to consciousness, he also thinks that there is no particular reason why a particular quantum feature, such as the EM field in the brain, should give rise to consciousness, either. While at least one researcher claims otherwise, Jeffrey Graystates in his book Consciousness: Creeping up on the Hard Problem, that tests looking for the influence of electromagnetic fields on brain function have been universally negative in their result.”
Anyone with a passing familiarity with scalar weapons, EMF weapons and Russian psychotronics will tell you that yes, EMF fields DO in fact influence consciousness. Many studies have proven that EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) do influence consciousness through long term EMF exposure in mice which lead to all manners of side effects. So if it can be meditated by outside factors, is not possible that inwardly a apparatus exists for sending and receiving upon the same channel? Essentially, the Microtubules present the perfect conditions for quantum entanglement and thus marry two disciplines together – the study of consciousness and quantum physics.
The ORCH OR theory has received nods from many researching the mind / computer interface.DARPA recently unveiled a design that allowed the incoming visual signals from the optic nerve to be displayed on a computer screen. And that is in the “White world”  of mainstream science. Technology in the black world has allowed the brain to be hacked much like a computer, according to super soldier and black ops insiders.
It seems while the mainstream scientists argue about how consciousness and self awareness could arise from quanta in the synapse , it seems that the next leap in humanities evolution is already being aided by physical, social and solar factors. Unfortunately very few average people are concerned with how conscious awareness could arise in the structures of the brain and how the complexities of neuronal quanta could influence this. Understandably so. Its very complex stuff. So now it becomes a game of catch up.
As Richard Dolan is fond of saying, those who posses breakthrough technology ( such as a mind computer interface or a flying UFO) represent a “Breakaway civilization”.  This means the trick for the rest of us who can see what is going on – how to do we slowly integrate these essentially “Future societies” and the fruits of their technology into mainstream culture? Without anyone getting hurt, going crazy or destroying society in the process?This is the riddle that has kept the best minds awake at night. As we are coming to accept the notion of super human abilities (trans humanism) as common place, our little third rock of the sun is the main show in the galaxy, according to insiders like Bob Dean. The visitors want to see how we are going to pull ourselves out of this mess. There are obviously many , many groups and vested interests in our collective future and not everyone wants to see us make it through. But enough do want to see humanity thrive and thats why Camelot exists to shepherd these breakthrough and breakaways into the light. And to be there to engage in a dialogue,when we meet to try to make sense of it all. 

Is Awareness just a Consensus Reality?

We are stumbling into the greater neighborhood of galactic civilizations.  Camelot and its students and fans have seen this coming for years – A call to responsibility to our military and elected officials ” Pay attention to our story. This is real.” But how best to explain the E.T reality and the horrors and joys of a breakaway civilization (or two) to everyone else? Many feel the first step is what is known in ufological and exo political circles as “Disclosure”. Many within the movement and within the military industrial complex, like Bob Dean,  believe disclosure always will, always has been and forever will be in the hands of the “visitors”. 
The reality is far more complex the calling one single press conference and making one choice admission about the reality of E.T affairs. This we can all agree on. There are simply too many interests at stake.  One wrong word may lead to massive government culpability in the public eyes and in the eyes of the experiencers who got dealt a bad hand. Perhaps they should be.
As MILAB survivors like Niara Isley can attest, the government ( or rogue elements within) are knee deep in un patriotic, illegal, dangerous activities involving memory tampering, administering psycho active agents and conducting abductions in classified aircraft on and off military installations. Often the memories of these experiences are tampered or erased. This quickly becomes for whatever elected officials happen to be in charge when the big “D day” comes – a classic situation of Pandoras Box. Simply put – they would love if we just forgot about the whole thing. 


Paths to Super Awareness For Super Soldiers


Governments have invested millions of black budget dollars trying to create a super soldier. Since the dawn of modern international conflict the military industrial complex has pursued the advancement of knowledge in private beyond what the “white world” of the mainstream would accept. Sometimes projects would to be funded without ethical or moral considerations if the pay off was high enough. Politicians are either unwilling or too scared to do anything about it.  Most couldn’t do much even if they wanted too – compartmentalization ensures secrecy, the stipulations of getting clearance means most on the inside are willing to do anything to hold onto it and a heavy handed security apparatus. It has been said no lock can’t be picked, no pass can’t be duplicated and no phone private when we are dealing with the intelligence apparatus protecting the black programs. 


“The illegal we do right away. The unconstitutional takes a little longer” – Henry Kissinger


The entire military industrial complex is usually a family affair. Often times private businesses are started after someone leaves a military or intelligence organization with the express goal of servicing government contracts. Sometimes a contractor will wear two hats – military and private business at the same time, serving as a liaison. In the world of commerce this would be called “collusion”. The Military industrial complex its called “moving up.”  A person like Phil Schneider,geologist and explosives expert, was contracted to build Deep underground military bases all over the world. He was groomed for working in secret projects since he was a young man. This is typical of those who work in this secret world. As a Geologist he was given a clearance many, many levels of the level of the president which would mystify many people. But this is how you keep such things secret. Its a family thing, the secrets are divided carefully and the money is funnelled in the cover of darkness. But yet, information does leak out.


