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SOME BACKGROUND:  It is important to view both my previous articles (links provided below) to see the trend that is developing in a certain direction.  

All of this including my recent interview with Norm Bergrun in which he states that the Ringmakers of Saturn (the ships in the rings) are on their way here… leads to the question as to what is going on and what is being created by those who may need to pull a final trump card when all else fails….

Note:   Anyone who has been invited to be a speaker has been selected for their special perspective and the area of expertise or association with sources who have special access to information about the ET / Meta Terrestrial presence on this and other planets/dimensions.  The idea is to discuss this concept “Project Blue Beam”, from many different angles and explore the implications for our planet.


Please my previous post on this subject below:



Monday, 09 July 2012 16:03

Written by Kerry Cassidy



The question is WHY NOW….   Huffington Post and then picked up by the UK Daily Mail… and what is going on here.  How come no one in the media is laughing anymore. LOL…


So we have an ex-CIA agent (you never really leave) who is a self-proclaimed ‘adviser to Hollywood and has now written a book disclosing his knowledge of the Roswell incident.  

According to at least one of his Hollywood insiders who wrote the following for his book cover :

“It takes a CIA agent with decades of black ops to write the greatest agency thriller of all time.”

—David Hagberg, New York Times bestselling author of Abyss

Did he say… decades in Black Ops… well great.  Send him over.  I would like to interview this Chase Brandon… Here’s the link to his site:

And pursuant to my previous article… Disclosure this way comes..  As I said, something is up with this.  My pov at the moment is that this is a set up for Project Blue Beam.

The only kicker is that if you have several races interfering, making deals and invading over a period of time, how do you stage a FAKE INVASION without the real ones getting in the way?

More on this soon… I am planning a Camelot Roundtable discussion on Project Blue Beam.  

Common enemy?  Or we’re all just good friends ala Steven Greer?  You want to decide?

If you know Brandon tell him to contact me

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