2012 – New Awareness or Technological Awakening?


The bottom-line is that there are multiple timelines and right now they are converging in 2012.

The convergence of timelines is referred to by Camelot witnesses using different words and perhaps a different awareness.  But regardless of their approach, many insiders and whistleblowers have spun tales of the high strange and there is no doubt that being able to predict the future all seems to boil down to a problem of timelines. Scenarios. Probable futures. Insiders like Henry Deacon and Dan Burisch confirm a government interest in this area and contemporary (mainstream) physics is coming to grips with such possibilities with the discoveries at CERN.  Of course, within black projects and the secret space program timeline manipulation and time travel are a reality.

But given the vast nature of possible realities and timelines, who are we and where are we headed?

In the David Wilcock interview with Project Camelot, David says, “The Law of One Series makes it clear – this is 1981 – that our galaxy has a personality in and of itself; it’s like a super-creator, so to speak. They call it the Logos, and they say that it has designed the human body as the form which intelligent life will take on any given planet in the galaxy.

He goes on to say, “The Universe itself is an intelligent living organism”….”It’s infinity”.  It’s not such a stretch to then understand that there are likely to be infinite timelines in this free-will sector.

With that in mind, if we boil it all down to 2012, and a convergence of many, many timelines… Then what you have are, according Courtney Brown, and his remote viewers from the Farsight institute, events that are so large that they dominate the time/space continuum across multiple timelines.  This is where 2012 becomes a focal point.  As Terrance McKenna said, we are witnessing a point of high strangeness that Terrence McKenna, called “Timewave Zero”.  

“Timewave zero” is a numerologicalformula that purports to calculate the ebb and flow of “novelty”, defined as increase over time in the universe‘s interconnectedness, or organized complexity.[84] According to Terence McKenna, the universe has ateleological attractor at the end of time that increases interconnectedness, eventually reaching a singularity of infinite complexity in 2012, at which point anything and everything imaginable will occur simultaneously.
This was also corroborated by Bill Brockbrader aka Bill Wood’s testimony in the Project Camelot interview with Bill Wood, from January 2012 when he was part of a above top secret government program remote viewing 2012.

So, if we narrow everything down to 2 or 3 probable timelines.  We get the following scenarios for December 21st, 2012.


2012 Mayan Calendar Scenario 


Dec.21st, 2012  – The end of the Mayan Calendar

There is a lot research indicating that Dec 21st, the end of the Mayan Calendar is a significant time for all that relates to human spiritual awakening. 
To sum up the feelings of many experts on the Mayan culture, it has been said that Humanity’s best case scenario for the coming changes is to take responsibility for our spiritual evolution and to bring to light what has been shrouded in darkness – technological, philosophical and spiritual disciplines that only a few have understood and applied.  Until now.
The energetic relationship of humanity to the 3D reality in which we find ourselves has been misunderstood by the masses for eons.  Some claim there is a dark plot to feed on and drain our energy (known as Orgone or Kundalini energy) and to amplify it via the use of global events that generate human fear and an acute sense of anxiety by a dark cabal backed by Greys and Reptilians. Is this the real root of our innate sense of terror or could this fear be based on a sense of vertigo generated by the “incredible lightness of being”, a perception of a reality where we become self-aware and begin to consciously take the reigns as Co-creators of the future we want out of the unlimited choices we have available in this journey we call life? 
One thing is certain, as Miram Delicado so eloquently said in her Camelot interview, “We have a responsibility as human beings,  to do what we can to save this Earth.”  Ultimately, the question becomes, save this Earth for who?

SuperWave? A Rift ? Just in time for 2012? 

New reports are coming in all the time about the complex changes that are ahead. Dr Paul LaViolette refers to an incoming “Galactic Superwave”. Recent whistleblowers at Camelot are calling it a “Rift.” Many theorize that this energy flow may be the pulse of photonic activity that tilts the playing field back to a state of equilibrium where individual power and collective consciousness are once again out in the open for all to experience. In other words the veil is falling and humans will turn on (junk DNA firing up) in sync with activation of the  pyramids, both on land and under the sea.  The pyramids are found on vortex points, where leylines or energy lines converge creating portals into other dimensions and in some cases Stargates to Ascension.

Something big is coming in 2012


In Norm Bergruns interview ( and book ) entitled ” The Ring Makers of Saturn” , he uses NASA photography to prove the existence of space craft operating in the rings of Saturn. Interestingly, he feels that the craft are no longer there and that perhaps they are on their way towards earth. He has two pages of above top secret clearances and when he has a gut feeling, people listen. Does this conclusion, based on 60 plus years of research, indicate that perhaps the craft are making evasive action out of the way of some incoming phenomenon? Are they making the rings of Saturn to protect the Earth from a massive energy wave that might engulf us in 2012?


A new Camelot source from the NSA thinks so. They refer to a situation where earth passes close to a Rift or a “Multidimensional polarized rift” that will render most if not all electronics and satellites inoperable. And as Henry Deacon once said: “It would take a book of a thousand pages” to explain the scientific parameters of the mystery of the timelines. Both of these impending situations come to a head — when? You guessed it. 2012!  