Awareness in the Dark

Rumours abound about black market films with such lurid titles as ” How to Split a personality” and insider lingo abounds in research tomes like ” How to Create an Undetectable Mind Control Slave” Fritz Springmeir. The titles alone are a testament to the very real horror of trauma based mind control. However, as brutal as it is – this sort of specialized training will unlock latent abilities and talents in the human mind and push it beyond normal bounds. Perfect photographic memory, instant recall of infinite memorizations, enhanced endurance, heat and cold resistance, marksmanship and other abilities are possible under trauma based mind control but at a great cost to the human spirit. 

Duncan O FinianAaran Mccollum and Dave Corso are two Camelot whistleblowers who have survived this brutal and heartless training. They have recovered memories of being used to conduct “black ops” and exhibiting what can only be called “Super human ” abilities while under their handlers control.


Imagine a future where humanity can tap into these abilities through natural means and through free will? Many people have found a new awareness is possible through meditation, training in the martial arts and chi / prana / energy manipulation systems. The internal architecture of the mind can be built and maintained without the horror of trauma based mind control. The internal world of a mind control survivor is littered with traps, mirrors and other triggers to self destruction. 


Out of the dark and into the light. 


We can adapt these techniques for the betterment of mankind. The Rosicrucian order speaks of the “Cosmic cathedral”, a place that anyone in their order can go to connect with others in their craft and to speak with rosicrucians that have passed on. But this place can only be accessed through the mind. We can create our own architecture in our mind and access these places through deep states of relaxation. The cathedral is a western mystical tradition, but our job is to invent our own internal world and populate it with whatever we need. Binaural beats, solfeggio harmonics and sacred spaces can be internalized and used to create better states of health and awareness inside and outside. We can use custom guided meditations to create and strengthen internal landscapes and create healthful habits that reward ourselves for the good choices we make. These are gifts we can give ourselves. As Courtney Brown , a Remote viewer , demonstrates it is possible to use the natural abilities we all have and apply scientific principles to capture and render information from sub liminal (out of awareness) to the liminal (at the threshold of awareness). This is the “trick” of remote viewing. Being able to let the information flow from the threshold of awareness and into the conscious mind without analytical overlay. 



Enhanced Awareness is Magic


Courteny Brown’s remote viewing abilities would appear to the ancients as magic. To sit down with a pen and paper ( or stick in the sand for that matter) and describe distant locations and objects would certainly be considered magic. But this is the type of ability we could all have, given proper practice and faith in ourselves.


Remote viewers tend to get their best information from a state of awareness in the Deep Delta or Theta range. During the day most adults operate in a beta state of mind, making it very difficult to capture information from the subliminal to the liminal. Out of the dark and into the light. Like anything else , training and practice leads to success.


Project Camelot is itself a meeting place and hub for gifted and intuitive people, some of which exhibit strong pre cognitive and what can only be called psychic abilities.  This coming together, this oneness, is the strength of the spiritual testimony captured at camelot.


There is magic in how witnesses feel comfort in sharing their memories with a skilled interviewer who demonstrates an intuitive knowing and empathy. Project Talent survivors like Dave Corso, rarely feel comfortable talking about their Vietnam days and do not let just anyone into their heart wrenching memories.


Courteny Brown’s remote viewing abilities would also appear to the ancients as magic. To sit down with a pen and paper ( or stick in the sand for that matter) and describe distant locations and objects would certainly be considered magic. But this is the type of ability we could all have, given proper practice and faith in ourselves.



Is 2012 about light Awareness?

Remote viewers tend to get their best information from a state of awareness in the Deep Delta or Theta range. During the day most adults operate in a beta state of mind, making it very difficult to capture information from the subliminal ( under or out of awareness) to the liminal ( at the threshold of awareness). Out of the dark and into the light. Like anything else , training and practice leads to success.

Awake and Aware

Camelot has spiritual tenacity and isn’t afraid to rattle a few cages. When you wake up, this tends to go with the territory. George Kavisslashas fascinating ideas regarding the awareness of the Law of attraction as far as the usurping of humanities collective will.  He also challenges the “champion” status quo of a particular divine entity (you’ll have to watch to find out) and also echoes the theme that humanity is moving into a new awareness during the 2012- 2013 time window. 

Alex Collier has brought us a vision of what could happen in a Meritocratic world as embodied by the Pleiadan culture he came into contact with. Meritocratic is the closet human approximation one could give to their system as money is a foreign concept.  Imagine a society where everyone is asked ” What do you want to do ? ” and then they are then free to explore what makes them happy. Imagine a grocery store where everything was free. 


The power to harness the power of matter and create whatever one needs is within our grasp. The science is there, however well hidden.  Camelot whistleblowers time and again have brought us tales from the inside where the technological marvels of faster than light transportation, underground cities and food replicators exist and off world commerce is a reality. The reality is – we are being kept from our birthright in the stars.


The Awareness of hidden knowledge; service to self, or service to others?

We could create a world with a Mag Lev train ( like the ones in Underground bases) that stretches across the globe. 
A world where everyone had enhanced precognitive, empathic, telepathic awareness without the horrors of trauma.
The adaption of hidden knowledge to serve humanity.
Doing what we can to make everyone aware of what is happening in the black project world.


As new witnesses, new technological secrets and new testimony emerge, a new world begins to take shape.


A new Awareness, a new Camelot, a new golden age.