2012 – Technological Scenario


The 2012 High Tech Scenario

There has been much written about the perversions of life and liberty that exist in the dark recesses of the black technological world. Camelot whistleblowers relate their experiences working in black projects and being in the KNOW regarding what is really happening on and off the Planet.  Ultimately, the result is a dark manipulation of the minds and souls of human beings, showing us how technology is being used for a dark purpose: to direct and manipulate humans at will.

2012 – Awakening to Technological Realities.

Anthony Sanchez was fresh from his trip into the New Mexican desert when he was experiencing the after effects of a potent neurotoxin while investigating the Dulce Base. He was the first to tell us the code name of this infamous alien/human biogenetic facility; Rio Arriba Auxiliary. 

It is here it is said all manners of hybridization of alien and human DNA take place. Rumors have leaked out about animal RNA and plant DNA being fused together at Dulce as well as telepathic research, technological assisted remote viewing and other deep black projects.  

Project Blue Beam is one such high tech weapon that can be used at any time. As Carol Rosin relates, according to the late Werner von Braun, Project Blue Beam could be used to represent a false flag Alien Invasion. Many researchers postulate about the use and deployment of blue beam technology. Some researchers believe that it is just a matter of time before this technology is used to deceive the masses. At this point, there are several scenarios attributed to Project Blue Beam.  The one most generally known is the one concerning uniting humanity against a “common enemy” by formulating a fake alien invasion…through the use of holograms and other technology such as scaler and particle beam weapons, generating a “War of the Worlds” scenario.  Others see Project Blue Beam as being aimed at putting into power an Anti-Christ and ushering in a new age religion to further control and coerce the masses under the thumb of the New World Order.

It is significant that in the “War of the Worlds” movie, at the end, the ET invaders could not handle our atmosphere, something that is speculated today by many in the know, which could explain the heavy dose of chemtrails and the placement of nuclear reactors on major fault lines (not to mention the flawed design specifications) leading to a built in vulnerability during this time of Earth changes and volcanism.  The question is, who can best handle the added radiation and methane-like quality of our environment?  Grey-human hybrids and reptilians.

Let’s not forget that this same technology, scaler weapons and orgone manipulation are currently being used in weather wars.  Countries are using technology to create and tap into the energy in hurricanes, using plasma physics in order to turn weather into a dangerous weapon. Perhaps the question is not so much if but when will such technology be used against humanity again, and for what endgame purpose?  

This is where the false flag scenario becomes the ways and means by which we are manipulated into fear-based consciousness.  Keeping humanity dumbed down and on a low vibratory level is what they are aiming at… 

Many claim the 2012 Summer Olympics is a wonderful spot with world wide focus to create such an event. There are some who say if these speculated plans are made public that negates the plan and in fact alters it. Others say that if 0.0001% of the population talk and write and speak of these events and so what. 

The decision makers may be thinking that it is time to make a grand show, using the Olympics to generate a state of euphoria which can then be used to create a mega-false flag act of destruction in order to drive home the threat of the Islamist states and garner support for invading Iran leading to WWIII.  Perhaps no amount of technological wizardry, or false terror can deceive a public who are fast becoming alert to the lies and deception behind past events such as 911, Fukushima, and the Gulf oil spill. 


2012 – How can we prepare?

Judging by the amount of data available, which is a tiny percent of the big picture, 2012 is best understood as a CONVERGENCE OF TIMELINES.  And one date, December 21st, 2012, is unlikely to be the only date where this convergence becomes manifest.  This is an evolving re-emerging into consciousness of which we are all a part. 

When we look at the future and most specifically this year, we are best served by remaining in the mode of the observer, as Camelot witness George Green would say, and realizing that as eternal beings with limitless choices, that we have it within our power to create the world we want to see.  That regardless of the Mayan perceptions of reality and the insights that they, and other indigenous people bring to us through the ages, we are ultimately masters of our own destiny.  

Project Camelot has become a focal point for cutting edge knowledge regarding the world around us… revealing the true nature of the Matrix in which we live and a source of the truth, encouraging you to decide what is true and what is not, one interview at a time.

When you stand back and consider the vastness of the testimony a picture begins to emerge;

The indigenous cultures predicted a time when there would be a shift of consciousness so profound that we would know exactly how, why, and where we come from. All the signs point to 2012 as a transitional point where we become aware of the answers that have eluded the masses for  thousand years.

Is this to be the first step in a path that brings us to the Golden Age?

Only time will tell.

Many intuitive beings feel they are in the midst of noticeable physical changes accompanying the current solar and galactic events we are witnessing. Despite all scientific proof, or lack thereof, something big is happening within all of us. Whether we acknowledge this change and tap into our intuition is the real test of our new-found wisdom. 

We don’t need a stack of test tubes to prove that gravity exists, or that Earth’s electromagnetic changes are impacting all of us including the plants and animals on Earth. We are beginning to believe in what we cannot see to be truth, just by our intuitive knowing. And what we intuitively sense is becoming our manifested reality in less time than ever before. And it is this knowing that has TPTB in a race to shut off the information flow while still maintaining their own safety.  Regardless of the adversity that we face in the coming years, our awakening is very real and it is spreading…


All the signs say the same thing – Humanity is well on their way to awakening in 2012.

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